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MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!

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Paul's Recovery | A Salvation Army Story

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers changed Paul's life for good- By donating to and shopping at The Salvation Army Family Stores, you are making...

Fierce Convictions, by Karen Swallow Prior

Fierce Convictions, by Karen Swallow Prior Available wherever books and ebooks are sold 11.11.14 With a foreword by Eric Metaxas, best-selling author of Bonh...

Ratio Christi Ole Miss - The Story of Homosexuality in the Bible

Dr. Jeff Riley

Why Must the Cause of the Universe Be Personal and Not Impersonal?

For more resources visit: In 2011 Dr William Lane Craig spoke at the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) in Hungary. While they ...

What Christians don’t know and Jehovah’s Witnesses do

Coming out of the shadow of the watchtower. When Don was an overseer in Brazil the country had only 3000 Jehovah’s Witness. Today there are over three quarte...

611. What Is Deontological Ethics?

Bobby describes deontological ethics.

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1 Outsourcing Our Filth

Chen describes this job like a kind of vicarious atonement for the sins of westerners. It has an unbelievably high burnout rate. And many moderators realize after just weeks of sifting through the filth that’s posted, it’s not worth the money.

2 The Problem of Good - Stand to Reason Blog

Perhaps Martin Short had learned somewhere along the line that God has decreed from eternity that all things should happen according to his plan. That everyone's life is predetermined and that therefore both evil and good are God's eternal decree. Therefore, the earlier event of his brothers passing caused Mr. Short to come to the conclusion that God was ultimately behind the event. Which of course God would have had to decree from eternity past, otherwise Mr. Short would not have been able to reach the conclusion of God's non-existence since God has decreed every action and thought. Additionally, God must have decreed that Mr. Short should not believe in Him and would be passed over, condemned to eternal hell. Isn't it obvious that he is not of the elect? Otherwise, wouldn't he be free to believe because of this contradictory event (the good)of his mother outliving the doctors prognosis? Since he is obviously not free to change his mind because of God's decree he is therefore condemned to eternal separation from God, again by God's decree. Let us not condemn Mr Short for failing to recognize the good as a reason for faith since he is unable to recognize good of his own accord, being dead in his sins and totally depraved.

3 Youll need to examine your presuppositions

I was a philosophical naturalist, and my presupposition prevented me from taking seriously any claim of a miraculous event, including the many miracles recorded in scripture. I never examined my presupposition; in fact I seldom thought about it at all. That’s the way presuppositions work. They are so subtle and foundational most of us fail to either recognize or challenge them. But this is where decision-making truly lies: Not at the point where we first encounter the evidence, but back at the foundational level of our accepted presuppositions. If you want to chart a new course or make a foundational transformation in your thinking, you probably won’t get there by examining the evidence with more vigor. Instead, you’ll need to examine your presuppositions.

Jane Pantig, Apologist by God's Design

“I had just graduated and needed to work.” By this time she had another job. “So I didn't sign up. But soon, I saw a blurb from Ratio Christi again and it said ‘hiring.’ So I thought there'd be some money!" she laughs. "There wasn't directly, but God moved me to sign up anyway.”

5 Things I Plan To Tell My Teenage Boys About the Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian

Protect your eyes at all cost. I know you come across a million images every day and you can’t always control what flashes before them, but you can control your gaze. Be discerning and listen to the Holy Spirit. Remember, you have a choice. What you choose to dwell on is in your power. You can choose to go down a path of lust, broken relationships and cheapened intimacy or you can reserve your eyes and your hearts for something much better, for something God designed you for—Purity. Here’s the truth though… You won’t win the battle every day. There’s a good chance you will blow it sometimes. When that happens—pack your bags. Just kidding, I want you to come and talk to me. Seriously, talk to me.

10 Games That Prove Your Youth Pastor Has Totally Lost Touch with Safety

Brian is the founding editor of and He works with creative and innovative people to discover the top stories, resources and trends to equip and inspire the Church. More from Brian Orme or visit Brian at

Grace to You

Of those who miss the divine invitation, the apostle John writes that, “though He had performed so many signs before them, yet they were not believing in Him. This was to fulfill the word of Isaiah the prophet which he spoke: ‘Lord, who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?’. . . ‘He has blinded their eyes and He hardened their heart, so that they would not see with their eyes and perceive with their heart, and be converted’” (John 12:37–38, 40). Those who reject the gospel will one day have their unwise choice confirmed by God, the all-wise Judge.

Tom Cox on Twitter

“ @cox_tom : Ever wondered why books smell so great? Here's the reason. ” perfect

The Case for Idolatry: Why Evangelical Christians Can Worship Idols

Not only that, but none of his references apply to idolatry as we know it today: putting something above God in our affections. Paul, as a Hellenistic Roman citizen, simply would not have had a category for that kind of thing. In his world, idolatry meant physically bowing down to tribal or household deities – statues and images made of bronze or wood or stone – and as such, the worship of power or money or sex or popularity had nothing to do with his prohibitions. (Some see an exception in the way he talks about coveting as idolatry in Ephesians 5:5 and Colossians 3:5, but these obviously reflect his desire, as a first century Jew, to honour the Ten Commandments.)

The Truth About Paul David Tripp

WARNING: What you are about to see is probably completely real and might be disturbing to some.

5 Essential Phrases for Every Talk to Youth

If we do a Bible study or Sunday school lesson without bringing the talk back to the basic gospel, we have wasted precious time. We all need to hear the word of our need for God and of his loving grace every day. Even if you are teaching on Proverbs and nothing in the text openly relates to the gospel, you can remind students that we have no ability to act on God’s wisdom without calling on and receiving the generous grace of God.

Grace to You

True wisdom is also characterized as “reasonable.” It refers to someone who is willing to yield, who is easily persuaded, teachable, and compliant. It was used of a person who willingly submitted to military discipline or who observed legal and moral standards in life and willingly submitted to them. A wise person manifests such “reasonable” traits concerning God’s standards for life.

Issues, Etc.

Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: The Christian World View: Rational Predispositions That Support Truth

5 Lies That Make Sexual Purity More Difficult

If you've fought the battle of sexual purity for any length of time, you know that it is far more complex than simply abstaining from having sex. Sexual purity may be expressed by what you do with your body, but it is ultimately rooted in your mind, your heart and your soul. Tweet This

No Such Thing As Convenient Christianity

The United States has perfected the art of convenience. For instance, if we don’t want to get out of our car to order food, no problem. We invented the drive-thru, the most iconic of American institutions, where we can sit in the comfort of our car and order food from an unintelligible talking box as we inhale carbon monoxide from the car in front of us. Convenience has become so omnipresent in American society that it is no longer an amenity but a necessity, even a right. When we are robbed of our convenience, we react as if we are being robbed of our property or life.

17 - Your source for Christian Apologetics | We are a Christian Apologetic Ministry founded in 2006 is a Christian Apologetics non-profit ministry started in 2006. Our team conducts dynamic I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools. Led by Frank Turek and other Christian apologists, exists to address the problem that 3-out-of-4 Christian youth leave the church while in college, many because they are intellectually skeptical. In addition to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist, presenters address other topics faced by young people today.

The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Kenya Bans New Churches Amid 'Miracle-Faking Spree'

Prompted by news coverage of alleged illegal activity by pastors promising miracles, Kenya’s attorney general has banned new religious organizations from registering as the East African nation moves to enforce stricter regulations on churches, mosques, and temples.

Will and Kate Headed to New York in December

They are both expected to visit the 9/11 museum in lower Manhattan and attend an NBA game. And while the Duke makes his way to conservation events in Washington D.C., Kate, who is expecting the couple’s second child, will remain in New York and visit a child development center with Chirlane McCray, wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Philip Yancey: Be Pioneers of Grace in a Post-Christian America

We have been spoiled in the United States because of our religious heritage. There was once a common Christian consensus. A few generations ago, Billy Graham would fill the largest stadium in any city, stand up, and say “the Bible says,” and have the audience nod along. Today, belief in the Bible can’t be taken for granted, so appeals to the Bible won’t have the same power. The new paradigm, in this culture, is that you reach out with acts of mercy that touch people’s hearts, and hopefully they want to know why.

A Missing Piece in North American Worship

Laments acqainst us with the full character of Christ—not just in his trial, sufferings, and death, but much earlier in his life, too. We won't fully know the one "intimate with grief" (Isa. 53) without these texts. They witness forward to the suffering of the Messiah, where God won the greatest victory possible for his cause in the form of the greatest defeat imaginable. We as Christians participate in this suffering and death (Matt. 16.24, Rom. 6:1-4, 2 Cor. 4:10; and note the original context of Paul's quotation of Psalm 44 at the end of Rom. 8). Without laments, we won't fully understand and "see" our Savior who died in shame and defeat and was raised in victory. It will be easy to worship a shallow version of Jesus without these psalms.

Putting Richard Dawkins in His Place, Harvard's E.O. Wilson Calls Him a "Journalist"

But of course Wilson is exactly right. Dawkins is not a working scientist or science instructor. Considered without undue reverence, he's a retired scientist, or perhaps ex-scientist. Being a biologist by training and having worked as one in the past is not (contrary to what many in our culture think) the secular equivalent of being religiously ordained. A rabbi having received ordination remains one even if he never serves in a pulpit. I understand the same is true of Catholic priests.

Pray for them: Christian persecution at 'biblical proportions'

In recent months, stories of Christian persecution have seemed more like pages ripped from the Book of Exodus than modern-day news reports. 

The prayers of a worship leader

As a worship leader, your role is to call your church to the entire scope of worship practices: corporate, family and personal. (Deuteronomy 6:5-9) Don’t let the idea of worship end with liturgy. If we underestimate corporate worship, we do our people a disservice by not honoring the sacredness of our gatherings.  If over estimate the corporate experience, our people will not be taught the invaluable experience of walking  in communion with God in the inextricable practices of family and personal worship.


The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Innovative Apologetics: Relativism and Nihilism Some Applications for Apologetics part 1

“You Are Not Running Late–You Are Rude”

And it is not that we lead ‘busy lives’. That’s a given, we all do, and it’s a cop out to use that as an excuse. It’s simply that some people no longer even pretend that they think your time is as important as theirs. And technology makes it worse. It seems texting or emailing that you are late somehow means you are no longer late.

How Do You Teach the Gospel to Kids? 3 Things to Consider

Teaching the Gospel to Kids happens naturally. As parents we are raw models and Children read what they see every day. So being focused on the Gospel our selfe will automatically take them in. Don’t try to lecture them, they quikly now the difference between what is said and what is lived out. I just tell them the Story about Jesus and what he means to me/us. We watch together movies and read books, with the older ones we discuss Bibel passages on the kitchen Table without theological discours. Making discoveries together is most pressious. Find your natural way and it will work.


Reflections on What Is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible’s Story, Symbolism, and Patterns

TGC Spotlight 11.14.14

Comets in our solar system are derived from rock and ice floating around in the a debris field called the Oort Cloud. When the gravity from a large passing body, like our Sun, becomes strong enough, some large chunks of ice from the comet get pulled away from the cloud and head toward the Sun. As that ball of ice gets close enough to the Sun, its heat begins to melt some of the ice that makes up the comet. The melted ice becomes a gaseous tail that extends away from the source of the heat (in this case, the Sun). The tail is pushed out by the Sun’s solar wind.

Westminster Seminary on Twitter

The first (light) snowfall arrived on campus. Come visit us this winter, we'd love to meet you

Catalyst Live, Tanya Walker, Sheffield, October 2014

Dr Tanya Walker, apologist with RZIM, talks about morality and the character of God at Catalyst Live.

Approaching academic life as a Christian

He also describes how he got involved, as an academic, with trying to date Biblical events, particularly the Resurrection of Jesus.

When should pastors speak?

Let’s imagine you’re an influential pastor in the deep South in the 1950s. Racism is institutionalized. Segregation is systemically practiced. Now imagine that a pastor — whether in his office or before an editorial board — is questioned about his views on racism. At that moment, a biblical view of racial reconciliation is in the minority. Societal confusion seeks to implement laws that degrade fellow image bearers. In opposing the “racist agenda,” this pastor is putting himself at odds with the influential sectors of culture. Does he say that racism is an abominable moral evil, or does he bow down before the altar of obfuscation, insisting that an answer of such complexity can’t be reduced to a simple yes or no? What he should do, is speak, and he should speak a word of clarity with biblical conviction that racism thwarts God’s purposes for humanity. The pastor here doesn’t have to give a long-winded answer. But he does need to give an answer. He needs to be kind, but he also needs to be convictional. Were he to chafe at the question and triangulate about the intricacies of culture’s view on racism, he is, I believe, engaging in pastoral malpractice (1 Peter 3:15; 2 Timothy 4:1–2; Titus 2:15; Acts 20:27).

'Choose Your Own Adventure' Author Montgomery Dies - NBC News

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" series features interactive game books set in places around the world, in outer space and under the sea. It was published by Bantam Books and later by a company Montgomery and his wife co-founded. His last title was "Gus vs. The Robot King," released in September.

BreakPoint on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Jim Liske on Serving Prisoners

LISKE: When you read the Bible through the lens of ministering to prisoners and their families, stories start to jump off the page. Joseph was wrongly imprisoned for an alleged sexual offense. Moses was a murderer. Paul started out as a notorious persecutor of the Early Church. This is the very heart of the Gospel, God taking men and women from the depths of sin and redeeming and restoring them to their full potential. In Matthew 25:36, Jesus says that when we visit the prisoner, we are visiting Him.

When should pastors speak?

Let’s imagine you’re an influential pastor in the deep South in the 1950s. Racism is institutionalized. Segregation is systemically practiced. Now imagine that a pastor — whether in his office or before an editorial board — is questioned about his views on racism. At that moment, a biblical view of racial reconciliation is in the minority. Societal confusion seeks to implement laws that degrade fellow image bearers. In opposing the “racist agenda,” this pastor is putting himself at odds with the influential sectors of culture. Does he say that racism is an abominable moral evil, or does he bow down before the altar of obfuscation, insisting that an answer of such complexity can’t be reduced to a simple yes or no? What he should do, is speak, and he should speak a word of clarity with biblical conviction that racism thwarts God’s purposes for humanity. The pastor here doesn’t have to give a long-winded answer. But he does need to give an answer. He needs to be kind, but he also needs to be convictional. Were he to chafe at the question and triangulate about the intricacies of culture’s view on racism, he is, I believe, engaging in pastoral malpractice (1 Peter 3:15; 2 Timothy 4:1–2; Titus 2:15; Acts 20:27).

Porn and the Singleness Panic

As an unmarried woman, I fall into the target audience for such an argument. I respect Regnerus’s motivation for writing this piece. I believe he feels sympathetic toward those of us who are having difficulty finding a spouse, and that he sincerely desires to help promote marriage as a social good. But having said all that, I find his advice highly problematic. He puts undue blame on women for the state of marriage and could easily be read as suggesting they stop turning away men who view porn.

ISIS beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents, UN report says

ISIS is beheading and stoning men, women and children in Syria, leaving crucified bodies in public squares for days and engaging in rape and torture, according to a new U.N. report released Friday.

On the Wrong Side of History?

The wrong-side-of-history objection “presupposes a certain view of history, an inevitability of certain social trends that are going that way no matter what we do,” Don Carson explains in a new roundtable video with Tim Keller and John Piper. “But if we look at history another way—space and time are going to unravel as the Lord of history brings all things to pass—you bet I want to be on the right side of history.” As Keller puts it, “Since Jesus Christ is coming again, the only way to be on the right side of history is to belong to him.”

100 Huntley Street

100 Huntley Street host Eric Metaxas sits down with cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace to talk about how he went from being an atheist to a Christ follower by investigating the case on Jesus.

Josh McDowell on Twitter

Food, clothing, and shelter alone don't bring people into the kingdom of God. | James 2:17

London 2012 army camp could house Christian refugees in Iraq – Premier Premier

A plan to purchase a temporary camp which was used by the British military during the London 2012 Olympics and move it to Iraq to house Christian refugees is being put in place by a group of religious NGOs.

Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: Agents Under Fire

This reviewer has long been interested in the discussions about the existence of agents. Since the teleological argument depends on the existence of design being a legitimate concept, and that being dependent upon the existence of agents, Angus Menuge's book "Agents Under Fire" ( Hardcover , GoodReads ) was quite appealing. This reviewer balked at the price on Amazon, but it was given as a gift, and this reviewer was ecstatic delve into it immediately. The book is 215 pages divided into eight densely packed chapters. This review is designed to be a chapter-by-chapter summary to prepare the reader to tackle this challenging text. Preface Dr. Menuge begins the preface of the book by stating that his purpose behind writing Agents Under Fire is to defend the existence of agency (a non-natural entity capable of reasoning and purposing). He explains that this is a pivotal question in debates about intelligent design, for if there is no agency then there is no agents to design anything (to compare the "designs" in nature to)- design even is an illegitimate concept and should be completely discarded.

Alumni Academy Winter

The biblical authors weren’t dropping abstract bits of information unrelated to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. They intended to enable their audiences to know God, interpret earlier Scripture, and live for God’s glory in their own circumstances. As you read the Bible, do you see the ways the biblical authors hint at the world’s true story, engage earlier Scripture, and summarize and interpret the meaning of all things in their use of symbolism and typology? Or have you gotten bored with the Bible?

'Critiquing the Culture of Death'

"Utopian and dystopian fiction often ask the same big questions: What makes for human happiness and well-being? What does it mean to be human? What kind of world should we aspire to? What obstacles must we avoid?" Read more: Steven D. Greydanus, Catholic Digest

Physicist Victor Stenger debates William Lane Craig: Does God Exist?

In this debate, Victor Stenger does affirm his belief that the universe could be eternal in his second rebuttal (1:02:30), thus denying the standard Big Bang cosmology. He also denies the law of conservation of energy and asserts that something can come from nothing in his concluding speech (1:33:50). He also caused the audience to start laughing when he said that Jesus was not moral and supported slavery. There is almost no snark in this summary. Instead, I quoted Dr. Stenger  verbatim in many places. I still think that it is very entertaining even without the snarky paraphrasing.

Can We Change Hollywood’s Pattern of Gender Inequality?

Though the issue of gender bias has existed in Hollywood for decades, it is a problem that average consumers can help offer a solution to. At the end of the day, Hollywood is running a business, and studio executives make decisions largely based on revenue projections. When you go see movies that prominently feature a female star, depict women in diverse ways and are created by talented women directors, writers and producers, you’re not only affecting the bottom line—you’re sending a message about the kinds of movies you want to see.

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