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Arzell's Recovery | A Salvation Army Story

Gangs, extreme violence and drugs ruled Arzell's life until he visited the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. The Work Therapy Center saved him from that ...

Dog Wants a Kitty

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Biola University Campus Tour

Get an inside look at Biola's campus -- explore our buildings, learn about our unique heritage, and find out what an awesome experience it is to be a student...

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The Briefing 11-14-14

Landing on a Comet, a European Space Agency Mission Aims to Unlock the Mysteries of Earth

2 Why Cant Evolution Be the Source of Transcendent Moral Values?

I take it that when a person says, “Evolution is the source of moral values,” they are saying that the process of evolution has produced particular bio-chemical brain states in human beings that we identify as moral values and duties. So, here are the problems for those who want to claim that biological evolution is the ground or source of transcendent moral values.


‘It was honestly one of the most refining moments of my life,’ single mom Megan…

Grace to You

When all life’s rhetoric, rationalizations, and routines are swept aside, a person is either for Jesus Christ or against Him (cf. Mark 9:40). After performing many miracles (Matt. 4:23–24) and preaching in detail the gospel and sanctification (chaps. 5–7), Jesus more specifically urged people either to accept Him or reject Him. Here begins a final appeal of grace and mercy during His first Galilean ministry.

Grace to You

God called Noah to a gargantuan task. Conservative figures estimate that the ark was about 438 feet long, 73 feet wide, and 44 feet high. That makes it almost one-and-a-half times the length of a football field and more than four stories high. Its three decks totaled almost 96,000 square feet with a total volume of about 1.3 million cubic feet. Naval engineers concur that its shape and dimensions constitute an incredibly stable ship design.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Sexual Orientation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I recently addressed a major national conference on “ The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage ” held by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. As expected, the conference was one of the most responsible and edifying meetings yet held of Christians concerned about these issues. This is exactly what would be expected of the ERLC and its leadership. The conference was both helpful and historic. I had the honor of delivering the opening keynote address entitled “Aftermath: Ministering in a Post-Marriage Culture.” The full text of my address will be posted here shortly. Subsequent to the conference, it became clear that the vast coverage of the conference in the national press raised some issues that need to be considered further.

The State of Theology

It is Ligonier's desire to serve the church in fulfilling the Great Commission. This survey has helped to point out common gaps in theological knowledge and awareness so that Christians might be more effective in the proclamation, teaching, and defense of the essential truths of the Christian faith.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family’s Next Big Project Is Horrifying Some Gay and Liberal Broadway Producers — and Here’s Why

The Robertson family rose to fame with the popular “Duck Dynasty” television show on A&E, but they’ve now teamed up with a Broadway producer to tell their story in a new musical stage production.


The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Living Waters / The Way of the Master

Episode #205 The Comfort Zone is a half-hour, weekday program where we answer your questions! Jam-packed with biblical insight, real-world answers, and a lot of fun, this program will stir you up ...

The Bible Is a Book Like Any Other

Jen Wilkin wants to remind us that, while the Bible is an extraordinary book, it is still a book, and reading it isn’t as mystifying as we’re tempted to think. In two minutes , Jen reminds us of some of the basic training we all had in high school English, and gives us a few simple tips for finding what we need in any book, including the Book.

To Engage the World Means Being Present in It

A large stewardship of our calling in the workplace is faithfully showing up every day and demonstrating to others around us our good in and through our work. Seeking to live out a faithful presence in our workplaces means that we incarnate the gospel by doing good work and being exemplary workers. It means that we extend common grace to our coworkers and our customers and seek their good. As image-bearers of God, who is a worker, we must remember that our work has intrinsic value in itself and is to be an act of worship. We also must grasp that our work has instrumental value in that it provides for our economic needs, allows us to care for the needs of others, and creates a sphere of influence for the gospel to be lived out and shared.

The father of the late Dr Myles Munroe speaks on his beloved son – Premier Gospel

The head of Bahamas Faith Ministries and internationally known Evangelical pastor, Dr Myles Munroe, has sadly passed away in a tragic plane crash.

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The Ennobling Humanity of ‘Fury’

Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) and the crewmembers of his tank, named Fury, have seen their share of death. As they film opens, they're the only tank in their battalion to have survived the most recent battle, in which they lost their assistant tank driver. His replacement is a recently enlisted Army typist named Norman Ellison. Norman has not only never seen combat, he’s never even seen the inside of a tank.

Carrie Underwood Makes A Beautiful Song About Baptism – It Will Lift Your Spirit Above the Clouds (VIDEO)

From start to finish this song will completely wash you away and have you feeling amazing. It's perfect for the start of your weekend. It is always beautiful to hear an artist's sing a beautiful and heartwarming song about baptism. It is definitely one to SHARE with all and perfect for someone who is feeling down. God will lift their spirits high.

Lay Aside the Weight of “I’ll Never Change”

We all must come to terms with the way we are. But there are two ways we must do this. The first is to cultivate contentment with who God designed us to be, which results in a wonderful liberation from trying to be someone we’re not. The second is to lay aside the burdensome weight of the fatalistic resignation that we’ll never be any different than what we are, which results in an enslavement to our sin-infused predilections.

Lessons from the Church of Satan

So, if I read it correctly, then, adherents to the Church of Satan doesn't worship a transcendent being called Satan who is the dichotomous opponent of God (Gilmore calls that a “Christian mythology”)—rather, they worship the self, the individual, whose pleasure ought to be pursued above all others, so long as it doesn’t cause major problems for the pursuant. It is a religion , something they freely admit—a sort of humanism without the collective humanism, an organized system of belief that affirms your ability to opt out whenever, as long as you worship the self.

This WWI Christmas Ad Is the Best Commercial You’ll See Today

T he retail chain Sainbury’s has created this moving ad—which is really more of a short film—that contains a simple message: Christmas is for sharing. The video depicts the actual Christmas truce of 1914, when soldiers on both sides unofficially stopped the fight, ventured into no-man’s land, played soccer, sang and exchanged gifts. As this article on the true event explained, “even a world war could not destroy the Christmas spirit" ...


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You May Say I'm A Dreamer

Second, you live in a fallen world, and things don't operate the way they're supposed to. Even if your dream is righteous and focused on the glory of God, it won't unfold the way you want it to. You're not sovereign; God is, and if your dream does stay alive, it won't be a perfect match with your expectations. Perhaps the reason they call it a dream is because it doesn't exist in reality. If you hold on to your dream so tightly, it's guaranteed to disappoint you.

Innovative Apologetics: Defeating Relativism and Exposing Self-referential Sentences

Did men evolve navigation skill to find mates? Spatial ability, roaming distance linked to number of lovers

A tribal member in Namibia surveys the landscape. A new University of Utah study of Namibia's Twe and Tjimba tribes found new evidence that men with better spatial ability -- the ability to mentally manipulate objects -- roam farther than other men and have offspring with more women. The study sought to explain why men evolved better navigation skills than women.

The Word is Out – Premier Radio

1. The following rules ("Rules") together with Premier Christian Radio’s ("Premier") general and competition terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to The Word is Out on Premier Christian Radio competition ("the Competition") which will run from 3rd November 2014 and will conclude on 21st November 2014. The "Radio Station" is Premier Christian Radio.

Good News for Pastors: Court Overturns Atheist Victory on Housing Allowance

Her November 2013 ruling only applied to pastors in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana if upheld. But it ended up "sending shockwaves through the religious community," stated the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) at the time, "leaving many ministers wondering what the impact of this case will be." The housing allowance is "the most important tax benefit available to ministers," according to GuideStone Financial Resources.

Assisted suicide compromise: Column

Assisted suicide compromise: Column Give terminally ill patients both hope and hospice. Check out this story on

FIFTH Questionable Video Of Jonathan Gruber Emerges [VIDEO]

Yet another questionable video of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has emerged, this time of Gruber bragging about how the people behind Romneycare managed to “rip off the feds.” This is now the fifth of these videos to emerge over the course of a few days. (RELATED: Yet Another Video Emerges Of Obamacare Architect Calling Americans ‘Stupid’ [VIDEO])

British Survey Finds the Bible Is 'Most Valuable to Humanity;' Beating Out 'Origin of Species,' '1984'

"In 2014, 79 percent of those surveyed said they believe the Bible is sacred. Fifty-six percent of Americans believe the Bible is the actual or inspired Word of God, and 50 percent believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life," said Hood.

7 Things All Great Friends Do

Let’s be honest: life can be so busy sometimes―with school and work and family―that we may purposefully avoid engaging emotionally and mentally in our relationships. I get it. In seasons of life when it seems everything else is draining, the last thing I want to do is have deep conversations, but I have them anyway. In my own life, I’ve seen my vulnerability open up doors for great, deep and sustainable relationships. In fact, we are called to be open, and are told to confess our sins and pray for one another (James 5:16). If you’re like me, you value genuine relationships where you can be vulnerable and yet unashamed, so make it your mission to create them.

National Cathedral Hosts Islamic Prayers; Lone Protester Interrupts Service

The Catholic church set in Washington, D.C. altered its visitor tour schedule in order to host traditional Islamic Friday prayers called Jumu'ah. The service was led by South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, and held in the Cathedral's north transept, an area considered "almost mosque-like" because of its arches and limited iconography.


I was pleased to hear Dr.Sproul Jr. and really impressed by his message. I really look for more Christians to proclaim such depth of the Word and call us to live very devoted and dedicated lives as saints and servants of the most high. I waited all week to see if I would get more finances while the series was being offered, I am sad to say I did not get more than I gave, but I really did not want this message to slip by. Thanks so much. The heart behind the message is the LORD's.stay strong.

Republicans Are Trying to Confuse You, Claims Obamacare Architect Who Said Voters Are Stupid

The "Obamacare" architect who said the healthcare law was intentionally confusing so that "stupid" America voters would not understand it, claims that Republicans are trying to confuse Americans about the law.

WORLD | Avoiding the political illusion | Nick Eicher | Nov. 14, 2014

Congress gaveled back in session this week with the dynamics of Washington changed dramatically. John Stonestreet of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview noted the partisan shift in the U.S. Senate and asked, “What’s next?”

Absolutely, "Interstellar" Is a (r)eligious Movie

Yes! Thank you, Megan Garber. She is also correct that outer space has proved a convenient setting for these stories, which—I’d add—is because even though we’ve ventured there, they still occupy the imaginative space that sci-fi does for most of us, and the purpose of sci-fi is to unsettle us by taking familiar stories and placing them in unfamiliar settings so we can consider them anew.

A Survey Can Make You Less Moral

What’s the lesson here? I certainly don’t think it’s to hide the truth about our behavior when the truth is disappointing. The research does seem to indicate that it’s usually a bad idea to scold or frighten congregations with bad statistics about people like themselves. And certainly—as if there weren’t other reasons—Christians should be especially careful to make sure that the numbers we’re using really apply to the situation.


Little does Bahari know that the farcical segment would soon be used, in all seriousness, as evidence that he was meeting with American “spies” and betraying Iran. In the volatile aftermath of Ahmadinejad’s dubious re-election and the bloody protests that Bahari was videoing for western news outlets, the paranoid government sought to discredit and imprison him, and the Daily Show interview was their supposed just cause.

On Fermi's Paradox: Challenging the Principle of Mediocrity

Observer bias is difficult to overcome because we are so used to assuming most examples will be of the common case. But we as the observer may not, in fact, be the common case. If you pick up a rock on the ground at random, it is a safe bet that it is an average kind of rock. Yet it may in fact be a large gold nugget, or a diamond to rival the Hope Diamond. So it is with the Earth, its life, and human civilization. We are immersed in a culture of science fiction, where aliens abound in the galaxy. In the majority of science-fiction media, alien technologies far surpass our own. Yet as Enrico Fermi famously asked, "Where are they?" It is a testament to the mediocrity principle that most researchers brush off this query so easily.

The One Thing Nobody Tells Expectant Dads - Dad Matters

The nice thing about realizing that a large portion of parenting advice people give you isn’t going to apply to your life is that it allows you the opportunity to see the real value of advice. You see, my theory is that people share advice because they care, and not because they think you—as the expectant parent—are incompetent or incapable of being a parent. I believe it’s quite likely that it simply means they’re interested in helping your parenting experience be a little less bumpy.

Homeless People Give Advice to Guys Feeding Them a Thanksgiving Meal – God Bless All Those in the Video!

Watching these guys go up to these homeless people and tell them today they are going to have a good day is inspiring. They bring the homeless men a gourmet Thanksgiving meal just so they don't have to eat alone.

Same-Sex Marriage Heads Back To The Supreme Court

Married same-sex couples and widowers in Ohio file the first of four petitions expected over the coming days asking the high court to resolve issues about marriage and marriage recognition.

A Change of Clothes

I should take a half step back and say that really for us the apparel production and what we do is a stepping-stone. We even see our work as a stepping-stone for the women we work with. Our ultimate goal is to empower people to rise above poverty. And how we define that is when women would be equipped with all the tools, the resources and the knowledge that they would need to step out beyond the need for even help, for any need of outside help, international aid, including Krochet Kids International.

Study Shows Millennials Turned Off by Trendy Church Buildings, Prefer a Classic Sanctuary

Millennials gravitate toward classic, quiet church spaces that feel authentic and provide a break from the busyness of a fast-paced, technological world, revealed a study commissioned by church architectural firms.

Ben Carson Says Gays Should Be Allowed to Do 'Anything They Want,' But Can't 'Change Definition' of Marriage

Speaking this week with Larry King on his Web show "Politicking," potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and rising conservative star Dr. Ben Carson issued a confusing and somewhat contradictory statement about his stance on the same-sex marriage.

Crossing the Most Dangerous Line: How some bioethicists undermine humanity

One who reflects upon this position should be not just appalled but also outraged and fearful. Why?  Well Sinnott-Armstrong and Miller, by suggesting that what makes killing wrong is the causation of disabilities, imply that disabilities significantly reduce the value or worth of persons. Consider this: the authors repeatedly point out that it is not the deprivation of life that harms Betty, but rather the causing total disability. The grounding of Betty’s value is therefore based upon her abilities. If that is the case, then as Betty suffers disabilities, her value is decreased. Suppose Betty goes from being totally “able” with nothing wrong to becoming paralyzed. Does that mean she is less valuable? “Traditionalists” like me would say no, she is no less valuable. However, the authors of this article have grounded human value  on  ability . Again, it is the deprivation of  capabilities which is wrong with murder, not the deprivation of life on their view. A consequences of this position is that the more “disabled” one becomes, the less valuable they become.


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Canon and Culture

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48 Does the Bible claim Jesus is God? - Christian Research Institute

Many biblical texts can be used to demonstrate that Jesus is God. Three, however, stand out above the rest. Not only are they clear and convincing, but their “addresses” are easy to remember as well—John 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1.


In an age of simplistic and repetitive choruses, many churches are rediscovering the blessing of theologically rich and biblically informed songs. In the latest addition to our A Long Line of Godly Men Profile series, Douglas Bond introduces us to Isaac Watts, “the father of English hymnody.” Douglas Bond urges Christians to delight in the grandeur, beauty, and joy of Watts’ poetry. We pray that you would regain a sense of God’s majesty as we celebrate the God-given poetic wonder of Isaac Watts.


As the Protestant church carried the Reformation into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it faced numerous challenges from without and from within. Europe was witnessing dramatic changes as the medieval world began to give way to the modern. Having broken with the Roman Catholic Church, Protestants faced the prospect of ever-deepening division among its own members. But despite the numerous threats, the Reformed church pressed forward. In this series, join Dr. W. Robert Godfrey as he surveys the history of the Reformed church in the English-speaking world. You will study the Puritans from England to New England. You will also meet such notable figures as John and Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards, all of whom played major roles in the First Great Awakening.

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