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Criminalizing Scientific Dissent

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Watch: Neil Cavuto Calmly Destroys Liberal Student Demanding 'Free' College For All | The Sean Hannity Show


Stephen Colbert Offers His Perspective on Starbucks Cup-Gate

The new Late Show host took on the recent stir up about Starbucks' plain red holiday cup. And what he says, as you might expect, is right on point. Check it out.

God Doesn’t Want You to Always Feel So Guilty

Your mistakes don't define you.

Roma Downey, Mark Burnett's Exclusive Message to Christian Post Readers About 'A.D. The Bible Continues'

Following the DVD and Blu-ray release of "A.D. The Bible Continues," executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett have a special message for readers of The Christian Post.

Pastor Whose Wife Was Shot Dead Says There Will Be Church on Sunday

As police in Indianapolis grapple to find the suspected burglar who killed his pregnant wife Tuesday, Pastor Davey Blackburn of Resonate Church told his followers Friday morning that there will be church on Sunday.

Acton Institute’s ‘Poverty, Inc.’ Documentary Wins Prestigious 2015 Templeton Freedom Award

Grand Rapids, Mich.–based Acton Institute was awarded Atlas Network’s prestigious Templeton Freedom Award for its documentary film Poverty, Inc.

What's the Mechanism of Intelligent Design?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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Why You Shouldn’t Just Believe the Bible Is True

We are being asked at every turn to prove why Scripture’s perspective is morally sound. If the preeminent question of past generations was “Is the Bible true?,” today we’re being asked “Is the Bible good?” Sure, Scripture may have epistemic authority. But does it have moral authority?

The Illusion of Respectability

I recall those words— Why, to protect Christ’s little ones —with tears, both because I have not always lived according to them, and because it is precisely the world of the scholar and historian that encourages me to ignore them. Certainly, I do not recall in graduate school ever being so advised. I was so busy protecting myself as a graduate student in history that I barely had time to worry about those little ones. I had only just earned the PhD and was on the job market when my department’s graduate chairman took me aside, and in the kindliest terms, said, “I wish I didn’t have to say this, but you should know that the slightest hint of religion on your résumé is the kiss of death.”


Why Nothing Matters and Why Everything Matters

I’m not sure that Ecclesiastes has cured me of any maladies, spiritual or otherwise. It’s been more like a vitamin than a medicine: it’s nourished my soul and given me a God-honoring perspective on work, money, relationships, and the brevity of life.

Am I Righteous Enough to Enjoy the Promises in the Psalms?

So there is no thought in the Old Testament or the New Testament that “the righteous” are sinless. They aren’t sinless. The whole old covenant is based on the assumption that people need forgiveness through the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament, through the mercy of God. “The righteous” know this and turn to God for mercy (not merit) and put their hope in him for forgiveness, and then they live in the promise that God will help them. “Fear not; I am with you. I will help you. I will uphold you. I will strengthen you” (see, for example, Isaiah 41:10). They live in that awareness and, thus, they do justice. And they do mercy and they care for the hungry and the oppressed.

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The video game Soma has respect for death's sting … @drewdixon82

Renewing Your Mind | Counted Righteous in Christ | November 13, 2015

Yet when we say that justification is by faith alone, we are not saying that God considers our faith meritorious and, on that basis, justifies us. If we see justification as a reward for our faith, we rely on the merit of something we do, and nothing sinners do — even the act of faith — is good enough before the bar of the Lord’s justice. Of course, faith is God’s gift. His Spirit must change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh before we have the moral ability to believe the gospel (Ezek. 11:17–20; Eph. 2:8–10). All whom God regenerates in this manner will come to faith. However, though the Lord enables us to have faith, the faith we exercise is still our faith. It still comes from flawed hearts, even if these hearts beat with love for God on account of His work. At times, we have to cry out for Him to help our unbelief (Mark 9:24). If justification were a reward for our faith, no one could be justified, for we must turn from unbelief to belief in God’s promises every day of our lives.

812. What Does The Quran Teach About Jesus?

Jonathan McLatchie points out the similarities between the Quran and the gnostic gospels in their descriptions of Jesus.

The New Intolerance of Student Activism

In her view, students would be better served if colleges showed more faith in their capacity to work things out themselves, which would help them to develop cognitive skills. “Nicholas says, if you don’t like a costume someone is wearing, look away, or tell them you are offended. Talk to each other. Free speech and the ability to tolerate offence are hallmarks of a free and open society,” she wrote. “But—again, speaking as a child development specialist—I think there might be something missing in our discourse about … free speech (including how we dress) on campus, and it is this: What does this debate about Halloween costumes say about our view of young adults, of their strength and judgment? In other words: Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It's not mine, I know that.”

Modern Educayshun

The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of our increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness. Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar Instagram & Twitter @neelkolhatkar Produced by Conceptional Media - Assistant Director Adam Krowitz Cast Neel Kolhatkar Cait Burley (Insta cait.bonnie) Caspar Hardaker Romy Bartz Jonathan Lo Jess Sobanski

Fox News

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God’s Grace Is Mind-Blowing

As our hatred for and awareness of our sin increases, we desperately need a biblical view of the grace of God. We need the Scriptures to paint a clear picture of who God is and how much he loves us in Christ Jesus. We need to see the God of the Scriptures who is so gracious it blows our minds — bringing us to tears and repentance.

13 Grace to You Radio

He stilled violent seas, healed the sick, brought the dead to life. But what’s the significance of Jesus’ miracles? And what do they have to do with how you minister today? Get a life-changing look at the living, ruling Savior in John MacArthur’s study, Jesus Over All .

Christian Internet Radio Featuring Biblical Preaching and Teaching | RefNet

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Russell Moore

Russell Moore is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the moral and public policy agency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Read More


U.S. culture never stays in a moral morass for more than a few generations, researcher…

Can We Start Taking Political Correctness Seriously Now?

Even if it were the case that political correctness was totally confined to campuses, it would not make the phenomenon unimportant. Colleges have disproportionate influence over intellectual life, and political movements centered on campuses can spread well beyond them (anti-Vietnam began as a bunch of wacky kids, too). But to imagine p.c. as simply a thing college kids do relieves us of taking it seriously as a coherent set of beliefs, which it very much is. Political correctness is a system of thought that denies the legitimacy of political pluralism on issues of race and gender. It manifests itself most prominently in campus settings not because it’s a passing phase, like acne, but because the academy is one of the few bastions of American life where the p.c. left can muster the strength to impose its political hegemony upon others. The phenomenon also exists in other nonacademic left-wing communities, many of them virtual ones centered on social media, and its defenders include

Donald Trump Trashes Ben Carson Biography As ‘Crap’ - Questions Conversion Story - Breitbart

In the course of a rally here, Trump questioned Carson’s story that his friend’s belt buckle stopped the knife, causing it to break.

The Jihad Triangle (David Wood) Many people are confused by jihad. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there a persistent problem of radicalism in the Muslim world? If Islam is the problem, why are there so many peaceful Muslims? In this video, David Wood explains that jihad isn't the product of a single factor, but of three factors: belief, knowledge, and obedience. These three factors come together in what we'll call "The Jihad Triangle."

It’s Not Our Job to Choose Who Deserves Help

Secondly, seek to understand the systemic reasons for poverty and how people end up being marginalized and shut out of the system (and thus demoralized and engaging in destructive behavior). For those of us from privileged backgrounds, seek to understand your privilege, so you can then understand poverty better. Recognize it is much easier for someone with resources to get help with an addiction or hide the problem. This is a blind-spot for most people from affluent and educated backgrounds, but it's absolutely crucial that we engage in this kind of hard thinking, or we will end up doing more damage.

We All Have Sexual Baggage

I thought there were some good points in here Natalie. Thanks for sharing. But one thing that seems to be missing from so many churches, writers, and modern Christian media is "sin". Sin is something everyone is born with God's Word says. Yes we who (by God's grace in Christ) are no longer slaves to that sin but rather to righteousness have a new heart and are a new creation, but even Paul stated that he always was drawn to do the "very thing which I hate" and his conclusion was the war between his spirit and his sinful nature going on constantly. I think more important than dispelling the lies and cliches that churches try to use to keep kids from sexual impurity is to balance the reality of the Gospel of Jesus: That we are more of a sinner than we think and act, and we are more loved than we can imagine at the same time. That keeps me not only grateful, but also humble and alert - cause the Enemy is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Satan and the godless systems of this world want to distort and pervert anything that God has designed to glorify Himself, and that includes family, marriage, and sexuality.

Oh Boy, Dunkin' Donuts Just Released Their New Holiday Cup

Just when the madness surrounding Starbucks’ minimalist "holiday" cup (which has even become part of the presidential race ) started to die down, Dunkin' Donuts released an image of their seasonal cup. And the audacity is dumbfounding. Shockingly, the disposable beverage container doesn't display the words “Christmas,” “Jesus” or even a single Bible verse. Instead, it features pine branches surrounding the word “Joy.” What is that even supposed to mean?! Instead of any overtly religious reference, the company opted for a subtle design choice that makes no explicit endorsement of a single belief system. Things are going too far now.

23 Why Think Whatever Begins to Exist Has a Cause?

And I think it is out of this sort of desperation that someone like my friend Quentin Smith will say that the universe and being just popped into existence uncaused out of nothing. As for Adolf Grünbaum, he doesn't assert that. I think the questioner has misunderstood Grünbaum. Grünbaum’s critique of the argument is that the universe doesn't really come into being in beginning to exist because Grünbaum holds to a tenseless theory of time or a so-called B-theory of time according to which temporal becoming is illusory. So, contrary to Plato, Grünbaum would say nothing ever comes to be, nothing ever becomes or comes into being, the universe or the four-dimensional spacetime manifold just has a front edge, and so it doesn't really come into being at its beginning point, if it has one. And I think this is a serious critique. This involves deep issues in the metaphysical nature of time. Similarly Graham Oppy, the Australian philosopher from Monash University, offers serious criticisms. He doesn't just assert blithely that things pop into being uncaused out of nothing. So while there are certainly serious criticisms that can be offered, I don't think that these in the end of the day undermine the three reasons that I have given in support of the first premise, and I have responded in print to all three of these authors in my published work.

The 12 Most Challenging Oswald Chambers Quotes

“Beware of any work for God that causes or allows you to avoid concentrating on Him. A great number of Christian workers worship their work. The only concern of Christian workers should be their concentration on God. This will mean that all the other boundaries of life, whether they are mental, moral, or spiritual limits, are completely free with the freedom God gives His child; that is, a worshiping child, not a wayward one. A worker who lacks this serious controlling emphasis of concentration on God is apt to become overly burdened by his work. He is a slave to his own limits, having no freedom of his body, mind, or spirit. Consequently, he becomes burned out and defeated. There is no freedom and no delight in life at all. His nerves, mind, and heart are so overwhelmed that God’s blessing cannot rest on him.”

Experts: Pastor's wife's pregnancy could increase killer's sentence

Merritt said in addition to the pregnancy-related murder enhancement, his legislation also upgraded the state's feticide law from a Class C to a Class B felony. Under the revised criminal code of 2014, feticide is now a Level 3 felony punishable by three to 16 years in prison. Before the change, a conviction could only lead to a maximum of eight years in prison.

The Behemoth

The Behemoth is a small magazine about a big God and his big world. From the editors of Christianity Today , this ad-free, digital biweekly aims to help people behold the glory of God all around them, in the worlds of science, history, theology, medicine, sociology, Bible, and personal narrative.

Help, I Married the Wrong Person

When Jesus defended marriage in the New Testament, he did so not in the name of love or compatibility, but on the basis of God’s authority over marriage (Matt. 19:6; Mark 10:9). We believe in the earthly permanence of marriage because we know that God has joined this particular man with this woman. From our first parents, Adam and Eve, to our own marriages, God has given us to each other. Our modern culture makes it easy for us to think that we have made a mistake when marriage gets hard, because we do the choosing. There are few arranged marriages in Western culture. Many men and women date, shop for a ring, and pick the date all on their own. I know I did. With the exception of my husband asking my dad for permission to marry me (and the fact that we were set up by friends), we really were “in control” of our relationship. When marriage gets hard, this perceived control makes us think we have a way out—or at least deserve a way out.


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Denzel Washington Discusses the Power of Prayer and Faith

She said, ‘Young man, you are going to travel the world and speak to people.’ Now mind you, I was 20 years old, with a 1.7 grade point average and had flunked out of school. She said, ‘you are going to preach.’ In this 40-year journey, I guess she was right. Through my work I have spoken to millions of people. In 2015, I said, 'I’m no longer just going to speak through my work. I’m going to make a conscious effort to get up and speak about what God has done for me.'

Horror’s Most Influential Filmmaker Is a Committed Christian

But perhaps even bolder than the decision to adapt such a dark character from the comic universe was the studio’s choice for Derrickson to direct. Not only is Derrickson currently one of the most influential directors in the horror genre, he’s also a devout Christian who isn’t afraid to incorporate deeper spiritual messages into his films. His resume includes dark, supernatural films including Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Hellraiser: Inferno and 2014’s demonic detective thriller Deliver Us From Evil .

Christians are clueless on transgender issues: Here's some food for thought - On Faith & Culture

When trying to understand transgender issues, Christians should start with the personal, not political. Here’s a primer for believers to think about these matters more deeply. – Image Credit: “The Plight of the Transgender” by Rose Morelli (

A Faith More Precious Than Gold

Your faith is the most valuable thing you will ever have or experience in this life. In twenty minutes, John Piper explains just how valuable your faith is, and why it means so much to God. He also paints a glorious picture of what’s coming at the end of all our waiting, when our faith finally becomes sight.



Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college and has no idea how to pay for it

A painful exchange with a young student who's organizing for free public colleges, cancellation of all student debt and $15/hour minimum wage for all campus employees. She doesn't really know how to pay for it, unfortunately.

You Can Say No to Porn

Addiction is a relative term. I would stake my life on the assumption that no one in this room is absolutely addicted to pornography or any sexual sin. What I mean is this: If the stakes are high enough and sure enough, you will have all the self-control you need to resist any sexual temptation.

Idol Worshipers

Filling the temple were Hindu pilgrims, who had made their way with excitment and celebration to worship this idol. Many of them laid down flat on their stomachs before it; they kissed its base. It was one of the darkest spiritual scenes I ever experienced, and all I wanted to do was get out of the building.

Revisiting ‘Faithful Presence’: ‘To Change the World,’ Five Years Later

In so much discussion over Hunter’s book, his main application has barely registered: the local church offers Christians the faithful presence of God and the means to support their mission in every sphere of creation. Essays I and II of Hunter’s book have seven chapters, matching the biblical number for completeness. But Essay III has only six chapters. That’s because, Hunter told me, he intended for the church to write that chapter in her practice. Healthy spiritual formation, as Hunter argues in the book, comes in community culture. As the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Greg Thompson earned his PhD under Hunter at the University of Virginia. He’s seeking to implement this vision of “missionary churches for a secular age” with the twin goals of forming faithful Christians and unleashing them as creative institution-builders in all cultural spheres.

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How guns follow a complex path from the original sale to a thriving underground market

Dinosaurs and the Bible

The story we have all heard from movies, television, newspapers, and most magazines and textbooks is that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. According to evolutionists, the dinosaurs “ruled the Earth” for 140 million years, dying out about 65 million years ago. However, scientists do not dig up anything labeled with those ages. They only uncover dead dinosaurs (i.e., their bones), and their bones do not have labels attached telling how old they are. The idea of millions of years of evolution is just the evolutionists’ story about the past. No scientist was there to see the dinosaurs live through this supposed dinosaur age. In fact, there is no proof whatsoever that the world and its fossil layers are millions of years old. No scientist observed dinosaurs die. Scientists only find the bones in the here and now, and because many of them are evolutionists, they try to fit the story of the dinosaurs into their view.

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THIS JUST IN: Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel is resigning because of health reasons. (via @McMurphyESPN )

4 Reasons We Escape Through Video Games

Video games can be a great tool for a multitude of reasons, but when we start using them to find our purpose and meaning, we have a problem. If we would rather escape through a game to avoid real life responsibilities, it is time to put down the controller and spend some time working on our own lives. It can be hard to work on your own life when you could just be someone else, but at the end of the day, it is your actions in the real world that you will be remembered by. So, in the words of Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Calvinist Thomism Revisited: William Ames (1576–1633) and the Divine Ideas

Calvinist Thomism Revisited: William Ames (1576–1633) and the Divine Ideas

'Jihadi John': US air strike targets Islamic State militant in Syria - BBC News

The Pentagon says it is "reasonably certain" that a US drone strike in Syria has killed the Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John".

Do Not Harden Your Heart

If that is your situation, I plead with you to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking in this text. Give heed to the Word of God. Do not harden your heart. Wake up to the deceitfulness of sin. Consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our great confession, and hold fast to your confidence and hope in him.

Why Disabled People Like Me Fear Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Having been born with a physical disability, I am all too familiar with the overwhelming number of people who feel that decisions should be made for me, not by me. I know the tactics used to coerce disabled people into doing what someone else thinks is best because they’ve been used on me. I am well aware of the “ableist” notions that society holds – that having a disability is a tragedy, that we’re a waste of resources and a burden on society, and that we’re “brave” to live with our disabilities (which essentially means that most people would rather die than be “brave” and live with a disability like me).

Fixing the Most Watered-Down Church Word

Missional living became seen as the next big thing, and quickly. However, the problem with buzzwords is that they come and go, and often, the idea they represent comes and goes with them. It seems that in the past year or so, the same people working the word “missional” into every sentence suddenly stopped talking about it. The frequency of the term slipped from buzzword territory into near non-existence. It’s time we reclaimed the idea of living missionally without using it just as a watered-down church term.

47 Same Sex Marriage

William Lane Craig: I think it may be simpler than you imagine, Kevin. In my view, it is simply that marriage is inherently between a man and a woman by definition, and that marriage has an essence; therefore, it is an oxymoron, it is incoherent, to talk about same-sex marriage. [4] That just isn’t what marriage is. So, the argument against it is just very simple. A marriage has an objective nature which includes heterosexuality. Those who oppose traditional marriage and favor same-sex marriage think that marriage is just a social convention adopted by society. It’s akin to driving on the right versus the left hand side of the road, and that is purely arbitrary. In Britain you drive on the left hand side of the road, in the U.S. you drive on the right hand side of the street and it’s just a social convention; it is arbitrary. Similarly, we could have made our traffic laws such that you stop on the green and you go on the red, and it would not have made any difference; it’s just arbitrary. Those who advocate same-sex marriage, I think, think of marriage the same way. They think that marriage is just a social convention that can be redefined in any way that you want, and I would disagree with those persons.

Martin Luther's 10 Sickest Burns

Thanks to this insult generator meme —which randomly spits out one of hundreds of stinging quips found in Luther’s writings—the reformer’s sickest burns recently went viral. We’ve parsed through the list to find 10 of the best (or, rather, worst) insults Martin Luther ever penned to honor the church father's 532nd birthday.

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Surely you can't end your week without reading our defense of Ewoks … #TheologyOfStarWars

How Jesus Became God in the Flesh - Apologetics Book: Significance and The Christian Worldview

Many look to science, even with its vicissitudes, as their singular hope. Yet science with all its achievements is too flawed and it changes to fast to be the foci of purpose. Samuel Arsbesman observed: “One of my professors in graduate school told me a story… He delivered a lecture on a Tuesday about a topic in ecology, only to read a paper the next day that invalidated what he had just taught. So he went into his class on Thursday and said: ‘Remember what I told you on Tuesday? It's wrong. And if that worries you, you need to get out of science.’ Science is far from a continuous path toward the truth. Instead, we move forward in fits and starts, with long detours and dead ends, always revising what we know, always viewing it as provisional and potentially wrong. … Along this twisty path, we make mistakes: everything from subtle mistakes of understanding to clumsy analysis of data to just plain bone-headed errors of fact.” Science is a blessing, but only the Christian worldview (with science in its domain) supplies lasting hope. The proper application of science is a wonderful tool to advance aspects of human life.

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