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Can Animals Be Taught Concepts?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

My Biggest Evangelism Mistake

Have you ever shared your faith in a way you later regret? Sean shares an evangelistic failure, lessons from it, and advice how to better share your faith.

Christian Apologetics Ministry

At we focus on Christian Apologetics. We seek to present evidence that the Bible is true. Our organization was founded in 2006 as a Christian Apologetic Ministry

With ENCODE Results, Evolutionary Biologists Are Forced to Wait in Perplexity

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.


It's time for a poopswastika update

Watch Carl Lentz and Neil Degrasse Tyson Discuss Faith and Science with Larry Wilmore

Hillsong New York Pastor Carl Lentz and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson were recently invited to Comedy Central's The Nightly Show to discuss the tension between science and religion with host Larry Wilmore. Even though the pair are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to believing in an intelligent designer, the debate remained pretty civil. Tyson explained how one of his main issues with faith was the nature of God himself compared to how he observes the universe: Anytime somebody talks about their understanding of God, typically it involves some statement of benevolence, or some kind of kindness. And I look up at the universe and yes, it is filled with mysteries. But it also filled with all manner of things that will just as soon have you dead, like asteroid strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, disease, pestilence. Lentz however, explained that he doesn’t think science and religion are actually opposing ideas: “I think that God created science. So for me, I don't think that exploring any of this stuff is bad. I think it's going to lead you to … a knowledge that something had to begin this, and there’s something more. So I love it. I think that science is awesome. I don't think they are at war at all.” You can watch the entire discussion here. (Though, just a heads up, the segment also features a few jokes from comedian Tom Papa that some viewers might find offensive.)

God Doesn’t Want You to Always Feel So Guilty

Your mistakes don't define you.

Three More Problematic Findings About the Cambrian Explosion

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Ellen Degeneres on Starbucks Red Cup: Call It a 'Satan Sipper'

Ellen Degeneres makes light of the Starbucks holiday red cup controversy in her opening monologue on "The Ellen Show."

Over 4K Bibles Sent to Serbian Soldiers to Prevent Future War Crimes

Serbian soldiers are receiving free Bibles as part of an effort to promote moral transformation in the ranks and prevent future war crimes.

WORLD | Bob Beckel: Around for a reason | Marvin Olasky | Nov. 14, 2015

Q&A | A political operative who ‘should be dead’ instead found life in Christ

This Video of a Working Jetpack Shows That the Future Is Now

Sure, we may not have hoverboards, flying cars or robot assistants, but in 2015, we’ve finally got personal jetpacks. The company JetPack Aviation has released this new product demo video showing a test flight of their “JB-9” personal jetpack, and though it’s still a little underwhelming (it’s not exactly the Rocketeer), the jetpack still clearly a step in the right direction. The future is now!

Aziz Ansari Calls Out CBS for Its Lack of Diversity While Being Interviewed By Colbert

Actor, writer and comedian Aziz Ansari was recently a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new Netflix show Master of None, and things seemed to get a little uncomfortable when he joked about the lack of diversity on TV—particularly CBS. You can watch the exchange below.

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Finding Dory’

If there’s one studio you can trust to not ruin beloved animated franchises, it’s Disney-Pixar. Watch, and know that Finding Dory is in good hands. The movie hits theaters this summer.

The Undeniable Reliability of Scripture: An Interview with Josh McDowell | Bible Gateway Blog

Josh McDowell: I like to say that the Bible is alive for two reasons. For one reason, despite being thousands of years old, they’re relevant to every single generation for all people in all places at all times. It’s not static, and it’s not dead. The other reason I like to use the word “alive” is that it literally changes lives! I saw this in my own life. When I finally got up the courage to tell someone about being sexually raped, that man began to mentor me out of the Scriptures for six months. As a result, I literally saw my life change right before my eyes. My attitude, my feelings, my emotions, and my behavior started to change. As a result, I always look to the Scriptures as being alive and relevant. And let’s not forget that the Holy Spirit (who is alive) always uses the Scriptures every day to teach us things.

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Christians Know Better

So, Christians know better because God knows better. Christian, you know better. You can confidently believe that you know better when what you know is consistent with the Bible. And one of your responsibilities is to tell non-Christians what is best for them, too. It is to share the wisdom you have been given and to do so with love, concern, and humility. It is to introduce God’s wisdom over and against the wisdom of men and, in that way, to slow the inevitable march toward ever-deeper darkness and depravity. Primarily, of course, you share the gospel in the hope that they, too, will be saved and receive the Holy Spirit. But you also call them away from wrong-headed choices and warn them of the consequences of sin. Always your authority is the book, the guidance God gives. Out of love for the world, you call people away from the darkness of the world. Because, through him, you know better.

Is America Post-Christian or Pre-Christian? A Review of Russell Moore's 'Onward'

For much of its existence, America has been defined as an extension of the conservative Protestant values of its first settlers. That worldview is rapidly vanishing in America, and Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Church, says now is the time for the church to reclaim its mission.

Christians for Biblical Equality

Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) is a nonprofit organization of Christian men and women who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all ethnic groups, all economic classes, and all age groups, based on the teachings of Scriptures such as Galatians 3:28. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal 3:28, NIV). Disturbed by the shallow biblical premise used by churches, organizations, and mission groups to marginalize the gifts of women, evangelical leaders assembled in 1987 to publish their biblical perspective in a new scholarly journal, Priscilla Papers, and to establish an international organization to provide education, support, and leadership about the biblical basis for gender equality. CBE has grown to include members, partners, and local chapters from over 100 denominations and 65 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and the US. CBE reaches out nationally and globally with annual conferences, adult and youth curriculum, curated multi-media materials (over 2,000 resources at cbebookstore.

Police Arrest Suspect Who Threatened Black Students on Mizzou Campus

Police at the University of Missouri have arrested an individual they say posted death threats against black students on the campus, including statements like, “I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see,” and “We’re waiting for you at the parking lots. We will kill you.” According to a statement from MUPD, the suspect is now in custody, but was, “not located on or near the MU campus at the time of the threat.” There have been several reports of individuals making threatening statements against black students on the campus. The arrest comes after days of demonstrations that led to the resignations of the school’s president and chancellor (who will transition into a “research” role in January), following accusations that the administration had done little to stop repeated acts of open racism on the campus.

Rachel Maddow, We Don't Want to Kill the Gays

It is true that there are some professing Christians who believe gays should be killed, but they are no different than the gay activists who hold up signs saying that Christians should be thrown to the lions: They are fanatics whose views do not represent the views of 99.9 percent of their communities. (I can say this when it comes to committed Christians; I hope you can say the same when it comes to gays and lesbians.)

Where the action is: Frank Turek speaks to U of M college students

So, Bible-believing Christians are doing lots of things in the world these days, and some are more useful than others. In my opinion, the most significant thing that a Christian can do is produce original research that leads to the development or improvement of arguments for the truth of Christianity. So, Douglas Axe’s work showing that protein sequences that have biological function was significant. However, that kind of contribution going to be out of reach for most of us, because who has 6 years to waste on a PhD? But there is a next best thing, and that’s sending scholars to the universities to speak to the college students.

Do I Delight in God or in Others Being Impressed by My Discovery About God?

The second part of the danger is that the impulse to turn my insights into, say, a teaching plan or a blog or something may signal that I crave recognition from an audience for what I have seen. So my pleasure is not so much in what I have seen as in the approval others are going to give me for seeing it. O, how hurriedly insidious and dangerous this is! If my impulse should teach reveals that to me, again, I am on my face. I am pleading: O God, deliver me from that kind of vainglory.

Striking the balance: Shepherding the family and the flock (Part I)

The PBS documentary “Carrier” is a fascinating look at life on board the USS Nimitz, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that bestowed its name on an entire class of ships. More than five thousand sailors and marines live in a floating armed city that the President can dispatch to extend the military might of the United States wherever in the world it may be needed. An aircraft carrier is a mobile four-acre expression of United States sovereignty in the global matrix of power and diplomacy.

Revisiting ‘Faithful Presence’: ‘To Change the World,’ Five Years Later

In so much discussion over Hunter’s book, his main application has barely registered: the local church offers Christians the faithful presence of God and the means to support their mission in every sphere of creation. Essays I and II of Hunter’s book have seven chapters, matching the biblical number for completeness. But Essay III has only six chapters. That’s because, Hunter told me, he intended for the church to write that chapter in her practice. Healthy spiritual formation, as Hunter argues in the book, comes in community culture. As the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Greg Thompson earned his PhD under Hunter at the University of Virginia. He’s seeking to implement this vision of “missionary churches for a secular age” with the twin goals of forming faithful Christians and unleashing them as creative institution-builders in all cultural spheres.


Dispelling Our Fear of Submission

You see, submission is at the very heart of Christianity, because if it weren’t for Christ’s submission to death, we would not know salvation. Like Christ, once we submit and are willing to die to ourselves, we are resurrected to new life in him. And once we are saved by grace through faith, we must continually submit ourselves to God.

Grace to You Radio

He stilled violent seas, healed the sick, brought the dead to life. But what’s the significance of Jesus’ miracles? And what do they have to do with how you minister today? Get a life-changing look at the living, ruling Savior in John MacArthur’s study, Jesus Over All .

Glenn Reynolds: After Yale, Mizzou, raise the voting age — to 25

Glenn Reynolds: After Yale, Mizzou, raise the voting age — to 25 How can students too spoiled to tolerate debate weigh opposing political arguments? They can't. Check out this story on

New life for pig-to-human transplants

The gene-editing advances have brought new investment into the field. In 2011, United Therapeutics acquired Revivicor for about $8 million and announced an ambitious plan to start clinical trials of gene-edited pig lungs by the end of the decade. The company’s co-chief executive, Martine Rothblatt, secured land in North Carolina for a farm that could produce 1,000 pig organs per year and says she expects to break ground by 2017. The facility’s elaborate plans include solar panels and helicopter landing pads to help speed fresh organs to those in need.

Denzel Washington Discusses the Power of Prayer and Faith

She said, ‘Young man, you are going to travel the world and speak to people.’ Now mind you, I was 20 years old, with a 1.7 grade point average and had flunked out of school. She said, ‘you are going to preach.’ In this 40-year journey, I guess she was right. Through my work I have spoken to millions of people. In 2015, I said, 'I’m no longer just going to speak through my work. I’m going to make a conscious effort to get up and speak about what God has done for me.'

Ask Pastor John on the App Store

My boyfriend at the time (now husband) spoke very highly of Pastor John Piper's teaching. I wanted to like listening to the sermons, but I was so distrusting at first and couldn't really listen to any of them.. The 'Ask Pastor John' app is where I learned how Jesus-loving, Gospel-centered, humble and honest Pastor John and the teaching staff at Desiring God are. I mean, the teaching and hard questions answered not only helped me trust these people and the teaching coming from them but led me to grow and love the Word of God so much more. I have days when I cook and clean for hours crying and praying and praising God while listening to Ask Pastor John or sermons of his on Desiring God. The Gibbs household has been so blessed and changed through the hearing of your preaching! Pastor John, if you read this, thank you! Thank you for working for our joy, for standing under the Word and not over it, and for being so sensitive to the guidance of the Lord by His Spirit. We are forever family and look forward to the day when we will all be standing before our King, together.

Christmas Starts with Christ - premier

Premier is pleased to announce that it is to take a leading role in the Christmas Starts with Christ Campaign. Find out how you or your church can get involved and keep Jesus Christ at the heart of the Christmas.

Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Crossway on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview

Birthed from a legacy of service, One of the Few speaks from the spirit of a man reborn—with the soul of a Marine, the mind of a fighter, the heart of a father, and a commitment to the Son. Join him as he uses fighter pilot fundamentals to embark on the greatest mission of all: the pursuit of truth.”

Should I Be Content with My Singleness?

As a single Christian living by God’s commands, I do not have a sex life. While most of us don’t view this abstinence as a fast, we should. By God’s grace, I will fast from sex until he brings me a bridegroom. I will also fast from a lot of other comforts that come with marriage (along with the attendant trials). And if I die without breaking this fast, I will die in the company of the faithful ones described in Hebrews 11, of whom we read, “And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect” (Hebrews 11:39-40).


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Teen's poignant message to peers after cancer diagnosis - CNN Video

Jake Bailey, a high school senior at Christchurch Boys' High School in New Zealand, was diagnosed with cancer. His touching speech at graduation has gone viral.

Oh Boy, Dunkin' Donuts Just Released Their New Holiday Cup

Just when the madness surrounding Starbucks’ minimalist "holiday" cup (which has even become part of the presidential race ) started to die down, Dunkin' Donuts released an image of their seasonal cup. And the audacity is dumbfounding. Shockingly, the disposable beverage container doesn't display the words “Christmas,” “Jesus” or even a single Bible verse. Instead, it features pine branches surrounding the word “Joy.” What is that even supposed to mean?! Instead of any overtly religious reference, the company opted for a subtle design choice that makes no explicit endorsement of a single belief system. Things are going too far now.

The Reality of Time | Reasonable Faith

You have played a vital role in my apologetic development, a long with other philosophers. I am puzzled by the fact that a lot of things are taken for granted although examining their legitimacy is the job of philosophy, thus I need to ask you, why do you believe in time in the first place? Isn't just an idea in our mind that helps us locate an event in relation to our experience? I do not get older because of time, but because of my biological development and entropic reality. These are physical constituents of the Universe that entail space and mass in a dynamical interaction. Moreover, the elements that shape events already exist in our universe, to say the time for x has not yet come, is strictly to say that the physical conditions for x to occur is not satisfied yet by the gathered factors. Can you help me identify what I could be missing here, please?

We All Have Sexual Baggage

I thought there were some good points in here Natalie. Thanks for sharing. But one thing that seems to be missing from so many churches, writers, and modern Christian media is "sin". Sin is something everyone is born with God's Word says. Yes we who (by God's grace in Christ) are no longer slaves to that sin but rather to righteousness have a new heart and are a new creation, but even Paul stated that he always was drawn to do the "very thing which I hate" and his conclusion was the war between his spirit and his sinful nature going on constantly. I think more important than dispelling the lies and cliches that churches try to use to keep kids from sexual impurity is to balance the reality of the Gospel of Jesus: That we are more of a sinner than we think and act, and we are more loved than we can imagine at the same time. That keeps me not only grateful, but also humble and alert - cause the Enemy is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Satan and the godless systems of this world want to distort and pervert anything that God has designed to glorify Himself, and that includes family, marriage, and sexuality.


“I wish I’d read this book twenty-five years ago when I first began to consider pastoral ministry. The ground Zack covers is vital for novices and senior pastors alike. He steers us well clear of dangerous ambitions, absurd expectations, and corrosive work patterns. But he does so with wit, self-deprecation, and deeply felt realism. Eswine reignited in me a love for the Perfect Shepherd who has the extraordinary grace to include imperfect shepherds in his kingdom work. This should be on everyone’s must-read list!” Mark Meynell , Associate Director (Europe), Langham Preaching; author, A Wilderness of Mirrors

A Word of Thanks on Veterans Day | RZIM

America is a nation that has been blessed of God, empowered for great and significant tasks. Now, perhaps more than ever before, we need strong leadership and we really need to depend on God. May we turn to our Lord and hear from Him. The battle is not ours, but His.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

Actress April Castillo Hernandez returns to the show to discuss a miraculous event that happened when she was 12. Listen...

A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety

I realized that this was my life, going from one crisis of anxious discomfort to the next and trying to keep above the stress and exhaustion. And here’s the hardest part: I’m a psychologist and a counselor. I know better than most that there’s a better way to deal with anxiety. I spend my days helping clients with everything from basic worries to obsessive-compulvise disorder to disabling panic disorder...but often wasn’t listening to my own advice.

How Satan Serves God

Behind all disease and disability is the ultimate will of God. Not that Satan is not involved — he is probably always involved in one way or another with destructive purposes (Acts 10:38). But his power is not decisive. He cannot act without God’s permission.

32 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Martin Luther's 10 Sickest Burns

Thanks to this insult generator meme —which randomly spits out one of hundreds of stinging quips found in Luther’s writings—the reformer’s sickest burns recently went viral. We’ve parsed through the list to find 10 of the best (or, rather, worst) insults Martin Luther ever penned to honor the church father's 532nd birthday.

How Not to Talk About Politics

Getting mad over political differences lets people know you care more about being right than being a good friend. The best way to do this is to take someone’s individual position on a political issue—that in no way affects your day-to-day life—extremely personally. It’s even better if every time someone criticizes a candidate you plan on possibly voting for, you view it as criticism against yourself. It’s both irrational and ineffective: a perfect storm of friendship-ruining!

Christ & Pop Culture on Twitter

LOL Interwebz: The One Where I Get Mad at the People Who Are Mad at the People Who Are Mad at Starbucks 

Westminster Seminary on Twitter

Don't miss our new, free course online: The Church in the Modern Age from Dr. @JeffreyJue .

Humanism Is Centered on Jesus Christ, Says Pope Francis

He reminded readers that the term "Christian humanism" was also used by Pope Benedict XVI, who in his 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate wrote that the term "enkindles charity and takes its lead from truth, accepting both as a lasting gift from God. Openness to God makes us open toward our brothers and sisters and toward an understanding of life as a joyful task to be accomplished in a spirit of solidarity."

Renewing Your Mind | Wounded for Our Transgressions | November 12, 2015

Whether or not Isaiah actually saw a vision of the crucifixion itself, we do know that Isaiah 53 gives us the inspired, inerrant interpretive grid through which to view Jesus’ life and death. It can be easy to focus on the physical pain and disgrace Christ experienced at the hands of lawless men, but we dare not miss what was going on “behind the scenes.” While human agents were killing an innocent man, God was pouring out His wrath on this same man — His incarnate Son. He was crushing Jesus “for our iniquities.” Indeed, He was laying on Christ “the iniquity of us all” (vv. 5–6). God was cutting Him “off out of the land of the living” (v. 8), sending Jesus into the exile of hell while He hung on the cross so that “his soul” would make “an offering for guilt” and satisfy the Lord’s just demands (v. 10). The Father was offering up His Son as a true sacrifice, a substitute to endure what we deserve so that we might enjoy what Christ alone deserves — eternal life. In bearing this wrath, Jesus suffered so that His people would not have to.

Christmas Is Not for Cranks

I have been encouraging people to think of the whole Merry Christmas thing in a more liturgical sense. When someone says “Happy Holidays”, simply reply “And a Merry Christmas to you” A simple two part greeting with sincerity, not smugness. I have been surprised how many people will say Happy Holidays then when I respond with Merry Christmas, they will go ahead and say Merry Christmas back. I’ve let them know it’s okay and my guess is that many employees are told they can say Merry Christmas if the customer says it first. In some ways, I almost wish we could come up with a different greeting anyway-for so many people it’s not a “merry” Christmas anyway-or even a “happy” holiday. It’s sad and stressful and anything but merry or happy. And blessed or joyous doesn’t always work either. I keep hoping and praying a new tradition will start with a different greeting that keeps Christ in Christmas but isn’t all about being happy, happy, joy, joy and offers hope and encouragement instead.

C.S. Lewis Institute on Twitter

For the first time, we'll be broadcasting an event tomorrow with @LibertyU prof Dr Habermas!

Innovative Apologetics: The Folly of Atheism as the Absence of Belief in the Existence of gods

Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ Will Be Like ‘Serial’ You Can Binge-Watch

The series takes viewers inside a riveting, high-stakes criminal case where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear. The filmmakers have documented every angle of the story, following the second investigation and ensuing trial of the accused, petitioning the court to avoid having to turn over their footage, gathering archival materials, and interviewing those closest to the case.

4 Reasons Pastor-Theologians Should Read Fiction

Of course, as Lesslie Newbigin rightly observed, our own Western culture has now become a mission field. Accordingly, pastor-theologians ought to read some contemporary fiction in order to get to know the culture in and to which they’re ministering. For example, Paulo Coelho’s bestselling novel  The Alchemist  (1993) has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. The partly autobiographical story is about a shepherd boy who travels from Spain to Egypt to follow his Personal Legend. He discovers the “world’s greatest lie” is that we lose control of what’s happening to us. The truth, according to this New Age gospel, is that the Soul of the World wants everyone to be happy. “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation,” Coelho writes, and the universe “conspires” to help us succeed. Spirituality means being true to oneself and taking risks, not taking up one’s cross to become like Christ. It’s not Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, but Humanistic Quixotic Pantheism.

One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview

Birthed from a legacy of service, One of the Few speaks from the spirit of a man reborn—with the soul of a Marine, the mind of a fighter, the heart of a father, and a commitment to the Son. Join him as he uses fighter pilot fundamentals to embark on the greatest mission of all: the pursuit of truth.”

The Scandal of Silence

Survivors need the expertise of knowledgeable therapists as well as the compassion and safety of everyday people. But if churches really want to handle cases of sexual abuse well, survivors also desperately need pastors and clergy to share their pain and educate congregants about the prevalence of sexual trauma in the world today. Church leaders need to stand by the oppressed sister or child use their resources—practical, financial and spiritual—to fight for victims. After all, Jesus was our advocate before He was anything else.

KING: Constant racial threats on Twitter must end

Today, while I admit that my life has changed a lot, Twitter has changed even more. I almost need to pray before I use it. On an average day, hundreds of people send hateful messages to me or about me in one way or another. A friend of mine recently searched my name and said she had to fight back the tears looking at just how ugly it was. I've blocked over 20,000 people this past year alone, but it's gotten to where I hardly even check my @ replies nowadays. It's just too ugly.

Ligonier Ministries

Perhaps one of the reasons Spurgeon resonated with this classic was its realistic portrayal of depression, doubt, and despair. Spurgeon and Bunyan, like their Savior, were men of sorrow, acquainted with grief (Isa. 53:3). When Bunyan went to prison for preaching the gospel, his heart was almost broken “to pieces” for his young blind daughter, “who lay nearer my heart than all I had besides.” Spurgeon’s depression could be so debilitating that he could “weep by the hour like a child”—and not know why he was weeping. To fight this “causeless depression,” he said, was like fighting mist. It was a “shapeless, undefinable, yet all-beclouding hopelessness.” It felt, at times, like prison: “The iron bolt which so mysteriously fastens the door of hope and holds our spirits in gloomy prison, needs a heavenly hand to push it back.” Spurgeon felt what C. S. Lewis describes after losing his wife, in one of the most honest and painful passages I have ever read. Lewis said that when all is well and life is happy, God seems present and welcoming with open arms.

The Groupon for Clip-on Man Buns Has Finally Arrived

Ready your credit cards, because the Groupon sale you’ve been waiting for is now live! For just $9.99—which is an almost unfathomable savings of more than $55—you can own a brand new clip-on man bun. We could go on at length to describe the appeal of the man bun and why this deal is almost too good to be true, but we’ll just let the actual product description do the heavy lifting on this one:

God’s Grace Is Mind-Blowing

As our hatred for and awareness of our sin increases, we desperately need a biblical view of the grace of God. We need the Scriptures to paint a clear picture of who God is and how much he loves us in Christ Jesus. We need to see the God of the Scriptures who is so gracious it blows our minds — bringing us to tears and repentance.

Lebanese Catholic Cardinal Fears Radical Muslims Will Conquer the West With Rising Birthrate

Migrants from Syria sit in their tent in a refugee camp in Celle, Lower-Saxony, Germany, October 15, 2015. With the approach of winter, authorities are scrambling to find warm places to stay for the thousands of refugees streaming into Germany every day. In desperation, they have turned to sports halls, youth hostels and empty office buildings. But as these options dry up, tent cities have become the fall-back plan: despite falling temperatures, a survey by German newspaper Die Welt showed at least 42,000 refugees were still living in tents.

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