Three More Problematic Findings About the Cambrian Explosion Video Description

Another paper about Cambrian fossils appeared in Current Biology (see previous coverage here and here ). This one is about "Preservational Pathways of Corresponding Brains of a Cambrian Euarthropod," suggesting that it's going to show brains of a really complex animal, a "true" or "good" arthropod -- you know, those complex animals with jointed appendages, brains, and a digestive tract? (insects, spiders, crabs, etc.). Sure enough, the color pictures jump out at you: brown stains at the heads of Chinese arthropod fossils are the actual remains of this animal's central nervous system (CNS), revealing "tripartite brain organization, cephalic nerves, and optic neuropils." Earlier finds showed some of these things, but the new fossils remove all doubt.

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