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Behringer X32 - X-UF - Reaper DAW Multi Track Setup

Today, I am going to show you how to configure the Behringer X32 with recording into Reaper multi track recording software. The X-UF card will work with all ...

William Lane Craig Q&A: Why Can't Mathematics Be A Happy Coincidence?

For more resources visit: Why can't the applicability of mathematics to the natural world be a happy coincidence? This is a qu...

William Lane Craig Q&A: How Should Believers Deal with Overlooked Sin?

For more resources visit: During his 2013 Australia Speaking Tour, Dr William Lane Craig spoke at Saint Barnabas Anglican Chur...

William Lane Craig On Evolution

For more resources visit: In this clip, Dr William Lane Craig answers a question from the audience about his opinion of evolut...

Recent Archaeological Finds - Darrell Bock, Gordon Johnston, Steve Ortiz

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Steven Ortiz, and Dr. Gordon Johnston discuss archaeology and the Old Testament, focusing on what we can learn from archaeological digs.

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Faithful Thinkers: 5 Threats Of Demanding Certainty To Change Your Beliefs

Introduction With the continual exposure to scientific, historical, and philosophical evidence for God's existence, I am continually reminded of just how strong the case for God is, in general, and the truth of Christianity specifically. Often times I wonder how someone can have enough faith to be an atheist. It is often claimed by skeptics of God's existence, and specifically the intelligent design argument, that it is best to not conclude the necessity of a designer until all naturalistic possibilities have been exhausted. This seems to provide a safe, reasonable haven for the skeptic faced with the evidence. But is it really reasonable and thus, safe? What are the implications of this claim? I want to take a few minutes to examine the reasonableness of this escape route. There exists three possible explanations for natural phenomena: chance, necessity, and design. If chance and necessity are eliminated, then there is no other option except design. The skeptic's claim reacts to the design proponents' attempts to rule out chance. As long as humanity does not reach omniscience and research continues, the appeal to what we do not yet know prevents us from being certain that the decision to remove chance from the table of options is correct.

In Defense of Marriage and the Rule of Law — The Importance of Making the Right Argument

Some arguments just have to be made, and made well. In the case of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the moment for such an argument arrived last week when that court had to rule on appeals over the question of same-sex marriage coming from the four states in its federal jurisdiction, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In each case, Federal District Courts had struck down measures banning same-sex marriage. Now, the question loomed before the three judge panel of the Sixth Circuit.

Is Your Church Raising an Army of Skeptics?

I don't know how many times I have heard people downplay the need for doctrine and apologetics by saying things like, "What people really need is not a theology or evidence, but an experience. No one can take an experience away from you, and no argument can override what you have actually experienced." Now, please don't misunderstand what I am about to say, I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every regenerate follower of Jesus. I believe that there is a first-hand, personal, experiential component to knowing and walking with God. So don't hear me say what I am not saying. I am not trying to de-supernaturalize or de-personalize Christianity (though some will no doubt accuse me of doing precisely that). At the same time, I think there has been a movement within evangelical Christianity, especially over the past 30 years, to focus so heavily on the personal, relational element that it has almost become a new branch of Christianity--one where subjective experience trumps both revelation and evidence. You might ask, "Ok, so what's wrong with that?" Simply put: c

4 Christian Wolff (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

On 8 November 1723, Wolff was exiled from Prussia by King Frederick-Wilhelm I (also known as the “Soldier King”). [2] Wolff's rationalistic approach to the disciplines of theology and morality was sharply criticized by the Pietist contingent at Halle. During the early 1720s the Pietists slowly gained favor with the King, which eventually led to Wolff's banishment. On the basis of a lecture on the moral philosophy of the Chinese, where Wolff advocated the autonomy of moral philosophy from religion, Wolff was unfairly accused of fatalism. It is alleged that after it was explained to Frederick-Wilhelm I that Wolff's endorsement of ‘pre-established harmony’ (in another work) implicitly denied culpability for army deserters, the militaristic King called for Wolff's removal. Perhaps ironically, the King's censure of Wolff, rather than damaging the philosopher's reputation, is one of main contributing factors that lead to Wolff's international acclaim. Once the evidence against Wolff was brought to light and weighed by Europe's intellectual community, it was the Prussian monarchy's provincialism that was exposed, not Wolff's iconoclast ideas.

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A shortage of health workers and delays in building clinics are forcing the United Nations to call for smaller and more mobile treatment units that make greater use of local staff.

Regular pot smokers have shrunken brains, study says

Experimental mice have been telling us this for years, but pot-smoking humans didn't want to believe it could happen to them: Compared with a person who never smoked marijuana, someone who uses marijuana regularly has, on average, less gray matter in his orbital frontal cortex, a region that is a key node in the brain's reward, motivation, decision-making and addictive behaviors network.

7 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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In his brand-new book Why Believe the Bible? John MacArthur answers those critical questions, showing you why you can trust that the Bible you own really is the Word of God.  We’ve reserved your free copy of this new book.  To receive your offer—by mail—for Why Believe the Bible , just fill out the form below.

What Losing My Virginity Made Me Realize

What I found was there's a lot of false information. There's a lot of ignorant adults too, who believe not teaching something will prevent it. I knew that this was incorrect. So I did all in my power to make sure I had safe sex and started telling my friends what I learned. It's been over a year now since I've lost my virginity and this is how I view sex: it's something that can be as important or as casual as you want. It MUST be consensual between sober participants and it should be safe. Girls and guys can have the same amount of sex. Girls aren't sluts for doing it and boys aren't losers for not. Sex is just an action. It's natural and it's fun.

ACA Architect: 'The Stupidity Of The American Voter' Led Us To Hide Obamacare's True Costs From The Public

“Mark [Pauly] made a couple of comments that I do want to take issue with, one about transparency in financing and the other is about moving from community rating to risk-rated subsidies. You can’t do it politically. You just literally cannot do it, okay, transparent financing…and also transparent spending.” Gruber said. “In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in—you made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed, okay. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass…Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”


‘It was honestly one of the most refining moments of my life,’ single mom Megan…

Three Ways Evangelism Can Be More Believable

The Bible is actually filled with gospel metaphors, and if you’ll read the Scriptures with that lens, you’ll learn evangelism from the Master. Jesus uses gospel metaphors all the time: pearls, treasure, water, harvest, and more. The metaphors collect in the Epistles in five key ways: redemption, justification, adoption, new creation, and union with Christ. If we slow down long enough, we will see which metaphor intersects with a person’s loves. To the guilt-ridden , Jesus brings guilt-absorbing redemption ; to the rejected , perfect justifying acceptance in Christ; to the abandoned , the adopting love of a perfect Father; to the hopeless and worn out, new creation ; and to those longing for intimacy , union with Christ.


The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10a.m.

An Atheist Tells Me to Keep My Faith in the Closet

Firma, however, had a proposal by which we people of faith could live in peaceful coexistence with the secularists: "As long as the faithful keep their religion out of the public square—that is, out of our public schools, and away from the business of a neutral government—we should all get along relatively well. If Mr. Brown seeks a truce between the religious and the non-religious, all he and his fellow believers need to do is (a) tone down the hateful rhetoric, all Jesus-like [in other words, do not express any moral viewpoints based on Scripture, even though that's what Jesus did all the time]; and (b) keep their worship and their rule books confined to places where they are constitutionally appropriate. Problem solved."

The Reformation Project | Dr. David Gushee: "Ending the Teaching of Contempt against the Church’s Sexual Minorities"

I want to talk tonight about a small minority group that was for almost 2000 years the object of a tragically destructive, religiously motivated, contempt on the part of the Church of Jesus Christ.The Church’s teaching about this group was grounded in a number of biblical texts drawn from across the canon of scripture, as they had been interpreted by Christian leaders, and reinforced by centuries of Christian tradition. This destructive pattern of interpreting these texts went back near the origins of Christianity and eventually was very broadly shared by Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant strands of Christianity. One could even describe it as a rare point of unity for these warring groups—they could agree on little, but did agree on this. It was hard to find many dissenters to this tradition, as it was grounded in knowledge sources at the very center of Christianity: scripture, tradition, and major church leaders, generation after generation. Everyone just knew that the group that was the object of this negative teaching was well worthy of the church’s rejection and disdain, that this disdain was “biblical,” and that it was attested to by the highest authorities of the Church.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Bible Study Tools

I love that we have access to calculators. I don’t even mind that using them has permanently atrophied my math skills. But I refuse to let modern Bible study tools—as great as they are—do the same thing to my Bible study skills. I never want to become so dependent on these tools that I forgo the deep joy that comes from sitting down with a Bible, plus a pen and some paper, and simply digging in. I never want to pretend that reading the fruit of someone else’s Bible study efforts is the same as plumbing the depths of God’s Word myself. And no matter how biblically wise or learned I may become, I never want to train anyone to rely on me more than they rely on Scripture.

17 The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Jesus Changes Everything

Podcasts like “The Briefing” by Al Mohler and “Let My People Think” by Ravi Zacharias play important roles in the life of the believer— instructing us on how we should think about this world and current events with a distinctly Christian worldview. Jesus Changes Everything is a welcome addition to this genre. Dr. Sproul Jr. has a masterful way of helping people think through theological concepts and the implications of our actions and the actions of others on the commands we have been given on how we should live as children of the King in this fallen age. I highly recommend this podcast as a daily primer which is able to help us put on the lenses of a Christian, enabling us to walk and talk in accord with the commands of our Lord.

Another Jesus and Mary Magdalene Hoax

Just this week another Jesus hoax has appeared in the media. Media producer Simcha Jacobovici has collaborated with a professor named Barrie Wilson on a book called, "The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text That Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene." I don't wish to be rude, and I will freely admit I haven't read the book yet, but the entire premise is utter hogwash. Jesus probably didn't marry. Even if he did, we have literally no way to know it. We're basically looking at a sensationalist money-making scheme here, and there's nothing else to say about it.

Southern Seminary Christmas Concert

For the first time ever, Southern Seminary’s Department of Biblical Worship will collaborate with three local worship ministries: Sojourn Music, Sovereign Grace Music, and Highview Baptist Worship Ministry. The evening will also include music by international operatic tenor Philip Webb. With a wonderfully varied musical prism of expression and style, this concert is designed to exalt the incarnate Christ in the contour of the gospel through the Word and song.

21 2015 The Gospel Coalition National Conference April 13-15, Orlando FL

La iglesia hispanohablante se encuentra en lo que parece ser los inicios de un avivamiento. El Siglo XXI presenta oportunidades sin precedentes, y a la vez trae consigo sus propias dificultades. Tiempos como estos requieren una renovada confianza en el evangelio que de una vez para siempre fue dado a los santos, como está revelado en las Escrituras. A través de tres plenarias, tres paneles de discusión y un servicio de adoración en conjunto, en esta primera conferencia en español de The Gospel Coalition (Coalición por el Evangelio), estaremos animándonos unos a otros a que nuestros iglesias y ministerios tengan siempre en su norte a la persona de Jesús. 

Parenting Teaches Us to Be Better Children of God

Though I initially turned to the pages of some popular Christian parenting books and found them quite helpful, I decided to broaden my scope a bit, just to be thorough (read: desperate!). I had heard about a lot of moms reading Bringing Up BéBé .  It’s an exploration of French parenting written by an American journalist, Pamela Druckerman, who lives in Paris and is raising her children there. It turns out that many French parents operate with a few basic assumptions about the nature of children and the role of parents that are not only helpful in informing our parenting, but also in reminding us of the character and nature of our heavenly Father as revealed in the book of Habakkuk.

Bible's Most Popular Verse Is 'Be Anxious For Nothing', Says Amazon

"I see the verse as an encouragement that God wants them to be free of anxiety and has provided a way of finding freedom from anxiety but that's going to take some practice: learning how to spend some time with God, learning how to surrender our worries and our fears to Him, learning how to let go of some of our pressures, maybe redeveloping certain lifestyle patterns, learning how to meditate and pray… learning how to do meditative prayer with Christ is very key here so that we can also do another nice verse that Peter says in 1 Peter 5:7 'cast your anxiety on the Lord," he detailed to CP.

24 Vote for Atlanta's Chef of the Year

Next Monday, Eater will present the 2014 Eater Awards, our fifth annual celebration of all that's made America's restaurant world run — and run wild — in the past 12 months. Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, the voting for which continues today with Atlanta's Chef of the Year.

Trouble In Transtopia: Murmurs Of Sex Change Regret

But the difference between Love and the guy with phantom penis syndrome is that the guy isn’t allowed to talk about his regret. Not openly. The transgender lobby actively polices and suppresses discussion of sex-change regret, and claims it’s rare (no more than “5 percent.”) However, if you do decide to “de-transition” to once again identify with the sex in your DNA, talking about it will get you targeted by trans activists. So it’s a challenge to understand the scope of regret for sex change surgery. It’s out there, but…

26 Learning About Sanctification From Fyodor Dostoyevsky

David Powlison is a biblical counselor , and he is also an avid reader of the 19th-century Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky . Those two facts are not disconnected, as we discovered in our recent trip to Philadelphia and CCEF . In this 5-minute video, Powlison tells us what he’s learned about sanctification and ministry from the writings of Dostoyevsky.

Why seminary can never qualify anyone for ministry

A seminary is an academic institution and awards an academic degree because a student completed a prescribed course of study. Though we do everything possible to make it a spiritual pursuit and to tie it to a knowledge of Christ and a commitment to the local church, an intelligent Buddhist could fake his way through and graduate from a Baptist seminary. If a student chooses to go through the seminary and do only what is required of him academically, he may perform very well in classes and even graduate at the top of his class. Without true connection and accountability to a local body, however, that student is not qualified as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and would not be qualified to lead a church until he has been faithful in serving a church and submitting to the elders (Hebrews 13:17; 1 Peter 5:5). My prediction for such a student would be that he would wipe out in the real world of church life and ministry.


It takes two to tango, and that doesn’t even include the band. Our choices, our behaviors, are rarely as discreet as we think they are. Not only do our decisions bleed into our other decisions, they touch on other people’s lives, more often than not. No man is an island; neither is any man a peninsula.

Faith Speaking Understanding

Part two, “Faith Showing Understanding,” gets to the meat of the book. Here Vanhoozer comes to his distinctive proposal for the role of doctrine in discipleship. Contrary to prevailing winds in popular evangelicalism that would sideline doctrine as ancillary, Vanhoozer thinks doctrine is central to the Great Commission of the church: to make disciples. But what does it mean to make disciples? “To make disciples is to teach people how to keep the faith”—not only in thought but in deed as well (xii). We are to be doers of the Word, not hearers only (James 1:22).


When we set ourselves to pursue a study of God, transformation is sure to follow. This is not primarily an intellectual pursuit — we are on a quest to satisfy the deepest hunger of our souls. Join us as we open the pages of the sacred text and spend time pondering the majesty and brilliance of our God. Whether you are new to this pursuit or a life-long learner, you will love this journey.

Catholic Leaders Condemn 'Corruption, Impunity and Violence' in Mexico Over Massacred Students; Mass Protests Grip Acapulco

Roman Catholic Church bishops condemned the ongoing "corruption, impunity and violence" in Mexico over the missing 43 students believed to have been massacred by a criminal gang after being handed over by corrupt policemen. Massive protests in Acapulco against government inaction meanwhile resulted in clashes that left 16 officers injured.

There Are Currently No Cases of Ebola in the United States

D r. Craig Spencer, who found out he had contracted Ebola in Guinea after returning home to New York several weeks ago, has been released from the hospital after being successfully treated for the virus. Dr. Spencer was working with Doctors Without Borders, helping Ebola patients in West Africa. The city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation release a statement informing the public that the 33-year-old now “poses no public health risk.” The announcement means that there are currently zero active cases of Ebola in the entire United States. The virus is still however a major concern in parts of West Africa, where there have been at least 13,241 confirmed cases ...

4 Young Strangers Save an Abducted Newborn Baby in an Unlikely Situation (VIDEO)

This quiet town of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec in Canada was really devastated when they found out a woman pretending to be a nurse had kidnapped a newborn from the hospital.

9 Things You Should Know About Military Chaplains

Today is Veterans Day, the official holiday in the United States that honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Here are nine things you should know about an oft-overlooked group of veterans—military chaplains.

'Lost Gospel' claims Jesus was married, had children

That's what a scandalous new book based on an ancient manuscript claims, saying Jesus was not crucified, but instead raised a family. The book, "The Lost Gospel," which will be available on Wednesday, is based on a translation of an Aramaic text found inside the British library, the International Business Times reports.

36 Does Mormonism REALLY teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan? - Christian Research Institute

To begin with, according to official Mormon teaching, Jesus Christ is the first spirit child conceived and begotten by Heavenly Father and one of Heavenly Father’s many wives (commonly referred to as “Heavenly Mother”). Just as Heavenly Father before him progressed to godhood, so Jesus progressed through obedience to the status of a god (prior to his incarnation on earth). In the words of the late Mormon Apostle and General Authority Bruce McConkie, Jesus Christ through obedience and devotion “attained that pinnacle of intelligence which ranked him as a God.” As such, according to LDS authorities, Jesus is not to be worshiped or prayed to as one would worship or pray to Heavenly Father.

37 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Missouri Governor on Ferguson: 'Violence Will Not Be Tolerated' - NBC News

The Aug. 9 shooting of Brown sparked protests that devolved into looting and vandalism , a pattern of disobedience that sparked an aggressive crackdown by police in riot gear and military equipment. "That ugliness is not representative of Missouri and it cannot be repeated," Nixon said. Police have undergone special training to encourage peaceful protests while curbing violence, while authorities have reached out to community leaders to hear their concerns and encourage them to turn in people who cause trouble. At the same time, Nixon said he is keeping the Missouri National Guard on call for backup in case things get out of hand. "We must be fully prepared," the governor said. The "unified command" will include the Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis County Police and St. Louis Metropolitan Police, but will not apparently include Ferguson police, who came under withering criticism for their handling of the shooting's aftermath.

Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Spotted at Hillsong NYC

Canadian-born pop star Justin Bieber was spotted at Hillsong Church in New York City Sunday with models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

Passion: The Essential Collection (Live) by Passion

After a decade-long stint leading a student ministry at Baylor University in Texas, Louie Giglio and his wife Shelley moved to Atlanta in 1995 and started the Passion conferences, a national collegiate ministry that used live worship music and teaching to encourage young people to live for the glory of God. Yearly Passion events served as the movement's centerpieces: multi-day, festival-styled gatherings whose attendance grew exponentially from a couple of thousand when Passion held its first get-together...

15 of Soren Kierkegaard’s Most Challenging Quotes

Christian existentialism is a theo-philosophical movement which takes an existentialist approach to Christian theology. - The Sickness Unto Death, is a book written by Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard in 1849 under the pseudonym Anti-Climacus. A work of Christian existentialism. - In The Sickness Unto Death, Kierkegaard personifies an attitude with the average citizen (spissborger). This is an individual who is unconsciously fleeing from the opportunity to live an authentic life. This average citizen often appears as "morally superior" to others, but really this is an unreflected individual. The individual are being swallowed up by social norms and others expectations, without even being aware of this. The result is that the individual becomes alienated, both from himselves and the society. - An individual's values must be the result of an "existential awareness". The important thing is to preserve the independence and responsibility in interacting with other people, and it's precisely this ability the character never did develop. - A synthesis of individual freedom and existential integrity, however, can only be reached when the individual have seen through all the deception of society.

7 Bible Verses for US Veterans and Soldiers

"Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you."

Ex CBS Reporter: CBS Covered Up Obama's Flawed Benghazi Quote for Political Reasons

A former CBS News investigative reporter is claiming that CBS News executives kept hidden part of a "60 Minutes" interview with President Barack Obama following the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012 that could have hurt the president's reelection campaign.

Rescued Dog is a Perfect Illustration of the Empathy and Strength of Animals

After living in a trash pile for a long time, this dog was rescued and bought to safety. Miley the dog was stuck in this life-threatening situation with no way out until Hope For Paws found her. What they did to help her and comfort her can inspire anyone.

Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church; Blasts Houston's Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church made its way to Joel Osteen's home base in Houston, Texas, Sunday to blast the city's lesbian Mayor Annise Parker and protest against the famous pastor.


It is not the first time a young man with gospel passion was called out for pointing to the radical call of Christianity. William Carey spoke in a ministers meeting on September 30, 1785, and exhorted all in attendance to consider the radical responsibility they had to reach the whole world with the gospel. John Ryland Sr. spoke up and told Carey, “Young man, sit down! Sit down! You are an enthusiast. When God pleases to convert the heathen, He will do it without consulting you and me” Carey did not sit down and keep quiet. He spent 41 years in India for the sake of the gospel. At the end of his life he described his radical ministry in this way,

Wesley Smith's War on Humans Is Out Now in Paperback

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Mennonite Minister Loses Credentials After Officiating Gay Son's Wedding

A Mennonite pastor and missionary had his ministerial credentials pulled by the church after he officiated the wedding of his son to another man in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this past spring.

Conservative Pundit Glenn Beck Reveals Painful Details of Years-Long Struggle With Neurological Illness

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck, 50, revealed Monday the painful details of a years-long struggle with a neurological illness that threatened to cut short the functionality of his brain, and highlighted how he finally found help to overcome it.

Veterans Day: How Armistice Day Evolved Into an Observance for All American Soldiers

Americans across the country will be observing Veterans Day on Tuesday, a federal holiday dedicated to those who've served in the United States Armed Forces, regardless of the era, or branch of service.

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