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Don't Hide Behind the Hype

John Mark McMillan on the new worship culture and dropping cynicism.

Why Christians Need to Talk About Guns

A conversation with the makers of the new documentary ‘The Armor of Light.'

Blood Clotting Requires Three Different Processes Working Together

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Economist Admits Cambrian Explosion Is a

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

What Evolution Is, and What It's Not

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Witnessing Tips: Identifying Logical Fallacies (video) | Come Reason's Apologetics Notes

"Lenny Esposito's work at Come Reason Ministries is an invaluable addition to the realm of Christian apologetics. He is as knowledgeable as he is gracious. I highly recommend booking Lenny as a speaker for your next conference or workshop!"

Universal Studios Is Building a Jimmy Fallon Theme Park Ride

Universal Studios in Orlando is finally making that late-night comedy theme park ride you’ve always wanted. Jimmy Fallon announced on The Tonight Show this week that in 2017, the amusement park would open “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon,” an interactive ride featuring the cast of the late-night show, 3D, 4D and “8D” elements as well as, of course, an overpriced gift shop.

Time-lapse Video Shows Girl Aging 16 Years in Under Five Minutes

An artist from the Netherlands (who, by the way, is not named Richard Linklater) has been taking short videos of his daughter every week for the last 16 years, starting shortly after she was born. Now, he’s compiled them all into a single, moving clip, which shows her growing up in just under five minutes. Time flies.

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Almighty" by Jared Anderson

Sunday Praise: "Almighty" by Jared Anderson

Truthbomb Apologetics: Video: The Cold-Case for God's Existence by J. Warner Wallace

Video: The Cold-Case for God's Existence by J. Warner Wallace

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Should I Apologize?

You are a king, then!” said Pilate. Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.

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Are vestigial "organs" evidene for evolution? My thoughts

Has ‘Authenticity’ Trumped Holiness?

Evangelicalism—both on the individual and institutional level—is trying hard to purge itself of a polished veneer that smacked of hypocrisy. But by focusing on brokenness as proof of our “realness” and “authenticity,” have evangelicals turned “being screwed up” into a badge of honor, its own sort of works righteousness? Has authenticity become a higher calling than, say, holiness?

Let’s Be Clear About What Real Christian Persecution Looks Like

Let's not belittle the situation in America as 'not real persecution', because the worst thing that can happen is that Americans think what's happening in your own backyards is 'less of a deal', and become complacent, comfortable and ignore it. This situation calls for heightened vigilance, the 'watchmen on the walls' to keep fervently interceding for this nation, and the 'labourers' to do what's necessary to wage war on the ground.

Christians Shouldn’t Try to Scare the Hell Out of People

I am no longer a Christian. I thought I would start with that disclaimer. I was one, however, for 40 years. So, it was a legitimate experience for me. Now that I am on the outside looking in, it is so easy for me to see the corner Christianity is backed into because, while, yes, God is supposedly a "loving" god, he also sends you to hell if you don't buy into his schtick. In fact, that is the sole reason for you going to hell. You didn't buy his schtick. You can be a really great human being that lives to make the world a better place and still go to hell just because you didn't drink the kool-aid, and you can be a murdering, raping, child molesting, thieving, greedy person that believes in Jesus and the angels will meet you with open arms at the Pearly Gates. Period. There are going to be those that come to him for whatever reason, but there will always be those that will never believe he is loving because, frankly, he isn't and pll see it and know it. It's the information age. People can now research and see that Christianity is not this lovely organic relationship. It is a manipulative, master/slave relationship that is absolutely founded in fear.

Preaching That Unleashes the Bible’s Power

I would say that expository preaching should provide the main diet of preaching for a Christian community. Why? Here is the main reason (though of course there are many others): Expository preaching is the best method for displaying and conveying your conviction that the whole Bible is true. This approach testifies that you believe every part of the Bible to be God’s Word, not just particular themes and not just the parts you feel comfortable agreeing with.

What Does 'Unwholesome Talk' Really Mean?

I totally agree with you Tyler. I've read a couple other blogs on this topic in the last year. One even had done word searches of the Greek meanings and explained how Paul was talking about gossip, slander or any speech which would tear down and fail to build up, or edify, the fellowship. They did not mean "curse" words. I too believe that cursing like a "sailor" is wrong. But, it is wrong as it shows lack of vocabulary, not that it is sinful. Of course, this is context to how the words are used. To call people curse words is sinful. To use it as you give the example of Tony Campolo is great, in my opinion. Often, they are very effectual to drive home meaning. And no one should say, "If you're a Christian then you can't curse" as being a Christian isn't, in essence, about what we "don't do." It is about grace and faith. God's grace and the faith He gives us, saves us. We profess this. Romans 10:9-10.

Why Guarding Your Heart Isn't Enough

I mean to say . . . what if there is a great Christian guy out there who you don't have the luxury of hanging out with in a group of friends for a long time in advance? Maybe you've met them once or twice through a mutual friend or something. If you're so guarded that you're unwilling to go on a couple first dates then you might really miss out. Just going on those dates doesn't mean you are getting into anything serious or intense, probably the guy is just as hesitant and skeptical at that point. It just means you are interested enough to think he's worth getting to know more. And if you're not interested, then it's not fair to string him along as a friend.

How Would Jesus Vote?

We need to stop that. But how exactly does the Christian community live in this election season as a signpost of the kingdom rather than a pawn in a political power play? There are at least four ways we can start.

REI Stores Will Close on Black Friday So People Can Spend Time Outdoors

The outdoor gear chain REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) thinks people should spend more time actually enjoying the outdoors, even if that means spending less time shopping. The chain has announced a somewhat unprecedented move: It’s closing all of its 140+ stores on Black Friday—traditionally one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year—asking customers and employees to do something outside instead. The idea is part of a campaign REI has launched to get people to use #OptOutside on social media the day after Thanksgiving, to show them doing actual outdoor activities on their day off, instead of just walking around through stores. They’ve even launched a website showcasing local hiking trails to check out on Black Friday.

What Horror Movies Teach Us About Christianity

Yes, absolutely we are not slaves to fear; so that means that we don't have to be consumed by fear after watching them. We can put it aside and leave the fear behind. They do raise an important point at the end of the article that there is a difference between a movie that 'preys on fear for it's own ends and one which uses fear to get at something deeper'. Also, the kind of thing you are talking about is a genre called 'torture porn', which is exactly as it sounds; I do not believe there is anything redemptive about it or could be. The 'Hostel' films are examples of this, and the 'Saw' sequels; most horror films are not. Though it is also vital that everyone makes their own decisions about watching horror for themselves. Your second point is spot on. Sci-fi would not only be better for this, it is actually not much in horror at all. I'm not really sure why it was a big point in the article. And I'm not sure I understand the third point they made. Overall, though, I agree that the article wasn't great. The problem, I think, being that a lot of people seem to think that horror films are more full of fear/disgust than other genres; and that just isn't true.

Police: Parent Finds Needles in Halloween Candy

Local authorities are urging parents to carefully check their children's Halloween candy after what appear to be sewing needles and pins were found in a half-dozen chocolate bars given out to trick-or-treating children in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Beware of the Selfie-Preacher

In total transparency I can write this post because I find myself wrestling with these things in my own life as a preacher. I have found myself with temptations to be or at times even employing some of these selfie preacher traits. I love to craft a sentence or to make a word picture. But is this about me or the point? I’ve used many personal illustrations over the years. But, are these about making a point or painting my own reality? These are a couple of areas that gave rise to this post. As I deconstructed the tendencies I have seen that it is part of a larger trend that is ubiquitous and unhealthy in the church.

Why Doubt Can Give You Hope

Interesting article. I don't quite get all of it though. Strobel makes doubt and disbelief sound like very different things, but looking up dictionary definitions of "doubt" and "disbelief" it seems the two words are synonymous or at the very least that doubt is a spectrum of which disbelief is a part of. It seems to me that there is not too much of a difference between "strongly doubting" something (e.g. a Christian tenet) and "disbelieving" it. Does Strobel see doubt as a spectrum of how uncertain someone is? It seems like Strobel logically separates the concepts of doubting and disbelieving in a black-and-white manner. This seems inconsistent and contrary to how doubt actually works. He wholeheartedly affirms doubt yet condemns disbelief strongly. At what point does doubt become disbelief and worthy of condemnation? If Strobel affirms that doubting Christian tenets isn't bad or wrong, I assume he would agree that there are legitimate intellectual reasons that people doubt said tenets. At what point do legitimate intellectual reasons that people doubt Christian tenets go too far and become disbelief? It seems that setting a specific point is completely arbitrary.


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There’s No Difference Between ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Secular’

In the one version I searched it is true that the word "spiritual" only appeared once in the OT, but this is entirely misleading, since the word "spirit" occurs over 200 times, and the word "soul" (often a synonym for spirit) occurs over 400 times. The Jewish OT authors were deeply spiritual people and understood that spiritual matters transcended material matters. But they were very familiar with secular thinking, and the fact that there is a difference.

The Most Important Thing Your Church Is Probably Missing

Well. I'm from a different world. I do not have that American Dream mentality. Our friend still talks about "my" church. I grew up in a country in Central Europe, went to a Bible Institute in another country. Then, with a grade 8 education and 3 years of basic Bible content training I served on a church planting team in another Central European country. To this day evangelicals make up 0.5% of its population. I like the catchy phrase be more "Sending capacity than seating capacity." I do believe the writer is still in a Jerusalem Church mindset (Acts 1-7), and not an Antioch Church mindset (Acts 13-29). My company serves in 120 countries. Our workers come from over 100 countries. One of my closest friends is actually from the North-West of the USA, and served on the streets of Istanbul/Turkey. The #1 thing that God's people in North America (I'm a residence in Canada) need is a GLOBAL vision and be willing serve somewhere in the dessert of Saudi Arabia or among unreached people groups in Central Europe. Yes we're in Lybia, Iraq and Afghanistan..

Why Pastors Can't Spot Churchgoing Couples Headed for Divorce

The online survey of individuals who are divorced was conducted July 23-Aug. 21, 2015. The survey was sponsored by Focus on the Family. A demographically balanced sample from a national online panel was used. Quotas and slight weights were used to ensure the sample being screened matched national totals for gender, age, ethnicity, region, and education. This sample was screened to include only adults who have been divorced within the past five years and who attended worship services at a Christian church once a month or more three months prior to separating from the former spouse. The completed sample is 1,000 surveys. The sample provides 95 percent confidence that the sampling error does not exceed plus or minus 3.8 percent. This margin of error accounts for the effect of weighting. Margins of error are higher in sub-groups.

Fashioning Justice

“We’ve seen a massive cultural shift,” she says. “It’s been amazing, because I think people are starting to look at business in a new way, which is so exciting and inspiring to us, and it’s one of the main reasons we do what we do.”

Christmas Starts with Christ ‐ Premier premier

Christmas Starts with Christ  is a campaign aimed at helping churches to make Christ and the amazing story of his birth the focus of the nation’s favourite time of year. Our vision is for the message “Christmas starts with Christ” to be visible amongst the busy-ness of the season, to act as a reminder that although there are many ways that we mark the celebration, Christ is the true meaning.

Christian prison worker 'forced to quit' for sharing Bible ‐ Premier premier

A Christian prison worker who claims he was forced to resign after being harassed for sharing the Bible at work is taking his case to an employment tribunal.

New Study Underscores Hollywood’s Gender Inequality Problem

Just weeks after Jennifer Lawrence made headlines for speaking out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood, a new study confirms that Hollywood has a big problem when it comes to gender inequality. Researchers at the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University looked at the top 700 highest-grossing movies of 2014—which make up almost all of the year’s major theatrical releases—to see how many featured women in prominent production roles. Out of all of the movies, only 13 percent were directed by women, and 9 percent featured female cinematographers. Women made up just 13 percent of all of the screenwriters and 18 percent of editors, and only 27 percent were produced by women.

Police Department Will Use Nunchucks to ‘More Compassionately Gain Compliance’ from Suspects

A police department in California is taking an interesting step to “offset some of the more aggressive perceptions the public has about police intervention.” It’s arming its officers with nunchucks. Anderson Police Chief Michael Johnson explained to NBC News that unlike “striking, as customary with the side-handled or straight baton,” their polycarbonate nunchucks will, ideally, allow officers to “more compassionately gain compliance from a suspect through pain application.” He said, “The Anderson Police Department is implementing the police nunchaku as a tool to more effectively arrest, control and subdue non-compliant suspects … In an era where the general public is extremely sensitive to police techniques and use of force issues, [nunchakus offer] another force option that may offset some of the more aggressive perceptions the public has about police intervention.” Unlike the weapons wielded by the TMNT’s Michelangelo, these nunchucks aren’t designed to be swung around in close quarters ninja combat. Instead, they're made to wrap up a suspect’s hands and wrists.

8 Lies We Believe About Porn

Your urges are natural, and porn is an easy if not lesser outlet to release those urges. Learn to forgive yourself and cut yourself some slack. You're not in the minority if you watch porn. And you're not a monster either. Does it effect how you see people? Absolutely, but it can be overcome, and unlike this article's statements, some(not all) can control those thoughts. I personally choose to refrain from watching porn. Friends in committed relationships watch porn together and find that it enhances their sex life in the right mindset. Learn about those people and others, understand their sexuality and their lives. Remove the weight we put on sex. It's neither as amazing or shameful as some make it out to be. Porn and christian culture alike inflate it beyond recognition. It's a smashing good time, and can be a pretty underwhelming time, but if you practice safely, it's not gonna change your entire life. It's a garnish on existence. Explore it, be honest with yourself and others about it, and enjoy it.

Hopeful Strangers

Fronted by the married duo of Andrew and Jen Polfer, the band embodies an otherworldly sense of reverence in textures that recall the heyday of ‘80s/90s techno-pop. Pawn shop synthesizers, worn drums, and programmed beats are wrapped in layers of reverb with two voices that paint an image of God’s creativity and grace. Andrew’s earnest vocal manner contrasts with Jen’s dreamier bearing creating a unique vocal blend. The band’s lyrics emphasize spiritual gratitude in language that mixes pop hooks with the stateliness of traditional hymnody. Lovelite avoids familiar praise music modes in favor of something more individual and, possibly, more moving.

The Dangers of Church Lingo

As a pastor, I hear at least 50 words that are exclusively used in the koinonia of the church gathering. I use at least 65 of them. And it has to stop. Subconsciously we believe we need this “language”, and that’s a lie from the pit of hell (and the sinner’s prayer will not save us from it). Christian-ese is confusing for power evangelism, missional communities and servant leadership. If we want our discipleship to truly succeed, we need to die to the sub-culture of churchianity and re-learn the true meaning of being a follower of Christ. Because honestly guys, WWJD?


We invite you to the conference for women, but not all about women. It's a gathering of women around the Word of God. To this third TGC Women's Conference, we come joyfully but soberly, knowing that suffering meets us at every hand, right at home and all across the globe. What better book for us in 2016 than 1 Peter—packed with gospel perspective on our short lives. It's a little epistle, but it gives us a big view of who we are in Christ and how we are to live as redeemed sojourners in this world. How do we stand firm in God's true grace? How do we offer a strong shining witness to Jesus Christ even in the midst of fiery trials? Peter points us insistently to the Lord Jesus, to his suffering on our behalf, and to the resurrection life he makes possible for those who believe in him. At TGCW16 we won't be getting away from real life; we will be seeing it clearly, in light of gospel help and hope. By God's grace, we will go away better prepared to live and share resurrection life, in a world of suffering.

How to Fight Fairly with Your Spouse

But “happily married” couples are not the ones that never argue or fight. Happy marriages—strong marriages—are ones where each spouse understands how to not just survive those fights, but how to use them productively.

Jesus Never Promised Us Pain-Free Lives

Excellent article Nancy. I think living in and embracing pain is one of the most difficult things a Christian must learn. Our Christianity is best revealed through our response to pain and suffering. When we show that we suffer pain like any other human and still praise the Lord, it reveals the authenticity of our faith to others. When my 6 month old son died 10 years ago, it was the most traumatic and painful event I have ever endured. People would ask how I'm able to carry on after such a tragedy, and all I could say is "I don't know" because the pain I felt was overwhelming at times. My faith carried me when I did not know how to carry on after my sons death. The pain of his passing still lingers today but I feel having endured that hardship has made me much more empathetic towards the emotional pain of others. Having endured that pain made my faith stronger than ever.

Why We Should All Practice Confession

I agree with the author whole-heartily, we ( the church) need to practice the "cleansing" of confession.Let me be clear up front that when I mention cleansing, I do not mean a human absolution of sin.Scripture is emphatic that only God can forgive sin, Psalms "Against you and you only have I sinned", however Jesus makes it clear that we posses the authority to extend forgiveness to others and , in deed, the extension of said forgiveness is required of us in order to receive forgiveness ourselves. I have come to believe that without confession ( performed in the proper loving environment) we then create an unattainable perfectionists environment because if we do acknowledge our sin, many times we will be looked upon with disdain and judged as being a lousy Christian and subsequently living in that mindset.

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Two Concerns with Thomas Merton’s Vision of the Christian Life

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498 Years Ago Today: An Interview with Carl Trueman on Luther and His 95 Theses

Christ’s Sufferings in Us

God’s answer to this lack is to call the people of Christ (people like Paul) to make a personal presentation of the afflictions of Christ to the world. In doing this, we “fill up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions.” We finish what they were designed for, namely, a personal presentation to the people who do not know about their infinite worth.

Weekly Update - 10/30 - The Eric Metaxas Show

And this week on the radio program, we got into many issues, including the plight of women in China, reconciling gun culture with Christian faith, and of course the GOP debate! And I hosted a conversation with rapper and #1 Billboard artist Andy Mineo! He told me about his faith and musical tastes (he listens to Berlioz!) and his crew dubbed me “Easy E”. Fo realz yo…

4 Ways to Live Faithfully While in Exile

Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, to all the exiles whom I have sent into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce. Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease. But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” (Jer. 29:4–7)

Doctrine of Salvation Part 15: Analysis of the Perseverance of the Saints

For more resources visit: To download an outline of Doctrine of Salvation: Defenders is Dr William Lane Craig's weekly Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. This video is Part 15 of the Doctrine of Salvation. Be sure to check out more doctrines as well as the audio of Defenders: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Don’t Waste Your Life on Bad Books

When you browse each resource you’ll see whether others in our community like it and why. Hubworthy makes it simple for you and your church or ministry to likewise set up individual and group bookshelves. You can easily upload books you recommend in a sermon, link to guides for one-on-one discipleship, and generally help other believers know what God has used to form you. All the while your ministry will raise money through your personal bookshelf. Hubworthy has offered a special discount code for The Gospel Coalition community to get 20 percent off your first 12 months, whether you pay monthly or yearly. Just enter the code  TGC20  at the end of the sign-up process .

Ponder Christian Soldiers

The world God made is full of color; thus, our black-and-white thinking about Christian soldiers will fail to appreciate the complexity of military experience. Progressives are concerned that to value military service is to condone violence. But in reality, only a small portion of today’s force is directly responsible for committing martial violence. Meanwhile, conservatives worry that to reject violence per se is to reject the virtues and values made visible by the martial fraternity, such as courage, sacrifice, and conscientious obedience. Each side of the spectrum relies on caricatures, shorthand, and clichés instead of examining actual lives and experience.

Ligonier Ministries

Paul's writing in this section reminds us of Christ's sermon on the mount. Dr. Sproul continues his discussion on the use of gifts in the ministry and the we should avoid elevating gifts and that our love should be sincere. A discussion of evil is begun and the specific evil of abortion is shown.

Daniel March // What Kind of a Man // Premier Unsigned

Daniel March is an Australian singer-songwriter based in London. He joined us in our studios for a very special rendition of his track 'What Kind of a Man' For the best of unsigned UK Christian music, tune into Unsigned with Loretta Andrews on Premier Gospel on Saturdays at 6pm and Premier Christian Radio, Saturdays at 9pm. and | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

'Pope' wins top prize for best fancy dress at White House ‐ Premier premier

A toddler dressed as Pope Francis in his pope mobile has been awarded top prize at the White House fancy dress party by President Barack Obama.

Agenda ‐ Premier digital

We're so excited to introduce to you the agenda for the Premier Digital Conference 2015. Check out the 30 diverse sessions delivered by our amazing group of speakers. To find out more about why you won't want to miss this event  click here !

The Death of Protestant America: A Political Theory of the Protestant Mainline

The letter is, in fact, a long litany of loss: disjointed, heartfelt, flailing; a bewildered catalogue of all the things Braaten thought mattered. He carefully lists his antique political credentials (“I am a life-long political liberal . . . . My wife and I opposed the unjust war against Vietnam”)—as though that would give him standing. ­Educated at Harvard and Heidelberg, he records his contributions to the high theological controversies of Lutheran days gone by—as though that would save him from irrelevance. He names the long generations of his family’s missionary work in Madagascar, Cameroon, and China—as though Bishop Hanson would suddenly remember the 1920s world of prestigious mission boards and halt the tumble of Lutheranism down into the miniature melting pot that is Mainline Protestantism in twenty-first-century America.

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The Gospel Coalition Church Directory

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Ligonier Ministries

Dr. John H. Skilton was professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia for almost fifty-eight years (1939–1998). He was one of the most scholarly men in the church. Rumors have circulated over the years that he had memorized the entire Greek New Testament, together with every textual variant. His doctoral dissertation, “The Translation of the New Testament into English, 1881–1950,” which he lost on a public bus in Philadelphia and then reconstructed from memory, shows something of his unique breadth of knowledge in theology and linguistics. In addition, John served as the editor of The Westminster Theological Journal from 1968 to 1973.

Dear Timothy: Pursue faithfulness above all else in your life and ministry

No, God is calling you simply to be faithful. He is calling you to be faithful in feeding and leading his flock. Remember, it is his flock. It is his kingdom, not yours. You have been called to build it, by his grace, faithfully. What does such faithfulness entail? It’s not going to look like that which the world calls “success,” and you must settle this notion in your heart and mind now. God has called you to faithfulness in preaching his Word, being ready at all times to proclaim his truth. Forsaking all else, God has called you to set the oracles of God before the people of God to the glory of God every Lord’s Day. Do not worry about results. Results are God’s business. He has called you to faithfulness in studying to show yourself approved, a workman who is able to rightly divide his Word. That will always be priority one: Many hours in study and prayer will establish you in this crucial endeavor. He has called you to be faithful in guarding the gospel he has deposited into your care, which means you must know sound doctrine and teach sound doctrine. He has called you to be faithful in refuting false doctrine as well.

Can Science Disprove God?

A quick answer to the question "Can Science Disprove God? ----------- More at (Free "Stealing From God" Chapter here: )

Church of Norway bishops vote to allow same sex marriages ‐ Premier premier

Church of Norway bishops have voted to let gay people get married in church, a year before a final vote takes place on the issue.

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