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How Strong is the Cumulative Case for God's Existence? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace's summarizes the cumulative case for God's existence and describes the role diversity plays in establishing the strength of an inference.

Agnostic shooting survivor details horror that led to newfound faith: ‘Firm believer in God now’

Taylor Benge, a survivor of …

Evidence That Demands A Verdict Redux: An Interview with Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell - Bible Gateway Blog

What new historical documentation and evidence would lead to the updating and extensive expansion of this one million-copy Christian apologetic bestseller?

Michelle Qureshi Plans to Continue Nabeel Qureshi's Ministry

I was grateful to learn that Michelle Qureshi, the wife of the late Nabeel Qureshi , plans to continue his important ministry.  In the...

Facing Regret, Finding Grace in Pinstripe’s Emotional Hell | Think Christian

Regret hangs heavy over this indie game, but forgiveness can also be found.

How to Find Gold in God’s Word: Reading the Bible with Supernatural Help

All the Bible knowledge in the world won’t help you unless you cherish God’s truth. We’re nothing more than Pharisees unless we taste the glory of God in his word.

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Perilous Times Will Come

The Bible warns of troubling times that will come. are we there now?

506. Why Do So Many Christian Marriages End In Divorce?

Jason Jimenez looks at the reasons why so many Christian marriages derail.

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Hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico jumps to 34 … #TheSift @LeighJonesWORLD

I Feel Sorry for Hugh Hefner. Here's Why.

As a result of not seeing or being taught how to have a balanced (and biblical) view of love and sex, he turned to Hollywood for his model. And the rest is history. No one knows for sure, but I deeply suspect that if he had grown up in a home filled with love and warmth, and appropriate boundaries, his story might have been very different. And a lot less people would have been hurt.

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6 Desires for ‘Dreamers’ Fix, from 50 Evangelical Leaders

“It is long past time for Congress to work together to find a workable solution for our broken immigration system—especially for the hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to our country by their parents,” said Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), in a written release. “Many of these Dreamers have stepped forward in good faith, and our government has a moral obligation to deliver on the promises made to these men and women and protect them from perpetual uncertainty.”


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116 Been Real: Lecrae, “White Evangelicalism,” and Hope

Perhaps one immediate takeaway would be for majority-culture folks to ask whether the “identity development work” applies to us in a peculiar way. When Lecrae read the first draft of this article, he commented that his experience has been that “white evangelicals” generally assume they are a-cultural and bring no cultural influence into the fleshing out of their faith. Which probably means that there is some majority-culture “identity development work” to be done. That is, let there be, at least, a (growing) awareness that our expressions of faith are inevitably shaped by culture. Every expression of faith, everywhere in the world, is embedded in and shaped by culture. Being oblivious to this does not help us with the difficult task of discerning when to be counter-cultural or not.

The Reformation of the 16th Century

The cry for a thorough reformation echoed through all Europe. Although the outward circumstances varied from country to country, the one constant was a reformation of hearts and lives by a return to the authority of the Word of God. With the recovery of the Word of God, there was the corresponding recovery of the gospel of grace. When the gospel of grace was preached in power and purity and received by faith alone, the lives of people were changed. The doctrines of justification and acceptance by God now became living realities in the hearts and lives of countless multitudes, rather than just religious phrases.

EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Whether an enlightened Islam can emerge remains to be seen. What is clear is that imans or intellectuals who advocate a modern Islam are a marginal phenomenon in Muslim countries and often face death threats.   At the same time, Islam benefits from European values and rights such as religious freedom and tolerance, which help it spread without having to adopt those same fundamental rights itself. Europe is under the illusion that the Muslim mases pouring into the continent are peaceable and tolerant. By contrast, Saudi Arabia and Qatar won’t take any refuges even though they share the same religion, language, and culture — precisely because they fear unrest and terror.

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Answers to 4 Questions About Violence in Vegas

Sin:What happened?We ask that question a lot when sin and suffering come like a torpedo into the hull of life. Often, we are seeking a cause for pains and problems. In order to find the root of all the trouble we have to go back, way back, to the beginning of the breaking of shalom.Genesis 3 is one of the most important chapters in the entire Bible because it explains the source of and solution for sin and death. In painful brevity, with each word dripping horror, we read how the human rebellion against God that began with the first sin is altogether foolish, tragic, and mad.The scene is the beautifully good garden made by God for our first parents to live in together in shalom with God and one another. Tragically, in utter madness, humanity chose Satan over God, lies over truth, independence from God over loving relationship with God, and death over life. When sin entered shalom, the suffering started.

The Unique Joy of Ordinary Faithfulness

In a culture that celebrates newness and excitement as inalienable rights, we are tempted to believe that living an ordinary life of faithfulness to an ancient God is a stale alternative. But an ordinary life of faithfulness to an extraordinary God is anything but stale. God cares deeply for us, his people, and lives devoted to making much of him are full of joy. David tells us, “Let those who delight in my righteousness shout for joy and be glad and say evermore, ‘Great is the Lord, who delights in the welfare of his servant!’” (Psalm 35:27).

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4 Major Reasons Why People Become Atheists

4 Major Reasons Why People Become Atheists By Brian Chilton The psalmist David wrote, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There’s no God.’ They are corrupt; they do vile deeds. There is no one who does good” (Psalm 14:1, CSB). The psalmist claims that it is irrational for one to deny God’s existence whether it be by atheism or by alternative worldviews. Atheism has become popular in recent years. But, the pressing question is, why? Normally, people become atheists for four major reasons. I was influenced by some of these reasons to become a theist-leaning-agnostic for a period of time. While the atheist will claim to be a “free-thinker,” he or she is often imprisoned by emotionalism rather than reason. 1. The person desires moral independence. Often the person who becomes an atheist or agnostic wishes to make one’s decisions without anyone telling them otherwise, including God. The person metaphorically wants one’s cake and to eat it, too. The person desires moral independence. One wants to have as much sex, take as many drugs, drink as much alcohol, make as much money (even if it hurts another), without any need for guilt.

Hillsong Worship

"All we're doing is pointing people towards Jesus." Hear more from JD at the Hillsong Worship & Creative conference being held in Sydney on November 15-17 2017. Register today at

What Hypocrisy Teaches Us

If secular humanism is true, and man is simply an accidental product of evolution, then it stands to reason that those traits which provide the most survival potential would be favored. The basis of hypocrisy is not difficult to understand. Like any form of deception, it confers an advantage on the one who employs it. By promoting virtue, but secretly not bound by it, the hypocrite can – at least in the short run – profit by his behavior. Virtue, of course, involves self-discipline and often self-denial. It is the process of saying no to what I want at present because I recognize that simply wanting it is not a sufficient reason, that competing interests are at stake that must be considered.  But why must they be considered? If the man is the measure of all things, and I am a man, why can I not decide that what is in my immediate best interest is what I should pursue?  Over time, shouldn’t it be the case that we would simply recognize that we all act in our own self-interest? There is, therefore, nothing to revile about hypocrisy, just as we don’t condemn the lion for devouring its prey.

Learning from Academics Who Left Mormonism | Cold Case Christianity

Corey: My Mormon heritage extends back to my ancestor being a body guard of Joseph Smith. I first began to doubt the Mormon community, not its theology. I wasn’t baptized at the standard age of eight because I was serious about eternity. Even at eight, I was aware of the internal contradiction between the philosophy I’d learned, “try, try your best and God will make up the rest,” and the real requirements of entering heaven. I wanted to spend eternity with Heavenly Father. Thus, desiring to be with him and knowing the goal was perfection, I figured I’d beat the system and wait until I was 88. Struggling for a year, knowing I needed to be baptized by proper priestly authority as a necessity, I capitulated at age nine and was baptized. My decision was well thought through and one of conviction, not tradition. But the tension was real. The hypocrisy I encountered in the community was real. So real that it drove me away, not from believing in Mormonism–but from church attendance to a lifestyle I’m not proud of where I found “acceptance.” Then, while not looking for another religion (even though I struggled with the religious community), Jesus revealed himself to me at a Christian camp and my life was forever changed! I moved to CA for my junior year of high school where I was discipled and came back to Utah my senior year to graduate.

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Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend, others still stumped by motive … @lmlangdon #TheSift

Christian student awaits High Court decision - Premier

No More Excuses: 7 Reasons Your Entire Church Needs Apologetics

No More Excuses: 7 Reasons Your Entire Church Needs Apologetics By Steve Kozak Not only the word but also the idea of Apologetics seems all the craze these days. More people are studying, and more Christian colleges and seminaries are offering full degrees in apologetics. Which I think is great. I even have one of those specialized degrees. Despite the increase in interest and popularity in the discipline, there is anything but popularity when trying to push the practice of defending the faith into youth groups and the wider church. It seems that getting apologetics beyond the confines of a highly specialized classroom full of Jesus nerds and to the pulpit is like having dessert every night. Everyone wants dessert, but having it every night is simply not reality. Or even good for you. After all, it is a lot of effort. Preparing weekly sermons, the daily work of pastoring, church administration and management, and a slew of other tasks. Who has time for one more thing? Well, the primary job of a church is to make disciples. And that, of course, happens in a variety of different methods the church uses.

Proof Proof Proof - Nothing but Proof for the Existence of God -(and A Huge List of Proofs for God)

Apologetics Will Not Make Anyone a Christian

There are those within the church who are critical of Christian apologetics who point out its limitations. They will argue that presenting an apologetic for Christianity will not result in the person becoming a Christian. It is argued that people become followers of Jesus only by the calling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore apologetic arguments are not required. I will agree with this on one condition: I want those same people to agree that no one will become a Christian as a result of preaching, evangelism, missionary activity, prayer, Bible reading or any other human activity. If they will agree with this, then I will agree with them. I do believe that people become Christians by a work of the Holy Spirit. And I also believe that God uses preaching and evangelism and all the other things, including apologetics, in the process of calling that person.

The Nature of Apologetics

By itself the Great Commission does not explicitly state that one is to use apologetics in evangelism. Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Imagine for a moment that this was where the New Testament writings concluded. Christians and non-Christians alike would be left with a significant amount of speculation as to the role apologetics plays in evangelism. Thankfully, we were not left with an abrupt end to the story of the Christian church and its expansion. For example, the Apostle Paul, in Acts 17:16-34 , not only reasoned in the synagogues, but also in the marketplace. Furthermore, Paul is also found preaching to the “Men of Athens” and quotes from Aratus’s poem “Phainomena” ( Acts 17:28 ). Paul is not talking to believers only, but to “all people” who God “commands . . . to repent” ( Acts 17:30 ). Now former Christians may not accept the Bible as true, but they at least have to accept that Christians believe it to be true, and thus a proper understanding of apologetics is intended not only for the disciple but also for the believer.

Sola Scriptura: Martin Luther & The Rediscovery of the Authority of Scripture by Stephen Nichols | October 3, 2017

In the early sixteenth century, illiteracy was the norm across Europe, and this condition existed even amongst the clergy, teachers of God’s Word. Yet, despite the enormity of this problem, a deeper dilemma remained: the place of the Word of God had shifted in the Roman Catholic Church. No longer did the Bible stand as the central authority upon which the Christian life rested. Tradition, much of it corrupt and driven by the financial bankruptcy of the papal seat in Rome, had displaced it. God, in His gracious providence, did not allow this condition to persist.

9.5 Theses: Suggested Reading on the Reformation

When I graduated and took my first call as a church planter, I determined that as the congregation grew, I would find ways to tell the people about their forefathers and foremothers in the faith. The Lord has been building His church as a temple of living stones through the ages (1 Peter 2:4–5). Thus, it is vital that those of us who are being added most recently know of the foundation and lower floors of this great building of which we are a part. So, I told martyr and church battle stories when I preached. We built church history classes into our child and adult education. We highlighted and made available good books on church history, especially ones on the Reformation.

Love Britain and Ireland Highlights 2017 // Extended

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Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg's Top Ten Picks of the Week!

Larry Alex Taunton offers a very personal perspective of one of our most interesting and most misunderstood public figures.  Writing with genuine compassion and without compromise, Taunton traces Hitchens’s spiritual and intellectual development from his decision as a teenager to reject belief in God to his rise to prominence as one of the so-called “Four Horsemen” of the New Atheism.  While Hitchens was, in the minds of many Christians, Public Enemy Number One, away from the lights and the cameras a warm friendship flourished between Hitchens and the author; a friendship that culminated in not one, but two lengthy road trips where, after Hitchens’s diagnosis of esophageal cancer, they studied the Bible together. Taunton's book   gives us a candid glimpse into the inner life of this intriguing, sometimes maddening, and unexpectedly vulnerable man.   ORDER YOUR COPY NOW >>>

The Point: Hugh Hefner’s Real Legacy

But the cheap sex that Hefner envisioned is more costly than we realize. The little lives lost, the marriages destroyed, and the men enslaved to pornography in the wake of Hefner’s revolution prove it.

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation at Tyndale | Tyndale

On September 16, 2017, Tyndale was pleased to have Dr. Dennis Ngien, the Founder of the Centre for Mentorship and Theological Reflection, host the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. We were honoured to have Dr. Alister McGrath (Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion and Director of Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at the University of Oxford) speaking alongside our very own Dr. Victor Shepherd (Professor of Theology at Tyndale) and Dr. Dennis Ngien (Professor of Systematic Theology). Tyndale’s Chapel was filled with guests eager to hear from these respected scholars.  Speakers reflected on topics that included Luther’s Reformation historically and how it pertains to our modern day. In this historic year, we celebrate a time of profound transformation in church history and mark this occasion with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day. For 40 years running, one half-hour at a time, Focus on the Family has shared meaningful advice across the nation. The broadcast has become one of today’s most recognized Christian radio programs and continues to grow in exciting ways with Focus President Jim Daly and co-host John Fuller.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 — The Briefing

But what we do not know today is what we did not know yesterday, and the vexing thing is that we may never know. The one question being asked over and over again by law enforcement authorities, by those in the media and by everyday Americans and others around the world is why. That raises a question I was asked yesterday from the media. The question is this: why is an answer concerning motivation so important to us? And this from a Christian worldview perspective underlines something about what it means that we are indeed moral creatures. We are also rational creatures. This is a part of what it means to be made in God’s image. As rational creatures we want to know a rational reason or at least some motivation we can rationally understand, whereby someone would undertake such a murderous rampage.

Demanding Evidence for God While Denying Evidence for God

The demand for evidence can seem like reasonable request, but it can also serve as a smokescreen for those who are unwilling to believe. For example, developmental biologist Lewis Wolpert stated he rejected God fairly early in his life because he could find no evidence for God at all. In a radio show where he debated intelligent design with William Dembski, Wolpert said over and over again there is nothing he could see by studying the molecular machinery required for living cells to function that could serve as evidence for any kind of intelligence. Dembski asked "Is there nothing that biological systems can exhibit that would point you to a designer?" Wolpert emphatically replied, "Absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing." 2 This corresponded with his previous statement that "What we know about biology can all be explained in terms of the behaviors of cells."3

How to Fight When Your Mind Is Failing

So, if you once repeated a promise to yourself ten times in the morning and could remember it easily all during the day in any situation, you might need to repeat it twenty or thirty times to achieve the same effect. This will change over time. Know yourself. I could run eight-minute miles when I was in my thirties. Today I can only run twelve-minute miles. (Which most people would not call running!) It takes longer. It hurts more. It leaves me more tired. All because I am forty years older. So why do it? Same reason I’ve run for fifty years. I don’t want to be depressed, I don’t want to be fat, and I don’t want to be dead (yet).

One Day Never Again: May Heaven Fall on Las Vegas

At this point, we also know very little about the 59 he murdered — each life an unexpected and unsearchable tragedy. We haven’t yet met the spouses, the children, the loved ones left behind. We do not know them, and the extent of their heartache, but our hearts break for them as we feel just a faint part of their pain. We pray for God to deliver the comfort, healing, and hope each of them so desperately needs now, most likely in ways they’ve never needed before. We pray that heaven would fall on Las Vegas.

Answering Islam 12: What Does the Quran Say about the Bible?

Support our videos on Patreon: Here's Episode 12 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "What Does the Quran Say about the Bible?" For the rest of the videos in this series, visit this playlist:

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America Desperately Needs Real Tolerance: A Lesson from Mike Pence

The weird thing is that Sean in this article paints it as being about Mike Pence’s reasonable, tolerant, respectful response to the the actor. He could equally have said that it was the ACTOR giving a reasonable, tolerant response to Mike Pence. We’ve got Steve Bannon in the White House, who complained that his daughters had to go to the same school as ‘whiney Jews’. He’s also said that he’d prefer if only property owners could vote. Isn’t this the sort of intolerance that Sean McDowell might be better focussing on and writing about? In the face of someone with those views being granted the ear of the President, the concerns raised by the Hamilton actor seem pretty reasonable, and yet you’d have thought he’d physically attacked Pence for the condemnation showered on him.

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Watch: Las Vegas church vigil goes viral - Premier

Footage of a classic Christian hymm Amazing Grace being sung during a prayer vigil in Las Vegas after a mass shooting on Sunday has gone viral on the internet.

The Godness of God

In short, he was toppling the liberal pillars of experience, ethics, and history, showing that, when it comes to knowing God, we bring absolutely nothing to the table. Not even tried-and-true analogies can bridge the gap between us and the God who is beyond all analogies. For example, we see power in nature, and we use that as a starting point to talk about God’s unlimited power. God’s power, we assume, must be like nature’s power, only God’s power is just much greater, greater to an infinite degree.

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What. A. Day. Thank you, @robertmadu for bringing a powerful word to close out a day for the books. #CatalystATL

Santa's tomb may have been found under Turkish church - Premier

Researchers told the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet that they had uncovered an intact temple and burial grounds below St Nicholas church in the province of Antalya, where the 4th century Christian saint is believed to have been born.

#Christian Reason Today

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The Bride of the Reformation: Wibrandis Rosenblatt (1504–1564)

Someone must have pointed out Wibrandis. On March 15, 1528, she and Oecolampadius were married, raising some eyebrows at their age difference — 45 and 24 — but causing most friends to rejoice. He wrote in a letter, “The Lord has given me a sister and wife . . .  a widow with several years experience in bearing the cross. I wish she were older, but I see in her no signs of youthful petulance. Pray the Lord to give us a long and happy marriage” ( Women of the Reformation , 82).

New Christian cleaning company hopes to lead by example - Premier

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What Critics Miss When They Reject the Bible's Authenticity

We’re often told that we came to possess the New Testament after an elaborate “game of telephone.” Which is to say, the information in the books is unreliable. The reason for my own agnosticism as a teenager was due, in a large part, to accepting misinformation about the authorship of the New Testament books, their transmission to the modern era, and when they were written. Yet, after research, I realized the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament books is very strong.

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