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What Does It Mean to Have Faith?

In this brief interview, Frank Turek explains the difference between two types of faith: "belief  that" and "belief in." God Bless,

Accepting Our Duty As Christians (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #86) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner discusses the importance of becoming a Christian Case Maker.

Formed with the Flick of His Finger

The world around us cries out with the glory of God. We just need to linger long enough to see it.

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At the heart of Reformed theology this axiom resounds: Regeneration precedes faith. — @RCSproul #Reformation500

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

There's only one conclusion on the Rohingya in Myanmar: It's genocide

Rapid Response: "You Can't Trust the Gospels Because They Were Written by Christians"

In our Rapid Response series, we tackle common concerns about (and objections to) the Christian worldview by providing short, conversational responses. These posts are designed to model what our answers might look like in a one-on-one setting, while talking to a friend or family member. Imagine if someone said, “I can’t trust what the New Testament says about Jesus: after all, it was written by biased Christians . I can only believe what’s been written by ancient non – Christians , and they don’t say much about Jesus.” How would you answer such an objection? Here is a conversational example of how I recently responded:

Prisoner Number 2491: The Inspiring Story of the First Nazi Martyr

Every morning Schneider’s voice was heard ringing out loudly and clearly from the solitary confinement building, almost across the whole square, when tens of thousands had lined up for roll call: “Our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save us from our sins. If we have faith in him, we are put right with God. We need not fear what man may do to us because we, through Christ, belong to the kingdom of God. . . . Our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, has promised that we, by faith in him, may participate in his resurrection. He said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me shall never die.’ Accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior, and God will receive you as his child.”

Exclusive Eric Metaxas book excerpt: Martin Luther and the birth of the modern world

But it is important to see that despite what both his critics and his de- fenders have often said, Luther was never coming near anything of the kind. His concept of the word “conscience” was not our modern view, in which conscience takes its cue from the autonomous self. On the contrary, his concept of truth did not vary one iota from the accepted Roman Catholic view. The only difference between his view and the church’s view was in the idea that one’s conscience must obey God himself. The Catholic church reserved the right to say that it and it alone spoke for God, whereas Luther, in pointing out that the pope had erred and church councils had erred, was saying that the church could not reserve the right to speak for God. Therefore, if the church—via pope and councils—was able to err and to sometimes not speak for God and God’s truth, Luther asserted the idea that only the Scriptures could be that inerrant standard to which everyone—including the church—must repair. Thus, if the Scriptures plainly said something different from what councils and popes said, it must be the councils and the popes who were in error and were obliged to change their views.

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On today's episode, recorded on location in Germany, @DrSteveNichols examines five points of Martin Luther’s legacy. …

Fresh Classical Proofs vs. Certain Proof

Astros Chaplain: Play for God and Pray to Win

Alaniz , pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church’s Spanish campus, leads ministry among the Astros’ Spanish-speaking players. The team includes Venezuelans José Altuve and Marwin González; Puerto Ricans Carlos Correa, Carlos Beltrán, and Juan Centeno; Cuban Yuli Gurriel; and Dominican Francisco Liriano. Kevin Edelbrock, a development director with Young Life, serves as the English-speaking chaplain, and Alaniz’s wife, Josie Ban-Alaniz, conducts ministry among the players’ wives and girlfriends.

Q & A with Dr. Craig: Jesus and the God of the Old Testament

I was so deeply affected by the Gospels that they struck a note with me. I believe in Jesus because I can completely relate to the message. It makes total sense for me. Man is depraved, we need a saviour, that saviour is God, God came to live as one of us to show us the only way to live and consequently died, all so that we may turn from our own self righteousness and follow him.

“What Do Christians Mean When They Say Jesus is ‘The Son of God?’

It couldn’t be more evident that many Christians assume Jesus is the Son of God. But in many cases, Christians aren’t sure about the biblical background of  the title “Son of God.” What Christians tend to forget is that when Jewish people thought of the Davidic King as the Son of God, it had very little to do with thinking the King was the Second person of the Trinity. Even though divine sonship appears in the Jewish Scriptures with regards to persons or people groups such as angels (Gen 6:2; Job 1:6; Dan 3:25), and Israel (Ex. 4:22-23; Hos 11;1; Mal. 2:10), the category that has special importance to the Son of God issue is the king. When the divine sonship is used in the context of the relationship between Israel and the king (2 Sam. 7:14; Ps. 2:7;89:26-27), the sonship theme emphasizes that the king is elected to a specific task. Furthermore, there is also a special intimacy between God and the king.  The Davidic covenant established David as the king over all of Israel. Under David’s rule, there was the defeat of Israel’s enemies, the Philistines. David also captured Jerusalem and established his capital there (2 Sam.

Why Should I Go to Church?

There are a million good things you and I could do that would hinder us from locking arms with God’s people. If you’re on the fence: Will you set an alarm with a purpose to join in worshiping God with a local church this weekend? I promise you that as many reasons as you might have not to go, there are even more reasons to trust God, commit, and go every week.

Should Students Be Exposed to Evidence Against Christianity?

The first group was simply told that they would be given an article to read defending a particular viewpoint. The second group had their existing belief (that brushing your teeth is good) reinforced before reading the article. The third group was warned that they were about to read an article that would challenge their existing beliefs. The final group was presented with an abbreviated version of the argument as well as arguments against it. Which group had the most and least change?

JP Moreland: Feelings are wonderful servants but terrible masters

The current understanding of happiness identifies it as a pleasurable feeling. Pleasant feelings are surely better than unpleasant ones, but the problem today is that people are obsessively concerned with feeling happiness; people are slaves to their feelings. Feelings are wonderful servants but terrible masters.

Apologetics: Why is the world broken?

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins explains it like this: “In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, and other people are going to get lucky; and you won’t find any rhyme or reason to it, nor any justice. The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good. Nothing but blind pitiless indifference.”

Christ’s Power Is Made Perfect in Weakness

Finally, God’s purpose in our weaknesses is to glorify the grace and power of his Son. This is the main point of verses 9–10. Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” God’s design is to make you a showcase for Jesus’s power. But not necessarily the way the market demands: not by getting rid of all our weaknesses; but by giving strength to endure and even rejoice in tribulation.

We Need to Take Jesus’ Metaphor of Being Born Again More Seriously

Bergmann explains in Childbirth as a Metaphor for Crisis that “ancient Near Eastern examples show . . . that there was a tradition of comparing women giving birth to warriors in battle.” This happens in the Old Testament too. It may seem strange to us now, but the ancient authors of the Old Testament saw the crisis of birth—where women were close to death as they struggled to bring new life into the world—as parallel to the warrior’s experience of being close to death before victory in battle.

The Moral Argument For God's Existence

Tim Stratton, Reasonable Faith Chapter Director at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, speaks on the Moral Argument for the Existence of God.

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Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels $2.99

Shake It Off? Secular Songs on Sunday Morning

But what if we take special precautions to distinguish the secular music from the rest of our songs on Sunday morning? Calling this song “the special” and having the congregation sit and watch solves a lot of these problems, but it introduces another equally troubling dilemma. When we separate the secular song and worship set as distinct elements, we inevitably turn the former into a performance. The congregation becomes only an audience, and the musicians their entertainers; leadership gives way to theatricality and we exchange humility for showmanship.

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An awkward phrase? UK govt takes heat for reportedly objecting to phrase “pregnant women” … #Relations @KileyCrossland

The Self-Evident Nature of Objective Moral Truths

I occasionally encounter someone who rejects the existence of objective, transcendent moral truths . For many people, all moral truth is merely perspectival ; a matter of flexible, cultural convention . Yet there appear to be a number of moral absolutes that transcend culture and history. These objective truths beckon us to seek justification when we attempt to circumvent their prescriptions. “Did you steal the hammer from that man?” “Yes, dad, but he was going to hit me with it!” We intuitively know that it’s never acceptable to steal “for the fun of it”. This action requires proper justification before any of us would find it tolerable or morally appropriate. Still, some folks are unconvinced that such a transcendent Law exists at all.

Sharing Your Faith with Atheists Doesn't Have to Be Scary

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center study , the number of Americans who identify as atheists has nearly doubled. As atheism has expanded, we’ve seen a rise of high-profile atheists. Outspoken personalities like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens have proffered popular arguments against religion in general—and Christianity specifically. 

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Are There Contradictions in the Quran? (Answering Islam Part 15)

Muslims are convinced that the Qur'an is free from error, but you won't believe how easy it is to find contradictions in it! This is the fifteenth video of our "Answering Islam" series, where David Wood answers the question: "Are There Contradictions in the Qur'an?" For the rest of the series, visit the playlist: PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

Celebrate Martin Luther, the man who changed the world

That's the story we've all been taught about Luther, the man who, 500 years ago, divided the Catholic Church and sparked the Protestant Reformation. But Luther was more complicated than we realize - and far more influential, says Eric Metaxas. And that movie-worthy moment of protest, nailing his 95 Theses to the church door? It didn't even happen - not at all the way we imagine.

Luther’s Battle for Sola Scriptura — Southern Equip

The next year (1519) Luther debated Johann Eck, another Catholic theologian, at Leipzig. Eck kept pressing Luther to submit to the tradition of the Church in its conciliar decisions and canon law, much of which he quoted from memory. Luther responded by quoting from memory what he knew best—the Bible! Eck concluded that Luther erred by his unwillingness to submit to the pope’s infallible interpretation of Scripture and said the German monk was no different than the heretic Jan Hus (1369-1415), who had put his own interpretation of the Bible above the papacy’s. After considering this accusation that evening, Luther shocked the assembly the next day by declaring, “Ja, Ich bin ein Hussite” (“Yes, I am a Hussite”), thus showing his allegiance at the point of scriptural authority with a man who’d been burned as a heretic by the church. The church’s response was swift and decisive. In January 1521 Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, condemned as a heretic.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

The hymn came into English as early as ten years after Luther composed it, but the version most of us sing today was translated by Frederick Hedge more than 300 years later, in 1853. It is by no means a literal translation of the original, understandably taking certain licenses for the sake of meter and rhyme. Add to that the fact that Hedge was a Unitarian minister — meaning he believed in God’s oneness but not threeness. In other words, he was no Trinitarian. He believed Jesus was fully human but not God, inspired by God but not his eternal divine Son.

Nepal Criminalizes Christian Conversion and Evangelism

Last week, Nepal enacted a law to curb evangelism by criminalizing religious conversion, joining neighboring countries like India and Pakistan, where the region’s small-but-growing Christian minority faces government threats to their faith.

The Politicization of Motherhood

Conservatives cheer and liberals jeer New York psychoanalyst Erica Komisar’s book on the science of early childhood development.

The Happy Professor: Zacharius Ursinus (1534–1583)

The Heidelberg Catechism was quickly translated into a number of other languages, including English in 1572. It would be surpassed in notoriety in the English-speaking world only by the Westminster Confession of Faith, produced in England during the next century. One of the reasons the Heidelberg Catechism was so successful is that it used unifying language about disputed issues, such as those related to the Lord’s Supper. Ursinus did not wish to further exacerbate divisions among Protestants.

What Martin Luther taught me about counseling — Southern Equip

This does not mean that one’s own personal sin is the only issue on the table in counseling—people need counseling help for many more reasons than that. Personal sin, though, is at least one of the things on the table in counseling. And even when people are experiencing pain at the hands of someone else’s sin or because of the presence of sin in a fallen world they will always need to learn what it means to turn—to repent in the most general sense—to Jesus Christ and find his mercy, comfort, and power. If the entire life of believers is about repentance, and if counseling is about the issues of life, then Martin Luther reminds us that counseling is one of the most fundamental realities of counseling.

The Providence of God: George Washington and War

Discover the fascinating truths surrounding the founding of America.

Is Happiness A Good Test for Truth? | Oklahoma Apologetics Alliance

Are feelings of happiness a good test for truth? What happens when truth makes people unhappy? Guest blogger Ryan Pauly responds to these Qs and more.

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Having Down Syndrome must cease being a capital crime. I repeat: There are no lebensunwertes leben. Hear this man: …

Apologetics 101: Having an Argument for the Existence of God

Contrary to what Melissa Cain Travis implies above, you don’t need to respond to Coworker Joe by a full-on presentation of the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Instead, it is perfectly acceptable to humbly ask questions. For example, you could ask Coworker Joe, “So why do you think the Bible has changed over time?” That takes the pressure off you to defend Christianity, and puts the pressure on him to defend his claims. Or you could say, “I’m going to look into that. Let me get back to you tomorrow.” And then you could go home search Google—a wonderful resource—to learn more. You would quickly find that the Bible has remained pretty much the same over the past 2000 years, and that it is preserved in its original languages Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Then, the next day, you could tell Joe what you learned and ask him what he thinks.

Three Evidences That Point to Intelligent Interaction | Cold Case Christianity

Evidence of Improbability Rather Than Probability Could the forces of natural law alone account for what I am seeing in biology, and if so, is there enough time in the history of this organism for such laws to cause this result? Given nothing but matter, time and the unguided forces of nature, could simply proteins arise from amino acids? Could amino acids arise in the first place? Has enough time passed in the history of the planet for such unguided processes to account for the complexity we see in even the “simplest” organisms? How probable is such a hypothesis? As evidence for biological complexity mounts, naturalistic, unguided processes seem less and less probable.

Pence: US Will Bypass UN and Aid Persecuted Iraqi Christians Directly

The vice president reiterated the Trump administration’s commitment to defending religious groups persecuted by ISIS, announcing plans to visit the region in December and a strategic shift away from funding “ineffective” United Nations programs. Instead, Pence said President Donald Trump has directed the State Department to send aid directly through USAID and faith-based partners.

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BREAKING: 'White Lives Matter' leader says Murfreesboro rally is 'canceled' …

Ten Principles for Personal Productivity

Many chops fell a huge tree. Man, this is so crucial because of how quickly we get discouraged after a thousand chops and the tree is not down yet. I just finished listening to Robinson Crusoe. You might say: What in the world? What is John Piper listening to a teenage novel? I had never heard some of these classics, so I am listening to them. Robinson Crusoe, marooned on an island, all by himself, wants to escape, needs a boat. Mainland is 45 miles away. There might be cannibals over there. He is not sure he wants to go, but he needs a boat. He has got nothing else to do, so he is going to make a boat. He finds a tree. This tree is five feet, ten inches, across at the bottom. He has an axe. It takes him 22 days to chop this tree down, 14 more days to chop the branches off, a year and a half to finish the boat with an axe. I’d chop on a tree for a day, two days. I say: This tree is not coming down. I am done with this tree. I am going to work on some little tree. So there is the key. Many chops fell a big tree. Do you want to do something great? Don’t quit. Keep chopping.

Why Do Christians Believe in the Afterlife? - A Clear Lens

Thanks for the comment VP. I’m taking it that you hold to the trichotomy of man, meaning that a person has three “parts” of body, soul and spirit. After rereading my my points it looks like I lean more towards the view of dichotomy, where spirit and soul are the same thing. I hold this partially because passages like Luke 1:46-47 use soul and spirit interchangeably. I take passages like 1 Thessalonians 5:23 to be similar to Jesus saying “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” In other words, Jesus is not breaking down how many parts a human being consists of, but is just saying to love God with everything. Similarly, I think Paul in 1 Thess. is just praying that God sanctifies our whole person and that he isn’t laying out the parts of man. Either way, it is a secondary issue to me. But I would be interested in more of your thoughts on the matter.

John Piper: Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary presents John Piper, founder and teacher of As the chancellor of the Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, John has written and published best-selling books, including “A Peculiar Glory,” “Don’t Waste Your Life” and “Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist.” Each session begins with inspiring praise music from the Canyon Worship Band.

Reformation Worship: Why We Do What We Do in Church - Westminster Theological Seminary

Why do our liturgies look the way they do? What does the architecture of a church building communicate about the theology proclaimed there? Listen to Dr. Jonathan Gibson’s 2017 Thornwell Lecture Series talk on the reformation of worship.

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

With all those centuries of waiting for the Messiah, you might think the waiting would be done once Jesus had come. But now in the church age, we wait as much as ever, called to live in the shadow of his return. We “wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 1:7); we are a people “waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). The church is that community which has “turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven” (1 Thessalonians 1:9–10), knowing that when he appears, he comes “to save those who are eagerly waiting for him” (Hebrews 9:28).

New discovery: ancient Old Testament fragment is identical to copy 2,000 years later

After years of careful study, it has been concluded that the Dead Sea Scrolls give substantial confirmation that our Old Testament has been accurately preserved. The scrolls were found to be almost identical with the Masoretic text. Hebrew Scholar Millar Burrows writes, “It is a matter of wonder that through something like one thousand years the text underwent so little alteration. As I said in my first article on the scroll, ‘Herein lies its chief importance, supporting the fidelity of the Masoretic tradition.’”{6}

Luther: The talented, heedless man who changed the direction of history

When an emissary of Pope Leo X traveled to Germany in 1521, he found a land in turmoil. A young, inexperienced ruler, Emperor Charles V, struggled to assert his authority over a wily and unruly nobility. That, at least, was not unusual; what was new was the fact that all of this played out at the center of a media storm. The papal legate could hardly step out on the streets without being accosted by angry, agitated citizens. The name on everyone’s lips was that of an obscure Augustinian friar, Martin Luther. Four years earlier, Luther was an unknown professor at the new university in Wittenberg, a small town tucked away on Germany’s distant northeastern fringes. In 1517, Luther made a bold protest against the selling of indulgences, which offered penitent Christians the assurance of salvation in return for pious donations. To this point he had published virtually nothing. Yet by 1521, after a fury of controversial writing, Luther was the most-published author in the history of printing. When he died 25 years later, he would leave a church permanently and irrevocably divided, with consequences we still live with today.


In this series, Pastor Rick teaches from the life of Daniel. God tested Daniel through every stage of his life, from his teenage years all the way into retirement. And the practical lessons from Daniel’s story will help you to stand firm in your beliefs and to develop a greater trust in God.

Love Thy Neighbor: South Asia Christians Advocate for Rohingya Muslims

Our Christian leadership and community stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rohingya. Our prayers are with them in this difficult time. Daily prayers will be offered for protection and safety of innocent lives. Christian leadership of Pakistan requests the international community and human rights leaders to speed up the efforts to save our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rohingya.

Gospel opposition to white supremacy

This weekend, white nationalists will descend on Tennessee, in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, for a “White Lives Matter” rally. As Christian leaders in Tennessee, we declare ourselves in resolute opposition to this expression of racism and white supremacy. We denounce and repudiate white supremacy as a work of the devil, designed to dehumanize and divide. Ideologies that declare the white race as superior are an assault against the Word of God, which declares that every human being is created in the image of God and worthy of dignity and respect (Genesis 1:26-27; 1 Peter 2:17; James 3:9). These ideologies stand in opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ, which reconciles, in Christ’s body, people from every tribe, tongue, and nation (Ephesians 2:15; Galatians 3:28; Revelation 7:9).

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“Christ is the only way to the one true God, and biblical Christianity is the only way to the one true Christ.” — John MacArthur

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