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MUSLIM - Thomas Nelson

Is Islam a peaceful and tolerant religion? How Well Do You REALLY Know Islam? Take the Quiz What You Need to Know About the World’s Fastest-Growing Religion Order Now Get Free Resources Order Your Copy Today Get Free Resources Exclusive Video In this video, you will discover the Islamic challenge facing western civilization. 3 Chapters…

How to Add Evidence to the Case for Christianity (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #98) | Cold Case Christianity

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner continues to discuss the practices and principles of good investigations and applies these techniques to the Christian worldview. How do investigators add to their cases evidentially to establish their case in front of a jury? Can this approach be adopted by Christians to help us defend the Christian worldview? If so, what forms and types of evidence would qualify as we add to the case for Christianity? This investigative approach is described in more detail in Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith. Be sure to check out Forensic Faith and the accompanying curriculum. Be sure to watch the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast on NRBtv every Monday and Saturday! In addition, here is the audio podcast (the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast is located on iTunes or our RSS Feed):

Imagining Faithfulness with The Lego Ninjago Movie | Think Christian

Ninjago depicts the beauty of fidelity—the goodness that God has in view for us.

Video: Impact Video Productions- Why Should I Trust the Bible?

In this outstanding video from Impact Video Ministries , you will learn details about the accuracy of the Bible, the authors, evidence...

Three Flagellum Updates Amplify Behe’s Challenge to Darwinism from Irreducible Complexity | Evolution News

Here’s what’s new about the iconic molecular machine that launched Michael Behe’s design revolution.

All Things Work Together for Lecrae | Think Christian

Borrowing from Romans 8, Lecrae offers a meditation on the way grace confounds and delivers us.

Our Eyes Are on You, Lord: Thoughts on Pastoral Succession

Sooner or later, every leader will hand off the baton to the next generation — and where better to center pastoral succession than in the word of God himself?

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants? — Southern Equip

The question of authority has always been the central dividing line between Catholics and Protestants.

An Introduction to the Fine-Tuning Argument

Visit the post for more.

New Documentary, Human Zoos, Will Get Public Premiere, November 11 at Oregon Film Festival | Evolution News

John West explores the legacy of pseudo-scientific racism that has trailed Darwinian theory from its inception down to today, with the emergence of the alt-right.

Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective

Watch the Haunting New Trailer for Netflix's World War II Drama 'Mudbound'

This looks like one to watch.

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Necessary Existence of God

How are you determine whether it has moral perfection? If your definition of moral perfection is ‘possesses whatever moral attributes that God has’ then it’s all circular. The perfect moral attributes like loving and forgiving are only moral at all because they are the attributes that God has. If he didn’t have them then they wouldn’t be moral, right? I mean, that’s the argument that apologists advance. So what does it even mean to say that ‘a being has maximal excellence because it has moral perfection in every world’? What would it look like for it NOT to have moral perfection? What ever morals it has will by definition be perfect, according to the apologists’ argument.

Is There Life Out There? (Interview with Jeff Zweerink) | Cold Case Christianity

Jeff: As mentioned earlier, the biggest scientific advance is the ability to detect planets around stars other than the Sun. Although scientists have developed models to try and determine how many planets might exist or what they might look like, I can tell you that observations of exoplanets will trump any conclusions based on the models. Unfortunately, given the current capabilities to find exoplanets, scientists really have no data that tells us anything significant about whether these planets could possibly host life. In fact, we cannot say whether any exoplanet has water on its surface at this point. However, I expect that technological advances over the next two to three decades will allow scientists to begin addressing the central question of whether life exists elsewhere in our universe—at least for some exoplanets. One particular signature that would be a strong indicator of life on a distant world would be the presence of abundant (something more than 1–2%) oxygen in the atmosphere.

3 Renewing Your Mind | Protestant View of Justification | Oct 26, 2017

At the very heart of the controversy in the sixteenth century was the question of the ground by which God declares anyone righteous in His sight. Today, R.C. Sproul articulates the Protestant view of justification.

The Christian Mandate to Subvert Tribalism

Lest I get overly theoretical, ideological conflict has manifested itself under my own roof in the past two years. Much of this has existed between my live-in mother-in-law and myself, but it’s also affected my marriage. When I retreated into online forums with more likeminded people after the election, I fell more deeply into a trap of contemptuous tribalism and perpetual agitation. The relationships in my innermost circle suffered. In the interest of prioritizing the people whom God had given me to love, I made some radical changes. I left all my online affinity groups and deleted over 250 cause-driven connections, redirecting my energy toward being present to people in my real life, even when it was hard. Through the discipline of active listening and presence, I rediscovered the healing and transformative power of nuance. Called by Jesus to be peacemakers—meek, righteous, merciful, and pure in heart (Matt. 5:5–9)—pursuing nuance is both a sacred journey and obedience to Christ.

Whitewashed Heroes: The Flaws in Our Reformers

We could go on. Through these Reformers, God opposed proud rulers, unmasked depraved priests, and recovered for the world the happy news that God justifies sinners by grace alone, on the basis of Christ’s righteousness alone, through faith alone, for the glory of God alone, as taught with decisive authority in Scripture alone.

Nepal Criminalizes Christian Conversion and Evangelism

Last week, Nepal enacted a law to curb evangelism by criminalizing religious conversion, joining neighboring countries like India and Pakistan, where the region’s small-but-growing Christian minority faces government threats to their faith.

Our Silence Is Music to God’s Ears

These days, I crave more silence than ever. But stillness takes practice as the force of life pulls us along. It’s uncomfortable at first. When I’m quiet, things float up to the surface from the shadow places in my heart that I haven’t wanted to deal with. But after a time, I can tune my ears to hear the still, small whisper of God. In silence, prayer comes up as wordless petitions and attentive expectation. In this, we affirm that prayer is a two-way conversation. Silence is the waiting posture that helps us to be poised to hear God’s voice.

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Post Tenebras Lux: A Symphonic Celebration of the Protestant Reformation

From the outset, the church bell is dominant as it was in the culture of medieval times. The strings are brooding, and then they accelerate and transfer the building tension to the brass. Now we hear the entrance of God’s man, Martin Luther, represented by the oboe taking its turn in the organum style. The tension begins to build in Luther’s life as he searches the Scriptures and struggles with the challenges they pose to his beliefs. The brass punctuates his proclamations against the Roman Catholic Church and its practices, while chimes enter again as the voice of the church opposing his Ninety-Five Theses. At the Diet of Worms (a choral-like cacophony of brass and chimes), Luther’s oboe answers Rome’s charge of heresy with the truth of the gospel and his final declaration of conscience. The movement ends with a rich string resolution—the truth has come to light. Through Martin Luther, God’s gospel of grace through Christ alone will be proclaimed to the whole world. This section ends with the last chord ascending from a minor feel to a major chord in anticipation of what is to come.

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W. Robert Godfrey examines the question that haunted Martin Luther throughout the Reformation. #Reformation500

Pence: US Will Bypass UN and Aid Persecuted Christians Directly

The vice president reiterated the Trump administration’s commitment to defending religious groups persecuted by ISIS, announcing plans to visit the region in December and a strategic shift away from funding “ineffective” United Nations programs. Instead, Pence said President Donald Trump has directed the State Department to send aid directly through USAID and faith-based partners.

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Today's quote of the day comes from Langston Hughes #PremierDrive #LangstonHughes #bhm #bhm2017 #blackhistorymonth

Q Commons | Bringing the national Q experience to your city.

Q equips Christians on how to thoughtfully engage our cultural moment. Through immersive learning experiences where no topic is off limits, leaders are encouraged to think, process and consider their approach on the most difficult cultural conversations they will face. Our method of learning is simple: exposure, conversation, and collaboration. We didn’t want to create just another conference, but instead, make an intentional effort to platform the best and brightest ideas that are shaping our world and interact with them. Q is not for passive listeners, but for active leaders hungry to shape the future of culture.

Every Good Mom Dies

I didn’t expect death when I first became a mother. I was surprised by the dark struggle. But now being pregnant with my third, I’m better equipped to embrace it. The death I felt with my first has turned into anticipation with my third. I know there will still be hardship ahead, but I’m more confident of God’s grace toward me, more willing to admit my weakness, and more ready to be spent and broken for him and my baby girl. God has birthed life from my death, thereby making me more like Christ. I have been able to experience the death and resurrection of Jesus by walking through the door to motherhood.

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Ezekiel's Vision

Hank explains the symbolism of the wheels and the many eyes in Ezekiel chapter 1.

This is Apologetics: an Argument from Logic

This fall, I’ve been leading a small group focused on evangelism and apologetics. We discuss a different topic each week, but we came to the subject of logic and reason, we ended up having to break it up into two weeks. Why? Because thinking about the way we think is hard. We usually just think; we usually just speak.

Veteran Journalist Mark Halperin Is Out From NBC and MSNBC After Sexual Harassment Accusations

The claims came from Halperin’s days at ABC News, where he worked as director of political coverage. Five anonymous women (and others who did not experience harassment firsthand but said they were aware of it) said Halperin propositioned other employees for sex, grabbed a woman’s breasts against her will and other disgusting actions.

All Proof Requires God

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Give Your Teenager to God

The truth of God’s word anchors us during the changing tides of the teenage years. As my heart experiences a mixture of nostalgia and joy, Scripture provides the right perspective. Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” There’s a time for our children to be right by our side in the everyday of life, but there’s also a time for parents to step back and allow our children more independence and freedom.

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We're going LIVE! Join us at 10:30 EST for a Live Look In at #CatalystOneDay .

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Greg answers #STRask abt using the Bible to witness, apologetics, & 1 of the toughest questions abt God to answer. … .

Pastor N. T. Grayshon schools me on the Sufficiency of Scripture | HeadHeartHand Blog

Well obviously now that he’s doing better in his health, in his emotions, in his thinking, and in his friendships, that’s having a beneficial impact on his spiritual life too. He’s much more alert and engaged in his private devotions and in public worship. Best of all, he told me that he no longer resents having to sleep, but embraces it as a good gift from a gracious God and thanks God every night for both the Bible’s teaching on sleep and also for the truth that psychologists have discovered.

The Friends You Need Are Worth the Wait

I can honestly say that yes, God did and does care about my need for female companionship, but those friends didn’t come along right away. There was a long, lonely season after we moved. My husband traveled frequently, women at our new church were busy, and I questioned whether I would ever have dear friends again. I remember asking God if there might be even one woman who would want to have a cup of coffee together once in a while. The answer seemed to be, “Not yet.”

Commemorating 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act

With contributions from Lord Alton of Liverpool, Fiona Bruce MP, Noel Robinson and Blue Apple Theatre amongst others, the evening will be an eclectic mix of information, theatre performances, music and prayer. We believe this will be a moving and significant occasion. A time of reflection and a time of mobilising for the future. We cannot stay silent at this time. We must speak out boldly, but with gentleness and grace. We must never forget that women do not make this choice without experiencing pain and regret. Both lives matter.

Why Are Young People Leaving Church in America?

Dr. Brown discusses the increasing exodus of American young people from church with Melanie Tomczak.

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Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design $1.99

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#Chinese #Christians need prayer as the Chinese government announced new crackdowns on #religion .

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Martin Luther was born and died in Eisleben. Recorded on location, @DrSteveNichols considers Luther's final days. …

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Hear Nola Leach, Chief Executive of @careorguk , share about the impact that the Abortion Act has had over the past 50yrs. From 11.40am.

Two Worldview's asking the same Questions

Two Worldview's asking the same Questions

34 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

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The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists.


And when you write a book with the first line of “It’s not about you,” it’s pretty easy to realize that any money or influence that came from it wasn’t meant for me. So, among other decisions Kay and I made at the time, we started Acts of Mercy, a foundation to help the poor and the vulnerable suffering with AIDS.

Christmas Gone Viral - Official Trailer (2017)

Each year one-third of the entire world population observes Christmas. Two billion people celebrate that a Child was born in a manger 2,000 years ago. They decorate their homes inside and out, put up Christmas lights, and exchange gifts. They send cards expressing the joy of the occasion, and sing popular Christmas carols, such as “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Yet comparatively few truly understand the meaning of that famous hymn—that Jesus was “born that man no more may die.” “Christmas Gone Viral” is a unique and fascinating explanation of that wonderful truth. "Hallmark, the Nutcracker, and Berl Ives will not bring you a fraction of the joy (and conviction, and tears) that Ray Comfort's Christmas Gone Viral will. Watch it with friends, family, and a box of tissues. Then go and witness to someone about the birth of the newborn King." —Todd Friel (Wretched Radio and TV) It will be available for pre-release download on Friday, 11/3 at

Colombia Drops Terrorism Case Against American Missionary

Stendal concurred with Hoyos regarding the deep need for reform. “Instead of Roman law under which you are guilty until you prove otherwise, [Colombia] need[s] to have everyone innocent until proven guilty,” he told CT. “The witnesses cannot be criminals seeking leniency or poor people under threat. They need to have grand juries and bail, instead of putting people in prison at the whim of one judge for two or three years to await trial. They need trial by jury.

39 The TC Apologetics Daily

Steph Curry Apologized for Throwing His Mouthguard: ‘Gotta Remember Who I Am Playing For’

He told ESPN: “It’s an expensive mouthpiece toss. At the end of the day, it’s not about the money, it’s about me not doing stupid stuff and losing my cool like that. It’s obviously a tough blow, but it’s more so about me recognizing how to handle myself on the court.”

The Smile of the Reformation: Pierre Viret (1511–1571)

After many appeals, Viret decided that he simply needed to draw the line. He had the local authorities postpone a communion service so that he could examine and instruct those coming to partake. When the lords of Bern heard about this, they were outraged and demanded that Viret be sacked, which he then was. Viret then went to Geneva — and the entire faculty resigned in protest. As a result, a few months later, the academy in Geneva was formed. In effect, the Lausanne Academy relocated — and a cloud of blessing with it.

Why the Information in Our DNA Points to the Existence of God | Cold Case Christianity

The more we learn about the origin of life in our universe, the more reasonable the case for God’s existence. The building blocks of life (proteins, ribosomes, enzymes etc.) are formed at the direction of specific nucleotide sequencing in DNA, the largest molecule known. In humans, DNA contains as many as 10 billion atoms. The adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine bases in DNA are linked in a particular order to form the genetic code containing the master plan for every organism. The information in DNA guides and instructs the formation of proteins; without it, protein formation would be a haphazard, hit-or-miss proposal. The nucleic sequence in DNA is informational .

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Love this tragically comical story of Tetzel in “Martin Luther,” by @ericmetaxas .

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Health Canada report reveals that Canadians are making use of legalized doctor-assisted suicide.

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How 'Stranger Things' Re-Enchants the World

Eventually it turns out that their game knowledge is applicable to real life—they take for granted that things beyond common “philosophy,” as Hamlet puts it, are there, and that instead of sitting around contemplating this mystery they ought to focus on the objective and save their friend. Joyce has a harder time convincing people that she isn't crazy to believe that Will is communicating with her through Christmas lights.

Best Friends Make the Worst Enemies

But the same love that holds and heals us in the wake of betrayal also frees us from having to administer justice. God, in unparalleled love, not only promises never to leave or betray us, but he also promises to punish every sin committed against us — either in the horrors of hell or in the death of his Son. As you wait for him to act, remember that your Judge intimately knows your pain. Jesus was not only betrayed to death by one of the worst of his twelve closest friends, he was also denied three times by one of the best — and then abandoned by the rest.

5 Lessons from Reformation Women

Women also had new relationships with office-bearers based on a revived reverence for the pastoral office. Because these ministers derived their authority from God’s Word, not Rome, women could have a true and genuine respect for pastors as they taught. The Reformation fundamentally changed the relationship between women and the church by opening lay ministry to all women, and by giving them faithful shepherds who cared for their souls in biblical ways. It’s a good reminder for us as the church struggles to clarify gender roles today.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 — The Briefing

But next, in terms of a related story we have already mentioned on The Briefing, news came yesterday from the Wall Street Journal that a divided federal appeals court had yesterday ruled that the Trump Administration must allow an undocumented teenager to leave government custody so that she may seek an abortion, described by the Wall Street Journal , as a major swing in a case that touches on two highly divisive political issues. Those two highly divisive political issues are abortion and immigration, but the biggest issue here from a Christian concern is the sanctity of human life and the fact that now you have a major federal appeals court, the most important federal appeals court other than the Supreme Court of the United States, ruling in a very ideologically predictable pattern that the federal government must now facilitate, which means that the US taxpayer must now facilitate an abortion for a young woman who is, in this case, not even a citizen of the United States, she is an undocumented immigrant. But of course the big issue here has to do with the fact that for some people immigration, or even the immigration status of the young woman, is the crucial issue at stake.

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What would a “grace alone” church look like today? How might we recognize such a church when we see it? 

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