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Devastating Arguments Against Christianity (Courtesy of the Internet)

So, tell me, then, if all of the things surrounding Christianity are made up, how in the universe everything came into being. I certainly am not keeping the universe running. You certainly aren’t. Who is, if not a Supreme Being? And if Joseph Smith didn’t chat with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, then the Angel Moroni, how did he obtain access to the records in the Hill Cumorah that had been buried there for centuries? And if not with heavenly aid, how did he translate them? He cannot have made it all up-the information contained within is too complex, too detailed, and too clear for a fiction novel or for him to have made it all up at his age and education level. Additionally, if as you seem to believe, there is no Heavenly Father or Satan, then what prompts us to choose the right or tempts us to make wrong decisions? What gives us exactly what we need when we need it when we don’t realize we need it necessarily? And how is it that you do not believe that there actually were things happening much earlier in history than 600BC? And yes, things do tend to follow a cyclic course where the morality of men is concerned, but that does not mean that everything is simply going around and around, as you claim.

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Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs'

Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”

Scientific Fact: Human Life Begins at Conception, or Fertilization

When it comes to the question of when human life begins, the science is crystal clear: human life begins at conception or fertilization. Americans United for Life, in a legal briefing it has prepared for the Supreme Court, has put together a collection of citations from scientific literature that proves the point.


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My Son With Down Syndrome is Not a Burden to His Family

If she only could have opened her mind and her heart, even just a little, she may have been able to discover that people with Down syndrome deserve life just as much as the rest of us do. They are not burdens, but have inherent worth and dignity as human beings. She will spend the rest of her life with a hole in her heart and a child buried in a graveyard, when she could instead have had a full heart and a beautiful bond between siblings that is irreplaceable. Her baby may have had Down syndrome, but that doesn’t mean that the kind and loving thing to do was kill him.

Fury's Director Explains the Film's Theology

Absolutely. That’s quite a bit of Wardaddy’s journey in that, standing up and fighting for something that’s good. The hard thing is to do it if there’s no reward in it or if you can lose your life in the process. [To] have that faith to plow ahead and do the right thing no matter how painful is noble. I wanted to show some of that nobility. One of the tankers that came to meet with the actors was saved after the war and became a pastor. He made his life about ministry and spreading the good news because I think he saw and experienced so much and may have done some things himself that didn’t sit right in his heart. He came out of that war a transformed man and spread something good into the world after that. I’m a big believer that, no matter who you are, there’s redemption for you, and there is forgiveness.

Suffering in seminary: ‘A demonstration of God’s resurrection power’

“Crises are gifts from a loving Father for the purpose of reminding us of our weakness,” Pierre, now also dean of students, said in a recent interview. “Rather than think about a crisis as a setback to preparation for ministry, seminary students should see it as a leap forward in preparation for ministry because God prepares us primarily by meeting us in our brokenness as a demonstration of his resurrection power.”

Biologist Michael Denton Revisits His Argument that Evolution Is a

Evolutionary novelties pose one obvious challenge to Darwinian theories. The fact that, in most cases, their adaptive status is clearly in doubt poses another. ... The number of segments making up the various parts of the body of different groups of fossil arthropods, including shrimps, lobsters, trilobites, and spiders, is fantastically variable, yet each group almost always has the same number of segments in each body part despite the bizarre and complex variation in its lifestyle and adaptations. On even a cursory consideration of the vast inventory of invertebrate type-defining novelties described in this major work, it would appear that the great majority serve no adaptive purpose. ... If a significant proportion of the taxa-defining patterns serve no specific function, as Owen argued in the case of the tetrapod limb, then cumulative selection cannot provide an explanation for the origin of a significant fraction of the defining homologs, and hence for the natural system itself.

Our Lord is at Work Near & Far — Highlands Ministries

It is a dangerous habit, but a habit nonetheless. When I find myself on my way home from a trip overseas, I take fingers to keyboard and write a piece. I am tired. I miss my family, and I am emotional. I do it, even though it’s scary, because it makes sense. When I see the hand of God at work, I want to write about it. Tonight I write from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A little less than a week ago I landed here eager and ready to preach the Word. I had hopes in me that I might be able to serve the saints here. But, given that this is not my first rodeo, I likewise had this expectation, that the saints here would serve me.

Letters to a new believer

GM : The one thing that I find myself coming back to time and time again is the foundation for my assurance. In fact, as a pastor, I think the one question that I heard asked to me more than any other was, “Pastor, how can I know for sure that I’m saved?” Sometimes we put it this way, “How can I know that I know that I know that I know, how can I really know for certain?”  The thing that I keep coming back to and really encourage people is the doctrine of justification. I define justification very simply: what is my sin has become his. And in turn what is his righteousness full and complete has become mine. My sins have been given to him, he’s taken them on himself, paid the price, and they’re no longer mine. And in turn, he has given me his righteousness. I keep coming back to that not only in the chapter on justification but in the chapters on sanctification and assurance. Several times I reference the Apostle Paul and his own testimony there in Romans 7. As I understand it, this is the mature Apostle Paul, not the brand new believer on the Damascus Road. And even the Apostle Paul cries out, “O, the things that I should be doing I don’t do, the things that I shouldn’t do I do.

Pursue the Fight

What are some goals of your life? Once you have something in mind, think of the things you had to eliminate from your life in order to pursue your goal. A wholehearted pursuit always means other things must be eliminated. If physical health is the goal, then junk food must go. If reading more books is the goal, then meaningless Web-surfing must stop.

Mark Driscoll Gets Prophetic Word at Gateway Conference

The nice thing about prophetic claims is that they can be checked. If Evans is referring to Mars Hill Church as “the great movement as a brother,” then the claim is debatable given that Driscoll left the church in disarray and about to fragment. If Evans meant Acts 29 Network, then it obvious that the claim is wildly inflated in light of the network’s removal of Mars Hill due to Driscoll’s actions. In light of the facts, one could easily predict that his later years will surpass his younger.

15 Resurrection in The New York Times

And I can’t resist pointing out that this is why Christianity must be taught in schools, not as evangelism but as the religion whose beliefs shaped our civilization. If you don’t understand that, your news won’t be fit to print.

16 Thought Snack: Knowledge is Justified True Belief

True belief is a necessary condition for knowledge. But is true belief sufficient for knowledge? No, it is not. The reason is that someone can believe things that are true but have no justification or warrant at all for those beliefs. It may be that one’s belief is true by simple accident… For present purposes, the main idea is that there is a big difference between a mere true belief and a true belief that has warrant or justification. And the traditional or standard definition of propositional knowledge is the view that knowledge is justified true belief.” – Excerpts from Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview by J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig

17 Truthbomb Apologetics: Haven Today Interview with Nabeel Qureshi

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

Microview: "Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament" by John Walton

John Walton’s  Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament  is an introductory look comparing the thought and worldview of ancient near eastern societies (Egyptians, Mesopotamian, etc.) to the worldview of the Bible. Walton does an incredible job relating the two together in such a way as to neither trivialize nor lionize ANE thought and its use in interpreting the Bible.

19 Do Young Earth Creationists Advocate Appearance of Age?

There are a number of problem with explanations like this one: first, in the case of the chair, further investigation would demonstrate it is not brand new. After all, antique dealers know the value of chairs which have not been tampered with by refinishing! We are able to discover whether additional layers of paint or finishing have been applied over the surface of a chair; similarly, we are able to discover whether things which initially appear young may indeed be quite old. The analogy itself breaks down. Second, the argument begs the question. After all, apart from YECs, those Christians who are asserting the universe is really billions of years old also claim that the Bible does not limit the age to only a few thousand years. This is the reason the challenge of “apparent age” comes up to begin with! So to turn around and say, no, it’s not deception because the Bible says it is young is to merely assert that which is being challenged.

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The Mid-Degree Crisis and the Value of Work During Seminary | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Stunted by Sexuality

We’re living today in the backdraft of a long campaign to elevate physical passion above all other goods, including goods like friendships growing in the open air, with no tense wind of sexuality swirling around them. It’s been a campaign to persuade governments to endorse same-sex friendship-including-sex above same-sex friendship-without-sex, as if government’s role were to endorse sex. It comes down, in the end, to a drive to value sex not only above religion (as has often been noted), but also above real friendship, real involvement, and even real passion.