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James' Recovery | A Salvation Army Story

James' life hit the lowest of low and he came to the Salvation Army in desperate need of help. Listen to his story and find out how the Salvation Army Rehabi...

What is Biblical Hope? | John Stonestreet

Hope is one of those words that is thrown around a lot but rarely defined. But what is Biblical hope? John Stonestreet of the Colson Center clearly defines B...

A Pre-Debate Message for Shadid Lewis

Let’s accurately understand each other’s faiths!

Jesus Was a First Century Jew, Not a Scientist

For more resources visit: William Lane Craig was invited by the undergraduate Christian Union at Imperial College, London to g...

Mark Batterson | Catalyst Conversations

Mark Batterson shares with us a few critical thoughts about raising up the next generation of leaders.

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1 Why Suffering?: Finding Meaning and Comfort When Life Doesn't Make Sense: Ravi Zacharias, Vince Vitale: 9781455549702: Books

Why would a loving and powerful God allow so much pain and suffering? In WHY SUFFERING? Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale carefully walk you through a variety of responses that considered together provide a clear, comprehensive, and convincing answer. Responses like: Where there is the possibility of love, there has to be the reality of freedom, and therefore the possibility of pain. Wishing God had made a different world is to wish yourself out of existence. The cross is the key to a compelling and rational explanation for trusting in God in the face of suffering. In comparison with other world religions, the Christian response is highly distinctive. The reality of evil only makes sense in light of the reality of divine goodness. Relational knowledge about God takes the argument beyond reason to the presence of God amidst suffering. God's decision to allow temporal suffering is understandable when viewed from an eternal perspective. Divine goodness shows how to conquer not in spite of, but even through suffering. Here is a book written with great respect for the complexity of the issue, recognizing that some who read it will be in the trenches of deep suffering themselves and others questioning the very existence of a loving God.

Laboring that Vancouver Might Reflect the Beauty of Christ

The city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has all these things and then some. Downtown Vancouver boasts close to the same population densit y as Manhattan, with a stunning skyline. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and mountains to the north and east. Unsurprisingly Vancouver has consistently been rated as one of the top ten cities to live in the entire world. It is a city of profound beauty and prestige, brimming with both influence and affluence. It’s no wonder most Vancouverites carry a subtle conceit about their home. Yet Vancouver’s brilliance and beauty can often mask what’s going on in its heart.

The Briefing 10-22-2014

1) Pres. Obama’s public shifts on same-sex marriage reflect moral shifts in larger society

Three Views: Do the Common Core Education Standards Endanger Religious Freedom?

The harmful trend is that parents cannot opt their children out of classes that conflict with their religious convictions. That restriction is likely to creep into parochial schools and even homeschooling through national education standards specifying what all students must be taught in order to move on to higher education. Voluntary alignment with Common Core standards is a growing trend among parochial and private schools. College entrance exams and the ged exam are aligning with Common Core, so homeschooling parents may also feel pressure to align with Common Core. The net effect is further restriction on parental freedom.

5 Running toward Ebola

And this sort of work is exactly what Christians have done from day one—running toward the need. As Rodney Stark wrote in “The Rise of Christianity,” when Rome was beset with plagues, it was the persecuted Christian minority that stayed in the afflicted cities, taking care of the victims when pagan leaders, including physicians, fled. By their actions, Christians showed their neighbors that “Christianity is worth dying for.”

The Briefing 10-22-2014

1) Pres. Obama’s public shifts on same-sex marriage reflect moral shifts in larger society

Answering Muslims: Asia Bibi’s Death Sentence for Blasphemy Upheld by Pakistani Appeals Court

National Review —Pakistan is a perennial recipient of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. It’s an occasional ally/frequent enemy, sometimes actively conspiring against U.S. interests, sometimes actually firing on U.S. troops (incidents so notorious they now have their own Wikipedia page), and — of course — it’s the home of increasingly virulent jihadist extremism. And, no, this extremism isn’t confined to the fringes of Pakistani society but is sometimes even manifested in its appellate courts. Last week, a Pakistani court of appeals upheld Asia Bibi’s death sentence for blasphemy. She’s a Christian and a mother of five. Death. For allegedly saying bad things about Mohammed. Barbaric. Not that it matters (one should be able to freely insult the prophet of Islam without fear of death), but there’s evidence that even the inherently illegitimate blasphemy charge is trumped-up nonsense. Here’s Asia Bibi describing the incident in her own words. The story begins with Bibi taking a drink of water, then offering the cup to her Muslim neighbors: Then I start to hear muttering.

8 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

How old will we be in heaven? Scripture does not specifically address the issue of apparent age; however it does provide glorious insights concerning the state of our resurrected bodies. First, when God created Adam and Eve in Eden, he created them with apparent age and in the prime of life. Additionally, Jesus died and […]

Former Atheist Academic Who Rejected God and Believed ‘Smart People Don’t Become Christians’ Reveals What Changed Her Mind Entirely

As an atheist Dr. Holly Ordway had always felt like she wasn’t quite “God’s type” — that is, until she says she began deeply questioning the ins and outs of the Christian faith.

Grace to You

Those who experience spiritual resurrection will receive abundant (10:10), everlasting life. But the only ones who “will live” are “those who hear” in the sense of true faith and obedience to the gospel. “My sheep hear My voice,” Jesus declared, “and I know them, and they follow Me” (10:27). Believers are those who have both the spiritual faculty and duty to respond to divine revelation. In contrast, the lost do not hear Christ’s voice; they are not saved and thus do not understand or obey it (8:43, 47; 12:47; 14:24), and hence will not live spiritually.

Keller on Quiet Times, Mysticism, and Priceless Payoff of Prayer

You just have to be faithful and regular in prayer. Most of us pursue joy in prayer, don’t get it, and then don’t stick at it. But as the Puritans used to say, “Mind your work, not your wages.” Prayer is a duty—even if we don’t get much out of it emotionally, we nevertheless owe it to God. Christians necessarily believe we depend on God for everything—a prayerless Christian, then, is a contradiction in terms. But if there is a secret to this, it may be right here. When we seek God for himself, not for some emotional payoff, and we develop habits of regular prayer, the sense of joy and of his presence is more likely to come and come more often.

Pastors Are Now Being Threatened With Jail Time Over Gay Marriage

The theory behind gay marriage, in short, was the theory behind the entire secular left: society and the state are the all-powerful forces on which the life of the individual depends, and the most important political task—indeed, the most important task in life—is getting this irresistible power on your side. Once you gain social and political power, you hold on to it by making your preferred views mandatory, a catechism everyone must affirm, while suppressing all heretical views. In this case, to gain social acceptance of homosexuality, you make the affirmation of gay marriages mandatory while officially suppressing any dissenting religious views.


"Our religious freedoms are under full frontal assault. I'm more convinced than ever that A Time To Speak can educate pastors and church leaders on the dangers of losing religious liberty. It will also equip them with resources to turn the tide in the most important endeavor of my lifetime. If we lose now, the window of opportunity to turn it around will close."

How to Raise a Pig That Tastes Like Whiskey

One day last year, while sitting at a bar with coworkers, Scott Bush, founder of Templeton Rye, a superior spirit aged in the Iowa cornfields, had an epiphany: He should raise a batch of pigs on spent rye mash, the leftover grains from the whiskey-making process. That way, the rich flavor of the mash—and, by extension, of Templeton Rye—might find its way into the hogs' flesh. And then the pork—and the bacon!—would take on the flavor of whiskey. Maybe it was the booze, but it sounded like genius at the time. Scientifically, Bush's idea made sense, sort of. Just as the ham from black Iberian pigs gets its unique flavor from the acorns they eat, these pigs would get their own flavor from the mash, which in Templeton's case is made up of 90 percent rye and 10 percent barley. To create the pigs' diet, Bush recruited Mark Bertram, who holds a doctorate in the extremely specific field of swine nutrition from Iowa State University. "The process is pretty straightforward from a biological standpoint," Bertram says. "The pig is breaking down the nutrients and rebuilding them into muscle.

How Culture Shapes Scientists' Thinking About God's Planet

Copernicus was going up against a framework of understanding. The people of his time believed not only in a relatively young earth, but in a God-centered universe, with God not that far away from earth, dwelling in an abode someplace in the heavens. Throw the earth into motion, and this is disconcerting to people who have lived with an understanding that seems to be entirely self-evident, namely that the earth is very solid except for the occasional earthquake. It’s not that having the earth at the center was so essential; it just seemed to people that was how things were.

Burning Questions

Episode 1: Is There a God? Perhaps the biggest burning question of them all is this one: Are we alone in a meaningless, purposeless universe or is there some kind of creator – some kind of higher power out there? That’s a hotly debated question. On the one hand, our culture has recently seen a resurgent atheism whose advocates tell us that anyone who even professes belief in a deity is simply insane and irrational. Yet for all of that, belief in God seems alive and well. Over 90% of people in the world say they do believe in a higher power. The question simply will not go away: Is there a God?

Should Christian Marriage Chapels Be Legal? Should They Even Exist?

Let’s look at this question first as the church. The husband and wife involved are ordained Foursquare Church ministers, who marry people at a chapel they manage. We disagree with them, strongly, about the wedding chapel business. One of us has been arguing for years that the “marrying parson” in every community trivializes both the gospel and the authority of the church. A minister is not a civil servant but a representative of Christ’s church. He should officiate a wedding only in cases where the couple are under the accountability of the church. Those gathered at a Christian wedding are not just “guests,” they are witnesses to a vow. The “authority vested in me” of the minister is not the authority of circuit clerk’s office but the authority of the gospel and the discipline of the church.

18 The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

2014 Conference: Women Equipping Women - 2014 Online Apologetics Conference

To get an idea of what a session is like, please enjoy Pastor Jamie Greening’s presentation from our very first conference. This is a low quality version just to give you a feel. To enjoy a high quality version that allows you to read the text, please view the archived presentations, which were recorded in full, for just $15! Buy access .

ESV Women's Devotional Bible GIVEAWAY

This Bible came out this past August and has some great articles and devotionals scattered throughout by some wonderful authors like Gloria Furman, Jen Wilkin, Sam Storms, Joni Eareckson Tada, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Ann Voskamp and more.  

Ex-Mafia Boss Michael Franzese on His Biopic 'God the Father'; Witnessing to Mob Members (CP VIDEO)

Ex-Colombo Crime family captain and Christian motivational speaker Michael Franzese recently spoke with CP Voice regarding his new autobiographical film "God the Father," and the possibility of preaching the Gospel to mobsters he had worked with.

How Not to Argue: The Problem with Slippery Slopes

A slippery slope argument is merely a claim that “A will lead to B” either as an inevitability, as an increased probability, or as a logical outcome. Slippery slope arguments are often misunderstood, and many people mistakenly think their use is always logically fallacious. As a general rule, if someone summarily dismisses a slippery slope claim, he or she is probably not the type of person who understands how arguments work. (For instance, there are numerous legal precedents where people have argued that accepting legal decision A will lead to B and have been proven correct.)

God Is in the Grocery Aisle

I need regular reminders that peace does not come from my grocery list, a quota of calories, or the food pyramid. The peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding is an enduring gift of grace. If his peace came through our adherence to rules, systems, or our works (Romans 11:6, Ephesians 2:8), his grace would no longer be grace, and the news would no longer be good. As Paul cautioned, we must be careful that we are not “led away” by judgments over foods. What we eat cannot satisfy our soul. Hebrews 13:9 reminds us it is good for our hearts to feast on and be strengthened by grace.

15 Things to Start Doing By the Time You’re 30

By the time you hit 30, there’s a good chance the routine of family, job, bills and adulthood limits the free time that was once a part of twentysomething life. Creating margin—to read, volunteer, pray, travel or just do the things you want to do—is easy to neglect with the stresses that come along with being a thirtysomething. Do yourself a favor: Make margin in your day-to-day life, and don’t try to fill every waking moment with more busyness.

The discovery of <i>Homo floresiensis</i>: Tales of the hobbit

Brown: I smuggled some mustard seeds through customs for the purpose of measuring the volume of the brain. So I cleaned it all as carefully as I could. I turned it upside down, and I poured the seeds in it. I’d taken enough seeds to measure the size of a modern human brain, say 1.5 litres of seeds, but it only took about 400 millilitres. I was flabbergasted. The last time things with a brain that size walked was around about 2.5 million to 3 million years ago. It was not making any sense at all. I recorded it a second time, a third time. Mike and Thomas are looking at me and wondering why I’m going a bit pale. I was trying to push more seeds into the skull with my finger to try and increase the volume, because it was insane really.

George Whitefield, a model for today’s pastors

Why would people today want to study the life of George Whitefield (1714-1770)? He started no denominations, as the Wesley brothers did, and was best known for a preaching style that highlighted emotional responses. A traditional disdain for such a “manipulative” homiletic practice suggests he should be forgotten. Yet those who would take such a view seem to forget that humans are emotional and rational beings. While we enjoy the emotional performance, we also catch onto the charlatan sooner or later and our ancestors would have never allowed Whitefield to “dupe” them for 30 years.

Moses, Maximus, and a Bloody Valentine

What we have from both Gregory and Maximus is good old fashioned Christian allegory. Its value is not to be underestimated or undermined, though admittedly allegory has fallen on hard times with the historicist instincts that drive modern, critical interpretation. I’ll leave this thorny matter for another time. The Jewish reading tradition seeks to make sense of the text by clarifying the cause of God’s threat. “What did Moses do to anger God?” Engaging these various interpretive approaches takes us beyond our purview, interesting as they are. A more pedestrian point fascinates me. Gregory, Maximus, and the Jewish tradition briefly accounted for above couldn’t leave Exodus 4:24-26 alone. They had to engage it.

Matthew McConaughey on Marriage; 'Let's Go Make a Convenant With You, Me and God'

"We talked about it spiritually," McConaughey explained to GQ magazine  this week. "We did a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people that had been divorced, a lot of people that had been happily married. We talked to our pastor. In the end, our understanding was, 'Let's go make a covenant, with you, me, and God."

Why Do We Still Need Women’s Conferences?

I am continually inspired by women who brave new things, sacrifice in new ways, and risk personal comforts on behalf of others. There’s a spirit of generosity in this group, as well as a surrender and patience for God to enact what he has begun. I see less anxiety around what is next, and instead, more patience for waiting on that clarity. In return, I see women rising up that are grounded from a place of rest and emboldened by the healing and freedom that has come from their journey. I believe women in the church will be a beautiful force for good that the enemy will have to reckon with.

30 Ad Hominem Attacks: The Ad Hominem Argument for Abortion - Christian Research Institute

One common ad hominem argument can be distilled into the following assertion: Unless the pro-life advocate is willing to help bring up the children he or she does not want aborted, he or she has no right to prevent a woman from having an abortion. As a principle of moral action, this seems to be a rather bizarre assertion. For one reason, it begs the question by assuming that the unborn are not fully human. Wouldn’t these same pro-choicers consider the murder of a couple’s children unjustified even if they were approached by the parents with the following proposition: “Unless you adopt my three children by noon tomorrow, I will put them to death.”? Clearly, if these pro-choicers refused to adopt these children it would not justify their parents in killing them. Hence, it all depends on whether the unborn are fully human. Second, think of all the unusual precepts that could be fairly derived from such a moral principle: unless I am willing to marry my neighbor’s wife, I cannot prevent her husband from beating her; unless I am willing to adopt my neighbor’s daughter, I cannot prevent her mother from abusing her; unless I am willing to hire ex-slaves for my business, I cannot say that the slave-owner should not own slaves.

How Time and Infinity Point to a Creator

The idea of a beginningless series ending in the present seems to be absurd. To give just one illustration: suppose we meet a man who claims to have been counting from eternity and is now finishing: ..., -3, -2, -1, 0. We could ask, why did he not finish counting yesterday or the day before or the year before? By then an infinite time had already elapsed, so that he should have finished by then. Thus, at no point in the infinite past could we ever find the man finishing his countdown, for by that point he should have already be done! In fact, no matter how far back into the past we go, we can never find the man counting at all, for at any point we reach he will have already finished. But if at no point in the past do we find him counting this contradicts the hypothesis that he has been counting from eternity. This illustrates the fact that the formation of an actual infinite by successive addition is equally impossible whether one proceeds to or from infinity.

Keller on Quiet Times, Mysticism, and Priceless Payoff of Prayer

You just have to be faithful and regular in prayer. Most of us pursue joy in prayer, don’t get it, and then don’t stick at it. But as the Puritans used to say, “Mind your work, not your wages.” Prayer is a duty—even if we don’t get much out of it emotionally, we nevertheless owe it to God. Christians necessarily believe we depend on God for everything—a prayerless Christian, then, is a contradiction in terms. But if there is a secret to this, it may be right here. When we seek God for himself, not for some emotional payoff, and we develop habits of regular prayer, the sense of joy and of his presence is more likely to come and come more often.

Revolutionary Biology

But Darwin did not know the mechanism of heredity or the origin of novel variations, so his theory was seriously incomplete. After 1900, Mendelian genetics seemed to remedy the first deficiency, and after 1953 DNA mutations seemed to remedy the second. The resulting Modern Synthesis combined Darwin's theory with the idea that organismal development is controlled by a genetic program written in DNA sequences, and that DNA mutations can change the program to generate the raw materials of evolution. According to molecular biologist Jacques Monod, "with that, and the understanding of the random physical basis of mutation that molecular biology has also provided, the mechanism of Darwinism is at last securely founded. And man has to understand that he is a mere accident." (Quoted in Horace Freeland Judson's 1979 book, The Eighth Day of Creation , p. 217.)

Convincing Your Friend That They Have A Soul |

On the surface, this reasoning seems to satisfy what is lacking in the physical body’s ability to be the core of our personal identities. The mind is something that travels with us from infancy through old age, so it may be believed that we are the product of the experiences that we have had and the knowledge we have acquired. However, this explanation also falls short. Think of those who for one reason or another lose their mental capacity or have their memories taken away due to a disease such as Alzheimers. Are they still the same human person? Such individuals still maintain their identity, despite a lack of cognizance regarding their accumulated experiences and knowledge. Our identity can not be tied to our immaterial mental consciousness because we remain our unique selves even if this is reduced or completely taken away. The human soul is distinct from our hearts and minds ( MT 22:37 ).

35 An Apologist's Insights on "God's Not Dead"

For example, would it be “denying” Christ to acknowledge that one might not have the resources available as a freshman student in a general studies philosophy class (and not a major) to take on a philosophy professor on the topic of God’s existence? I don’t think so. One could instead acknowledge that both the clearly adversarial tone taken in the environment and one’s own lack of knowledge or expertise in the area make it likely that one may actually harm the body of Christ by, well, looking like a freshman non-philosophy student outmatched by an atheistic philosophy professor. Wheaton, of course, has the benefits of film, so he is able to put together a beautiful powerpoint each week and manages to pound the books so hard that he can articulate the cosmological, design, and other arguments within a few days. But is this a realistic perspective? Moreover, is it a “simple” application of the passage to our lives?

36 Did humans evolve from hominids? - Christian Research Institute

In the television premiere of Ape Man: The Story of Human Evolution, former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite declared that monkeys were his “newfound cousins.” Cronkite went on to say: “If you go back far enough, we and the chimps share a common ancestor. My father’s father’s father’s father, going back maybe a half million generations—about five million years—was an ape.” Is Cronkite right? Do we and the chimps share a common ancestor? Or is this an illustration of the antiknowledge surrounding ape–men?

Where's the Line When It Comes to Dark and Violent Media?

Haha! I love how the author starts this article. How people feel about opinionated video games, about how it may not be a good idea to play them is the same how I feel when I play Assassin's creed. I absolutely love the games but it's a story that states all religion is false. As a very religious man you would think thins game would be highly avoided but I would not avoid them. For one thing, it is just a game and I'm still free to believe in what the bible says. Another reason I like the game is that it provides a wisdom aspect to it and I really love the wisdom it provides while ignoring that it says religion is untrue. The games definitely has a lot of killing in them but it doesn't promote you to do it recklessly like Grand theft auto does. When you kill someone in the game, it's usually for a moral reason like killing a murderous corrupt man but if you do it for no reason, the game will certainly not allow you to keep on doing it. So gaming is good with moderation but only if you don't allow it to fully influence your mind.

Couple Rescues an Injured Baby Fox and Nurses It Back to Life (VIDEO)

They then plan on moving the fox to a wildlife facility when it gets better. Hopefully, with the help of these wonderful people, the fox will be back to normal once again!

Woman stoned to death by ISIS militants and her own father

The same ISIS militants condemned worldwide for beheading journalists and aid workers released a gruesome video Tuesday of a young woman being stoned to death by a group of men — including her own father.

40 #Christian Reason Today

#Christian Reason Today, by Arthur Khachatryan: The Christian apologetics e-paper highlighting the best of reasons for the Christian faith.

NBC Cameraman Ashoka Mukpo 'Feeling So Blessed' After Testing Negative to Ebola; Has 'No Regrets' About Working in Liberia

The NBC News photographer contracted the deadly virus while covering the Ebola crisis in Liberia, however, he tested negative for the virus he announced on Tuesday. Mukpo, 33, will be released from Nebraska Medical Center on Wednesday and he said he feels "blessed" to have recovered.

You Will Fall In Love With This Toddler in a 'Minion' Costume – Especially When He Falls Over!

A very excited toddler dressed up in a Minion from the famous film "Despicable Me" does something extremely adorable. You will definitely watch it more than once and laugh for hours.

Renown Youth Conference

Lexington Road is a traveling worship band from Boyce College – the undergraduate school of Southern Seminary. This six-member band leads worship for various events on campus, as well as in local churches, conferences, and associational events around the southeast region. Their passion is to lead students in heartfelt worship with God-honoring music. They feature a variety of worship music styles including Matt Redman, Phil Wickam, The David Crowder Band, Sovereign Grace Music, Sojourn Music, Hillsong, Passion, etc. For more information about Boyce College, visit .

Are Shell Spirals "Merely" Works of Physics?

But critics of intelligent design could argue, don't we find the same spirals in galaxies and hurricanes? Don't they, too, conform to the Fibonacci sequence? Yes, but those phenomena are not directed by DNA to make the spirals for a function. The ammonite shell has a function: to provide a habitat for the squid-like animal inside.

Shooting at Canadian Parliament Hill Leaves One Gunman Dead, Manhunt for Multiple Suspects

There have been at least 30 shots reported inside the Canadian Parliament complex in Ottawa on Wednesday, leaving one gunman dead. A manhunt has been launched for other suspects, while a number of shooting incidents have been reported in the downtown areas of the city.

Gay Advocate Raises Money to Help Christian Bakers Pay $150K Fine for Refusing to Bake Cake for Lesbian Wedding

Matt Stolhandske, a board member of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality who describes himself as a gay evangelical Christian, is now seeking to raise funds to help Oregon-based Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein pay off approximately $150,000 in fines levied against them by the state because they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.

Violence of football is becoming too difficult to justify

Any benefits found in football — such as teamwork or physical discipline — can be found in other less concussive sports. The aesthetic pleasures of a well-executed play do not compensate for the tortures it exacts on its victims. We all know that we should never enjoy the suffering of others, no matter how spectacular. That is too close to masochism to be good. Further, how many football fans have cheered when an opponent's star player is injured? How many players try to injure their competitors? Of course, players and fans do this in other sports, but it is particularly cruel and common in football.

Carolina Journal Online: Covering news, politics, and policy in North Carolina | Hagans: It�s Worse Than We Thought

From a report filed early Saturday by WRAL-TV news, we have confirmation that a cluster of businesses owned by Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan�s husband and other family members collected even more subsidies from taxpayers than initially reported. While Carolina Journal �s Don Carrington has highlighted a stimulus grant totaling $250,644 that was paid to JDC Manufacturing, a real estate business co-owned by Hagan�s husband, Chip, and his brothers John and David, WRAL confirmed that JDC received an additional $137,000 in energy tax credits from the project. (Some of the relevant documents are here .) ( noted the tax credits in its initial report on the story, but those credits aren�t listed in the public documents CJ has reviewed. WRAL said it had seen various internal company documents and proprietary records, perhaps including verification of the tax credits.) Add a second federal renewable energy grant of $50,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the ledger, and we learn that Hagan businesses soaked taxpayers for nearly $450,000 to pay for energy upgrades installed at JDC�s 300,000-square-foot building in Reidsville.

Renewing Your Mind | Wesley & Whitefield | October 22, 2014

There will be likewise many who pay too little regard to religion, to have any settled system of their own, and yet are preengaged in favor of those sentiments which are at least repugnant to the good opinion men naturally have of themselves. These are very incompetent judges of doctrine; but they can form a tolerable judgment of a writer's spirit. They know that meekness, humility, and love are the characteristics of a Christian temper; and though they affect to treat the doctrines of grace as mere notions and speculations, which, supposing they adopted them, would have no salutary influence upon their conduct; yet from us, who profess these principles, they always expect such dispositions as correspond with the precepts of the gospel. They are quick-sighted to discern when we deviate from such a spirit, and avail themselves of it to justify their contempt of our arguments. The scriptural maxim, that "the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God," is verified by daily observation. If our zeal is embittered by expressions of anger, invective, or scorn, we may think we are doing service of the cause of truth, when in reality we shall only bring it into discredit.

50 A Misguided Attempt to Critique Intelligent Design: A Response to John Walton's The Lost World of Genesis One

Walton is adamant that science can say nothing about God or design, writing "Science cannot offer access to God and cannot establish his existence ... nor falsify his existence." (p. 116) While perhaps science cannot absolutely prove God's existence, Walton writes as if science could never detect God's action, and thus suggests that when God acts, He must do it through processes that are "undetectable by science" (p. 139). Walton seems to think that by denying that Genesis can make any meaningful claims about the natural world, and by denying that science can detect design, he's protected religion from any attacks from science. This appears to be a major motive behind his thesis.

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