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Did the Apostles Die as Martyrs? - Apologetics Guy

Updating a Classic – Evidence That Demands a Verdict Growing up in a Christian home, I had a lot of questions about the faith. So I went looking for answers. One of the first apologetics books I discovered on my dad’s shelf was Josh McDowell’s classic work, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. My dad even …

You Owe Everything to Grace

Apart from God, we are utterly helpless. But in his great mercy and grace, he rescues even the worst of sinners.

Open Mike Eagle and ‘Brick Body’ Temples | Think Christian

On his visionary concept album, Open Mike Eagle regards black bodies as temples being torn down brick by brick.

David Wood video: How Islam can prevent sexual abuse scandals (thanks, Qasim Rashid!)

The superlatively brilliant David Wood takes apart the jaw-droppingly dishonest article by Islamic apologist Qasim Rashid, "“How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse sc

Why Is It So Important for Young Christians to Be Able to Defend Christianity? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

More young people are walking away from the Church than ever before. What can we do, as older believers, to address the problem?

Wonder Woman and Biblical Womanhood | Think Christian

God views women as strong warriors, not sidekicks or afterthoughts.

Why the genome must be a product of intelligent design

Watch the human genome fold itself in four dimensions: By removing and then adding this protein, called cohesin, researchers made specific DNA loops that disappear and then reappear, they report this month in Cell. But cohesin really only affects looping that brings genes on the same chromosome int

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1 The TC Apologetics Daily

Willow Creek Chooses Co-Ed Pastors to Succeed Bill Hybels

“When we saw this shaping up, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Can our congregation have a pastor that’s a woman?’ and because this is a deeply held value in our church, we said, ‘No problem,’” said Hybels, speaking from Willow Creek’s central campus in South Barrington, Illinois, one of seven locations in the Chicago region that draw a collective total of 25,000 worshippers each weekend.

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Crews search rubble for California fire victims … #TheSift @LeighJonesWORLD

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#Apologetics Speaker, (co)author: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist; Stealing from God, Correct Not Politically Correct, Legislating Morality

The Apologetics of Jesus

Something had gone terribly wrong. The Messiah had arrived but the Kingdom, which would be characterized by liberty, freedom, and the just rule of God, had not arrived. Instead, John the Baptist found himself in prison awaiting execution. Confused and discouraged, John sent his disciples to Jesus to ask Him, “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?" (Lk. 7:20). Jesus responds by pointing to the testimony of His miracles: “Go back and report to John what you hear and see. The lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.” (Lk. 7:22-23). When asked by John if He was indeed the Messiah, Jesus defends His claim by pointing to the testimony of His miracles. Miracles represent another component in the apologetics of Jesus.

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#Vitals : Missouri sued again over pro-life laws … @upwardglances #PlannedParenthood

It’s Past Time to Rethink Modern Sexual Morality

And for powerful people in particular, the ask so often has fruitful results — sometimes out of genuine desire, sometimes out of fear, and sometimes out of a sense of intimidated resignation — that the ask quickly blurs into expectation, and expectations can yield demands. But the pressure of course doesn’t simply come from those with corporate or political clout. Power is defined by more than wealth or fame. People who seek companionship and love feel sexual pressure to initiate or preserve relationships. Sometimes people want to simply fit in with the dominant culture, to feel included rather than excluded.

EPS Blog - Evangelical Philosophical Society

Did the universe begin to exist? If so, did it have a cause? Or could it have come into existence uncaused, from nothing? These questions are taken up by the medieval-though recently-revived-kalam cosmological argument, which has arguably been the most discussed philosophical argument for God's existence in recent decades. The kalam's line of reasoning maintains that the series of past events cannot be infinite but rather is finite. Since the universe could not have come into being uncaused, there must be a transcendent cause of the universe's beginning, a conclusion supportive of theism. This anthology on the philosophical arguments for the finitude of the past asks: Is an infinite series of past events metaphysically possible? Should actual infinites be restricted to theoretical mathematics, or can an actual infinite exist in the concrete world? These essays by kalam proponents and detractors engage in lively debate about the nature of infinity and its conundrums; about frequently-used kalam argument paradoxes of Tristram Shandy, the Grim Reaper, and Hilbert's Hotel; and about the infinity of the future.


Are you ready to transform your spiritual life? A great first step is to memorize Scripture. And that’s why we created a custom tool to help you enjoy the process of learning God’s Word. We want to send you our specially designed Verses of Hope Scripture Box to thank you for your donation today.

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Bought the book yesterday, and I'm already 182 pages in. A literal page turner. I like this better than Bonhoeffer (and that was something)!

The Courage to Be Ordinary: Help for Average Christian Leaders

Most ministry is rightly done in obscurity. My best stories are those that few will ever know. As hard as that is, I think that’s very appropriate. For in those cases, my Father sees, understands, appreciates, and affirms. And that’s enough. One day God will say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21), and give me the “unfading crown of glory” (1 Peter 5:4). Sometimes he gives me a foretaste of that through the affirmation and praise from others, but most of my ministry will be in obscurity.

The Point: Adam Named the Pokémon

It’s a bit concerning that kids know the name of a non-existent electrical rabbit but not an otter. And there’s a more important point, too. The Bible’s packed with illustrations from nature. God reveals who He is through the natural world in a special way. When we’re out of touch with nature, chances are we’re out of touch with Him.

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The Case for #Jesus : The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ $1.99

The Most Misinterpreted Verse About Faith in the Bible

This includes silly, unrealistic wishes, like wanting to drive on roads paid for by other citizens who choose not to use them. Or chocolate at ready reach, without the consequence of weight gain.

The Perilous Pitfalls Facing "Tent-Making" Christian Case Makers | Cold Case Christianity

The Struggle for Audience No one writes a blog hoping it will go unread, or records a podcast hoping it will go unheard. If you’re making the case for Christianity regularly, you probably want a jury to hear it. But how will anyone even know about your work if you’re not part of a large, marketable apologetics organization? I’ve known a number of ODA’s who got frustrated when they realized their audience was much smaller than they hoped. When you feel like no one’s paying attention, it’s hard to get up early to post a blog.

Living Faithfully in Difficult Times

Living Faithfully in Difficult Times by Melinda Penner I recently listened to a sermon about how Christians can live faithfully in times of opposition, preached by Tim Keller several years ago at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. The lesson is drawn from the book of Habakkuk. It’s encouraging to reflect on the fact that God’s followers in biblical times lived in societies that opposed them and made it difficult to faithfully follow God. And all of us have times in our lives that are hard to live through. I know sometimes I need more courage for both kinds of difficult times, and I found the lessons Keller drew from Habakkuk 2:1–4 to be encouraging. We need to develop skills to live faithfully in the circumstances of this world, and I thought there were some practical lessons in this sermon. We are to live patiently, perspectively, obediently, God-centrically, and joyfully. Patiently God tells Habakkuk that he will wait for God to answer. But waiting in this context isn’t a passive thing; it’s active. Waiting biblically means deliberately humbling ourselves before God and being patient for His timing.

Greg Koukl on Twitter

Greg interviews @Natasha_Crain , author of Talking with Your Kids about God, today 4-5pm then takes your calls 5-6. … .

Are the Gospels Accurate? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold Case Christianity, discusses the reliability of the gospel eyewitness accounts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 — The Briefing

Now what makes this article important is not just its placement in the New York Times and it’s not just the worldview, indeed the religion of birth control, that is reflected here, but the incredible honesty that eventually comes out in the article. But even more significant than that is the author of the article. Linda Greenhouse is one of the most familiar names amongst the readers of the New York Times. For almost 30 years she covered the United States Supreme Court for the nation’s most influential newspaper. Furthermore, she is now a senior fellow at the Yale Law School based upon her experience as the nation’s foremost journalist covering the Supreme Court. She also in the course of her journalistic career was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. But Linda Greenhouse is writing this article. And as it becomes clear, it’s not as much about the law as you might expect. It’s about far deeper issues and that’s the real story. Even in the very beginning of the article, it’s clear that Greenhouse understands the contraception and birth-control issue, especially in light of President Trump’s announcement of reversing the Obama Administration so-called contraception mandate.

Is Molinism Biblical?

Copyright Reasonable Faith. All rights reserved worldwide. Reasonable Faith is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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PLEASE SHARE! It’s still on sale! Cold-Case Christianity ONLY $2.99!

Why the Reformation Remains Relevant After 500 Years

Second, grace alone and faith alone. Romans 4:14 states, “If it is the adherents of the law who are to be the heirs, faith is null” — nullified, just like grace was — “and the promise is void.” Here’s the key: “It depends on faith, in order that the promise may rest on grace” (Romans 4:16). In other words, if God’s blessings of new life and no wrath are free gifts of grace, the only way a human may enjoy them is by receiving the gift, not doing. Faith, not law keeping, is key. If you add to faith as a means of receiving new birth and justification, you nullify grace. Paul says in Romans 4:16 that faith alone and grace alone stand and fall together.

Is Christianity a crutch?

I have lost count of how many times I have heard that Christianity is a crutch for weak-minded people who cannot make it in life without faith. That may be, but we are not the only ones who need to lean on something. Do you know how many people use alcohol and drugs as a “crutch” to get them through life, or how many cannot walk into a room without clutching onto a cigarette? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 22 million Americans are addicted to drug abuse and alcohol. Those sorts of crutches tend to snap and leave the patient in a worse state.

Should Teens Own Smartphones?

It definitely fed my FOMO (fear of missing out). It fed into some insecurity. Even though my friends never made me feel weird for not having a smartphone, it was an expectation, so they were surprised when they discovered I didn’t have one. There were times when I was the outlier. And not only with friends but also with my generation at large. I’d be walking through the mall or waiting in line or stopped on the sidewalk, and I would look around, fully present and disconnected — and stare at a sea of teens glued to smartphones. I was an exception, and that felt uncomfortable.

GK Chesterton the Apologist

When we think of Chesterton today, we think of Father Brown, the quintessential priest-detective. But, like Conan Doyle, who believed his more serious writings were more important than his Sherlock Holmes stories, Chesterton’s central thrust (even in the persona of Father Brown) was elsewhere. At heart, Chesterton was a controversalist, or, better, an apologist. What he really wanted to achieve was to bring his contemporaries (and us!) back to sanity by showing the truth of classic Christian orthodoxy.

Answering Islam 13: Has the Quran Been Perfectly Preserved?

Support our videos on Patreon: Here's Episode 13 of "Answering Islam," where David Wood answers the question: "Has the Quran Been Perfectly Preserved?" For the rest of the videos in this series, visit this playlist:

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on CS Lewis

In the last decade a slew of Narnia movies were released in theaters and, though C. S. Lewis has been gone more than 50 years, his books are still as popular as ever. He’s the famous atheist-turned-Christian, but what exactly did he believe and what did he contribute to Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of C. S. Lewis—and why he still matters today.

Go to God in Prayer: How Not to Be a Mule

That is not the way God wants his animals to come to him for blessing. One of these days it is going to be too late for that mule. He’s going to get clobbered with hail and struck by lightening and when he comes running the barn door is going to be shut. Therefore, don’t be like the mule, but instead let everyone who is godly come to God in prayer at a time when he may be found.

Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly | Evolution News

This is a big deal, and a reminder of a key dynamic in the debate about ID. What the public hears about that debate is often highly misleading. That’s for a number of reasons, including media distortion, dishonest attributions of “creationism” to ID proponents, and a refusal by most professional scientists who oppose ID to respond to the theory on its scientific merits.

Why Shouldn't We Trust the Non-Canonical Gospels Attributed to Matthew? | Cold Case Christianity

The Gospel of Matthew is a reliable New Testament record of the life and ministry of Jesus, but this ancient document isn’t the only text attributed to the ex-tax collector formerly known as Levi. Other slightly less ancient texts also claim to have been written by the same man who wrote the gospel we accept as canon. But are these non-biblical texts reliable? Were they really written by Matthew? There are four characteristics of reliable eyewitness testimony , and the first attribute requires that an alleged eyewitness account be old enough to actually be written by someone who was present to see what he or she reports . None of the following texts described in this article were written early enough to have been written by the Apostle Matthew, and like other late non-canonical texts , these errant documents were rejected by early Church leaders. In spite of this, these ancient fabrications were constructed around nuggets of truth. Although they were written by authors who altered the story of Jesus to suit the purposes of their religious communities, much can still be learned

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The Resurrection Answers Three Big Questions

“The resurrection of Jesus Christ is either one of the most wicked, vicious, heartless hoaxes ever foisted on the minds of human beings—or it is the most remarkable fact of history.” My father has often shared these words to me in person, and he’s written them in his books. The older I get, the more I realize they’re unmistakably true. There’s no middle ground with the resurrection of Jesus. Either it is a colossal fabrication or the most important event in history.

35 The forgotten Christians of Nigeria -- faithful while enduring incredible persecution

That said, Nigerian Christians are remarkable. Tough, charismatic, and possessed of an irrepressible joy, no one could ever conquer a people of such spirit.  Not the Boko Haram, not the Fulani Herdsmen, not a corrupt government, and not the liberal policies that the West has tried to force upon them.  The unrelenting pressure of violence, corruption, and pestilence have combined to produce a pearl of a people.

Teaching Your Children To Be Apologists

My introduction to apologetics began when I was new in my walk as a Christian over twenty-eight years ago. Since that time, there have been countless conversations between my husband and me examining various teachings and belief systems that contradict our biblical faith. These conversations went hand in hand with studies we conducted because of challenges to our faith, the desire to minister to others, and the desire to be better informed. Our children could not have possibly avoided overhearing many of these conversations any more than my husband could have avoided hearing that “ old country ” music that his father played in their home while he was growing up. While I guessed that some of our biblical arguments would be assimilated by our children, I was not content to leave it to that. We worked to equip them intentionally.

The Best Place to Give Up Grumbling

Shouldn’t there be a stark contrast in the lives of those who do know God? Shouldn’t our lives display a joyful and humble awareness of how outrageously good God has been to us? This isn’t a call for chipper, bland, slap-a-smile-on positivity. Nobody buys that. Neither is this a call to ignore life’s realities. We have real reasons for sorrow, and we experience real pain.

Presuppositions of Science

“Science is committed to several presuppositions: that nature exists, that it has discoverable order, that it is uniform, are existential presuppositions of science; the distinctions between space and time, cause and effect, the observer and the observed, real and apparent, orderly and chaotic, are classificatory presuppositions; while intersubjective testability, quantifibility, the public availability of data, are methodological presuppositions; some aaxiological presuppositions are the honest reporting of results, the worthwhileness of getting the facts right, and scrupulousness in avoiding observational or experimental error. If any one of these presuppositions were abandoned, science, as we know it, could not be done. Yet the acceptance of the presuppositions cannot be a matter of course, for each has been challenged and alternatives are readily available.”(1)

4 Lessons for Christians from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

It’s tempting to mock the movie industry for such blatant hypocrisy. They frequently preach to us about their superior values; meanwhile, they were overlooking abuse in their midst. But instead of gloating we should consider what we as Christians might learn from the horrific, decades-long cover-up. Numerous lessons could be learned, but here are four specific takeaways we should consider:

40 Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Wonderful! Michael Denton’s New Book, The Wonder of Water, Is Out

Unbelievable? Do Genesis and genetics support a young earth or long-term evolution? John Mackay vs Keith Fox: Saturday 14 October 2017 2:30:00 pm - Premier Christian Radio

Unbelievable? Do Genesis and genetics support a young earth or long-term evolution? John Mackay vs Keith Fox: Saturday 14 October 2017 2:30:00 pm

Fine Tuning and Different Laws of Nature | Reasonable Faith

Now the objection is that maybe in universes operating under different laws of nature, there wouldn’t be serious side effects of having a different value for the gravitational constant. The response is that we need not consider such universes in order to recognize that our universe is fine-tuned. The illustration of the fly on the wall shows why. If there is a large blank area of the wall occupied by a single fly and a single shot is fired, then it is vastly more probable that the bullet will not hit the fly but rather some other part of the blank area. This probability is independent of whether outside the blank area the wall is covered with flies, so that a randomly fired single shot would likely strike one. The point is that even if intelligent life were very probable in universes operating according to different laws of nature, it would still be the case that it is highly improbable in any universe governed by laws like ours.

The Silence We Desperately Need Today

[There is] a view which misrepresents silence as a ceremonial gesture, as a mystical desire to get beyond the Word. This is to miss the essential relationship of silence to the Word. Silence is the simple stillness of the individual under the Word of God. We are silent before hearing the Word because our thoughts are already directed to the Word, as a child is quiet when he enters his father’s room. We are silent after hearing the Word because the Word is still speaking and dwelling within us. . . . We keep silence solely for the sake of the Word, and therefore not in order to show disregard for the Word but rather to honor and receive it. ( Life Together , 79)

Every Christian a Priest by Steffen Mueller

In contrast to the New Testament teaching that “there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim. 2:5), the medieval Western church had multiplied mediators between God and human beings. Martin Luther forcefully countered this in his work The Babylonian Captivity of the Church. This session will look at Luther’s emphasis on the Christian’s direct access to God through Christ, explaining why this doctrine is so important to our assurance, proper Christian ministry, and the gospel.

Defining Irreducible Complexity.

Learn what IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY is, directly from one of the pioneer scientists in the field Dr. William A. Dembski and join the INTELLIGENT DESIGN movement. ..::[ #ID #Science #Apologetics ]::..

4 Lessons for Christians from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

It’s tempting to mock the movie industry for such blatant hypocrisy. They frequently preach to us about their superior values; meanwhile, they were overlooking abuse in their midst. But instead of gloating we should consider what we as Christians might learn from the horrific, decades-long cover-up. Numerous lessons could be learned, but here are four specific takeaways we should consider:

Live – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

God Made Our Brains to Need Others

Suffering internalized is dark and heavy, but suffering shared engenders courage and hope. In those early years of illness, I gave up on my survival strategy of withdrawal and self-sufficiency by bringing my helplessness and grief into the open. As I shared my suffering with friends, I found validation. The safe harbor of friendship gave me space to compassionately accept the pain, sorrow, and limitations sickness had introduced into my life. Honesty with others unlocked even more honesty with God, and I found the cry of my heart was echoed by many of the psalmists. I learned to embrace my suffering as a provocative gift for others to begin receiving healing validation for their own pain.

Is Your Church Healthy for People with Mental Illness?

Helpful churches make an effort to see my patients and are minimally knowledgeable about mental illness. They know clinical depression involves physical symptoms such as appetite and sleep problems, lack of interest in pleasurable activities, social isolation, spontaneous crying spells, and sometimes physical symptoms such as pain. These are the people who are quiet and may isolate at church. These are the people who may disappear from small groups or Bible studies. These are the people who assume no one will miss them or come looking for them. These are the people who believe that the promises in the Bible do not apply to them and that prayer is an act of futility—at least for them.

Lila Rose: Twitter 'Waging a War Against Pro-Life Speech' with These Bans

WASHINGTON – On the heels of news that Twitter banned a pro-life campaign ad from Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Live Action's Lila Rose tells CBN News the tech company is doing the same thing to her organization.

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