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Did Jesus Really Claim to be God?

Does the NT present Jesus as God? How did Jesus understand himself? Sean briefly answers these questions.

Live – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

Soli Deo Gloria: Heart and Soul of the Reformation

God works every dot on the timeline of history for his glory. Nothing stands outside the scope of his plan to bring fame to his name, for the joy of his people.

How “Notable” Do You Really Have to Be to Merit a Wikipedia Entry? | Evolution News

Yesterday we reported that Wikipedia editors erased the entry for distinguished paleontolgist Günter Bechly, a proponent of the theory of intelligent design.

Before Time Began, Jesus Was

Jesus existed with God in the very beginning. Before time, before matter, Jesus was.

Senators Suggest a Step Toward Racial Reconciliation: Share a Meal on Sunday

Two U.S. senators ask, 'Have you ever had another family of a different race at your home for dinner?'

Listen to a Beautiful New Sufjan Stevens Song: 'Wallowa Lake Monster'

It's the first single from an upcoming album of b-sides and outtakes called 'The Greatest Gift.

Floyd East Jr., Married Father of 2, Identified as Officer Slain by Texas Tech Student Hollis Daniels

The Texas Tech police officer shot dead  by 19-year-old freshman Hollis Daniels in Lubbock Monday night has been identified as 48-year-old Floyd East Jr., a married father of two who had only been working at the campus location just over five months.

Tom Petty: Our Companion Into the Great Wide Open | Think Christian

Tom Petty was the voice of hope deferred, and longing fulfilled.

Answering Objections to Developing an Evidential Faith | Cold Case Christianity

Why should we use the word "faith" if belief is actually the most reasonable inference from evidence?

With Dear Hate, Maren Morris Gets Biblical | Think Christian

Morris' ballad locates the true root of violence, both in the world at large and in our hearts.

The Self-Existent, Self-Dependent, Self-Sufficient God - Westminster Theological Seminary

What do we mean when we talk about the aseity of God? Watch Dr. Edgar's answer in this interview with Third Millennium Ministries.


UPCOMING LIVE STREAM EVENTS Yale University Open Forum with Ravi Zacharias & Abdu Murray October 10, 2017, 7:00pm EDT PAST EVENTS Memorial Service for Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017) Ravi Zacharias The Challenges Against Christianity: Preparing Students for A Post-Truth Culture L

Twitter censors Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s Senate campaign announcement

Tennessee has two of the least conservative Republican senators, namely, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander. One of my absolute favorite members of the House of Representatives, Marsha Blackburn, is ru…

Off Minor Prophet: Thelonious Monk at 100 | Think Christian

Despite the implication of his surname, Monk had more in common with the prophets than the ascetics.

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Death toll rises to 21 in California wildfires … #TheSift @KileyCrossland

Terry Crews Shared a Story of Being Sexually Assaulted By a 'High Level Hollywood Executive'

The New York Times  and  New Yorker have been released explosive articles about the many, many sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. So far, the victims have all been women, but men are not immune to sexual abuse and  Brooklyn Nine-Nine  star Terry Crews took to Twitter to tell his own story of being groped by a unnamed “high level Hollywood executive.”

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6 The TC Apologetics Daily

Why Transgender Activism Will Not Succeed in Changing America | The Stream

Transgender activism will never succeed in reshaping our society for one simple reason: It’s not natural. Biological differences are too deeply instilled in the human race. Male-female distinctives are too obvious and real. It’s futile to declare war on these differences.

God Wounds Us Because He Loves Us

He allows us to suffer so that we would turn and receive compassion: “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon” (Isaiah 55:7). The pain may feel like God’s fierce anger in the moment, but it actually serves to reveal his warm compassion toward us. Joel writes, “Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love; and he relents over disaster” (Joel 2:13).

Why Did a “Good” God Create Hell?

Al, you begin with the statement, “Many people today accuse God of unfairness.” Not really, they attack your philosophy of god because it doesn’t make sense. They are questioning your logic and the logic of the bible. Al, a good god did not create hell. Ancient, barbaric, ignorant, fearful men created hell. Men like those which currently populate ISIS. Men, who understood the controlling power of the emotion of fear created the concept of hell. Ask yourself, if god is so beautiful, so attractive, so desirable, why the need for the coercive element of fear? Your article is just a poor rationalization for the fact that you have fallen in love with an imaginary being that you believe will in the future horribly torture most every creature that has ever lived. And, you’re asking us to join you in your neurosis. Becoming a Christian is not a free will choice. It is a choice between obedience and torture. What kind of choice is that? Did your parents ever tell you that you could love and obey them or they would chain you to the wall in the basement and torture you? And if you did decide to “love” them under those conditions would that really be love? That’s a very twisted sort of love.

James R. White, Greg Bahnsen and William Craig - An Assessment

An Assessment of apologists James R. White, Greg Bahnsen, William Craig and James N. Anderson. Also see my book on Greg Bahnsen: The Man Atheists Feared the Most at Join our Full Access Podcast, Video, and Position Papers on this site.

Suffering in Cyberspace

Christians should aspire to do all things well, to be virtuous through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and according to the Holy Scriptures. This includes suffering in various settings. Jesus Christ did all things well, and he is our model. He was also “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (Isa. 53:3, ESV). The Lamb of God suffered much, even before the matchless suffering of the Cross. He endured and lamented his sometimes clueless disciples; he often endured religious leaders whose hearts and words were darkened; he faced and conquered the temptations of the Devil himself. At the tomb of his friend Lazarus, Jesus was outraged at death but then wept with the grieving—before raising the dead man to life. Of course, Jesus suffered the greatest and most egregious evil possible in his crucifixion: forgiving the sins of his enemies, committing his mother to proper care, crying out to God in anguish according to Psalm 22, and announcing, “It is finished.”

In Your Suffering, and In Your Joy, Look to Jesus - Walk Humble

It’s almost as if we really learn to look to Jesus through suffering first . Prayer becomes a lifeline, and the only way we get through the day. So that when happiness comes, we’ve made such a habit of looking to him in our circumstances that the praise of our hearts toward Heaven is a natural response to His goodness.

Rapid Response Series by J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace has started a great series of blog posts called "Rapid Response."  He explains: "In our Rapid Response series, we tackle common concerns about (and objections to) the Christian worldview by providing short, conversational responses. These posts are designed to model what our answers might look like in a one-on-one setting, while talking to a friend or family member." Thus far, the objections dealt with are as follows: Who Created God? Did Jesus Think Jesus Was God? Can’t Believe In God Because I Have Too Many Unanswered Questions I Don’t Believe the Gospels Were Written By Eyewitnesses You Can’t Trust the Gospels Because There Are Variations Between the Ancient Manuscripts You Can’t Trust the Gospels Because They Were Written by Christians I Think the Disciples Lied About the Resurrection We Don’t Need God to Explain the Origin of Life God Is Not Needed to Explain the Fine-Tuning of the Universe The Appearance of Design in Biology Does Not Require an Intelligent Designer We Don’t Need God to Explain the Existence of Free Agency We Don’t Need God to Explain the Beginning of the Universe Evil Disproves the Existence of God The Gospels Have Been Altered You Can’t Be Certain About the Claims of Christianity The Gospels are Unreliable This is a great resource to use when talking to unsaved family, friends and co-workers! We will continue to update it as Jim adds responses! For more answers to "Common Objections," see our series here.

The Friend We All Need

Though our earthly friends may fail us and earthly foes assail us, Jesus stands by us, our perfect friend. His love for us is unconditional; it’s not based on who we are and what we’ve done. His love is not fickle or temporary. He doesn’t make promises and then fail to keep them. He won’t turn on us and reject us. Jesus’s love for us is eternal, extending all the way back in eternity past, before time even began (Ephesians 1:4–5). And nothing can separate us from his love (Romans 8:38–39). Even now, he is at work for us, interceding before the Father on our behalf: “Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them” (Hebrews 7:25).

I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God’s Goal.

I couldn’t tell you what my search terms were. But in that wave of webpages, I started to encounter Jesus for the first time. It’s hard to describe the preconceived notions I would have been carrying; perhaps phrases like “ancient conservative” or “unthinking traditionalist” give something of the flavor. Yet the articles and Scriptures I found gave a decidedly different impression. Again and again, I saw how Jesus noticed, dignified, and served people I would have thrown aside. But I was troubled by a suspicion that my life was against his.

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Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders to debate GOP tax reform

The Oct. 18 debate will center on the tax plan backed by President Trump and congressional GOP leadership, which would lower individual and business tax rates and eliminate the estate tax.

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New book by Michael Denton explores the wonder of water.  #intelligentdesign #privilegedspecies

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Southern Seminary trustees vote to adopt ‘The Nashville Statement’ as an official confessional document - News - SBTS

The Board of Trustees of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary unanimously approved a recommendation to adopt “The Nashville Statement” as an official part of the school’s confessional documents yesterday during its fall meeting. The Board also responded to two additional motions, heard financial reports, and celebrated record student enrollment from the previous academic year. The recommendation about “The Nashville Statement” came from seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly | Evolution News

This is a big deal, and a reminder of a key dynamic in the debate about ID. What the public hears about that debate is often highly misleading. That’s for a number of reasons, including media distortion, dishonest attributions of “creationism” to ID proponents, and a refusal by most professional scientists who oppose ID to respond to the theory on its scientific merits.

Is Knowing God’s Sovereignty Important to My Daily Life?

As you know, Pastor John, new listeners are continually coming to the podcast every day, and many of them do not know what lies behind your answers to the questions people send in. For example, your view of God, of Jesus Christ, of the Bible, of the human condition, of the future. We thought it would be helpful now and then to include a podcast about the foundations of everything you say — those deepest convictions that shape the way you think and approach all the many questions about life that we get. So, Pastor John, you have said many times that you believe in the absolute sovereignty of God. That he finally and decisively controls everything, from the farthest galaxy to the smallest subatomic particle, including all the actions of human beings. I think what our listeners would like to hear is not only why you believe that, but mainly, how does this truth make a difference in our daily lives?

The case for Christianity gets better

Prognosticating about the future is risky business. One can really only be right, wrong or perhaps close enough that it still counts. Ever since the enlightenment, certain irreligious prognosticators have predicted that the faithful will finally “see the light”; that there is no God. The thought was that with the rise of modern science and modern thought, Christian claims will be seen as antiquated and therefore abandoned. Old theories are almost all false. Christianity is an old theory, therefore, it should be dropped as well, right?

The Point: The Mandate Is No More

This mandate, the cause of more than fifty lawsuits from religious organizations, including nuns, would have required many to violate their consciences by providing abortion-inducing drugs and birth control to employees. The Obama administration refused to back down on this, even though there were some simple alternatives to provide the same coverage.



Article: Faith and Facts by Greg Koukl

What is a good definition of biblical faith? How does it relate to science? What is the relationship for the follower of Christ between faith and facts? In this article , Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason considers these questions. You can find it here . I encourage our readers to checkout more resources from Koukl and company here . Courage and Godspeed, Chad Related Posts Do All Religions Offer a Piece of the Truth? Video: The Columbo Tactic- Diplomacy Rather than D-Day by Greg Koukl Article: Does God Condone Slavery? by Amy Hall

What If My Singleness Never Ends?

But he doesn’t. God does not have to bring us someone to marry. He simply is not obligated to do anything for us that is not for his glory and for our joy in him. And since we’re not all-knowing, we cannot claim to know what will give us the most long-term joy. We can make guesses, certainly. But the ultimate decision is up to our God, who has never ceased to provide exactly what his people need — from the garments of skin worn by Adam and Even (Genesis 3:21) to our own daily bread (Matthew 6:11).

How to Resolve Most Relational Conflict

Pride is the enemy inside us that speaks to us like a friend. Its counsel sounds so much like self-protection, preservation, and promotion that we’re often blinded to the fact that it’s destroying us and others. It rises in great indignation as a prosecuting attorney when others’ pride damages us, but it minimizes, qualifies, excuses, rationalizes, and blame-shifts our behavior when we damage others. We can be easily deceived into believing that our pride wants to save us, when really, it’s our internal Judas betraying us with a kiss.

Reading through the [Alleged] Best 100 Science Fiction Books – #36-40

Grade: D+ “It is difficult for me to process this as a novel. Like ‘Slaughterhouse Five,’ this book has as bare-bones a plot and characters as are as thin as possible. Unlike that horrendous nightmare, here Vonnegut manages to grab some interest by making up a kind of Gnostic vision of religion. It’s certainly not a good book, by any stretch, but it isn’t as abysmal as that most hated book. The primary difficulty is that, once again, Vonnegut apparently felt the need to couch his political and metaphysical commentary in what some people take to be a novel. But really, this is just a series of barely connected vignettes written in a kind of vomiting of consciousness. It would be like me writing down every thought I had on religion, politics, and the like all day and then inserting those thoughts into the mouths of poorly-constructed characters to push my ideas onto you. It doesn’t qualify for a good read, in my opinion, but at least I see where some pleasure might be derived from his work.”

Why the Reformation?

Armed with these two principles—the sole infallible authority of Scripture and justification by faith alone in Christ alone—Reformers all over Europe cast off the dead weight of papal authority and reformed their existing churches, sometimes at the city level, as in Calvin’s Geneva, and sometimes at the national level, as in Scotland under John Knox. This Reformation embraced not only theological teaching but also congregational worship and church government, which were reshaped to reflect the reality and implications of biblical authority and justification by faith. By the time the dust had settled, Europe found itself divided into a powerfully Protestant north and a reactionary Roman Catholic south, with some countries (notably France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands) internally divided.

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Ideas have consequences. Hugh #Hefner ’s bad ideas re-shaped American culture and left millions of victims.

6 habits every aspiring missionary needs today — Southern Equip

Missionaries are passionate people. They are often Type-A go-getters who don’t like delay. From the moment they’re called they are ready to storm the gates of hell. But, in such cases, perhaps the greatest need for them is to tap the brakes. Take your time. Slow down. Breathe. There is incredible urgency in the world, but you must also sense the urgency which is within. You must realize the need to clarify ahead of time theological convictions and ministry priorities. You must be aware of your potential to do incredible harm to yourself, your hearers, and even the gospel if you are not well-prepared. Many a missionary has made shipwreck of his family or his ministry in the name of haste. So, please, take your time. Jesus and the Apostle Paul didn’t start right away. Chances are, neither should you.

Five keys to ministry in the Deep South — Southern Equip

Two years later, I’m addicted to gumbo, I love muffelatas, my love for college football has grown exponentially, and my skin is a little browner than before. Above all, I’ve fallen in love with the Lord’s Louisianan church. In many ways, Louisiana is nothing like Kentucky. But in other ways, it’s not much different. People are still people. When someone knows you care, they invite you into their lives. And that’s exactly what the city of Central has done with Kelly and I. After my first year as student pastor and adopted son of Baton Rouge, these are five things I’ve learned by moving into a new city, culture, and ministry.

A College Football Player Was Kicked Off His Team Because He Kneeled During the National Anthem

The school has released a statement , and said, “Upon the recommendation of the team’s leadership council, which is comprised of 24 student-athletes selected annually by team members, the football team made a team-wide decision to both kneel during the coin toss and stand during the National Anthem … One football player, unbeknownst to the coach and the team, chose not to support the decision of the leadership council and team. He has been dismissed from the team.”

STUDY: Majority of college students hostile to free speech

According to the  survey , which FIRE calls “the most comprehensive survey on students’ attitudes about free speech to date,” a majority of college students self-censor during classroom discussions and support the disinvitation of controversial speakers, while a plurality even believe that hate speech is not constitutionally protected.

How (Other) People Change: Walking with Loved Ones Through Five Stages

Now, it must be said from the outset that the Holy Spirit can and does work how he wills. He can cause hearts and minds to change in an instant. He need not follow a particular pattern, or adopt any set of steps or stages. He is free to change you or someone you love when and how he chooses to. And if he withholds change, nothing you or I might do will make a difference, however many times a counseling strategy has worked before.

What Do Manuscripts Tell Us About the Origins of the NT Canon? A Response to John Meade

Meade focuses his comments on two issues, namely the number of manuscripts and the use of the codex.  Before offering a response to those issues below, let me begin by making a simple observation about the purpose of this chapter.  If one understands the flow of the argument in the book, and sets chapter seven in the larger context of the prior chapters, it will become clear that the exploration of these manuscripts is not intended to provide a definitive answer to which books are in the canon. Nowhere do I argue that we know which books are in the canon simply be looking at the features of early Christian manuscripts.

The Rats of Moria | Blog & Mablog

This is yet another great work from you, Pastor Wilson. Too bad the catechism of the left has declared that thinking is to be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, we might see some real change in Hollywood… Of course, even they did, I still don’t think a one of them would actually know what cornpone means. MeMe, I’m sure it is very hard to get a police call for such crimes as Weinstein’s to actually amount to anything in Hollywood, and I can’t imagine the fear that a woman might face with such a dilemma. But don’t you think she … Read more »

The Protestant Melting Pot: Martin Bucer (1491–1551)

While the meeting failed to birth an accord over the Table, it illustrates the kind of role the former friar played — between Luther and Zwingli, between mainstream Protestants and the more radical Anabaptists, even between Reformers and Catholics. Instead of forming and leading a distinct movement of his own — the Bucerans, if you will — he strived to bring movements together under the clear teaching of Scripture into one great Christian melting pot. He realized and prized the precious power of solidarity.

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Home - Woodlands Church

Our mission is to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion, so they can grow strong in Christ and take the Christ experience to the world. Reaching people for Christ, grow them strong in Christ so they can go out and make a difference for Christ in the world.

How Science Led A World Leading Astronomer, Allan Sandage, To God

By James Bishop | Allan Sandage (1926-2010) was a prominent astronomer who worked at Carnegie Observatories. He is remembered by the scientific community because he determined the first reasonably accurate values for the Hubble constant, the age of the universe, and he also discovered the first quasar (1) .

The Death of Ulrich Zwingli

It was early on the morning of October 11, 1531. The first rays of the morning sun filtered through dew-laden pine trees, and between the stone and wood buildings surrounding the city square called “charity.” Typically, the square would have come to life gradually, the way a person likes to wake up when he has no plans for the day. But on this early morning the usually quiets streets of Zurich Switzerland teemed with frantic activity. An angry and hungry army of several thousand Roman Catholics—half starved by an unfortunate Protestant embargo—had crossed into the Protestant state of Zurich, Switzerland two days earlier.

45 James R. White

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Why I Agreed to Speak at the 2018 Christ at the Checkpoint Conference

But what is non-negotiable to me is that: 1) God's promises to Israel are eternal and unbreakable and to deny these promises is to undermine the authority of the Word and the integrity of the Lord; 2) those promises include the physical preservation of the Jewish people and their return to the Land of Israel, along with the future salvation of Jews worldwide (what Paul called "all Israel"); 3) the doctrine called supersessionism (or replacement theology, meaning that the Church has superseded or replaced Israel in God's redemptive plan) has opened the floodgates of anti-Semitism in Church history, leading to the slaughter of millions of Jews; 4) we cannot be a prophetic people in harmony with Jesus and reject the modern State of Israel as established by God.

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Boy Scouts will admit girls and allow them to earn Eagle Scout rank

"I just want to do what the Boy Scouts do — earn the merit badges and earn the Eagle Award," she told NBC News. "The Girl Scouts is a great organization, but it's just not the program that I want to be part of. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender."

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Sudan’s Christians and others suffer on, while Trump grants relief to the regime that persecuted them … @mcbelz

A Marriage Unlike Any Other - Westminster Theological Seminary

In Song of Songs 3:6–4:7, we read of a man entirely fixed on his spouse-to-be. He is captivated by her beauty: he finds her overwhelmingly, entrancingly attractive. Nor is it just her physical beauty that attracts him. The speech of her mouth and the strength of character evident in the way she holds herself are also attractive to him. He shines the spotlight entirely on her and delights in who she is. Meanwhile, as seen in a later chapter, she shines it right back at him. The back-and-forth of mutual praise that we read of in chapter 1 of the Song, which is echoed in his opening words, is the common thread running through the story of their love. She thereby becomes a true partner with him in building a lasting and loving house together—a house that may lack Solomon’s material wealth and vast progeny but that has a splendor of its own that Solomon in all his glory cannot match. On this model, marriage is two people’s becoming one flesh: a single unit that rises and falls together, and that sticks together for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, till death parts them.

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