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How Do I Know Christianity Is True?

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God Has a Purpose for My Lyme Disease: Three Promises for Any Suffering

No matter what you are facing today, God can breathe hope into grieving hearts, give strength to weary bodies, and fill weak and broken lives with power.

Jimmy Scroggins: “Jesus Is the Multiplier”

Yesterday was unusual for me in Southern Seminary’s chapel. I sat in my seat on the verge of tears for nearly the entire sermon. The preached word is always powerful and transforming in ways …

Joy the World Can Never Steal

Only a hope that holds fast to Jesus can rejoice in the trials and troubles we are bound to face in this life.

Eric Metaxas’s Book Signing – Martin Luther LiveSigning

Pre-order a signed copy of Eric Metaxas’s book “Martin Luther" and join him from anywhere for a virtual book signing and discussion.

Columbus and the Architecture of Worship | Think Christian

If we pause to ponder our environments, perhaps we might see them as sacred spaces.

Jesus is the Son of God | R. Albert Mohler Jr.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Everything else we believe depends on that.

Charles Darwin, Michael Behe — Two Revolutionary Scientists | Evolution News

Here’s a great insight and juxtaposition by historian and philosopher of science Michael Keas.

Hammock’s Numinous Ministry of Presence | Think Christian

On Mysterium, Hammock surrounds those who mourn with a sonic cloud of witnesses.

What is the easiest way to memorize Scripture? — Southern Equip

VIDEO: Memorizing it is hard, but the real secret, if there is one, is simply this: Repetition over time.

DeVon Franklin on Hollywood Commandments: 'God Ordained Secular Success for People of Faith'

"I've been in Hollywood for 20 years and God has just opened up doors of unprecedented success not because I'm special, it has nothing to do with that. We all serve the same God, we all have the same faith and I want to encourage every single reader to unlock the power of your faith by going into whatever industry He's called you to go into. This book will show you how to be successful once you've arrived," he said.

Nabeel Qureshi answers a Muslim's question on the Trinity

One of the many things I appreciated about Nabeel Qureshi was the way in which he presented his response to a question.  He always d...

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1 #Christian Reason Today

Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 6: The Rapid Growth of Islam

Subscribe to Al Fadi's channel here: According to some studies, Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion. Many Muslims use these studies to argue that Islam must be true due to its rapid growth. But does a movement's growth show that it's from God? Al Fadi and David Wood discuss the issue.

Hugh Hefner’s Legacy of Despair

H ugh Hefner didn’t invent pornography, and it would no doubt be thriving today even if he hadn’t founded Playboy magazine those many years ago. After all, man is fallen, and somebody would have filled that depraved niche in American life. Hefner, however, played his part, and the part he played was immensely destructive to our nation’s cultural, moral, and spiritual fabric. Hefner mainstreamed porn, he put it in millions of homes, and he even glamorized it — recasting one of America’s most pathetic industries as the playground of the sophisticated rich. He then grew to a ripe old age, consorting with women young enough to be his granddaughters. He was America’s most famous dirty old man.

5 MORE Apologetics Questions Every Christian Should Learn How to Answer

John 8:58 : This is Jesus' most explicit claim to deity. One day, some Judeans asked Jesus, "Who do you think you are?" He answered: "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am." In this verse, Jesus wasn't just claiming to be God, but He was also claiming to be the actual God of the Old Testament: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ( Exodus 3:14 ).

Post-Modern Science: The Illusion of Consciousness Sees Through Itself    | Evolution News

Something Greater Than Us: A Groom’s Heart on His Wedding Day

In the beginning, God officiated the first marriage. As birds sang from their branches, as wind danced in the trees, as brooks babbled and crickets chirped, as wolves howled and lions roared, the man quieted creation with a song to his beloved (Genesis 2:23). God joined them together. And with that first marriage, God cued a mini-drama of eternity’s Greatest Romance. A Groom was coming.

Reason and Logic flow from God's Being

The Laws of Logic: Laws of thought and reason that are immaterial, aspatial, universal, obligatory, necessary, immutable, and absolute. Some academics identify them as the laws of thought, the laws of truth, or the laws of reason. Various scholars strongly prefer to name them the laws of logic because they are independent of human minds and are ubiquitous throughout all experience. All rational thinking (and communication) presupposes and uses the laws of logic. The Law of Identity (LOI) is A=A. The most well-known law is the Law of Non-contradiction (LNC): A cannot be A and Non-A at the same time in the same way (A~~A). A man cannot be his own father. The laws of logic “are basic principles of reasoning” (Frame: CVT). The laws of logic reflect the nature and mind of the God of the Bible; thus, they have ontological grounding—that is, they are grounded in the very nature of truth itself and cannot be reduced to human convention, opinion or psychology. Without these laws, knowledge and rational thinking are impossible. To deny the laws of logic, one must use these laws in one’s attempt to deny them.

Kepler Pursued God. He Found Him in Pomegranates.

Johannes Kepler (1571–1630), the talented astronomer whose work paved the way for Newton’s Law of Gravity, ate pomegranates with curiosity. Rather than simply eating the fruit mindlessly—as an animal might—Kepler was drawn to the shape of its seeds. He was intrigued by the fact that they tended to have 12 flat faces and wondered what the cause might be.

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Is Biblical Teaching on Sex Hateful and Repressive?

Despite the cultural narrative that biblical guidelines bring repression and harm, medical doctors Joe McIlhaney and Freda McKissic Bush conclude, “It appears that the most up-to-date research suggests that most humans are ‘designed’ to be sexually monogamous with one mate for life. This information also shows that the further individuals deviate from this behavior, the more problems they encounter, be they STDs, non- marital pregnancy, or emotional problems, including damaged ability to develop healthy connectedness with others, including future spouses.” [1]

The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Broadcasts from 2016 | Cold Case Christianity

The 6th Most Popular Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast of 2016: Audience Question and Answer Session – Part 1 (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #74) J. Warner Wallace takes questions from an audience at a Fearless Faith seminar (he is accompanied by Frank Turek and Mike Adams). Together they answer: How do you deal with people who don’t want to hear about God? How do we interact with people in our current culture? If God created the universe, who created God? You say there are only three reasons behind any sin, but aren’t there more? How do we know that we can rely on the documents we cite to demonstrate the reliability of the Bible? How do you know when you’re wasting your time sharing the gospel with someone (i.e. you’re “casting your pearls before swine”)? My professor said that people in this area only believe in Christianity because they were raised that way; how am I supposed to respond to that?

BreakPoint: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Most Christians and Jews are unaware that there exist a growing number of Messianic Congregations across the US and other parts of the world – and approx. 130 in Israel currently. This is literally the unfolding of end-time prophecy. The Messianics worship Him in very clear awareness we are forgiven and cleansed of our unrighteousness only by Y’shuah Ha Mashiach (aka ‘Jesus the Messiah’), and not by our ‘deeds of righteousness.’ As our own voluntary offering to Him, we pay heed to God’s Law and Word which stand forever (the Torah, aka Pentateuch). We observe the feasts He prescribes in Leviticus, both as historical remembrance, and celebration of the awareness that Jesus Himself personally fulfilled the first three spring feasts in order. Examples: Pesach, or Passover – “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” said “it is finished!” approximately the same time that the high priest had finished inspecting the passover lambs in Jerusalem, and announced the completion of his inspection with the very same words.

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Starting soon, the 10th annual @SBTSMissions Great Commission Race! Grateful for 225+ runners today. @SBTS @BoyceCollege

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The negative mental health effects when men and women buck conventional gender roles … #Relations @KileyCrossland

Do You Wish You Could Read Faster?

I’m generally a slow reader, not because I couldn’t speed myself up in some measure, but because I want to enjoy reading, and genuinely profit from it. I want to be changed by what I read. I’m not typically looking just to run new data between my ears, but as a rule, I want to feel the emotional significance of each moment, and let it have its full effect.

Who Made Truth? Kids Can Prove God Exists: How Kids and Teens Can Know God Exists Using Easy Logic and Presuppositions - Kindle edition by Mike Robinson. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

A unique and easy way for your Kids and teens to learn how to prove Christian truth. Do you want to reach America’s largest mission field? Look in your home or Sunday School classroom: Young People! And with this new book they can learn to defend the Christian worldview. A fresh and simple way for your kids and youth to learn how to prove Christian truth. Research demonstrates that our child’s moral development is largely set before the age of thirteen. Find out the simple ways to nurture the intellectual and theological aspects of your child through biblical and philosophical truth. Help raise the next generation of apologists. Excellent for all kids 7-16 years old--or even adults. Your youth can know that God must exist.

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense - Kindle edition by N. T. Wright. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Wow, another great book from N. T. Wright. This has to be the book of the year for 2006. This is a great book for anyone looking to defend or learn more about Christianity. He deals with two world views that are false throughout the book. One is pantheism or the idea that God is everywhere and in everything or is everything and the other view is deism. Deism is the idea that God created the world but stays distant to it and does not even dream of getting involved in it affairs. He sees the latter as being the idea of God behind left behind type of theology that sees to goal of Christianity as being getting people saved to get them out of this world. Wright's view makes better sense of God and the world. In Wright's view heaven overlaps and interlocks with Earth and is not distant from it and neither is God in everything. The world was created good and became distorted by Adam and Eve's or humanities disobedience. God went to work to restore his good creation by calling Abraham. His seed was to be the means by which the world was put back to rights. The story of the nation of Israel includes slavery, Exodus; judges and kings, tabernacles and Temples being built; disobedience through injustice and idoloatry and all kinds of uncleaness brought about exile.

You Don’t Understand the Old Testament.

I would like to add a few comments to your article. Most of the Ten Commandments have been reiterated by Jesus in the New Testament, and He increased the standard. For example if you hate your brother you are guilty of murder or if you look lustfully you are guilty of adultery. The new covenant is a higher, better, but non condemning standard. All the deeper laws are repeated in the NT which means what the OT says about them still apply for example homosexuality is still an abomination while wearing clothing made of two is not. This however doesn’t make God arbitrary for once requiring these things from His people. Shellfish for example feed off the sewage in the ocean and pigs are scavengers and we know through modern medicine that these are not healthy meats to eat. God had a valid reason for everyone of His laws and most of them we would do ourselves favors to heed to them not out of spiritual obligation but out of self interest. I must say your comment about promises in the OT was out iof place and unjustified. Do you think that God doesn’t have a good plan for you J

Unhinging the Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence Mantra

As it is Easter season, skeptic Michael Shermer has an article in appearing in Scientific American entitled, "What Would It Take to Prove the Resurrection?" Shermer writes that as a skeptic, there are propositions he can accept as true, such as the number of pages in a magazine, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the origin of the universe by a big bang. Unsurprisingly however, Shermer can think of nothing that would count as enough evidence for the resurrection for that particular proposition to be considered true. He claims this is due to the "principle of proportionality," something that "demands extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims. Of the approximately 100 billion people who have lived before us, all have died and none have returned, so the claim that one (or more) of them rose from the dead is about as extraordinary as one will ever find." 1

NHCLC: Thousands of Puerto Rican Churches Wrecked by Maria

About half of Puerto Ricans go to church at least once a week, according to the Pew Research Center. (Most of the island’s 3.4 million residents are Catholic, and about a third are Protestant.) But some churches haven’t had power since Hurricane Irma hit earlier in the month. Without power, or due to other damage to their buildings, they’re forced to skip regular services or to worship unplugged outside.

Where Is God When I Need Him Most?

When I first began to call out to God despite my fears, it felt like my supplications rose no further than the ceiling. Did God even hear me? I felt like the persistent friend only to experience what Lewis described as, “A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double bolting on the inside.” But over time, with Christ’s gentle work in my heart, my prayers increased. Scripture comforted me in new ways as he sent people with reminders of his love and his word at perfect times — priceless treasures to my aching soul.

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The life of film legend #SteveMcQueen is coming to theatres this Thursday in Steve McQueen #AmericanIcon .

24 Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

One Man’s Dream Destroyed Millions: The Pitiful Legacy of Hugh Hefner

It is tragically appropriate that Hugh Hefner will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was not merely the inaugural centerfold of Playboy Magazine; she became and remains the poster girl of 20th century American sexual objectification. Nearly sixty years after her suicidal death, she remains a sexual icon in most people’s minds, not a broken soul who knew the despairing loneliness of being a sensual image desired by millions, yet a person truly loved by very few. Hefner encouraged millions and millions of men and women to view people in the very way that destroyed Marilyn Monroe.

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#Muse : Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus has good news and bad news … … @OfficialJLD @lmlangdon

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids: Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective - Kindle edition by J. Warner Wallace, Susie Wallace. Children Kindle eBooks @

Between the ages of 8 and 12, kids often start to wonder if Christianity is true. In Cold-Case Christianity for Kids , detective J. Warner Wallace draws readers into the thrill of high-stakes investigation by showing them how to think rather than telling them what to think. In this children's companion to the bestselling Cold-Case Christianity , detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website ( where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit. Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity.

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#Relations : A fairy tale w/o the prince, transgender politics, polygamists & machinists sue to marry … @KileyCrossland

The Great Marriage Killer

What is the difference between unholy anger and holy anger, and does that difference have any application to our own lives? This is the question from a listener named Renee. “Pastor John, hello and thank you for taking my question. I hear the phrase ‘righteous anger’ used a lot, but I am not 100% clear on what that looks like or what makes anger righteous or sinful. I understand we are to feel anger towards sin. Jesus overturned tables in his anger, but I don’t think we should respond to sin by breaking things. So how does righteous anger play itself out for the Christian? What does it look like toward people, toward sin, and toward the devil?”

Friday, September 29, 2017 — The Briefing

The pornographic revolution he began was a pornographic revolution represented by his magazine. He sought not only to begin that revolution, but to control it, but once pornography went mainstream and once the profits began to roll and by the multiple millions per year, Hugh Hefner found himself and his magazine left behind. Once the original boundary of pornography was transgressed there were always further boundaries that someone else would later cross. Just considering the mainstream media’s coverage of Hefner’s death, yesterday’s edition of the New York Times included an article by Laura Mansnerus she said, “Hefner the man and Playboy the brand were inseparable. Both advertised themselves as emblems of the sexual revolution, an escape from American priggishness and wider social intolerance. Both were derided over the years,” She writes, “as vulgar, as adolescent, as exploitative and finally as anachronistic. But Mr. Hefner,” she said, “was a stunning success from the moment he emerged in the early 1950s.” Her final sentence in this paragraph: “His timing was perfect.” With reference to his role as the pioneer of mainstreaming pornography, there can be no doubt that at the intersection of his ambition and the sexual revolution he indeed had perfect timing, but we also need to note that that very timing reflects the fact that this pornographic revolution came with some horrifying effects for, which Hugh Hefner deserves at least the majority of the blame as pioneer.

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A serious challenge to the evolutionary explanation for eukaryotic cells (the #EndosymbiontHypothesis ) …

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Thursday, September 28, 2017 — The Briefing

Now there are those on the left who will simply champion this as a sign that the old etiquette was based upon a worldview that had to go, but it’s also just very awkward that there is no new etiquette here nor I would argue can there be. Because when you’re looking at the moral revolution we are experiencing, the forces behind it are not even agreed on where that revolution should go not to mention what kind of moral judgments should be reflected in etiquette. In the meantime, we are stuck with the awkwardness of the fact that there is no way to escape the awkwardness of this kind of conversation. The awkwardness we face when a discussion takes place on this issue between a parent and a child, between the teacher and a student, between colleagues in an office, between a pastor and his congregation or even just people looking at a news story like this think there ought to be some way to talk about this. But of course far more important than the social awkwardness we face in the absence of any sustainable etiquette is the reality that we know that what’s changing here and what’s challenged here is something far deeper than etiquette can ever touch.

Playground Apologetics Tactics Question 2: 'How did you arrive at that conclusion?'

Welcome back, Mama Bears!  We are enjoying sharing this series with you.  Currently we are moving through Greg Koukl’s three questions for guiding apologetics conversations.  They are:

The Nail in the Coffin of Our Hearts: Five Hundred Years of Fighting Idolatry

Man’s heart is an idol factory, and it took an entire revolution to slow its gears. Preachers had to be trained and sent out, evangelists had to take up the call, missionaries had to sail across dark seas to unknown lands, translators had to bring Scripture into the vernacular of the people, and healthy local churches had to grow so they could serve in this war. Every believer had to resist the idol factory of their heart by filling their hearts with Christ and nourishing themselves with robust knowledge of who God has revealed himself to be in Scripture.

Confessions in Practice

Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege

Here’s what I’d say to the Christian community: It’s our responsibility to build things up on the edge of college campuses—Christian Study Centers like the one at the University of Virginia. We need to understand that this is the way we’re probably going have to live for a while. There are a lot of universities that have them or are considering them, and we need to bolster them. I don’t think we can be naïve and expect to be invited in to secular universities; more and more groups are going to lose their university affiliations. But we have Catholic groups, like Focus, which are strong; we’ve got Protestant groups like Intervarsity, Cru, Navigators, and Veritas—which just piloted a new initiative, The Veritas Academy—and they can all use the same buildings. We need a place where students are getting fed. We need to really build up and support these structures.

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Hear my interview with one of the USA’s leading voices on Christianity and culture on The Profile podcast this week …

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Hugh Hefner was the godfather of the abortion movement, Under the veneer of ideology was naked self-interest. Women had to be "available."

Renewing Your Mind | Monasticism & Scholasticism | Sep 30, 2017

For nearly two millennia, many Christians have chosen to express their piety through ascetic living. Today, W. Robert Godfrey outlines the history of monasticism and the rise of scholasticism.

Matt Chandler’s Village Church Ends Multisite Era

“I think the elephant in the room with roll-off is transitioning from Matt and his unique voice that God has given him. That’s a big deal,” said Beau Hughes, lead pastor of the Denton church. “That and everything else that comes with it can be kind of scary, it can be humbling, and it can be a good test of one’s vision of a local church altogether.”

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From 1965 until Roe v. Wade in 1973, Playboy covered abortion in every single issue.  @TheCut #RIPHef

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NYT Religion Correspondent: Other People's Religions Are Funny | The Stream

After reading the article I can find very little of the sneering condescension you say it contains. While the fact that the author finds it necessary to list everything as she does may in itself be alarmist, let’s not pretend that she doesn’t present voices from both sides of the topic at hand. And as far as Barrett’s previous writings regarding recusing oneself when matters at odds with one’s religious beliefs appear, contrary to what you imply here, at the hearing she actually distanced herself from this statement. And all of this isn’t even touching on your opening statement: “Laurie Goodstein…has written an anti-Semitic news story for [the] paper.” No, she hasn’t. Anti-Semiticism is a specific, concrete, real thing. If you must co-opt the oppression of another group of people to prove your point, you have lost your credibility. By all means continue to talk about anti-Catholic bias in American politics, but do not pretend that bias is comparable to the centuries of cruelty, oppression, and outright genocide that the Jews have experienced.

On Daughters and Dating: How to Intimidate Suitors

Instead of intimidating all your daughter’s potential suitors, raise a daughter who intimidates them just fine on her own. Because you know what’s intimidating? Strength and dignity. Deep faith. Self-assuredness. Wisdom. Kindness. Humility. Industriousness. Those are the bricks that build the wall that withstands the advances of Slouchy-Pants, whether you ever show up with your Winchester locked and loaded or not. The unsuitable suitor finds nothing more terrifying than a woman who knows her worth to God and to her family.

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Nine Prayers for the Not-Yet Married

If you don’t know where to start in prayer — how to begin talking to God daily, or how to surrender your desires and difficulties in singleness to him — here are nine prayers for the not-yet-married life, each with God’s words to help shape your longing and waiting.

31 New Episodes of 5 Minutes in Church History

This Reformation month culminates in the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his Ninety-Five Theses at the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. To celebrate the anniversary, 5 Minutes in Church History  is releasing a new episode, recorded on location throughout Europe, every day in October. Over 31 episodes, Dr. Stephen Nichols will explore the life, thought, and legacy of Luther, and will conclude with an examination of the document that started it all, Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses. Subscribe in iTunes, visit, listen every day on RefNet at 10:55am, or search for “5 Minutes in Church History” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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