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Christian Publisher Cancels Marriage Book by Pastor Andy Savage After He Admits to Sexually Assaulting Teen

"He turned onto a dirt road and continued to drive. There were trees all around. I could not see the main road anymore, from which he turned. I asked what was back here. He told me they were building a church. I thought, maybe that's what this was about, maybe he has some secret to tell me, like perhaps he was moving to another church. We reached a dead end and he turned the truck around before putting it in park. We were stopped, and he turned the headlights off," Jules wrote. That was when he asked her to perform oral sex on him.

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Yes, Women Need Apologetics, But More Importantly, Apologetics Needs Women


How Can I Address Scientific Issues If I Don't Have a Formal Science Education? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

How can Christians discuss issues related to science if we don't have a scientific background or a formal scientific education?

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3 The Culture of the True Christian

If there is one word that Christians should be especially careful to define, it is culture . After all, culture is formative and determinative in every area that matters: worship, discipleship, evangelism, and missions. What and how you sing, how you present the Gospel, your idea of Christian devotion, and your approach to matters of conscience are all determined by your understanding of culture, and how that understanding is worked out into life and ministry. Indeed, when we "export" Christianity in the form of global missions, our understanding of culture is tested at nearly every point. A gelatinous understanding of culture leads to embracing and endorsing what should be rebuked, and importing and imposing what ought to be left at home.

Evidence for the Bible: Bart Ehrman's Many Fallacies

Evidence for the Bible: Bart Ehrman's Many Fallacies

Died: ‘Mr. Awana’ Arthur Rorheim

[Rorheim] then began to conceive many of the features that distinguish Awana clubs and youth programs: curriculum handbooks, outreach events that appealed to non-churched children, a system of awards to motivate handbook completion, uniforms, and a Game Square to capture children’s interest. He eventually named the program Awana, based on its key verse: 2 Timothy 2:15 (Approved workmen are not ashamed).

6 #Christian Reason Today

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Office Hours talks with Dr. Simon Gathercole about the gnostic gospels and other writings from early church history, how they differ from the canonical gospels, and their influence on today's thinking about Scripture and Christianity in general. 

Making Apologetics Personal: A Quick Lesson from John 4

So, why would someone study apologetics but never put it into use? There are probably a myriad of reasons. But I suspect one reason is that its much easier, and more comfortable, to discuss apologetic matters in the abstract. It is less risky to debate the age of the earth or presuppositionalism with a fellow believer than to discuss the evidence for the resurrection with a non-believer. After all, what is there to lose in an “in-house” discussion? As easy and tempting as this can become, Jesus took another route…

Cold Case Christianity for Kids | Case Makers Academy

Cold Case Christianity for Kids

To Love With Our Minds

As a child I have memorised Matthew 22:37 – ‘ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’  – but I didn’t really understand the last bit completely until I read Moreland’s book. To understand the concept of love in terms of an emotion or an action is easy but how do you love with your mind? Moreland explains how the God of the Bible is a God of reason as well as of revelation, that He is perfect in knowledge, the only wise God and that He has revealed Himself in the Scriptures in “understandable, true propositions.” The Old Testament repeatedly teaches us the importance of wisdom and shows us that God created our minds to be apt for gaining knowledge and wisdom, so when we are ignorant, we are definitely not mirroring God’s character.

Philippians 1:27–28: The Constitution of Heaven

A concordance makes these searches easy as they list words and where each is used in the Bible. Beyond this, you can usually search Bible apps or online texts for instances of where specific words are found throughout the Bible.


Biochemist Fazale “Fuz” Rana is vice president of research and apologetics at Reasons to Believe. Fuz earned a BS in chemistry at West Virginia State University and a PhD in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry at Ohio University. He pursued postdoctoral studies in the biophysics of cell membranes at the Universities of Virginia and Georgia, has coauthored numerous papers for peer-reviewed journals, and holds two patents. Fuz converted to Christianity during graduate school. Though he initially embraced the evolutionary paradigm, Fuz eventually drew the conclusion that only a Creator’s involvement could explain the elegance of biochemical systems. Today, Fuz writes and speaks extensively about evidence for creation emerging from biochemistry, genetics, human origins, and synthetic biology. He is the author of multiple books, including Dinousaur Blood and the Age of the Earth and The Cell’s Design .

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Religion has always warred and continue to war. God doesn't war with anything man does. He is a longsuffering kind of God. He will outlive man and everything man created or invented. Those of us who are God's, we'll do like God because of 1 John 2:15-17. Chill family of God!

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#PlannedParenthood reports more money, fewer services: #Abortion giant’s annual numbers show jump in donation revenue … @upwardglances @PPFA @KristanHawkins @AbbyJohnson #Vitals

Why Evil Disproves Atheism

Evil can’t exist on its own, it only exists as a parasite in good.  Evil is like rust in a car; if you take all the rust out of a car you have a better car; if you take all of the car out of the rust you have nothing.  Evil is like cancer—it can’t exist alone, only in a good body.  Therefore, there can be no objective evil unless there is objective good, and there can be no objective good unless God’s objectively Good nature exists. If evil is real—and we all know it is—then God exists.

Is Anything Wrong?

We live in a generation rife with contradictions in its understanding of moral values. On the one hand, we are witnessing the confused blurring of lines between good and evil, and a desecrating of boundaries that were intended to keep us from harm.

17 The TC Apologetics Daily

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Today's quote of the day comes from the gospel of John  #PremierDrive #trouble #theworld #overcome #overcomer #eternallife

Slaughter of the Canaanites

Responding to why did God command the extermination of the Canaanites.

5 Reasons You Should Get Apologetics Training in 2018

1. Apologetics Will Help You Serve the Church. As my friend Tom Gilson wrote in his article for A New Kind of Apologist, one key feature of apologetics is to be a servant for the church. There is a huge need for some Christians in the church to have formal training on how to best answer some of the toughest questions about God, the Bible, evil and more. I often encourage my Biola M.A. students to offer to serve their pastor by doing research for sermons, being available to counsel young people with difficult questions, and being willing to offer apologetics classes for people in the church. The first reason to get formal apologetics training is to better serve the local church. Just as every church needs a teaching pastor, worship leader, and children’s director, every church needs a trained apologist …

Tips for Apologetic Conversations

Having a conversation with someone who strongly disagrees with you is difficult. I have been privileged to do mission work on five continents, yet some of the most difficult conversations have been right here at home in America. Over the years I have learned some biblical guidelines that have helped me speak with skeptics about Christian faith. I have rolled together ten of those tips in the included video, but I want to offer a few additional details through this blog post on the first five points.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — The Briefing

A Modest Proposal

A recent article in a conservative-libertarian-leaning website called JustFactsDaily lists five facts not generally reported accurately in most media outlets today: (1) About  11.5%  of adult females living in the U.S. say that they have been the victim of a completed forcible rape; (2) government at all levels spends an average of $50,000 for every household in the United States; (3) at current rates, one in every 65 people in America will die from a drug overdose; (4) public four-year colleges spend about $40,000 annually for every full-time student (but only 26 percent goes to student instruction); and (5) people tend to migrate from countries with high levels of government corruption, to countries with less corruption, more press freedom, and more transparency.

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#Vitals : No charges in New Mexico fetal tissue case … @upwardglances @HectorBalderas @UNM @NMAlliance4Life

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#TheSift : Crew still missing in fiery oil tanker crash …

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Arthur Rorheim, the Chicago youth minister who co-created the @Awana program and served the organization for over 70 years has died at the age of 99 …

What is Apologetics? | HeadHeartHand Blog

What is apologetics? This question can be answered by surveying both the relevant biblical material and the history of apologetics. Thankfully, we don’t need to start from scratch as this work has already been done by many scholars. For example, Avery Dulles’s History of Apologetics,*  generally recognized as one of the classic histories of apologetics, surveys both the biblical material and the history of apologetics. It can therefore be used as one source for constructing a definition of apologetics.

I Long to See You: What Apple Will Never Replace

Eye contact is one of the greatest treasures of physical presence. But even if Apple made it possible to look each other directly in the eyes from miles away, the distance would still make a difference. We simply are not captive to one another in the same way when we meet virtually. We don’t “see” each other the way Paul longs to see his loved ones. As long as you and I are meeting online, I’m always a small click away from being away again, which means I’m not fully, inescapably here with you.

Cover: The Church of Oprah

"When you lose a loved one, you gain an angel whose name you know," said Oprah Winfrey. "Over 6,000, and counting, angels added to the spiritual roster these past two weeks. It is my prayer that they will keep us in their sight with a direct line to our hearts." After reminding mourners that "hope lives, prayer lives, love lives," she offered an affirmation tinged with challenge and benediction: "May we all leave this place and not let one single life have passed in vain. May we leave this place determined to now use every moment that we yet live to turn up the volume in our own lives, to create deeper meaning, to know what really matters."

Swipe Right for Jesus

Some argue that one can be evangelical in substance without the evangelical label. I’m choosing—even in this fraught political environment—to embrace the label and identity of evangelicalism. Why? Because I’m part of the historical evangelical church. The charge I carry as a follower of Jesus is not one I carry alone; it is shared with the Christian community of which I am part. And that community is struggling right now. For everything about evangelicalism that raises my body temperature and induces furious, bedroom-pacing prayer, its core convictions—in mind, heart, and practice—are mine.

The Greatest Showman Challenges Modern Tolerance…But Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The Greatest Showman offers a welcome challenge to modern ideas of tolerance. But I hope people watching it realize that even its solution falls short. The deepest meaning and love simply cannot be found in human relationships. As Solomon, Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and other great thinkers have proclaimed, we have a deep yearning for something that goes beyond what this world has to offer.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Christian Apologists

The turn of the new year is an important time for many people.  It’s a time where you give up ice cream and start exercising for an average of three and a half days before reverting back to old habits.  Some of us may do better.  But as you go about making resolutions, and hopefully a few that stick, here are some resolutions that will help us be better ambassadors for Christ.

4 Reasons Why We Should Still Be Concerned About Transgender Activism

These are just some of the reasons I will continue to raise my voice against transgender activism, while at the same time encouraging every effort to be made to help these men, women and children find true wholeness.

Q&A with Daniel Pink

Fortunately, there’s a science of midpoints. And what we know is that sometimes midpoints bring us down, other times they fire us up. So we should approach midpoints with three strategies. First, be aware they exist. That’s often the big problem. For many of us, midpoints are invisible. Second, use midpoints to wake up rather than roll over — to say “uh oh” and get started rather than “oh no” and give up. Third, when you hit a midpoint, imagine you’re a little behind. Research has shown that when we’re ahead at the middle we risk becoming complacent — and when we’re way behind, we often give up. But when we think we’re just a little bit behind, we work harder and sharpen our performance. 

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Are You Properly Motivated as a Christian Case Maker? | Cold Case Christianity

As a Christian Case Maker, I can honestly say that my efforts have been motivated by all these reasons at one time or another. If you’re someone who is interested in the Christian evidences, I bet this is true for you as well. All of these motives (with the exception of “Conceited” Case Making) are legitimate, appropriate and commendable. As I get older, however, I’ve discovered that I am more interested in evangelism than ever before. Maybe it’s because I sense the urgency in my own life and in the lives of my aging friends and family members. In any case, I’ve decided to allow my primary motive (my growing desire to use my platform to share the Gospel ) to shape the way I make the case for Christianity . Once we understand why we are engaged in this effort, we can be more focused and purposeful about how we make the case for the Christian Worldview.

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RELEVANT Readers Views on Church

Most RELEVANT readers have a relationship with the Church, but it probably has evolved a lot over the years. We want to know more about it! If you can take a few minutes to answer these few questions, it will help us with some upcoming content initiatives we're working on.

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Quality #ultrasound machines are powerful windows into the womb, but very expensive. #Pray that #pregnancy centers receive the funds and help they need to protect the women and their #unborn children. #CouncilForLife #SaveTheStorks

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The Historical Basis of Christianity

Christianity is the only major faith built entirely around a single historical claim. It is, however, a claim quite unlike any other ever made, as any perceptive and scrupulous historian must recognize. Certainly it bears no resemblance to the vague fantasies of witless enthusiasts or to the cunning machinations of opportunistic charlatans. It is the report of men and women who had suffered the devastating defeat of their beloved master’s death, but who in a very short time were proclaiming an immediate experience of his living presence beyond the tomb, and who were, it seems, willing to suffer privation, imprisonment, torture, and death, rather than deny that experience.

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Why is there something rather than Nothing? Leibniz's Cosmological Argument

These questions are addressed in Leibniz’s cosmological Argument which is an argument that shows that God would have to be the explanation of the Universe. We can put Leibniz’s argument into five premises which shows that God is the best explanation of the Universe.

Apologetics is desperately needed for all Christians today

The study of apologetics is desperately needed for all Christians today, both for engaging with the secular world and, less obviously, for engaging with groups that teach an unbiblical version of Christianity. But, for some reason, the church is still largely blind to this need.

What Does It Take to Be A "Christian Woman?"

It's always interesting to see how a random comment on social media can turn into a flurry of dialogue. A while ago, Karen Swallow Prior made a prediction on Twitter about how 2018 was going to be the year of the evangelical woman. Much discussion ensued, and then last week, this article addressing the idea, On Being a Christian Woman in the Year of Our Lord 2018 popped up. It was shared repeatedly. I read the article and some of the reactions to it. I wished I could ask the author a few questions of clarification, and I didn't entirely agree with her premise that all women are looking for is good women teachers. I'm not necessarily looking for a woman to teach me. I just want good teaching no matter if it's a man or a woman. But, that's a little thing, and I do understand where she is coming from.

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62 years ago today, Jim Elliot and four other missionaries were due to radio in at 4:30. There was silence. When no message came, a plane was sent and then a rescue party. Four of their bodies were recovered—all lanced to death. …

51 Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — The Briefing
52 Tuesday, January 9, 2018 — The Briefing
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