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Memphis Megachurch Pastor Andy Savage Admits to Sexually Assaulting Teen in Past, Says He Repented Immediately

"He turned onto a dirt road and continued to drive. There were trees all around. I could not see the main road anymore, from which he turned. I asked what was back here. He told me they were building a church. I thought, maybe that's what this was about, maybe he has some secret to tell me, like perhaps he was moving to another church. We reached a dead end and he turned the truck around before putting it in park. We were stopped, and he turned the headlights off," Jules wrote. That was when he asked her to perform oral sex on him.

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Is Anything Wrong?

We live in a generation rife with contradictions in its understanding of moral values. On the one hand, we are witnessing the confused blurring of lines between good and evil, and a desecrating of boundaries that were intended to keep us from harm.

A Modest Proposal

A recent article in a conservative-libertarian-leaning website called JustFactsDaily lists five facts not generally reported accurately in most media outlets today: (1) About  11.5%  of adult females living in the U.S. say that they have been the victim of a completed forcible rape; (2) government at all levels spends an average of $50,000 for every household in the United States; (3) at current rates, one in every 65 people in America will die from a drug overdose; (4) public four-year colleges spend about $40,000 annually for every full-time student (but only 26 percent goes to student instruction); and (5) people tend to migrate from countries with high levels of government corruption, to countries with less corruption, more press freedom, and more transparency.

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#Vitals : No charges in New Mexico fetal tissue case … @upwardglances @HectorBalderas @UNM @NMAlliance4Life

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#TheSift : Crew still missing in fiery oil tanker crash …

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Arthur Rorheim, the Chicago youth minister who co-created the @Awana program and served the organization for over 70 years has died at the age of 99 …

Why Evil Disproves Atheism

Evil can’t exist on its own, it only exists as a parasite in good.  Evil is like rust in a car; if you take all the rust out of a car you have a better car; if you take all of the car out of the rust you have nothing.  Evil is like cancer—it can’t exist alone, only in a good body.  Therefore, there can be no objective evil unless there is objective good, and there can be no objective good unless God’s objectively Good nature exists. If evil is real—and we all know it is—then God exists.

9 The TC Apologetics Daily

Slain in the Shadow of the Almighty

On January 8, 1956, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Flemming, and Roger Youderian were speared to death on a sandbar called “Palm Beach” in the Curaray River of Ecuador. They were trying to reach the Huaorani Indians for the first time in history with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?: An Interview with Michael R. Licona - Bible Gateway Blog

So, what were the objectives of ancient authors and how did they write to achieve them? Did their techniques result in the type of differences we observe in the Gospels? As I conducted my research with the objective of answering these questions, I discovered that reading the Gospels in view of their biographical genre sheds light—sometimes a great deal of light—on numerous items that were not so clear previously.

Science and the Mind of the Maker Pre-order Pages are Live!

Currently, Barnes and Noble is offering the best pre-order price. It is particularly advantageous to authors if you order through Barnes and Noble, because the sales numbers influence whether or not they carry hard copies in their brick-and-mortar stores. Having my book on their physical shelves would be such a huge blessing to my ministry.

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"The point is not that Jabez’s prayer has some kind of magic power in its words. The point is that Jabez’s God has awesome power to change a person’s destination from curse to blessing." –Duguid:  @Tabletalk

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' Will Do More to Polarize Than to Analyze

So, Saletan recognizes there are blatant falsehoods in the book. (Indeed, in a remarkable admission, Wolff himself tells us at the beginning of the book that some of the quotes and stories in the book are patently false, although he doesn't identify which ones he's referring to.) Yet he believes Wolff's narrative that Trump never wanted to be president and certainly never expected to become president. His campaign was just another ego-driven, PR move.

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Cotton Mather called them “the hidden ones.” They never preached or sat in a deacon’s bench. Nor did they vote or attend Harvard. Neither, because they were virtuous women, did they question God or the magistrates. They prayed secretly, read the Bible through at least once a year, and went to hear the minister preach even when it snowed. Hoping for an eternal crown, they never asked to be remembered on earth. And they haven’t been. Well-behaved women seldom make history; against Antinomians and witches, these pious matrons have had little chance at all.

16 #Christian Reason Today

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Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?: An Interview with Michael R. Licona @MichaelLicona … via @biblegateway

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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J. Warner Wallace tells us how he uses "forensic statement analysis" to weigh the testimony of the #gospels #apologetics #biblical 3

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Even though 247 million Americans identify as Christians, just 1.5 million tithe. @jessecarey with the stone-cold facts for #loveandmoney 

21 The Handmaid’s Tale: Dystopia by Proof Texting | Think Christian

The visual power of the film, along with its laconic dialogue, reinforces the way this world operates for the women who have been separated from the written word. Labels are marked with pictures, not words. The words that are read to them—from the Bible—have had their meaning ripped from their proper context and distorted to promote evil rather than good. Even when Offred (Elisabeth Moss), the handmaiden of the wife of a high-ranking officer, discovers a strange Latin-looking phrase carved into the wood in her room, she comes to learn that even these words have been mangled almost beyond recognition. This phrase—which I won’t spoil here—becomes a mantra for her within the narrative. And interestingly, it has become a mantra among the show’s fans, too.

Historic Iron Church reopens after restoration - Premier

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#PlannedParenthood reports more money, fewer services: #Abortion giant’s annual numbers show jump in donation revenue … @upwardglances @PPFA @KristanHawkins @AbbyJohnson #Vitals

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When the exam was over, Leah whispered six words that revealed everything had changed: “I hope it’s a girl.” Another #life was saved because of #ultrasound . #Pray for resources, staffing, and encouragement. #MarchforLife #21DaysofPrayer #ProLife

Churches 'must plan for Divorce Day' - Premier

Churches should plan appropriate sermons in anticipation of a spike in couples filing for separation after Christmas, it has been claimed.

How to Engage Agressive Atheists

Learn how to refute hot-headed atheists - for more see Robinson's book

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The #ReligiousLiberty of #ChristianColleges is under threat. California lawmakers are debating a bill to require community colleges and state universities to provide free #abortion pills on their campuses upon request to women up to ten weeks pregnant.


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The book explores the ways systemic racism plays into mass incarceration in America, highlighting how the criminal justice system disproportionately targets black people. …

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62 years ago today, Jim Elliot and four other missionaries were due to radio in at 4:30. There was silence. When no message came, a plane was sent and then a rescue party. Four of their bodies were recovered—all lanced to death. …

Is the Raising of Lazarus Fictional? | Cold Case Christianity

Does It Include An Intentional Exaggeration? But let’s return to the issue of hyperbolic exaggeration. John Shelby Spong interprets the inclusion of the four day delay as an intentional tactic used by John “to counter any attempt to read it literally.” But is that necessarily the case? Are there really no other good reasons why Jesus may have waited this long to perform the miracle? How about the reasons Jesus offered? Jesus told the disciples that he waited “so that [they] may believe” (John 11:15), and He told Martha that he waited so she could learn trust Him as “the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die” (John 11:25-26). Jesus had a goal in mind and this goal required Him to delay His arrival. But why four days? Is this simply an effort on the author’s part to make it clear he was speaking allegorically (as Spong proposes)? No. It was more likely the presence of the Jews that caused Jesus to delay. Ancient Jewish texts reveal an important belief held by the Jews who were waiting at the tomb of Lazarus.

Monday, January 8, 2018 — The Briefing

Monday, January 8, 2018 — The Briefing

Monday, January 8, 2018 — The Briefing

Monday, January 8, 2018 — The Briefing

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Quick question for Hollywood liberals: If Harvey Weinstein suddenly declares that he identifies as a woman, will you (a) defend his right to share a restroom with your daughters, or (b) not be total morons?

The Culture of the True Christian

If there is one word that Christians should be especially careful to define, it is culture . After all, culture is formative and determinative in every area that matters: worship, discipleship, evangelism, and missions. What and how you sing, how you present the Gospel, your idea of Christian devotion, and your approach to matters of conscience are all determined by your understanding of culture, and how that understanding is worked out into life and ministry. Indeed, when we "export" Christianity in the form of global missions, our understanding of culture is tested at nearly every point. A gelatinous understanding of culture leads to embracing and endorsing what should be rebuked, and importing and imposing what ought to be left at home.

39 Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

Let 2018 be the year that we, as a massive movement of people who are concerned for true justice, rise up and restore the weak, the downtrodden, and the victimized – all for the glory of our God in whom true justice lives and breathes.

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Remind yourself today throughout the day that you have not yet outgrown your need for a Savior and then be careful to seek and celebrate his grace.

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Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply. Find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in.

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As the NHS in some regions tell men over 55 that they are too old to try to become fathers via IVF, do you think there is an age after which it is unwise to be a parent? #W2W

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"Liberals seem to think that they are doing lagging groups a favor by making excuses for counterproductive and self-destructive behavior. The poor do not need press agents. They need the truth. No one ever said, 'Press agents shall make you free.'"

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Full text of class-action suit against google. Apologies for the poor quality link, pop-ups, etc. MSM doesn't seem all that interestred in men suing for discrimination so it's not easy to find. Can't think why. …

Help Your Kids Navigate Complex Cultural Waters

Your financial support is vital to this ministry, especially as we approach the end of the year. I hope you will please consider chipping in $5 right now via my donation page to help keep us going—or better yet, please consider becoming a monthly financial partner . Running TPE, along with my additional responsibilities as a member of the Ratio Christi National Staff , is a full time job and your support is vital to keep us going and growing; providing daily resources and articles to help equip you to commend and defend the faith in a world that is ever increasing in hostility toward Christianity. Blessings to all of you and yours as we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus this Christmas Season! —Greg West (founder/editor of The Poached Egg)

Logically Questioning Strange Ideas and Controversial Theories

As a Christian scholar and logic instructor, I often get asked about my thoughts on strange phenomena, controversial theories, and alternative conspiratorial explanations. Through the years I’ve frequently been asked about such unusual things as UFOs, the apparitions of Mary, near-death experiences, and a host of conspiracy theories such as those relating to the JFK assassination, denial of the Holocaust, the so-called moon-landing hoax, secret societies, and various speculative end-of-the-world scenarios.

Does Science Have Limits?

It is a pretty reasonable point, as becomes clear when we start listing ways in which human beings have tried to know things: philosophy, theology, history, psychology, mathematics, literature, alchemy, archaeology, astronomy, agriculture, and many, many more – including, of course, physics, chemistry, and biology, the so-called hard sciences . How many of these does a porcupine, a pelican, or a porpoise pursue? None.

A Sailor’s Best Friend

It’s easy to see why dogs are a hunter’s best friend. But sailors? Go topside to examine a swabbie’s shoe, and you’ll find your answer.

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Just got out of class. Glad I didn’t have to put myself through the pain of watching Alabama win. #CFBNationalChampionship

Why Russell's Teapot Fails

Oftentimes, when discussing the existence of God with atheists (or agnostics), the notions of supporting evidence and burden of proof are raised. This is important as good evidence provides a foundation for a reasonable inference on this issue, as well as the idea that those who make claims must support them with some kind of evidence. For example, if God exists then there should be some evidence to support claims of His existence. And, as Christian case-makers continue to show, there are a number of evidences that support the existence of God.

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95 Ice cream shop in Dallas creating something uniquely sweet
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