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Lady Bird: A Love Letter to Catholic Schools

Catholic schools typically get bashed in the movies. "Lady Bird" is much more honest about the virtues, even beauty to be found in such struggling schools.

Receive with Meekness the Implanted Word

Our souls need Scripture just like our bodies need oxygen: moment by moment, every day. If we learn to live apart from it, we will surely die.

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The Untapped Tool for Christian Apologetics

A few years ago I was flying to San Francisco from my home in Honolulu. As I waited to board, I noticed many larger-than-average men getting on the plane. When I looked a little closer, I recognized a few familiar faces. On my left was Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers. Behind me, I saw Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens. I saw Alex Smith, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. There were other faces I couldn’t place, but I was confident they were NFL players. The odds of that many NFL stars ending up on the same flight from Honolulu to San Francisco would be incredibly low.

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: This Week's Top Ten Best-Sellers!

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

What's So Special About Christianity?

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

Get Disciplined About Discipleship

The goal of the Church is not to create attenders, tithers or ministry participants. It is not even to create program volunteers, although that may overlap with the true goal. The great commission commands us to make disciples. Every church would accept this in principle. But what is the plan to make disciples? I think many churches just hope that it will happen. The pastor may teach on the importance of mentoring and then hope someone will get it and decide to mentor a new Christian. Many churches likely are seeking some discipleship goals through small groups. That can be a means but attending a small group does not equate discipleship. Most small groups (from my experience) are primarily about fellowship and support. Those are good things but they are not the same as discipleship…

Q & A with Dr. Craig: How to Cure Slow Thinking

I have a question regarding those apologetics-discussions that come up when I am trying to share my Christian faith. Although I was raised in a fervently Christian home where I received a good education in the faith, and although I am currently studying philosophy at an excellent Christian academic institution (which has also been building up my faith, as my professors are doing a good job of relating sound philosophy to Christian faith), I find that I struggle with apologetics-discussions. I often find myself to be unable to formulate a ready reply on the spot - which distresses me, considering that 1 Peter 3:15 exhorts us to "always be ready to give an account for the hope that is in you." The problem seems to be that I am a slow thinker. I can usually come up with a good answer AFTER the fact, having given it some prayer and reflection, but I am often stumped for an answer on the spot.

Atheism is a Worldview

Life is often compared to a maze. Marriage and Family Therapist and contributor to Huffington Post, once wrote to the point, “In review, we see we have taken wrong turns, hit dead ends, lost time, meandered in wrong directions and twisted and turned at unexpected places. We thought we were going one way and had to head another. We are born into this maze”.[i] Deveric’s post goes on to describe the purpose of life and how to navigate the labyrinth. She goes on to write that the maze is navigated by perceptions and expectations, comfort and belonging, and other mental constructs. But, she writes, “No location within the maze can be the end goal because time will forcibly move you and death will take you out.” With this in mind, let’s examine worldview like a maze—an ever changing perspective but steadily moving…

After Baptism Gone Wrong, Court Weakens Church Protections

Doe reached out to the church for the baptism, “thereby submitted himself to the church’s rules on that practice,” Berg said. “Church autonomy binds those who associate themselves with the church; you can associate yourself for limited purposes and be bound within that sphere. A parallel case, cited by the dissent, involves the non-Catholic husband who agreed to participate in the Catholic annulment process and then tried to sue his ex-wife for defamation for statements she made during it. He properly lost, because he accepted the terms of that particular process.”

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Today the Senate has the opportunity to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to get us out of the club of just 7 nations that allow abortion on-demand after 5 months, a point by which science shows unborn babies can 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑛 #TheyFeelPain #ProLife #MicahsLaw

The Best Leaders Are Often Least Noticed: Robert Chapman (1803–1902)

But this turned out not to be exceptional for Chapman. He practiced this kind of love at all levels, great and small. He frequently gave needy people he met the literal coat off his back. Or he’d give away the last bit of money he had, even if it was his train fare home from some place. This happened with some regularity, and when it did, Chapman would board the train and simply ask the Lord to provide his fare, which he always did. The frequent guests who stayed overnight at his home always found their shoes cleaned and set outside their doors in the morning. And since many of the folks who attended his church were domestic workers who had precise work start times, he sought to always begin and end meetings on time.

Unique Way to Refute the Jehovah's Witnesses

Trails of Cold Steel II launches for PC on February 14 | RPG Site

Trails of Cold Steel II originally released in North America on September 6, 2016 for Playstation 3 and PS Vita. The game's Japanese re-release will hit Playstation 4 on April 26.

Following Christ Is Costly — But How Do You Count the Cost?

Welcome back to a new week on the Ask Pastor John podcast, answering your tough theological and ethical questions from the Bible. Well, following Christ is costly. And Jesus warns us to count the cost first, before we follow him. Which of course raises the big question: How? How do we calculate the cost? A listener named Sally asks it. “Hello, Pastor John, and thank you for the podcast! Christ tells us to forsake everything to be his disciple right after saying this: ‘For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, “This man began to build and was not able to finish.”’ That is Luke 14:28–30. Within the call to be his disciple how do we discern the cost and count that cost in each of our individual callings? Most significantly, how do we count the cost in advance when we do not know what cost will be exacted from us in the end?”


It’s a new year and at NRBTV we have a new focus. This year, we are excited to bring you more educational study programs to help you grow in your … Read More

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Greg is on a four-minute timer and answers questions about how we’ll all be able to spend time with Jesus after the resurrection, whether the Bible promises protection to Christians, and the books Greg reads. …

Conflict vs. Conversation

In Joshua 22, there’s a fascinating account of a literal civil war being avoided through conversation. The nation of Israel was separated by the Jordan River, with some tribes on the east side, and others on the west.  The western tribes had heard that the eastern tribes had constructed a huge altar just on the western side of the Jordan, and they assumed it was built to honor a foreign god. Fearing that their countrymen’s actions would bring God’s judgment on the whole nation, they geared up for civil war. But, seemingly at the last minute, they sent a group of men to express their concerns to the other tribes. The eastern tribes were shocked at the accusation, informing the delegation that the altar was actually built to remind future generations that tribes from both sides of the Jordan had the right to worship in the Tabernacle. In the end, a simple conversation prevented a conflict.

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Are Your Kids Ready for Apologetics?

My children are still young, so it’s easy to spend little time thinking about teaching them apologetics. We get lost in the hustle and craziness of homework and baseball and tests and “Do I have any clean socks?”, and well, just getting dinner on the table each night is a challenge. Yet as they are getting older, I want to teach them the Biblical truths that will equip them to withstand spiritual attacks and answer the tough questions that they might someday face from their peers.

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#TheSift : Russia cracks down on anti-Putin protests … @onize_ohiks

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Today we have part 1 of cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace’s “Embracing Your Duty as a Christian.” Using arguments from his outstanding book “Forensic Faith,” he drives home the importance of developing a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith.

Instagram post by Louie Giglio • Jan 29, 2018 at 4:04pm UTC


The prodigal’s father is like your heavenly Father. No matter what you’ve done, when you come home to God, he wraps you in his love. He gives you his best and says, “All is forgiven! Go get the robe. Go get the shoes. Let’s have a feast! My child has returned to me.”

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Intellectual home of the modern intelligent design movement and the scientists and scholars challenging Darwin's theory of evolution on the basis of science.

Apologetics Restored my Faith

But I was what you would call a “nominal Christian.” I would go to church weekly, attend every Bible study, and even serve in many capacities. But looking back, those were empty times. I knew the stories of the Bible, the head knowledge of who God was. I had the typical Christian education: God created the universe and everything in it, Man fell into sin, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came down, died and rose again for our sins because He loved us. While that isn’t wrong, that was the extent of my faith. I was living comfortably in my Christianity and my faith was never being challenged so I had no reason to defend it.

Christianity is a may need it someday

In a recent USA Today OpEd , Harvard epidemiologist, Tyler VanderWeele, presented the growing body of evidence that religious participation is – quite literally – good for you.  Multiple studies have shown that regular church attendance is beneficial for one’s mental and physical health.  In the colorful language of the article, religion is a “miracle drug.” 

Embryonic Development Reveals “Staggering Complexity” | Evolution News

Oh my. I recently cited a paper on the evolution of embryonic development and how the evidence contradicts evolutionary theory and common descent. Even the evolutionists, though in understated terms, admitted there were problems. Evolutionary analyses are “reaching their limits,” it is difficult to “conclude anything about evolutionary origins,” genetic similarities “do not necessarily imply common ancestry,” and “conserved regulatory networks can become unrecognizably divergent.”

Case-Making 101: Is the Bible written by eyewitnesses of the events?

Eyewitness Accounts: Many people think the Bible is just like other “holy books” telling mythological stories or giving philosophical advice. Not true! Upon close examination one will find that the Bible with its 66 different books is written by at least 40 authors who were either eyewitnesses of the accounts or who record eyewitness testimony. These authors came and went over a period of about 1500 years yet they are so cohesive in their subject matter and theme to the point that the 66 books flow as one. In addition the Bible’s content and preservation is unmatched in ancient literature.

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American troops on board a landing craft heading for the beaches at Oran in Algeria during Operation 'Torch', November 1942.

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BP This Week: A Gymnast's Remarkable Testimony. Plus: Cecile Richards's Despicable Legacy; International Religious Persecution Plus: Cecile Richards's Despicable Legacy; International Religious Persecution

Three Lessons from the Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman Debate

Jordan Peterson's debate with Cathy Newman on Channel 4 has gone viral. While people who regularly follow debates on feminism, the gender pay gap, postmodernism, and campus protests will be familiar with much of the discussion, there are important lessons here for everyone. David Wood mansplains them. PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

Is Jesus Merely a Myth? Interview with author David Marshall

MARSHALL: The purpose of Jesus is No Myth is not merely to prove that some chap named Yeshua walked around Palestine 2000 years ago, but that the amazing things the Gospels tell us about him are true. I do take on the most popular mythicist in this book—and in one-on-one debates—but the notion that Jesus never even lived is mere collateral damage to my main argument. The subtitle of the book is "the fingerprints of God on the Gospels," because I argue that there is powerful evidence within the gospels—like fingerprints on a windowsill, or DNA on a knife—that God has given this corner of history a personal and world-transforming twist…

If God Doesn’t Heal You

If we set our eyes only on a cure, rather than on the reality of our physical mortality, we may chase after treatments that not only fail to save us, but which also rob us of our capacities to think, communicate, and pray in our final days. We forget that if our healing is not within God’s will, we will need fortitude, peace, and discernment to endure. And if cure does not come, a single-minded focus on healing strands ourselves and those we love with unsettling doubts about the validity of our faith.

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective, Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Biola University and author of Cold-Case Christianity (A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels). Jim examines the case for the Christian Worldview from an investigative, evidential perspective. With the rules of evidence clearly in mind and over 25 years’ experience as an investigator, Jim examines the case for the existence of God, the reality of dualism, the reliability of the Biblical text, and the deity of Jesus. Join us each week as Jim sorts through the evidence for the Christian Worldview, and please visit our website at

The One Social Media Sin We're All Apparently OK With

I thought I could escape it. I hopped a plane to Argentina, expecting peace and quiet from all the political turmoil. But only a few days after arriving in Buenos Aires, violent protests erupted a few blocks from our apartment. It seems the new president of Argentina is experiencing just as many mixed reviews as our own.

Jordan Peterson Destroys Islam in 15 Seconds

In his discussion with Cathy Newman on Channel 4, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson showed that there is no difference between men and women in intelligence. However, Muhammad claimed that women are far less intelligent than men. Do intelligence tests thus prove that Muhammad's claims were false? David Wood discusses the issue. PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

Abortion ban bill fails to advance in the Senate

Two Republicans — Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) — joined 44 Democrats and independents in voting against the bill. Sen. ­Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said the legislation is “yet another attempt to harm women by criminalizing their health care.” She criticized Republicans for spending “the Senate’s time trying to turn back the clock” rather than focusing on a Feb. 8 spending deadline and bipartisan attempts to compromise on immigration.

Same-Sex Attraction and the Wait for Change

The reversal of my orientation is a type of change that is not guaranteed in this life. God never promised me that he would remove my SSA. I am reminded of Paul praying three times to the Lord in 2 Corinthians 12 that the thorn in his flesh would be taken away. And what did God say? “My grace is enough” (2 Corinthians 12:9). God decides which thorns stay and which thorns he will remove, for his glory. Even though SSA is a particularly painful thorn to bear, I have no guarantee one way or the other.

Behavioral Science Catches Up to the Bible

The Character Gap offers welcome confirmation that science is coming around to the Bible’s understanding of human nature. We have tendencies toward evil even as we desire to become better people than we are capable of being. And there is probably something to the hypothesis that faith helps make us better people. Since our environment so powerfully shapes our behavior, surrounding ourselves with the good, true, and beautiful—and with people pursuing those virtues—is surely to our advantage, even if modern behavior research can’t supply the incontrovertible proof.

A Personal God is the Best Explanation for the Beginning of the Universe

Christians aren’t the only ones looking for the first “uncaused cause” of the universe. Everyone, theists and atheists alike, is looking for the cause of a universe that clearly had a beginning . If the cause of the universe was itself caused, then our search for the beginning of everything would continue, wouldn’t it? We’d be sifting through a series of previous causes toward infinity past, and we all recognize that a search of this nature is both futile and illogical. Believers, skeptics and seekers are in search of the uncaused “first cause”; some of us believe this first cause to be purely “natural’ while others believe this first cause to be supernatural.

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Vermon Pierre ( @PastorVP ) on what’s on his nightstand, the books that have shaped his understanding of racial justice, the three books every young pastor should read, and more. 

The Danger of Reducing Big Ideas to Smaller Ones

By and large, we appreciate multi-dimensional storylines that challenge our minds and heart. Our souls seem to resonate with an invitation to not be simple. To not be singular, myopic, small-minded.

A Wall of Security or a Table of Fellowship?

Our immigration debates often revolve around pairs of unworkable extremes: Shall we build our walls high, or swing our doors wide open? Letting go of this dichotomy allows Christians to consider a more modest and practical political theology. As Kaemingk reminds us, “Neither walls nor doors make a house feel like a home.” It’s one thing for a nation to open its doors; it’s quite another for individual Christian households to open their doors “to the deep challenges of difference.” Such a gesture requires embodying a different, almost radical kind of politics. It is a politics on full, sublime display in the person of Jesus Christ, who welcomes the stranger to his table and shares the riches of his kingdom. After all, says Kaemingk, “the ultimate end of politics is not a wall of security but a table of fellowship.”

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Congress is voting on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act today. Learn more about this important legislation protecting the life of the unborn.  #TheyFeelPain

Beyond Science: Understanding Real Knowledge

A more debated aspect of this type of knowledge is basic mathematic statements and logical deductions. Some philosophers argue that we know 2+2=4 in the same sense that we know a ball is in front of us. It is directly perceived as true. You don't have to go out and observe 2+2 in different environments around the world or around the universe to confidently hold that he product will always turn out to be 4. We understand that it just is that way. Similarly, we experience the same type of understanding when we argue in this way: All men are born. Socrates was a man; therefore Socrates must have been born. That is a logical argument, but we know it to be true directly.

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6 things new church members need to know

Obviously, I want people to become members of our church, but I care most that Christians will find a church where they can best glorify God and grow in Christ’s grace. So I want to lay out the biblical priorities in determining which local church to join, and then I spend some time explaining who we are as a church. Because the relationship between members of a local church is a close one of love and encouragement, I want those who are considering joining us to have a good understanding of who we are before deciding to become members. What is our history? What is our vision? What are our ministries? Answering questions like these and allowing time to answering their questions about our church are critical for them to get to know us. I also want them to have read through our church’s constitution so that they understand how we operate as a church.

Aziz Ansari and the Limits of Consent | Think Christian

At the very least, this thought experiment quickly helps us realize that anytime any of us consents to anything, it inevitably has a broader impact than on just two people. Someone’s consent or level of comfort is always interpreted through the broader communal mores around sex. In a sense, every woman who has consented to being treated by Ansari in this way previously played a part in that encounter. And Ansari’s own consent to treating women as nothing more than objects of pleasure and letting himself be treated as a likely trophy to be claimed (“I was with Aziz Ansari!”) played a part in the encounter as well.

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