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The Origin of Life: Evolution vs. Design [Full Debate]

Michael Ruse and Fuz Rana square off to debate the question "Are natural processes sufficient to explain the origin and the complexity of the cell?" Moderate...

03. Isn't faith just for the stupid and gullible?

Nathan Betts ( of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "Isn't faith just for the stupid and gullible?". Wan...

Cortney O'Brien - Pro-life Tim Tebow Super Bowl Commercial Prompted Mother to Reject Abortion

This Super Bowl commercial saved a life.

'I'm Not Who I Was Pretending to Be;' Justin Bieber Apologizes for Bad Behavior After 'Ellen' Appearance

After a year of controversial appearances in the news including arrests and drunkenly urinating in a mop bucket, pop singer Justin Bieber, who will turn 21 on March 1, has apologized.

Doctrine of Revelation Part 7: The Authority of Scripture & Defining Inerrancy

For more resources visit: Defenders is Dr William Lane Craig's weekly Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetic...

BBC Radio Oxford - Dr Nabeel Qureshi

Dr Nabeel Qureshi of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries discusses his incredible journey from Islam to Christianity.

Risky Puppy Rescue is Made Possible Because of Some Good Samaritans

These Good Samaritans knew they has to do something when they saw a puppy lonely and stranded on an island. They immediately did something to help when the time was right. It was extremely risky, and involved climbing under a bridge.

Loving Mother Fights for Sick Kids After Suffering a Heart-Wrenching Loss

This Christmas baby was the gift of a lifetime for this mother. Christina's son Judson was a blessing in disguise from the moment he was born. But, after a few months, she realized something had been wrong with him after stumbling from time to time.

Three Lines of Evidence for Christianity: Scriptural

For more information or to buy Abdu Murray's new book, visit Embrace the Truth International @AbduMurray @RTB_FRana Follow RTB...

Hilarious Video of a Dad Interviewing His Adorable Infant Girl

This new dad does something hilarious with his infant baby girl. He decided to get some extra information we may not have known on babies, so he used an expert for help -- his baby daughter, Amalah.

Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks – Thanks to Skittles!

If you are a football fan and been following the road to Super Bowl XLIX, then you have probably heard of Marshawn Lynch. He is also known as "Beast Mode" after proving that he is a clutch runner and is very difficult to bring down. One other thing that is difficult is getting him to speak at a press conference.

A Third Rotary Motor Has Now Been Found in Bacteria

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Join Eric Metaxas, Chris August at ARISE! - Summit Ministries | Summit Announcements - Summit Ministries

LEARN from bestselling author and humorist, Eric Metaxas, as he hosts an evening to equip you to live Christianly in an often un-Christian world.

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Dispatch from America’s Most Bible-Minded City

How can such sins persist in a city where more than half of the residents read the Bible regularly and believe what it says? Do we merely blame the other 49 percent and seek their conversion? Certainly there are opportunities to share the good news about Jesus, even in America’s most Bible-minded city. But anyone engaged in local church ministry in Birmingham sees a more sober picture than the surveys portray. Some Christians openly defy biblical teaching when they know better. Others simply ignore it. Still more bounce from megachurch to megachurch in search of an ear-tickling message. Such drifters usually settle at the Church of Me. All these people would be included among the Bible-minded, according to Barna.

The Briefing 01-30-15

1) Legal win for Trinity Western Law school dodges choice between religious and erotic liberty

3 Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (01/23- 01/30) - Apologetics 315

Brian Auten is director of Reasonable Faith Belfast and founder of Apologetics 315, a daily online resource helping to equip the next generation of Christian apologists. More...

Seahawks Assistant Coach: ‘Jesus is Better Than the Super Bowl’

“Don’t get me wrong,” Sylvester said. “Rocky is a competitive man. I’ve only seen a handful of other people who’ve worked as hard as Rocky has . . . but if the Seahawks don’t win, Rock would say, ‘To God be the glory. He’s still on the throne, and he’s still the only one who matters,’” because Seto knows his back-to-back Super Bowls berths would never have happened without his Christian faith.

Millennials Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Cohabitation

That's pretty typical of the kinds of issues Galena Rhoades sees as a researcher studying cohabitation at the University of Denver, and in her work as a clinical psychologist. In her 10 years of practice, she's seen a growing number of people coming to her for help with cohabiting relationships. She says those couples are sandwiched between the pressures of dating and marriage.


7 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Fathom Events

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Have No FOMO

FOMO would have the last word if not for the resurrection of Christ. According to Paul, if this life is the end then we should all be slaves to FOMO. We should eat and drink and make sure we don’t miss out on any earthly pleasure because this is our only shot at joy (1 Cor. 15:32). But the resurrected Christ proves that this life is not our only chance for happiness. We can walk past the pleasures of this world without fear of missing out because we are confident that all this life has to offer is not worth comparing to the joy that awaits us in the next. We can say goodbye to our brothers and sisters and cross the globe for the sake of Christ because we know we will enjoy eternity with them. We can exploit our singleness without regret because we trust that we will be with the perfect bridegroom forever.

The Romney Statement: Not Running. "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee." « The Hugh Hewitt Show

Let me give you some of my thinking. First, I am convinced that with the help of the people on this call, we could win the nomination. Our finance calls made it clear that we would have enough funding to be more than competitive. With few exceptions, our field political leadership is ready and enthusiastic about a new race. And the reaction of Republican voters across the country was both surprising and heartening. I know that early poll numbers move up and down a great deal during a campaign, but we would have no doubt started in a strong position. One poll out just today shows me gaining support and leading the next closest contender by nearly two to one. I also am leading in all of the four early states. So I am convinced that we could win the nomination, but fully realize it would have been difficult test and a hard fight.

Two Israeli soldiers, U.N. peacekeeper killed in Israel-Hezbollah violence

JERUSALEM/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish peacekeeper were killed on Wednesday in an exchange of fire between Hezbollah and Israel, one of the most violent clashes between the two sides since a 2006 war.


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England in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries was in the midst of spiritual decline, marked by lifeless sermons, strife, persecution, and malaise. Into this dark time, George Whitefield burst forth as one of the greatest preachers the church had seen since the time of the Apostles.

15 Jerusalem Ministry

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Pastor Saeed Abedini Thanks Obama for Visiting His Wife, Children; Says Christians Around the World Inspired by Meeting

Pastor Saeed Abedini has thanked President Barack Obama for visiting his wife, Naghmeh, and two children last week in Boise, Idaho. Abedini, who is serving an eight-year sentence in Iran for his faith, said that Obama's gesture inspired many persecuted Christians around the world.

Canadian Justice: You Can’t Block Lawyers Over Their Alma Mater Banning Gay Sex

This decision isn’t about whether LGBT equality rights are more or less important that the religious freedoms of Evangelical Christians. It’s not a value judgment in that sense at all. It is first about whether the NSBS had the authority to do what it did. It is also about whether, even if it had that authority, the NSBS reasonably considered the implications of its actions on the religious freedoms of TWU and its students in a way that was consistent with Canadian legal values of inclusiveness, pluralism, and the respect for the rule of law.

Why I Gave Up Alcohol

I am 30, I am an evangelical Christian, and I don't drink. Not because I have a problem with alcohol abuse, although I enjoy a good sobriety story as much as the next person. My narrative is a bit more jarring, coming across to fellow liberated evangelicals as a throwback to our not-too-distant conservative past. In a culture that encourages us to celebrate the good things of life—Instagramming an artfully arranged salad, tweeting about Pinot Noir, posting Facebook albums full of vacations—choosing not to drink carries a stigma of pietism, a whiff of refusing to party with Jesus. A faith built on meaningless acts of righteousness, of disdaining the world and its evil values.

LIVE Event: God, Science & the Big Questions - Leading Christian Thinkers Respond to the New Atheism

Join us for this fast-paced, wide-ranging and supremely stimulating discussion among some of the finest thinkers in the Christian world. Nothing is off the table as they discuss science vs. Christianity, arguments for God, the decline of Darwinism, radical Islam and the Gospel, responding to skeptics, the problem of consciousness, mathematics and the cosmos, the nature of knowledge, and much, much more.

7 Things You Should Know About the Ongoing Coup in Yemen

5. The United States has been carrying out drone attacks on suspected AQAP militants. They generally hit their intended targets, and Yemenis are not ungrateful for the help containing AQAP. But innocent civilians have been collateral damage as well. Yemenis may not care for AQAP, but they are increasingly horrified by American bombs falling on them unexpectedly from the sky. Now that the friendly Yemeni government seems to have fallen, America must now decide who its new partner in the country will be. The Houthis and AQAP agree on one thing: they hate America and desire to drive all things Western out of the Arabian Peninsula.

‘They Should Be Eradicated’: Sociologists Reveal Shocking Results of ‘Christianophobia’ Research — and a Cautionary Warning for Conservative Bible-Believers

Sociologists at the University of North Texas are issuing a cautionary warning to Christians noting that, though there isn’t widespread “Christianophonia” in the U.S., the small group of those who have a strong aversion to conservative believers are among the influential and elite.

A New Era for Jesus Culture

Of late, Jesus Culture’s focus has been on finding and raising up leaders—not for the Church itself, but for the places the Church wants to influence throughout society. They’re not changing their mission so much as they’re expanding their vision for what worship means—and that it can include more than just music. Music, of course, being where Jesus Culture cut their teeth.

What Darwin's Darlings Need to Know about David Hume

Referring to Hume's An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding , Wallace took careful note of Hume's definition of a miracle, which was that a miracle "is a violation of the laws of nature" and that it "is a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent." Wallace protested that "both these definitions are bad or imperfect. The first assumes that we know all the laws of nature, that the particular effect could not be produced by some unknown law of nature overcoming a law we do know." Why, he added, must products of intelligence in nature invariably violate natural laws? Wallace suggests that Hume's assertions about the violation of natural laws are assumed without, in his words, "a shadow of proof."

Join Us for the 2015 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith! And Don't Miss the Early Bird Special

Are they right? Are humans really the insignificant products of a blind, uncaring cosmos that did not have us in mind? Is belief in God the enemy of scientific progress? What is the true nature of scientific inquiry and its relationship to faith? Explore these questions and more at the sixth annual Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, March 20-21, near Philadelphia.

An invasion of artificial outrage

Above all, extreme rhetoric shapes a certain view of ideological opponents. Climate scientists and their allies, say some on the right, are not just mistaken, they are liars. They are acting out of corrupt financial and ideological motivations. No real debate is possible with people consciously engaged in a fraud or a hoax. They can’t be engaged; they can only be defeated. This approach becomes even more dangerous when opponents are defined in ethnic or religious terms. It creates an atmosphere in which neighbors are viewed as potential subversives.

Innovative Apologetics: Seeing the Powerful Patterns of Evidence for the Exodus

27 Daily Watchman

Daily Watchman, by Stand Up for Truth: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Is Government a Product of the Fall?

Kuyper was not content, however, to restrict the role of government in God’s plan simply to a post-fall function. He insisted that what we experience as political authority under fallen conditions is a manifestation of something already implicit in the original creation design. Kuyper argued in his Stone Lecture on politics that even if the fall had not occurred there would have developed a need for government. Political authority in an unfilled world would not have taken the form of coercive nation-states; rather there would have emerged “one organic world-empire, with God as its King; exactly what is prophesied for the future which awaits us, when all sin shall have disappeared.” Here government is not fundamentally a remedial response to human perversity, but a natural provision for regulating—“ordering”—the complexity of created cultural life.

All Is Not Lost: Russia and Ukraine Can Be Healed

This won’t come naturally to most churches in Russia and Ukraine. Many priests and pastors see themselves as responsible for what happens within the four walls of their church—and nothing else. This deeply-embedded isolationism—a legacy of the Soviet period—makes it nearly impossible for the church to engage society during a time of crisis. As one Ukrainian pastor put it to me, “We see serving God as something we do only in our church. So when conflict came, we realized we were cut off from society.” Another pastor from the region was more prescriptive: “The church has no social doctrine. We need a theology of engagement.”

The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

It was a distinct pleasure to travel to Calgary, Alberta last week to speak at a conference jointly held by Calvary Grace Church , a thriving urban church plant, and the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood . According to several sources, the conference on “The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood,” may well have been the first of its kind in Canada. At the very least, this sort of event is a definite rarity in Northern America and Canada.


God’s revelation: where would we be without it? In this series, Dr. Stephen Nichols explains that we would be lost if not for God’s Word, trapped in the darkness of sin forever. Rather than forsake us, God sent His Son, Jesus, revealing and recording His redemptive purposes in an inspired, inerrant, and authoritative source: the Bible. Sufficient for all of life, a crucial question arises: will we accept its authority?

Innovative Apologetics: Relativism and Nihilism Some Applications for Apologetics part 1

What Women Want: More Opportunities to Serve

Thanks to a proliferation of Christian blogs, books, and conferences, today's evangelicals—women and men—are well-resourced and equipped. They are eager to channel their talents into ministry. Though many congregations offer training and direction in spiritual gifts, we need better follow-up to link members’ giftings with the work of the church. Without clear on-ramps to leadership, teaching, or other roles—or when those on-ramps pose problems for working members (off-hours training) or parents of young children (no childcare)—the church’s interested, willing servants fall through the cracks.

34 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Steve Harvey Made a Promise With God After Being at His Lowest Point in Life – He Never Forget That Promise!

If you have watched "Family Feud" before, than you must have cracked a few laughs with Steve Harvey as the host. But, before making everyone laugh, this star was homeless and miserable. Until one day when he made a promise with God, that he still talks about to this day.

Human Extinction Is the Logical Corollary of Animal Rights Thinking

Besides, animal rights activists should remember the cliché that when they point their index finger at us, three of their own fingers are pointing back at them. Animal rights ideology would willingly allow mass human suffering that would be caused should they obtain their ultimate goal of preventing all animal domestication and husbandry. If that ever happened, we would suffer, and how!

‘American Sniper’ thrills Baghdad crowd: ‘Shoot him! He has an IED!’

“The sniper, he has a chance to hit the child and his mother in their foot or anywhere without killing them, but he didn’t because he’s bloodthirsty like all the American troops,” said Wael, who declined to give his last name, the newspaper reported. Wael added that he had seen the film three times.

Conference Scholarships Boyce/SBTS Campus Students

As a Boyce/SBTS student taking classes on campus, you have the opportunity to attend one of these conferences for free each semester. These are called “conference scholarships” and are renewed each semester a student is enrolled on-campus during the regular semester (this includes D.Min. students but excludes extension center and online students). The scholarships are limited in number and are first-come, first-serve.

'David and Goliath' Director Says He Is an Evangelist; Promises Different Movie From 'Noah' and 'Exodus'

Director Tim Chey who's behind the upcoming "David and Goliath" film has said that he's an evangelist, and promised that the movie will be different from 2014's Hollywood features "Noah" and "Exodus: Gods and Kings."

Is God's Spirit in Everyone, Even in Aggressive Atheists Like Richard Dawkins?

A survey examining Americans' views on Christian theology revealed that, among even self-identified Christians, there is confusion or disagreement about the Holy Spirit. Is the spirit a force or a personal being? Is the spirit present in only Pentecostal Christians, or in all believers? According to one theologian, the spirit is both a force and a being — and is present in everyone , not just Christians.

A Powerful Song That Shows God's Love and Redemption for All

It is not so often we see people open up and give their testimonies in front of the camera before a music video. In this case, you will hear the testimonies shared that signifies God's love and redemption. This will assure you that God knows your name. It is very inspiring and the meaning in the video will hit you hard. God cares about each and every one of us, and loves us all equally!

RELEVANT Podcast: The Lone Bellow

The first Superbowl Commercial should be action-oriented. Maybe a conglomeration of scenes from major cinematic masterpieces, but with podcast members in place. It should include things like the Whale Shark (maybe instead of a regular shark and use a JAWS reference), reference to Jesse's neighbor...maybe insert Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, or some other celebrity that plays a Boston native, reference to Canada's jorts, and of course this is all narrated by Nicholas Cage.


“The two most important questions for anyone to answer concern Jesus the Christ. Who exactly is he? And how do I relate properly to him? Gilbert addresses these questions effectively in this important book. From the moment at Caesarea Philippi when Jesus asked his disciples about the opinions concerning his identity until now, no other question has had such eternal consequences. This perceptive volume is written with the touch of the Spirit of God in revealing Jesus the Christ.” —Paige Patterson , President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Gay Marriage 'Graver Threat' Than Divorce, Cohabitation, Rick Warren, Other Evangelicals, Catholics Declare

Influential megachurch Pastor Rick Warren and 49 other Catholic and Evangelical scholars and intellectuals have signed their names to an eight-page declaration that opposes society's growing acceptance of same-sex marriages and labels homosexual unions as a "graver threat" to marriage than widespread divorce and cohabitation because it is a parody of marriage.

Religious liberty and persecution: a global perspective

These stories are not surprising when you consider the words of Christ in the Gospels. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” Jesus told his disciples. “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven” (Matthew 5:10-12). On a later occasion, when he sent these disciples out like “sheep in the midst of wolves,” he promised them that persecution would come. “Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them.” He concludes, “You will be hated ... for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matthew 10:16-18, 22). Even a cursory reading of Gospel passages like these reveals that the more we become like Jesus in this world, the more we will experience what he experienced. Just as it was costly for him to counter culture, it will be costly for us.

A Surprise Wedding That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

The mother had gone off and planned the whole thing as a complete surprise! When they find out they are brought to tears instantly. This was a perfect surprise that caught both of them off guard. When you see their reaction, you will tear up as well. Imagine being so stressed out with planning and someone was behind it the whole time setting it up? It is almost impossible for your heart to stay still after seeing this beautiful surprise.

RIP Charles Townes, Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Who Supported Intelligent Design in Cosmology | The Stream

Increasingly, science is showing how special our universe and we are, which has raised questions about whether it was indeed planned or influenced — one of many examples where science and religion naturally interact. The British physicist, Fred Hoyle, who was skeptical that there was any creation of the universe, nevertheless wrote, after he discovered how remarkable nuclear properties produced important chemical elements, “Would you not say to yourself, ‘some super-calculating intellect must have designed the properties of the carbon atom?’ Of course you would. A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that some super intellect has monkeyed with physics — and there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature.”

Mitt Romney Won't Run for President in 2016, 'We Believe It's Best for the Party and the Nation'

"Mitt Romney has been a leader in our party for many years. There are few people who have worked harder to elect Republicans across the country than he has. Though I'm sure today's decision was not easy, I know that Mitt Romney will never stop advocating for renewing America's promise through upward mobility, encouraging free enterprise and strengthening our national defense. Mitt is a patriot and I join many in hoping his days of serving our nation and our party are not over. I look forward to working with him to ensure all Americans have a chance to rise up," Bush wrote .

5 Lies American Culture Feeds Us Every Day

In my personal opinion I think #4 is an issue of balance. At the other spectrum is collectivism. With extreme individualism, we rely only on ourselves, with extreme collectivism, we rely only on others. Both can take our eyes off relying on God. That being said, Christians, including myself, have for too long seen Christianity as an individual sport, and not relied on accountability and honest relationships with other people in our Christian walk. At the same time, our individual time with God is vital, and it's important that God speak to us directly through his word. In the past, society erred on the other end, where someone interpreted the word for us. I don't think a blanket poo-pooing of individualism is helpful. Even Paul himself said that he worked with his own hands so that he would not be a burden to other people.

Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials

The black church’s unique history and culture help to explain why it is keeping millennials while other traditions are losing them. In the Antebellum Era, the black church was a place of “communal and spiritual encouragement” for slaves, says University of Albany professor Roxanne Jones Booth. And during Jim Crow, the church was one of the few institutions that let blacks lead.

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