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Watch Big Sean Perform His New Faith-Inspired Song ‘Sunday Morning Jetpack’ on 'SNL'

This weekend, rapper Big Sean was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and used the stage for a debut performance of his new, faith-inspired song “Sunday Morning Jetpack.” The song starts off with the lyrics, Thank you God for all my setbacks / 'Cause he the reason I'm able to give back / This feels like my Sunday morning jetpack / Feel like I sent the prayers up and got blessed back. The song references his upbringing, love for his family, church, prayer and faith: "It reminded me of how we used to dress up as a family and go to Sunday service and be at church singing / Ain’t been to church in while, but it ain’t just about how you praise him in the building, it’s about how you praising him while you out.” The song also references collaborating with Kanye West and Kirk Franklin, saying, “You the reason I ever touched my first Franklin / Fast forward, I'm in Kanye crib with Kirk Franklin.” Last year, Kirk Franklin took the stage with Kanye West on Saturday Night Live, and performed their song “Ultralight Beam” which featured a full gospel choir and even a prayer from Franklin.

A Muslim Registry Is a Really Bad Idea

Katy Perry is right: Fear has no place in our country.

Eddie Long's Church Declares 'This Is Our House,' Shares Memories Ahead of Funeral

"This is why churches need succession plans," he said, noting that he didn't know if Long had one. "Particularly in churches that are heavily tied to a personality. When a church has that kind of personality, it's hard to know where that person ends and the church begins."

Are all sins equal? — Southern Equip

Resources for Church Leaders

What Do You Say to People Who Don’t Understand the Importance of Christian Case Making? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace talks about the need for local churches to embrace and incorporate apologetics in the life of their congregations.

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Apologetics is for Everyone

Does any of that sound familiar? It should because it’s a picture of the times we live in. Christianity and the Bible are under attack from all angles, and if you believe in the God of the Bible, you’re viewed as someone who is antiquated and needs to get with it or shut up. While it is sometimes easier to keep our faith to ourselves, Christianity is a perfectly rational and defensible worldview. We do not hold to a blind faith. There is plenty of evidence and logic to back up our claims. As Christians, we ought to be ready to defend our faith against its opponents. The Apostle Peter tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 that we should always be prepared to give a defense to anyone who asks. This wasn’t a command he gave only to church leaders; it was for everyone, including you!

2 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Christians Never Outgrow the Gospel - Jonathan Morrow

D o Christians ever outgrow the Gospel? I mean isn’t the Gospel what you heard in Sunday school or vacation Bible school when you were a kid? Surely we are beyond that now right? Nope–not if we really understand how wonderful and radical the Gospel truly is.

Why You Should Be a Christian Feminist

I live just miles from the plantation where Harriet Tubman lived and worked as a slave. The UGR runs a bike ride from our farm, so I am familiar with Tubman's story and I can tell you that fighting for the rights of women was not the motivation behind her cause. She paved a way for a race to experience freedom. Why is it so necessary to apply a label to a gender? Does the feminist label generate empowerment? A complimentarian role for women fits into the biblical context much more than feminist. I will,continue to reach mybdaughtets to breach deep inside themselves to make their mark in the world, that is true freedom. Assigning a label does not define a gender.

Geniuses and Scientists Who Believe in God

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Trump reinstates pro-life “Mexico City Policy”: The Reagan-era rule blocks funding to NGOs that provide abortions …

Greg Bahnsen Defender of the Truth

WORLD on Twitter

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley confirmed as UN ambassador

The Atlantic on Twitter

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What They Don't Tell You About Pursuing Social Justice

I can easily agree with much of that. I too believe that relationship is a very important step in the process to sharing the Gospel. Earning the right to be heard is an important thing. We need to act and we need to be ready to speak. Sometimes the Lord brings opportunities to speak quickly, but many times it's a long haul. In my long years of ministry and practicing the Christian faith I have seen the pendulum strike both ends but rarely fall in the middle. I have seen many a believer, church, and denomination focus on sharing the Gospel with little or no concern for the needs of others beyond that, and I have seen many take on justice as the central tenet and as a result move off of the Gospel entirely. As you say, we must certainly do both, but I would add that one supersedes the other. I would debate as to whether or not Jesus's work centered on justice. It was a part of it for sure,and an important part which I am glad you are passionate about - but I don't think it was the center. The center is the Gospel of salvation - all things flow from that. All of God's best to

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Oscars present a more diverse slate of nominees; La La Land leads this year

Is Your Conscience Captive to God?

Here is the supreme irony and tragedy of sin: the more we repeat our sins, the greater the guilt we incur, but the less sensitive we become to the pangs of guilt in our consciences. Paul says that people store up wrath for themselves on the day of wrath (Romans 2:5). That’s objective guilt — they are guilty because they have broken God’s law. But some people have so destroyed their consciences that they believe it really doesn’t matter what they do as long as it is consensual and they can see no harm. Their subjective guilt — their feeling or sense of guilt that accompanies wrongdoing — diminishes.

Secret Church

Secret Church is our version of "house church" where we meet periodically for an intense time of Bible study—lasting 6+ hours—including a time of prayer for our brothers and sisters across the globe who are facing persecution and for those who still have not heard the gospel.

Survey: 100% Of People Marching On Washington Were Not Aborted | The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a survey conducted in the nation’s capital Saturday, a full 100% of the people marching on the nation’s capital for abortion rights as part of the “Women’s March on Washington” were found to have not been aborted by their mothers when they were yet to be born.

The Sanctity of Unwanted Life

We must take action against the sin of abortion in our country and we must do it now. But make no mistake: The battle for life is not only inside clinic walls; it’s inside our hearts. Let’s stop abortion where it starts.

Lay Aside the Weight of Insecurity

But if those promises are not satisfying to us — if we need other people’s approval to feel validated, if we find criticism or rejection debilitating, if we see a pattern of regularly disobeying Christ because we’re trying to escape or demand attention, or if we are caught in habitual or addictive sins through which we seek relief from our fears — then our insecurity is telling us we have an idol problem. We have a false god that needs to be knocked down, a sin-weight that must be laid aside (Hebrews 12:1).

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How Can You Trust Christianity Is True If You Haven’t Examined All the Alternatives? | Cold Case Christianity

The case for Christianity is made in a similar way. While it may be helpful to examine a particular alternative worldview on occasion to show its inadequacies or errors, these deficiencies fail to establish Christianity as factual. How can you trust Christianity is true if you haven’t examined all the alternatives? The case for the Christian worldview must first be made affirmatively even if no other claim is examined negatively . If there’s enough evidence to reasonably infer Christianity is true, we needn’t look any further. The affirmative case will either stand or fall on its own merit, even if we’re unable to examine any other “suspect”.

3 Bad Reasons To Reject Christianity

As a former atheist (and really, an antitheist), there were many reasons why I was not a theist (nonetheless a Christian). Usually when the discussion of Christianity would come up I would have a few pocketed arguments I would reach for when pressed on the issue. You know, the usual, “Well I’ve met some bad people who are Christian, therefore I am not a Christian” or even the “All religion is evil!” argument. Or, I would just mock their lack of what I would call “intelligence” for even insinuating that Christianity could possibly be true. However, the more I learned about logic, Christianity, and my own personal biases, I realized that I was not being intellectually honest, open-minded, or rational. Surely, many reject the Christian faith for many reasons, some I have held in the past and some I have not. But, here are three (of many) poor reasons to reject Christianity.

Obama Gave $221 Million in Aid to the Palestinian Authority Moments Before Leaving Office

Years ago, Congress approved the aid package (twice, in fact, in 2015 and 2016), but two Republican lawmakers placed a hold on it, preventing it from being released. They said that they took issue with the Palestinian Authority attempting to become official members of some international organizations. However, the “holds” aren’t legally binding. So, in order to prevent any additional hang-ups with lawmakers, the Obama administration made the move just before Trump was sworn in.

Pope Francis calls on media to focus on good news stories - Premier

In a message to be read on the 51st World Communications Day, Pope Francis will appeal to the media to end their role in the spread of bad news stories.

Bishop of Bristol announces his retirement - Premier

Bishop of Bristol, Rt Rev Mike Hill, has announced he will step down from his post in September.

Catholic school criticised for banning Muslim girl's headscarf - Premier

A Catholic school in Birmingham is facing allegations it broke anti-discrimination laws after a Muslim pupil was allegedly told she couldn't wear a headscarf.

Live Action - Is Planned Parenthood lying about the... | Facebook

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'Missionary Dating' Isn't Just Unbiblical, It's Selfish

"Unequally yoked" starts very much with whether or not they are believers. Yes, the original context isn't particular to marriage. But that's only half the story, isn't it? That passage isn't specific to anything that scholars have been able to definitively trace. That's because it's a general principle meant to be applied in numerous applications. If they don't serve Christ, you'll find yourself at odds with people whom you intend to enter any type of serious contract. Think about it: if a Christian enters into a business contract with a Muslim, they could very well have different extracurricular goals in mind. Sure, you can have common BUSINESS goals, but what might each do with their cut AFTER business is done? What if said Muslim happens to be funding certain organizations that cater to the demise of your brothers and sisters in the Lord? You have zero business with unbelievers, either, as far as a romantic relationship goes. You serve two different masters--unless your faith is a sham and you only use Christian thought and language to bless your secular idols. Until a commitment is made FIRST to Jesus Christ, you're kidding yourself in terms of your true loyalties! They--and you--need to come to a grave understanding that Christ is first in your life and that means you don't entertain high stakes relationships where Christ is not the center of attention, the focus of your purpose.

Majority of Brits believe sex education should be compulsory in Christian schools - Premier

New research has indicated that more than eight in ten Brits think that sex and relationship education (SRE) should be taught in Christian schools.

BREAKING: U.S. House votes to permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion

The No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act (HR 7), introduced by Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, makes permanent the so-called Hyde Amendment permanent. Thus far the amendment, whch prohibits federal money from being used to fund abortions through Medicaid, has been subject to annual renewal. 

Why Abortion Workers Need Our Forgiveness and Support

When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I heard a statistic that about 70 percent of people who work inside of Planned Parenthood clinics have had abortions themselves. So we’re dealing with seriously wounded people. And many times they don’t even know that they’re hurting. They know that they’re angry and defensive and don’t have joy. But they don’t know where it’s coming from. And so we have to use compassion. That’s the only thing that changes hearts. Telling them, “You’re a baby killer” or “You’re a murderer” doesn’t address the hurt in their heart. It doesn’t address where they are or how they got there in the first place. And it reinforces the stereotype that pro-lifers only care about babies.

Christian film Hacksaw Ridge gets Oscar nomination - Premier

The lead actor in a film about a Christian US soldier who refused to carry or fire a weapon has been nominated for an Academy Award.

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Four Aromas God Loves Most

The knowledge that we proclaim is that Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of mankind, and all who repent and appropriate his sacrificial death on the cross through faith will be saved by God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8–9). We are witnesses of the knowledge that Jesus died to bring us to God forever, for our greatest joy (1 Peter 3:18).

Sudan: Judge postpones verdict in death row case - Premier

A Christian advocacy charity has appealed for Christians to pray for a positive outcome in the case against a religious leader, aid worker and a Sudanese activist.

Arrest made after murder of young Christian father in Croydon - Premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

Are Mutations Part of the “Engine” of Evolution?

In the evolutionary model, mutations are hailed as a dominant mechanism for pond-scum-to-people evolution and provide “proof ” that the Bible’s history about creation is wrong. But are we to trust the ideas of imperfect, fallible men about how we came into existence, or should we believe the account of a perfect God who was an eyewitness to His creation? Let’s look at mutations in more detail and see if they provide the information necessary to support pond-scum-to-people evolution, or if they confirm God’s Word in Genesis.

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Trump gives Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines the promised ‘green light’ …

I might not vote for Article 50, Christian Labour MP tells Premier - Premier

A Christian Labour MP has told Premier he is unsure how he will vote when parliament is given a say on the triggering of the process to leave the EU.

37 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Did Jesus make a crucial historical blunder in the Gospel of Mark? One of the reasons cited by famed New Testament scholar and best-selling author Bart Ehrman for his transition from fundamentalist Christian to fundamentalist agnostic is that the gospel of Mark is riddled with factual and historical errors. A prominent example is that David […]

Is Jesus the Creator God?

That is, God the Father, whose voice was never heard, nor his shape seen by angels or men; for though Jacob, Moses, the elders of Israel, Manoah, and his wife, are said to see God, and Job expected to see him with his bodily eyes, and the saints will see him as he is, in which will lie their great happiness; yet all seems to be understood of the second person, who frequently appeared to the Old Testament saints, in an human form, and will be seen by the saints in heaven, in his real human nature; or of God in and by him: for the essence of God is invisible, and not to be seen with the eyes of the body; nor indeed with the eyes of the understanding, so as to comprehend it; nor immediately, but through, and by certain means: God is seen in the works of creation and providence, in the promises, and in his ordinances; but above all, in Christ the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person: this may chiefly intend here, man’s not knowing any thing of God in a spiritual and saving way, but in and by Christ 11

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What If I Ruin My Kids?

5. Lastly, the sorrows that every mother will experience in giving birth and raising her children will be glorious sorrows. And what I mean is that, when a mother has sorrows — even over the forsaking of God, the forsaking of a family by a child — when a mother has such sorrows, it is a glorious sorrow because it is a partaking in the very sorrows that Jesus himself experienced at the one point where he compared himself to mothering: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!” (Matthew 23:37). So, here we have Jesus comparing himself to a hen, a mother longing and aching and crying and praying out for the wayward children in Jerusalem, and they are not coming — and he is weeping over Jerusalem. Your sorrows as a mother are glorious sorrows because they share in the very sorrows of the Son of Man when he compared himself to motherhood.

1 Peter 5:4: Does God Reward Pastors?

Peter seems to suggest that pastors should shepherd with the motive of the unfading crown of glory in mind (1 Peter 5:1–4). But Paul says that love does not seek its own (1 Corinthians 13:5). Is Peter advocating something against love? How do you reconcile these two texts?

Thinking Clearly about God and Evolution

C hristianity Today recently had a cover story reporting on Christians who claim that human beings could not all have descended from a single human couple. That story was a symptom of a current trend: more and more Christians, even self-identified evangelicals, claim that Christians must make their peace with evolutionary theory. In recent years, scientists such as Francis Collins, Karl Giberson, Ken Miller, Darrell Falk, and others have written books defending theistic evolution or evolutionary creationism . The historical reality of Adam and Eve is obviously central to historic Christianity; but it is just one of many issues that, as Christians, we must consider when exploring the broader debate over God and evolution. Unfortunately, the debate is often marred by confusion and ambiguity. Though we can’t discuss every related issue here, let’s see what we can do to think more clearly about the subject.

How to Read the News Like a Thinking Person

That’s why, if you really want to know what you’re talking about when it comes to news, you need to include some voices from the other side. Not the devil’s advocate sort—the Infowars and Gawkers of the world—but reasonable, intelligent discourse we can disagree with while still respecting. The news media is full of reasonable, charitable progressives and conservatives who are interested in promoting mature discourse about important issues, and we do well to open our minds up to their insights. Who knows? You might just learn something.

The Art of Womanliness

Satan hates beauty because he hates the one it reflects. He does his best to destroy it and abuse it and oppress it and contort it into reflecting the broken world rather than God. If he can’t destroy it, he is content to see us spend our days fighting and writing about it. Satan is happy to see us discuss the beauty of womanhood all we want — so long as it distracts us from living it. There is a way to be so paralyzed by every new “how-to,” and so divided by debate that we will never get around to actually submitting our lives to God with a willingness to be led by him wherever it may take us.

4 Things Christians Need to Watch for in President Trump's First 100 Days

The ACA revolutionized the insurance industry and brought insurance to over 20 million people who were previously uninsured. But while the ACA was lauded by Obama and represents a key pillar of his legacy, it caused insurance premiums to skyrocket and created a number of difficulties on the civil liberties front. Trump ran on the motto of “Repeal and Replace” (as in, repealing the law, and replacing it with something else). While specifics as to when and how this might be done are few, you can expect that within the first 100 days, Trump’s administration will work with Congress to begin rolling back some of the provisions of Obamacare.

Apparently Coffee Will Make You Live Longer

The study explains how “age-related disorders” are actually less related to age and more related to being in a chronic state of inflammation and caffeine can turn that off. The group of researchers studied 100 people and found that the lowest amount of activity in the inflammatory pathways was found in people who drank at least five cups of coffee per day.

Trump Just Reinstated a Major Policy Blocking Abortions

Today, President Trump s igned an executive order , reinstating the controversial “Mexico City Policy.” The order says that no U.S. funding can go to NGOs around the world that provide abortions or even give referrals for women seeking abortions. The rule does not effect abortions in cases of incest, rape or when the mother’s life may be in danger.

Premier Christian on Twitter

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A Singularity at the Beginning?

A previous post about the Big Bang elicited a few comments and questions about alternative scenarios for the origin of our universe that would not require an actual beginning.  I'd like to respond to those questions, but I think it would be beneficial to first discuss some of the scientific challenges that are faced when we try to understand what happened in the first 10 -35 seconds of the universe. One major challenge is to try to determine what laws of physics are applicable during that time.   This is a problem that you may have already heard about for it has to do with the incompatibility between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.  If you do a web search about this subject, you will find multitudes of articles written, from those that are quite basic to those that are quite technical.  The purpose of my blog is to describe things accurately, but simply, so my discussion will necessarily be basic. Quantum Mechanics describes how the universe works at very small scales, about the size of atoms or smaller.  When describing the universe at small scales and at very high energies, we need a particular subset of Quantum Mechanics called a Quantum Field Theory (QFT).

Scandal! Why Does Trump’s New Press Secretary Hate Dippin’ Dots So Much?

President Trump’s new Press Secretary got a lot of headlines this weekend for arguing with reporters over the size of Inauguration Day crowds, but a much weirder story involving Sean Spicer has now been revealed. For reasons that are not clear, he has been raging against Dippin’ Dots for the better part of a decade.

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