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Born Blind for the Glory of God: Eugenics by Abortion Is an Abomination to God

All children, of every degree of ability, are conceived for the purpose of displaying the glory of God.

Racial Harmony and Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage is not only permitted by God; it is a positive good. It is not just to be tolerated, but celebrated.

Hebrews 5:7–10: Jesus’s Prayer in His Darkest Hour

In his darkest hour, Jesus did not run from his Father, but boldly wept and cried aloud in trust before him.

Ed Young Tackles Family Dysfunction, Personal Baggage in 'Adult Children' Sermon Series

(Screenshot: YouTube/Ed Young) Ed Young, Fellowship Church of Grapevine, Texas pastor, delivering the first part of his sermon series "Adult Children" on Sunday, January 14, 2018. The automobile behind him with baggage tied on top represented the personal baggage people carry around with them.

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Apologetics from the Psalms

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them he has set a tent for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber, and, like a strong man, runs its course with joy. Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them, and there is nothing hidden from its heat. The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple; the precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes; the fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the rules of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

How to Become a Better Apologetics Communicator

No, I don’t mean profanity. I mean your vocabulary. If you’re like me, you’re immersed in the apologetics world. You read apologetics books, you listen to apologetics podcasts, you devour all things apologetics. So you’re used to the language, the ideas, the jargon. But your audience may not be. Find ways to communicate without using “insider” language. Always imagine what someone completely new to apologetics would think of your writing or talk. Have an “outsider” review your material (more on this later). And if you absolutely must use special apologetics vocabulary, be sure to carefully – and simply – define your terms.

3 Kinds of Students That Leave Christianity After High School - Jonathan Morrow

I just don’t believe what you believe anymore….These are words that no Christian parent or youth leader ever wants to hear. After this bombshell hits and the shockwaves subside, we wonder if something could have been different. What happened to this student who was so active in church growing up? After all, they never missed youth group. Sadly, this scenario is not the exception. Approximately 50 percent of students will disengage from their faith after they leave home.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Doctrine of Scripture for Apologetics, Part 2

The Bible did not fall from heaven as a finished product placed in the hands of men. Neither was it, like the claims of both Mormonism and Islam, translated from golden plates found in a hillside or cave. Rather, God communicated to human authors in various ways, and guided their writing so that what was written was what God wanted to reveal to them. While 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us what Scripture is, the clearest passage that describes this process is found in 2 Peter 1:16-21.

7 Simple Ways to Share Your Faith with Others

Let others know that you are a Christian. Don't flaunt it in a super nauseating way or buy bumper stickers to put all over your car just to prove it. What I mean by this is organically show others in tangible, loving, and hospitable ways what a Christian looks like, and tell others that you are this way not because you're a really nice person but because of what Jesus has done to forgive and love you.

7 Worldview and Apologetics in the News

What Pro-Lifers Can and CAN’T Learn from the Civil Rights Movement

Two Evolutionists Inadvertently Demolish Evolution | Evolution News

Yesterday we saw how, in a new paper, evolutionists Warren Allmon and Robert Ross reformulate the argument for evolution from homologous structures. The paper makes several mistakes, but is important because it is a rare case of evolutionists (i) recognizing the religion in evolutionary thinking, and (ii) trying to do something about it.

The Secret Small Churches Know Best

Small churches in small places face certain realities. With 45 regular Sunday morning attenders (or 85, or 145), there will be few things outwardly impressive about your gathering. Your meeting place will likely be humble — perhaps not always well-heated or air-conditioned. You probably won’t enjoy the sound of professional-level musicians, see visually appealing graphic design, or hear preaching that generates thousands of views online the following week. The natural pleasure and encouragement of welcoming new visitors on Sunday morning may not be an experience you enjoy very often. With many in your congregation aging, your church will have lots of accumulated wisdom, but may struggle with health, energy, and a willingness to venture into new things.

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#TheSift : Senate agrees to end shutdown, sends bill to House … @EvanWilt_

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Did you read Cold-Case Christianity? Please post a review!

Is Truth Knowable?

Is Truth Knowable? Frank Turek examines Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth. Do we share universal, objective truths in the moral arena, OR is morality limited to subjective truths relative to our individual and cultural experience? For more on Morality, including the question, Is Truth Knowable, please visit and

Can Christians claim to have the One, True God?

You don’t have to spend very much time interacting with atheists on the internet before you hear this objection: “There are almost 5,000 gods being worshiped by humans, but don’t worry… only yours is right.” The picture above was sent to me on Twitter last week in response to my blog about God’s hiddenness . There are other very popular forms of this argument. Richard Dawkins claims that Christians are atheists when it comes to Zeus, Thor, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and many others. Dawkins just goes one god further than the Christian. So the claim is either than I’m an atheist when it comes to 4,999 gods or that I’m dumb for claiming to have truth when I reject so many other options.

Teaching Apologetics to the Next Generation

Before becoming a graduate professor of apologetics last year, I spent a decade teaching apologetics full time to high school students at a Christian school in Southern California. In fact, I still teach one high school Bible class simply because I love it ! I also have the privilege of speaking to thousands of young people each year on all sorts of apologetics-related subjects. There are some lessons I have learned—many the hard way—about how to teach apologetics to young people. I trust these will be helpful and encouraging as you aim to equip and challenge the next generation.

Is Apologetics Blogging Dead?

The problem is not necessarily something wrong with the medium of blogs. Rather it is an observation that blogging does not have the same proportion of content production on the internet that it once did. Many people have either switched to or at least added podcasting to their content production. Video is growing quickly as well, not just YouTube and Facebook, but live-streaming video such as Periscope and Blab. There are more options available now than ever before.

Get the Books | Case Makers Academy

In God's Crime Scene , cold-case detective, J. Warner uses his experience as a cold-case detective to examine eight critical pieces of evidence in the "crime scene" of the universe to determine if they point to a Divine Intruder. If you have ever wondered if something (or someone) outside the natural realm created the universe and everything in it, this is the case for you. Get it  HERE !

5 Levels of Christian Faith

We often use the word “faith” to describe the core of someone’s beliefs—but people of differing religions use the term in very different ways. This has challenged me to more carefully probe the distinctive features of the word “faith” from the perspective of historical Christianity. Faith is much more profound than simply recounting our personal conversion story. Rather, Christian faith entails at least five parts, each building on top of the next.

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ICYMI: Join @craiggroeschel and @DrHenryCloud as we examine how to anticipate coming change before it arrives, create a strategy for transition, and map a compelling vision for the future at #CatalystOneDay Lexington. Learn more at

We find ourselves in a culture increasingly numb to the need for answers

Apologists are pretty aware that, in general, the church doesn’t care as much about apologetics as it should—and we’re correct that it should. Hearing the statistics on the youth exodus from the church, we know the situation is becoming dire. The church at large must embrace apologetics. This isn’t something we can afford to get wrong. Meanwhile, we find ourselves in a culture increasingly numb to the need for answers. Many unbelievers assume the search for truth has become irrelevant, unattractive, or uncompelling, leaving us in a position where we must first cultivate an interest in such a search in order to pass “Go.”

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Update: Nets Cover @womensmarch Nearly 7X More Than @March_for_Life via @k_yoder - Time is everything, especially when it comes to understanding the media’s priorities. At the end of January, there were two marches the same weekend both claiming to st... 

A Challenge for Never Trumpers: Are You Willing to Be Honest?

During the Republican primaries, I was nearly a Never Trumper, so I'm quite sympathetic to that mindset. But I have a challenge for all of you who still identify as Never Trumpers: Are you willing to be as honest about the accomplishments of President Trump as you are about his failings?

The Year Science Took Over the Pro-Life Movement

“If we have any historical memory, we know science is a fickle handmaiden,” she wrote. “We don't wish this to be true, but research may soon confirm that unborn babies can't experience pain until much later in development. Meanwhile, abortion providers could find ways to perform ‘pain-free’ abortions. Of course, in these cases we would still vehemently oppose the abortion, because we believe it takes a life, not just a life that feels pain.”

Defending Your Faith 101: Sources of Evil and Suffering

“We need to know God’s plan so that we can make sense of tsunamis, fires, cancers, strokes, rapes, tortures, and the fact that, except for the Lord’s return, the only thing that will prevent us from watching everyone we know die will be our own death. If we don’t understand that our good God can have a good purpose in allowing evil, we’ll live confused Christian lives.”

Do Your Kids Know Why They Need God?

If Christian claims about God’s existence are unsupported, than what are atheist claims that He doesn’t exist? Claims based on evidence? Tell me…how have you possibly disproven God’s existence with empirical evidence? Your complaint about Christian evidence can simply be turned right around and applied to you. Atheists say that God is no longer needed to explain anything. Does this prove that God doesn’t exist? No. It simply shows that we are learning more about the universe. The questions for why the universe exists and how it came to be still remain. Why is there something rather than nothing? Science can’t answer such a question. Only philosophy can. What we can do is look at all the facts that science has discovered and ask if it indicates a creator or not. I think it overwhelmingly does. This is not “god of the gaps”. It is God based on evidence. It is no different from the atheist god of “nothing.” Atheists look at the evidence and think it indicates nothing. Calling it “god of the gaps” is to set the clock way back in the God debate.

5 reasons a shrinking church may be a good thing — Southern Equip

We have less money for our budget that is requiring some tough cuts to come for next year’s budget. We are a declining church. But, don’t worry about us. Don’t panic. If you are declining for these reasons, your church will be fine. In fact, our members feel we have a lot to celebrate. We will celebrate as we wait for God to send others to us to replenish our laborers and resources, just as he always has in previous seasons of decline for these same reasons.

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45 years ago today, the Court made a devastating decision. Now more than sixty million Americans have died as a result. The question is, Who’s driving? 

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Greg is on a four-minute timer and answers questions about blood moons, getting mad at God, taking prescription drugs, and hermeneutics vs. homiletics. …

The Missing Link: The Case for Pre-Apologetics

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

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We were considering the Christian idea of ‘putting on Christ’... What I want to make clear is that this is not one among many jobs a Christian has to do... It is the whole of Christianity. — C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity #CSLI

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The first Women in Apologetics Conference is underway at @biolau ! #wiaconference

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Do not fall into the trap of laziness and apathy; comfort is a deadly compass. It will lie to you just to protect you. 

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Uju is on to something. She’s called the #sexualrevolution a lie. She opposes the “philanthropic racism” of Western organizations that push abortion on Africa. She is Obianuju Ekeocha, or #Uju for short, the president of #ProLifeAfrica

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Women of STR attending 1st Women in Apologetics conference. @Apolochix at @biolau ! Way to go ladies!

Ocado stocks 'blasphemous' beef jerky - Premier

Ocado has been accused of stocking a packet of beef jerky which uses "blasphemous" and "gratuitously offensive language" about Jesus.

Bolivia’s President Revokes Evangelism Restrictions

“I don't want to keep using Banzer’s Code,” said Morales, referring to the system put in place by former dictator and president Hugo Banzer. “I ask the assembly … to rapidly advance a new code. I’m almost positive there will be a few changes and modifications to the articles.”

BreakPoint on Twitter

The central lie of the LGBT movement and the sexual revolution is that our sin is our identity. But the good news of Christianity is that, we can have a new identity. We need no longer be enslaved to our fallen passions. We were made for something better.

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As President Trump addresses March for Life, we pray for a shift in the ‘moral intuition’ of Americans @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

40 Monday, January 22, 2018 — The Briefing

41 Southern Seminary on Twitter

45 years after Roe v. Wade decision, the American conscience remains unsettled on the question of abortion @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

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Women march in cities across the United States and a record number file to run for political office @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

43 Monday, January 22, 2018 — The Briefing

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Have Christians only recently become concerned about the sanctity of human life and the evil of abortion? @AlbertMohler explains that historic Christianity has always condemned abortion and affirmed the sanctity of human life, born and not yet born. 

45 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

Is There a Place for Female Professors at Seminary?

In our local churches, we believe God raises up a few qualified men to lead. Not all men in a church are called to pastor, just a few men. But only males serve as elders, according to the blueprint we find in the Pastoral Epistles of the New Testament. So then, it leads to a question today about the role of women teaching pastors in seminaries. Scott, a podcast listener, writes in to ask it. “Dear Pastor John, I’m a seminary student at an orthodox but interdenominational school in the United States. I share your complementarian understanding of God’s design for male and female roles and relationships in the home and church. On that basis, I have recently doubted whether or not my seminary ought to allow women to teach pastors in training. What do you think? Should women be hired as seminary professors? What is your best case?”

5 terrible reasons to become a pastor

Skewed views of the demands of ministry I was in a conversation with a 30-something pastor who came into ministry from the secular world. His conversation went something like this: “I had this idea that I would have all this free time and short work weeks. Ministry seemed like a piece of cake compared to the world I was coming from. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is unbelievably demanding. I am on call 24-hours a day whether I admit it or not.”


If you had lived your entire life to adulthood with no human contact, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea who or what you were. You wouldn’t even know you were a human being. You only know that because you’re in relationship with other human beings. You learn your identity by being in relationships. 

Luis Palau Reveals Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Asks for Prayer

“If the Lord wants to take me home in the next few months, or two years, or whatever it is, I’m ready,” said Palau. “I know it sounds crazy, it’s not like, ‘Ooh, I can’t wait to go to heaven.’ Yes it’s true. I actually [am].”

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