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Should We Pray for Medical Miracles? - Christian Research Institute

Is it okay to pray for a medical miracle based on Matthew 18:18-20?, 1-888-7000-CRI

How Do You Watch Media with Wisdom and Discernment?

What's the key to watching or reading the news critically? How should Christians approach media? Sean offers 3 quick tips for watching media biblically.

Video: Pluralism- A Culture without Truth by Vince Vitale

Video Description : We live in a post-truth society – that’s what The Economist claimed a few months ago. Truth has so often been ...

Why Objective Moral Truth Is Best Explained by the Existence of God (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #37) | Cold Case Christianity

Is there a naturalistic explanation for moral truth or is the best explanation the existence of an objective, transcendent moral law giver?

Southern Equip — Resources for Church Leaders

Southern Equip is a digital platform aimed at serving pastors, missionaries, and church leaders with resources that will equip them for more faithful service.

Digging Deep in Biology:

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Donald Trump chooses childhood Bible and Lincoln's Bible for oath - Premier

Donald Trump will swear the oath for becoming United States president using both a childhood Bible and the one used at the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln.

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2 The Faith of Donald Trump: A Christian Perspective (Christian Politics Book 3) - Kindle edition by Mike Robinson. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Very encouraging book regarding the faith of Donald Trump. I can relate to what Mike Robinson says about Donald Trump: a bible collector, a person who has failed morally in life in his past but is on the road to living a Christ-filled life, a believer. The quote from James Dobson, "I remember when I accepted Christ, it took me two years to begin to understand what God did in me" is a perfect example of how God begins a work in us and continues that work as we come to know Him more. What a blessing! I agree with Robinson...God chose this man to be our nation's leader. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I look forward to seeing Mike Robinson's next book: "The Success of Donald Trump as a Christian Leader", or whatever he determines to title the book. I believe we will see the evidence!

How To Get Started In Apologetics

Pretty much every Christian has had that experience. I remember one incident when someone in class spoke up and said, “I do not believe Jesus was real, or if He was, He was not some kind of superhero.” I wanted to respond, but did not know how or where to begin, so to my shame, I remained silent.

4 New Book: The Faith of Donald Trump

5 The Faith of Donald Trump: A Christian Perspective (Christian Politics Book 3) - Kindle edition by Mike Robinson. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Very encouraging book regarding the faith of Donald Trump. I can relate to what Mike Robinson says about Donald Trump: a bible collector, a person who has failed morally in life in his past but is on the road to living a Christ-filled life, a believer. The quote from James Dobson, "I remember when I accepted Christ, it took me two years to begin to understand what God did in me" is a perfect example of how God begins a work in us and continues that work as we come to know Him more. What a blessing! I agree with Robinson...God chose this man to be our nation's leader. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I look forward to seeing Mike Robinson's next book: "The Success of Donald Trump as a Christian Leader", or whatever he determines to title the book. I believe we will see the evidence!

William Lane Craig discusses faith and reason with university students

It is really fun to see him fielding the questions from the skeptical university students. My favorite question was from the physics student who sounds really foreign, (at 1:19:00), then you realize that he is a Christian. I do think that Dr. Craig went a little far in accommodating evolution, but I put that down to the venue, and not wanting to get into a peripheral issue. I’m also surprised that no one asked him why God allows humans to suffer and commit acts of evil.

Jessica Biel's New Show, 'The Sinner,' Deals With Heavily Spiritual Themes

The Sinner centers on a young mother (Biel) who is overcome by a fit of rage and commits a public act of violence. The incident launches a surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the who or the what—but the why. A rogue investigator (Bill Pullman) finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman's motive, and together they travel a path into her psyche and the secrets hidden in her past.

8 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

5 Things Keeping You From the Life You Want

The world is full of contradictions. It tells us that we can have it our way and still live a righteous life. In my personal opinion, I haven't found this to be true. Being who you want to be outside of God’s plan for your life means you will be crushed under the reality of sin. Submitting to who God designed you to be means living free of this world’s bondage over your life. The more in tune we are with Scripture and our relationship with Jesus Christ, the less of this world's weight we will feel.

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Join Maria Rodrigues from Premier Christian Radio’s Woman to Woman show for a a day... More

Prisoners 'pretend to convert to Christianity' to get out earlier - Premier

Prisoners are pretending they have turned to Christianity in a bid to get out on parole earlier, an MP has claimed.

Church Is Supposed to Be Messy

The Church was made to be messy. It isn’t a spiritual social club; it’s a shelter. A refuge for the misused and misunderstood. A lighthouse for the lost, not a spotlight for the spiritual. A place where we can look up from the messes we’ve made and discover that we’re not the only ones who make them.

The New Corded Phone

“Even if young adults work hard to mask their feelings, the 24/7 stream of social media and the ever-presence of smartphones become a roller coaster of banality, plan-making, fun, disappointment, stress, hope, pride, loneliness, distraction, showing off, pressure, and a million other things,” Freitas writes. “On the surface, this sounds very human. Any social situation can be wonderful and fun or stressful and awful, and everything in between. Life is messy and angst-ridden, full of unexpected potholes, words better left unspoken, and painful disappointments, just as it is full of joy and love and those moments that no one ever wants to forget. Social media reflects this reality. But it doesn’t just reflect this reality. It adds another dimension to it, enhancing this reality by making it public and constant” (249).

14 The Briefing 01-19-17 -

Something else to understand is that prior to the period just before and just after World War II, the American federal government had virtually nothing to do with public education, certainly in what we now know as grades K-12. That was understood to be the responsibility of local communities, eventually also recognized as the responsibility of the states. During the 1950s federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, invaded the local control of those schools by means of court mandates, and the radical expansion of the power of America’s national government in the 1960s and beyond meant that local control of education largely became a charade. It was an illusion. The federal government has taken over more and more of that control. It has exerted that control first and foremost through the power of the purse. It’s a complicated system whereby monies are taken from the individual states through taxpaying citizens, sent to the federal government, and then sent back in the form of federal funding of local education, back to local communities often through the states. Of course there is also the role of the federal government in this very expanded government to control the schools in terms of what they teach.

Theology Can Blind You to God

When we study the 27 times Mark mentions the scribes and Pharisees, we learn how even theology can be twisted to blind us to God and rob us of real life and joy when our systems become lackeys of our sin. Consider these six flags that our theology might be leading us away from him.

Survey: 100% Of People Marching On Washington Were Not Aborted | The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a survey conducted in the nation’s capital Saturday, a full 100% of the people marching on the nation’s capital for abortion rights as part of the “Women’s March on Washington” were found to have not been aborted by their mothers when they were yet to be born.

‘This Is Us’ Is Coming Back for at Least 2 More Seasons

More than just giving us an hour of weekly entertainment, This Is Us powerfully reminds us that where we come from matters. What happened in the lives of those who raised us has the potential to significantly impact the people we become. We can try to downplay this with cries of “I’m never going to be like my parents,” but the powers of both nature and nurture are hard to fully escape.

7 Ways Jesus' Life Teaches Us How to Make an Impact

Jesus understood that He couldn’t do anything without a team of people around Him. So, He recruited 12 disciples who partnered with Him spreading Christianity. As leaders, we must realize the value of having a team of people around us to challenge us, mold us and partner with us. We were not meant to live alone or work alone. If we ever want to accomplish anything significant, it’s going to take a combination of minds and efforts to bring vision to life. Without a solid team of people we can rely and depend on, our best attempts at building something meaningful will be fruitless.

19 The TC Apologetics Daily

The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian. by TC Apologetics

Researchers Have Found a Way to Create Phones With Built-In Fire Extinguishers

You may remember last year when Samsung had to recall an entire line of phones because the lithium-ion batteries were causing them to blow up. Batteries are designed to store a lot of energy and release it over time. But with the Samsung phones, something would malfunction and that energy would release all at once and turn the once seemingly harmless phone into a miniature bomb.

Awake, O Sleeper

Christian living is intensely practical. There are no experiences in life that God does not touch and change. Pastors face the enormous challenge of giving people a taste for the greatness of God every week, and yet touching them in the seemingly non-great practicalities of daily life.

82% of Women in America Think Sexism Is Still a Problem

It seems that the difference was not only in how quality of life was perceived but also whether we'd achieved gender equality already. Ninety-three percent of the participants surveyed said they believe in gender equality in work, life and politics. Twenty percent of those polled believed we had already achieved it, 12 percent of them being women.

Colson Center on Twitter

Join the Prayer Movement for Life! It’s time for Christians to open the casket on abortion. @Anglicans4Life

8 Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Wealth

This is very sad, and some of us could definitely contribute, but things are different in America too. Because of the cost of living here, I can hardly buy a loaf of bread for $2. And I may not spend more than half of my income on food, but that is because over half of my income goes to put a roof over my families head. I agree that we are a people who consume way too many things and toys, but it is not easy to live in this country with even $50000 a year.

RELEVANT on Twitter

Watch Andrew Garfield discuss discovering Jesus, spiritual warfare and more with Stephen Colbert

Norm Geisler and Frank Turek: Legislating Tolerance

Introduction As a defender of the Christian worldview, I often defend the rightness or wrongness of certain acts, and with that, whether they should be made legal or illegal. I will usually appeal science and logic in these discussions. If the person is a Christian, then I will also appeal to the Bible, if it speaks specifically or general to the topic at hand. When it is clear that all the evidence stands against their view, in a "last-ditch" effort to undermine my arguments the challenger often resorts to appealing to "tolerance." This comes in the form of the person who wants to legalize some particular act saying that by not permitting the act (legalizing it), those in opposition to the legalization (conservatives, usually) are being intolerant and trying to force their morality on the world. I recently finished reading the book " Legislating Morality: Is It Wise, Is It Legal, Is It Possible " by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek. Here is their response to such a challenge: "When libertarians or liberals seek to give people more freedom (i.e., by passing a law that legalizes a formerly illegal activity), they do exactly what they condemn conservatives for doing.

Thinking Outside the Women Box

It surprises many people to hear that my ministry work rarely involves exclusively female audiences. I think there’s a pervasive (and mistaken) assumption that women working in any theology-related field are (naturally!) active in women’s ministry. The truth is, the vast majority of the teaching and training I’ve done has been for mixed audiences of men and women, from young adults to post-retirement seniors. (After all, apologetics and worldview education are not gender-specific disciplines.) This hasn’t been an intentional thing on my part; it’s simply a direct reflection of the nature of ministry invitations I’ve received. I confess that this has led me to what I have come to recognize as an unfair conclusion: that women’s ministry leaders haven’t realized the urgent need for training women in the basics of apologetics as part of focused Christian discipleship, and that women who often participate in the women’s activities at their church aren’t particularly interested in such things, anyway. I also admit that I have experienced a measure of cynicism and pessimism on this account, but I’m glad to be able to say that God has done some heart surgery on me over the course of this year, and my attitude and outlook is being transformed.

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Boy, 12, charged after eggs and abuse hurled at church goers - Premier

A 12-year-old boy has been charged in connection with an incident in which church goers were pelted with eggs.

6 Practices We Can All Learn From the Jesuit Tradition

We figured that if some of these Jesuit practices can help Garfield—until recently a self-proclaimed atheist—then they can help us, too. Here are six practices from the Jesuit tradition that we could all learn a little from:

The Story Behind Trump’s Controversial Prayer Partner

“The massive congregations and television and Internet audiences that people like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, T. D. Jakes, and others enjoy show us that this theology is already mainstream,” said Leah Payne, who directs the Center for Pentecostal-Charismatic Theology Practice at George Fox University. “I don't know that Paula White's position will normalize these teachings any more or less than they already are.”

Last Year Was the Hottest Year on Record ... for the Third Year in a Row

The biggest effects of the warming can be seen in places like the Arctic, where temperatures were 20 to 30 degrees higher than normal in several places and ice has been visibly melting. And on the other end of the spectrum, India experienced its hottest day in its recorded history in May: 123.8 degrees.

The Real Reason to Be Concerned About Russia

An uneasy alliance through World War II fractured global relationships, Cold War tensions held sway for decades. Communism buckled; the West rejoiced. In the East, people were brought to their knees by national bankruptcy and a total upturning of their world. Rebuilding its pride, Russia has bullied its neighbors and cultural wounds have not healed. As with all histories, there is much more than words can convey. Russia is growing in presence within our media and finds itself in the center of a new controversy each day.

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35 Grace to You Radio

If asked, “What is God like?”, what would you say? Thankfully, Scripture describes God’s character clearly, helping you know Him intimately. Find out who God is—and why He deserves your worship—in John’s brand-new study, None Other: Discovering the God of the Bible .

36 Ligonier Ministries

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Are You Skeptical of Your Faith?

Almost ten years ago I experienced a life-threatening illness when a bacterial infection invaded my lungs and brain. Early on, my doctors thought I might have stage IV brain cancer. Since most patients in that condition die quickly, the diagnosis led me to do some soul searching. Though multiple abscessed brain lesions made thinking difficult, I lay in my hospital bed late at night, alone, and asked myself whether I really believed that Christianity was indeed true.


I don’t know what could help your life more than to begin the habit of a daily time with God. Start out with just 10 minutes a day. Find a place where you can be by yourself: the car, your bedroom or living room, the backyard, or even your office. Then pick a book of the Bible, and read a chapter a day. Read it, think about what you’ve read, maybe write some things down. That’s a habit that will keep you spiritually renewed.

Why Being "Blessed" is Better than Being "Happy"

The formula “Blessed is the man” evokes joy and gratitude, as man may live in fellowship with his God. Blessedness is not deserved; it is a gift of God. God declares sinners to be righteous and freely grants them newness of life in which he protects them from the full effects of the world under judgment (Gen 3:15–19). Outside of God’s blessing, man is “cursed” and ultimately leads a meaningless life (Eccl 1:2). The word “happy” is a good rendition of “blessed,” provided one keeps in mind that the condition of “bliss” is not merely a feeling. Even when the righteous do not feel happy, they are still considered “blessed” from God’s perspective. He bestows this gift on them. Neither negative feelings nor adverse conditions can take his blessing away. [2]

How to Live Under an Unqualified President

2. A leader should be dependable, trustworthy, reliable . To invest someone with leadership is a trust. But Donald Trump treats language — the medium of truth — as a wax nose to be bent and molded to create a desired outcome, whether it corresponds to the truth or not. But where truth is treated with such indifference or contempt, the foundations of justice are crumbling. There is no recourse for the poor, if the powerful say that truth is what they say it is.

Nun banned from wearing habit in classroom - Premier

A Nebraskan nun has been told that she cannot wear her habit in the classroom because of a 100-year-old law created to appease the Ku Klux Klan.

13 Ideas for Your Next Christian Tattoo

I love Relevant and enjoy reading articles of all kinds on here- I even made it my home page, so I would get on social media less, and read Christian-based articles more. I even thought this article was entertaining, and more wholesome than most "tattoo fail" articles. All that to say, something that has been really bothering me lately is the "look" that Christians in their 20-somethings feel they have to fill. There is all this pressure to get cool tattoos/piercings, the latest haircut, hipster clothing, the most smooth espresso, and organic breakfast pastries (OH, and not to mention get the most artsy Instagram frame to capture it all) to fit into the modern church scene. I mean, look at the model for this article- super attractive, cutting edge style, tattoo sleeve- the whole bit. I worry we are getting too caught up in how we look, than how we treat and include others. Am I the only one who is intimidated when I walk into church, and I am surrounded by people with brand new Warby Parker glasses, and $6 lattes from the local roaster? Many people buy their favorite coffee every morning, drop hundreds of dollars on watches, glasses, or shoes, but haven't dropped money in the offering plate for months.

Jumping Jupiter Scenario Reveals More Evidence for Design

It is becoming increasingly evident that, unlike the 797 known extrasolar planetary systems, the Sun’s array of planets is exquisitely fine-tuned for the existence of advanced life. Recent studies of Jupiter and Saturn add substantially to the accumulating evidence for why, in spite of the probable existence of billions of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, our solar system may be alone in manifesting all the attributes for sustaining advanced life.

Concern mounts for missing religious freedom activists in Pakistan - Premier

A Christian advocacy charity's expressed deep concern over the wellbeing of four activists who've been defending the rights of Christians, who went missing in Pakistan earlier this month.

Single Women Need Not Fear Submission

If we marry an unbelieving or ungodly man, we shouldn’t expect him to love us like Christ loves the church. But if we marry a man with a heart submitted to God’s, we need not fear submitting to him. If we are afraid of what submission to godly authority might take from us, our response should not be first to challenge the authority, but to examine our fears. When Paul says husbands are to love their wives the way Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25), he gives us a portrait of the type of man we should someday marry, and submit to, in our part of imaging the relationship between Christ and his church (Ephesians 5:22–23).

Pray against political bloodshed in The Gambia, says charity - Premier

Speaking on Premier's News Hour Scott Maciver, from The Gambia Partnership, said: "The Christians in The Gambia that are known to us are really keen that this is resolved peaceably, as soon as possible... Some who're known to us have left the country and others have decided to stay.

Case-Making 101: Do Worldviews Matter?

“They need to know that everyone embraces one philosophy or another-a worldview that defines his or her conception of the world, of reality, and of human life. These beliefs are woven into movies-often in subtle ways that viewers miss. That is why it’s so important that we teach our kids how to find the worldview message in every film.”

48 The Briefing 01-19-17 -

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Church of England gives cautious support to fracking - Premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

Greg Koukl explains the right way to handle an angry, aggressive atheist

The defining characteristic of a “steamroller” is that he constantly interrupts, rolling over you with the force of his personality. Steamrollers are not usually interested in answers. They are interested in winning through intimidation.

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