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643. How Do I Discover My Spiritual Gifts?

Bobby points to how we as Christians can discover our spiritual gifts.

MITT - Official Trailer - A Netflix original documentary - HD

A Netflix original documentary, Mitt is a rare and intimate account of one man's quest for the presidency. Given unprecedented access by Mitt Romney and his ...

Two kinds of people who have tried to shame me away from Christianity

I recently had two interesting encounters last week, first with a secular Jewish leftist man and second with a New Age prosperity gospel feminist Christian woman. I wasn't going to say anything abo...

Courage under fire: Ronald Speirs and Easy Company at the Battle of Foy

I  try to occasionally post something that shows a particularly brave action from some time and place in military history. For example, I previously wrote about Medal of Honor winner Michael Murphy...

Larry Tomczak Responds to Ellen DeGeneres

Dr. Brown speaks with author and cultural commentator Larry Tomczak about divine appointments and Ellen DeGeneres addressing him on national TV, asking him t...

How Do We Know Jesus Was Raised From the Dead with Q&A

Dr. William Lane Craig spoke at RISE Youth Ministry on the Evidence for the Resurrection held by InterHigh Fellowship in Berkeley. He spoke to hundreds of st...

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1 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

36 Reasons Why Scholars Know Jesus Really Existed.

This list has taking me quite a few days to put together, but it’s been a joyful time doing so. I was already familiar with most of the literature on this topic so that would have shortened my time spent on the list, however there is always something that one seems to have missed when going over things for the first time, and therefore it is worth it going over it a second or third time.

3 EPS Blog - Evangelical Philosophical Society

Working as a campus minister for the past 16 years, I have become convinced that the university is one of the most strategic mission fields in the world. Many students come to the university looking for answers to life’s biggest questions—What is truth? How can I find happiness? Is there a God?—and often look to university professors for answers. The reality is that we often falter in our response. Some professors because they think belief in God is a delusion, a crutch, an irrationality. Unfortunately, Christian professors often think there must be a sharp divide between faith and the subject matter of the academic disciplines. The result is that the gospel is relegated to the perimeter of the university—given a role in the private and social lives of students, but not their cognitive lives. Jesus bids us a better way. My desire is that every student would have a chance to know and learn from Christian professors who love Jesus and faithfully (and wisely) integrate their faith into all aspects of their teaching, research, and service within the academy. In doing so, I believe lives will be changed, the gospel will get a fair hearing, and God will be glorified.

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

“Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..”

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

“Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..”

Eric Metaxas

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You're Not Too Busy for the Bible

Before you enumerate the reasons you’ve given up on Bible-reading plans and can't make the daily commitment, let me assure you I’m not extraordinarily disciplined, and I don’t belong to some higher spiritual caste. I yell at my kids and gossip and suffer incurable greed. I'm as ordinary as the rest of us. My "success" at this discipline is owed to good advice given to me when I was a teenager—and lots of grace.

Arsonists torch car belonging to Palestinian prof. who led Auschwitz trip - National

The car belonging to Mohammed Dajani, the former Al-Quds University professor who led the first organized group trip of Palestinian university students to Auschwitz, was torched in Jerusalem over the weekend in an apparent arson.

Supreme Court to Hear Marriage Challenge: How Should Christians Respond?

As faithful Christians, whatever comes when the final decision is handed down in June, we’ll insist, like we’ve said countless times before in every generation, that no Court or Constitution can define what doesn’t belong to its purview. This stance may put us at odds with the Vox Americana, but it will not put us at odds with the Vox Dei.

How I Almost Lost the Bible

I professed faith and was baptized at age 9. My father had been nervous baptizing me, saying that I should be buffeted about by the world more before being baptized. I remember him citing as support Edwards, who said that authentic child conversions are rare. He was right. On every level, I seemed to be a fine Christian young person. I even preached my first sermon at age 14 to a statewide Sunday school convention, but I had no business doing so.


What exactly is a ‘purpose driven’ church? In this Pointer for Pastors, I’ll tackle that question and explain what...

Worthy of double honor | Expository advocating – Part 1

There are a host of ways you can pray for your pastor: Pray that he would conduct himself wisely in a life of obedience that remains above reproach (1 Tim 3:2); pray that he would love and be faithful to his wife (Eph 5:25-33); pray that he would raise his children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Eph 6:4); pray that he would love the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength (Mk 12:30); pray that he would faithfully shepherd the flock of God (1 Pet 5:1-3); pray that he would flee temptation (1 Thess 4:3-8); pray that he would be a man of unceasing prayer (Eph 6:18) and pray that he would bind himself to the Scriptures and commit himself to expounding the Word of God rather than his own opinions (2 Tim 4:1-4). This list is by no means exhaustive, but there is no better place to start than by praying God’s own words for your pastor.

They Say the Church is "Too Feminine" | The Junia Project

One of the local churches I visited goes as far as banning women from being on their advisory board (or any boards for that matter), or being in business meetings, because “women are not as smart as men when it comes to business”. I am not kidding you! And apparently these men are totally blind to hundreds of thousands of female business owners, CEOs, CFOs, etc. But, that perhaps is the reason women are leaving church, because when they wake up to do their life and go to work, they do it living in the 21st century, but when they step inside a church, they are transformed back into the medieval times, when being a woman was a crime of its own–any man in the family could order a woman to do as he wished. If a woman refused, she was beat into submission, as disobedience was considered a crime against God. I would have left the church too if I did not find a place where a woman is just a child of God.

Darrell Bock is on a Mission From God to Change the Way Evangelicals Engage Culture. Can It Work?

This does not mean that there is no role for confrontation. However it does mean that that confrontation should never forget that the ultimate goal is to call people to consider entering into the grace of God. God's own style of engagement was to send His Son to die for those who stood opposed to Him. I think the church in its effort to fight the culture wars has forgotten that the goal is not to conquer in a beat them down kind of victory, but to win the person over who we are engaging. This means that our love for those we challenge should never be absent. We are appealing to people made in the image of God to reconnect with Him. That core goal should lead to a tone that knows how to challenge while extending the opportunity for invitation. In doing so we also need to be clear that people are accountable to their Creator. Nonetheless he is a Creator who has gone to great lengths to show that he cares. We are to model that combination, being sure to show that the grace of God welcomes a person who humbly acknowledges his or her need for what only God can provide.

15 Defenders Class Live | Reasonable Faith

Defenders is Dr. William Lane Craig's Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. Join leading Christian scholar Dr. Craig as he carefully and articulately teaches a comprehensive survey course from the Doctrine of God to the Doctrine of the Last Things, explaining Christian apologetic arguments along the way. Click on the link to watch live on Sunday mornings at 11:30 EST or to enjoy archived classes at your convenience.

Recognizing The Creator Of The Cosmos As The God Of History

This not silly at all, as opposed to Michael Lipkin's assertion. This article is about science coming to grip with origins and nothing else. The winning the lottery argument he employs is banal at best, and a paper tiger to boot. I do agree with him about the potential, or lack thereof, not being a matter of a mere decade long attempt. In fact it has nothing to do with science at all. Now, his case would have been stronger had he lumped together the powerball, the megamillions and every scratch off in his pocket as scoring the big time. Personally, I believe there is much in existence that is chaotic and random, maybe most, none of that counters the case for an intelligent design of what came into existence whenever it did so. This article may be seen as an attempt by the author to prop up a failing religious paradigm…if you are wearing lenses designed for that purpose. I'm not wearing them, so I choose to see the article for what it is, a degree of glee over those who had been stumbling in darkness moving toward a glimmer of light.

Are There Really Different Races?

Note that the context of Genesis 11 makes it clear that the reason for God’s scattering the people over the earth was that they had united in rebellion against Him. Some Christians point to this event in an attempt to provide a basis for their arguments against so-called interracial marriage. They believe that this passage implies that God is declaring that people from different people groups can’t marry so that the nations are kept apart. However, there is no such indication in this passage that what is called “interracial marriage” is condemned. Besides, there has been so much mixing of people groups over the years, that it would be impossible for every human being today to trace their lineage back to know for certain which group(s) they are descended from.

Faithful Expository Preaching Is Christ-Centered Preaching |

Ignoring the Christ-centered canonical context of Scripture is no less reductionistic and problematic than ignoring the immediate context of the human author. Failing to account for the fact that the Scriptures are the supernatural word of a sovereign God errs in the same way allegory does: both approaches exclude indispensible context. One excludes the context of the human author; the other excludes that of the divine author. Christocentric preaching does not mean neglecting exegesis in order to slip Christ in the sermon; it is rather the exposing of authorial intent, both human and divine. The problem with many contemporary approaches to expository preaching is that they are simply not expositional enough. One fully exposes the meaning of the text only in light of the biblical storyline that centers on the person and work of Christ and eschatological fulfillment in his kingdom.

Kentucky proposal: Encounter a transgender person in the wrong restroom, sue for up to $2,500

Aggrieved students could seek up to $2,500 in damages from the offending school for each time they encountered a person of the opposite sex in school facilities, as well as “for all psychological, emotional and physical harm suffered,” according to the bill’s language. The offending school, the bill notes, would be required to pay the attorney fees and costs associated with the claim.

Free E-Book - Grace Transforming

Complete this brief survey to receive a free digital copy of "Grace Transforming" by Phil Ryken. Only one entry per person. Giveaway open through January 18, 2015.

Still Life

The film opens with John on the job, attending the funeral of one of his “clients.” He and the priest are literally the only ones in the chapel. A recording of a choir singing “Amazing Grace” blares through the speakers, and as they hit the phrase, “I once was lost but now am found,” it dawns on you: That’s the theme of the movie. At least from the perspective of those who died alone.

22 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

23 Rediscovering the Historical Jesus: The Evidence for Jesus | Reasonable Faith

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t sources outside the Bible which refer to Jesus. There are. He’s referred to in pagan, Jewish, and Christian writings outside the New Testament. The Jewish historian Josephus is especially interesting. In the pages of his works you can read about New Testament people like the high priests Annas and Caiaphas, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, King Herod, John the Baptist, even Jesus himself and his brother James. There have also been interesting archaeological discoveries as well bearing on the gospels. For example, in 1961 the first archaeological evidence concerning Pilate was unearthed in the town of Caesarea; it was an inscription of a dedication bearing Pilate’s name and title. Even more recently, in 1990 the actual tomb of Caiaphas, the high priest who presided over Jesus’s trial, was discovered south of Jerusalem. Indeed, the tomb beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is in all probability the tomb in which Jesus himself was laid by Joseph of Arimathea following the crucifixion. According to Luke

24 A simple case for the pro-life position by Scott Klusendorf

[…]Fourth, this argument begs the question by assuming that the unborn is not fully human. For if the unborn is fully human, then we must weigh the relieving of the woman’s mental suffering against the right-to-life of an innocent human being.  And homicide of another is never justified to relieve one of emotional distress . Although such a judgment is indeed anguishing, we must not forget that the same innocent unborn entity that the career-oriented woman will abort in order to avoid interference with a job promotion is biologically and morally indistinguishable from the unborn entity that results from an act of rape or incest. And since abortion for career advancement cannot be justified if the unborn entity is fully human, abortion cannot be justified in the cases of rape and incest. In both cases abortion results in the death of an innocent human life. As Dr. Bernard Nathanson has written, “The unwanted pregnancy flows biologically from the sexual act, but not morally from it.”  [5] Hence, this argument, like the ones we have already covered in this series, is successful only if the unborn are not fully human.

18-Year-Old Plans to Marry Her Father

I’ve been seeing a story floating around recently on Facebook.  Apparently, there’s a young girl who reconnected with her mostly absent father.  After doing so, they discovered a mutual sexual attraction which they chose to pursue.  They will eventually move to a state where incest is legal and marry.


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Today, for the average Christian, the watchword in apologetics isn’t debate—it’s dialogue. And very few Christians are equipped to do formal debate. I’m not. That’s not my specialty. But most of us can engage in a dialogue, a conversation, a friendship, a relationship where we can sit with spiritually curious neighbors and friends and have extended discussions about what we believe and why we believe it. It’s more of a relational apologetic. It’s not the old “line up somebody against the wall and machine gun them with 15 reasons for the resurrection.” It’s more like two friends having a conversation.

Sunday Quote!- Charismata and Authority of Scripture

I was actually pleasantly surprised when reading Warfield’s argument for cessationism that he noted a significant concession toward continuationism: the key, core chapters in I. Cor. (12-14) were *not* descriptions of a unique body of Christ manifestation. That is, Warfield was willing (if I read him correctly) to acknowledge that the Corinthian church did not singularly understand spiritual gifts and their manifestation, particularly in the exercise of tongues (glossolalia). Other church bodies from other locations would have grasped and practiced spiritual gifts. While this doesn’t touch the argument from I. Cor. 13 against continuing spiritual gifts (which I find to be rather implausible a la Macarthur’s strained exegesis), it is an important linchpin in the continuationist position from the New Testament.

Josh McDowell on Twitter

Jesus knows our struggles b/c as human, he went thru them too. Where can Jesus meet you today? …

Series 8, The Big Questions - BBC One

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Why the Shift from Horror to Terror on 'CSI' Is a Problem

This season, though, the violence, gore, and carnage have become the focus. Cameras now linger on decayed bodies, severed limbs, pools of blood—and then they come back to them again. Violence isn’t alluded to—it is described (or even shown) in explicit detail. Victims and would-be victims envision horrifying memories or potential scenarios, and criminals speak remorselessly and in detail about the crimes they intend to commit or have committed. This newly graphic depiction that is, well, gratuitous.


Dr. Sproul covers some of the most famous Old Testament quotes starting with "There is none righteous, no not one." This section shows the utter shortcoming in man and his relationship to God. No matter what is considered from scripture mankind is shown as unacceptable in all areas. All are left at this point wondering if there is any way to be justified before God.

33 Is the Message of the New Testament Lost? - Apologetics Guy

Maybe you’ve got a friend or a co-worker who tends to be pretty skeptical of the Bible right from the get-go. For many like them, the issues surrounding the Bible can make it tough to read it for themselves and give it a fair hearing. For example, people who saw Bart Ehrman on the Cobert Report or read his books might come away doubting that the text of the New Testament is still intact after all these years.

34 Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Great Reward" by Tim Timmons

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

35 NFL Conference Championship Round 2015 Picks

I’m once again going with the Seahawks here. I made the mistake of picking against them last year and that was a terrible choice. I’ve learned my lesson. A stifling defense and a top 10 offense playing in one of the loudest stadiums against a hobbled Aaron Rodgers? It’s honestly still tough because Rodgers is that good but I’m going with my gut and the Seahawks. If the Packers win it will be on the strength of Rodgers’ arm. But what I really think will happen is that a stiff Seahawks defense stands tall at the end of the game halting the Packers’ last drive in some dramatic fashion. Anyway, I call it being 24-17 Seahawks .

Religious liberty, political engagement, and the future 
of ministry

The Moral Majority is no more, and it has left many students wondering whether we should just “duck back down the alley” and leave the politics to the pagans. I think that would be a mistake, and a serious one at that. Students would be well served by developing a theology of politics, and in particular how your future ministry will be shaped by how or if you engage, politically, with the society around you. Christians are not called to pull back into our enclaves. Furthermore, apathy about political engagement is not a Christian virtue — quite the opposite. God is intimately concerned with not only the church’s life and doctrine, but also how his sword is wielded for the good of a society (Romans 13.1-4). Government wields that sword. In other words, God cares not only for his people who have covenanted with him in Christ but also for those who care very little for him yet carry the sword of justice he has provided. This includes how government cares for the least of these, the poor, those who’ve fallen on hard times, and religious liberty.

Pointers for Pastors: What Is a Purpose Driven Church?

What exactly is a ‘purpose driven’ church? In this Pointer for Pastors, I’ll tackle that question and explain what it means to focus on God’s eternal purposes for the church, rather than pretty much anything else.

2 Timothy 2:15

15  Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, 1 a worker b who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. Footnotes [1] 2:15 That is, one approved after being tested

Eight Things You Need to Know about Pastor Search Committees

Not all churches use pastor search committees to call a pastor. Some congregations belong to a denomination that uses an appointment process. Other churches depend on elders to find the next pastor. But a large number of churches today still use the pastor search committee process to find their next pastor.

Joseph (J.W.)Wartick on Twitter

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Inside the Evangelical Fight Over Gay Marriage

If belief in scripture, regardless of the title given to those who believe it, is merely a cultural phenomena, then, pray tell, what moved people at the end of the Middle Ages to seek out and pay exorbitant prices for copies of the Scripture, of people copying the pulpit Bibles, of people willing to make any sacrifice to get to know the Bible and then making every effort to conform to its teachings as best they understood them? There is such a thing as manipulation even in sexual mores, so what if someone planned to bring about the moral breakdown of American society in order to destroy the great stronghold of the Christian Faith in the modern era? In fact, it has taken very careful, even meticulous, planning to bring to pass what we see occurring. Bella Dodd, former chairperson of the Communist Party USA in the thirties and forties said they planned to infiltrate the ministry of the Roman Catholics as well as the Protestants in order to create moral confusion and the resulting problems associated with such. Today we behold folks practicing things that would have been unthinkable except in the criminal element of society long ago.


What are the similarities and differences between the temptations of the first and second Adam? R.C. Sproul explains how the results of each rested on whether trust was placed in the Word of God.

Free schools is "confused policy", says Archbishop of York – Premier Premier

The Archbishop of York has again criticised the government saying its free schools programme is a "confused policy" which is mainly helping society's richest people.

Millions turn out for Pope mass – Premier Premier

More than six million people have attended an open air mass held by Pope Francis in the Philippines.

What do the adult children of gay couples think about same-sex marriage?

[…]While Klein classified her upbringing as abusive, Robert Oscar Lopez told the court that his own childhood upbringing by his mother and her longtime partner represented the “best possible conditions for a child raised by a same-sex couple.”  Even so, Lopez testified that the lack of a father figure in his life, combined with the influence of the radical gay culture in which he was raised, gave rise to a devastating confusion about his own sexuality and ultimately led to his becoming a homosexual prostitute in his teen years in order to fulfill his craving for acceptance and love from older men.

Amy Orr-Ewing on Twitter

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There are no pro-rated conference registration fees available. Registration cannot be processed without payment.Refunds for cancellations will be available for credit card transactions only. Refunds, less a $15.00 processing fee per registrant, will be granted for all cancellations received in writing by February 5, 2015. Refunds will not be granted for any reason after February 5. Cancellations may be faxed or emailed to the Office of Event Productions: F: (502) 897-4088 or E:

Niger Churches targeted in second day of violence – Premier Premier

At least six churches have been set alight or looted in Niger in a second day of violent protests at the publication of a cartoon showing the Prophet Mohammad.

The Gospel of Deconstructionism

According to Jesus, eternal life consists in knowing “the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (Jn 17:3). If, like those original disciples, you are a true follower of Jesus, you’ll believe that. Even so, it can certainly be a stiff challenge to faithfully live and witness for Christ in a culture awash in relativism, tolerance, and rival deities—gods which, as the Apostle Paul once said, “are not gods” at all (Acts 19:26), but nevertheless compete for the hearts and minds of people. The challenge is difficult enough without there also being a movement inside our community which, if it achieves its ends, virtually guarantees we’ll lose the day. That movement is called by various names: the emergent church, the emerging church, missional Christianity, and several others. There’s no need to fuss about the label. What’s important are the ideas in play, and their implications for the faith “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).

Guillaume Bignon on Twitter

If you need expert answers on Islam or laughably bad impressions of your French accent, these are just the people.

51 Genesis of Science
52 Historicty of Jesus vs. Other Historical Persons.