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Here’s 'Indiana Jones' Reimagined as a 'Bourne' Movie

The Indiana Jones movies are great and all, but they don’t really compare well to today’s darker, more intense action epics. But, thanks to the mashup geniuses at CineFix, we no longer have to imagine what it’d be like if it were remade in the style of a Bourne flick.

Lecrae Confesses Abortion, Invites Others into the Light

Lecrae shares his personal story of abortion by recounting his sinful relationship with a past girlfriend and rejoicing in the hope of the gospel.

Listen: Bohlin, Hunter on a Parachute Operation into Discussion with Theistic Evolutionists

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Robert Wright Asks: Can Evolution Have a Higher Purpose?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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The Story of Reality: Apologist Greg Koukl Discusses His New Book

Nowadays, people have a habit of relativizing religion, reducing it “your truth” versus “my truth” versus “their truth,” and that’s the end of it. But as I say in the book, “If the Story is not accurate to reality, it’s not any kind of truth at all. So it can never be ‘my truth’ or ‘your truth,’ even though we may believe it. It can only be our delusion or our mistake or our error, but it can never be our ‘truth.”” (32) I want people to see that Christianity claims to be true in the deep sense, and if it isn’t, then it solves nothing at all.

Compassion Has 'Very Little Hope' for India, Sets Deadline to Shut Down Sponsorships

“Our staff in the India field offices have stretched every last penny beyond what we thought possible to extend the programs for our children, while we in parallel explored alternative delivery methods to provide funds, yet a solution has not been discovered within the needed timeframe,” stated Compassion’s email to donors.

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Frank interviews his good friend and author Greg Koukl about his latest book. Biblical Christianity is more than just another private religious view. It’s more than just a personal relationship with God or a source of moral teaching. Christianity is a picture of reality. It explains why the world is the way it is. When the pieces of this puzzle are properly assembled, we see the big picture clearly. Christianity is a true story of how the world began, why the world is the way it is, what role humans play in the drama, and how all the plotlines of the story are resolved in the end. In The Story of Reality, best-selling author and host of Stand to Reason, Gregory Koukl, explains the five words that form the narrative backbone of the Christian story.

Singleness: My Only Companion

My perpetual state of singleness is an enigma, but it is not for lack of trying. I’m certainly not a hermit. I travel, take in festivals, go to events, enjoy concerts, and attend academic talks to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. I’ve even tried online dating, which only resulted in “situationships”—those faux relationships that revolve on an axis of grey, refusing to be black or white, constrained by an unspoken mutual attraction and enmeshed with all the anxiety and heartbreak that comes with a relationship. Yet after enduring all of it for four to six months—or even a year—heartbreak and sorrow were the only evidence that something had transpired (despite the absence of the “girlfriend” title).

Christians feared dead in accidental bombing of Nigeria refugee camp - Premier

It's feared Christian refugees will be among more than 100 people killed after a Nigerian Air Force fighter jet mistakenly bombed a refugee camp.

Why Are There So Many Atheists on College Campuses?

For the last several years I have done a lot of outreach on a major college campus. I have also been the director r of an apologetics ministry as well. On the college campus where I am there are a lot of atheists. One a weekly basis, I must talk to at least four to five atheists a week. Of course, I also talk to plenty of agnostics as well. But over the years I have seen several patterns emerge. In other words, when I probe deeper and ask students why they are atheists or how they define their atheism, I see the same things. So here is what I continue to see:

9 The TC Apologetics Daily

The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian. by TC Apologetics

Lila Rose on Twitter

@LilaGraceRose It's sad you won't recognize women can make their own decisions regarding health & family planning. Pro life is a euphemism

Theology Can Blind You to God

When we study the 27 times Mark mentions the scribes and Pharisees, we learn how even theology can be twisted to blind us to God and rob us of real life and joy when our systems become lackeys of our sin. Consider these six flags that our theology might be leading us away from him.

Open Bible, Burning Hearts: Response to Andy Stanley

Rather, what I am suggesting is that Stanley’s view might rescue a doubting believer, and at the same time establish in churches and families a view of the Bible which undermines the faith of the next five generations. In view of what Jesus and the New Testament writers say about the complete trustworthiness of the Old Testament (“Scripture cannot be broken,” John 10:35), I doubt that generation after generation of teenagers could read that and yet believe at the same time that it does not matter for my faith whether the events of the Old Testament really happened.

More God in the Daily Grind

Use these opportunities to trade stories with one another. This is not so you can drop a gospel bomb and evacuate. This is an opportunity for you to genuinely listen. People love to tell their stories, and as we listen attentively, we can prayerfully discern whether this friend has found ultimate satisfaction in God. Careful listening also opens up the door for you to share your story. You may still feel awkward and uncomfortable, but God is working through you.

Ministry on the Alaskan Frontier

Part of our challenge in Alaska is that our cultures have changed to where our languages are dying and there’s a sense of wanting to preserve culture. I think that's a noble pursuit and a noble effort; however, the gospel is not about cultural preservation, but it's about having an identity in Christ. At the same time, every Christian witness, every Christian worship experience, is through some cultural lens. So I do find it important that we recognize that each culture can reflect God's glory in some unique way. There's dignity in every people group. That's been part of the pain. In the assimilation process, the indigenous peoples of this whole country were not treated with dignity. There's residue of colonialization still today, and being an Alaskan Native person myself, it's on my heart to affirm our culture and to affirm ways we can express our worship through our culture.

A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right | The Stream

The Stream encourages comments, whether in agreement with the article or not. However, comments that violate our commenting rules or terms of use will be removed. Any commenter who repeatedly violates these rules and terms of use will be blocked from commenting. Comments on The Stream are hosted by Disqus, with logins available through Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts. You must log in to comment. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. More detail is available here .

Lord, Increase My Capacity to Love

But none of us will prayerfully press into loving God with our entire beings, or loving our neighbor as ourselves, until we see clearly our profound lack of such love — how much we need to be filled with the Spirit of Christ in order to love like Christ. We will likely keep comparing ourselves against the low-bar of one another, and often feeling like we’re doing relatively okay, until we invite the Spirit of Jesus to examine us. His questions always penetrate deeper. “Do you love others as I have loved you?” “Do unbelievers know you are my disciple by the way you love the Christians I have given you to love?”

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@BrettKunkle is guest hosting today! Call him 4-5pm PST with questions and comments at (855) 243-9975, outside the U.S. (562) 424-8229.

Thinking Theologically about NFL Playoff Games and Other Sports | Stand to Reason

Like it or not, sports—professional, amateur or recreational—are a big deal in American culture. Yet, most Christians haven’t given much thought about the intersection of their Christian convictions with sports. Some quickly dismiss it as another form of mindless entertainment, while others mindlessly over-consume sports and over-identify with their favorite franchise. So, how should our theology inform our view of sports? Is the image of God reflected in sports? Or is the fallenness of man on full display? Or is it some of both? As Christians who desire to see and understand all of reality in light of God’s truth, we had better do some good theological thinking about the massive cultural activity of sports. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much serious theological reflection on sports by clear-thinking Christians, but let me point to a couple of good resources.

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Join the Prayer Movement for Life! Pray & engage — get others to join in! #ProLife @FocusFamily #CareNet @LTIupdate

1 Peter 5:1: Practice What You Preach

Whether you occupy a leadership position right now or not, no Christian should be a hypocrite. Think over spiritual counsel that you’ve given over the past month. Do you practice what you’ve preached?

A Viral Video on the Problem of Evil

DR. CRAIG: Again, he is talking here about the capricious gods of Greco-Roman mythology who were blood-thirsty, profligate, promiscuous, inconstant, and unfaithful. He can understand the way these gods behaved because they are just finite beings that are flawed morally. But the concept of God in Judaism and Christianity is of a morally perfect being. So the question is: how could a morally perfect being allow a world in which so many awful things happen? I think what the Christian will typically say is that God has morally sufficient reasons for allowing these things to occur. The Christian agrees that they are evil, and that these are painful and awful. He is not like a Hindu who denies the reality of evil. The Christian admits that evil is real and needs to be overcome by God and will be overcome ultimately by God. So we admit the reality of evil but then we would maintain God has morally sufficient reasons for allowing it to occur. The assertion that God is an evil maniac is just name-calling. What the atheist needs to do is to give us some good argument to show that God either cannot have or probably does not have morally sufficient reasons for allowing the suffering in the world.

22 Read Good, Offensive Books

Last month, schools in Accomack County, Virginia decided to remove Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from their classrooms and libraries after a mother complained about the books’ racist language.

23 How Can Christ Be the Only Way to God? | Reasonable Faith

Now it would, indeed, be fantastically improbable that by happenstance alone it just turns out that all those who never hear the Gospel and are lost are persons who would not have believed the Gospel even if they had heard it. But that is not the hypothesis. The hypothesis is that a provident God has so arranged the world. Given a God endowed with knowledge of how every person would freely respond to His grace in whatever circumstances God might place him, it is not at all implausible that God has ordered the world in the way described. Such a world would not look outwardly any different from a world in which the circumstances of a person's birth are a matter of happenstance. The particularist can agree that people generally adopt the religion of their culture and that if many of those born into non-Christian cultures had been born in a Christian society instead, they would have become nominally or culturally Christian. But that is not to say that they would have been saved. It’s a simple empirical fact that there are no distinguishing psychological or sociological traits between persons who become Christians and persons who do not.

Paul Ryan on Twitter

Chelsea Manning's treachery put American lives at risk and exposed some of our nation's most sensitive secrets. My full statement ↓

Q&A with Dr. Craig: Multiverse and the Design Argument

QUESTION: How do you answer sceptics who say that our universe doesn’t need a designer because it’s just a part of a bigger multiverse which is composed of all kinds of universes?  No matter how improbable our universe looks, the chances are that there will be some just like it somewhere in the multiverse.  If you deal the cards enough times, eventually every hand will come up sooner or later. — Bill

3 Things True Love Is Not

These are some great and helpful points Paul, thank you. i don't think we can ever learn enough about love as it is constantly something we need to be strengthening and working on in ourselves - i found this interesting list of ten things love is which weren't the usual ones and then took a little time focusing on each one and there is some great stuff to learn:

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U.S. official says Defense Secretary Ash Carter was opposed to the idea of commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence.

How Can We Tell If The Universe Has Design?

Question: In most arguments from design, the universe is compared to a designed object. For example, Paley uses a watch to illustrate design, since we all know watches are designed. What other universe is the proponent of Intelligent Design comparing our current universe to so he can show design? We would need another universe that is designed or undersigned to compare this one so we can decide about design. With only one universe to evaluate, we can make no valid comparisons about design.

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Did the Son have a beginning? – Origen vs. heresies

Again, this point must not be lost: Origen, one of the earliest defenders of the church, saw the Father and the Son as distinct from each other and also co-eternal. Effectively, this goes against many false teachings, including modalism (the idea that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are different aspects of one God), any form of Arianism (that Jesus is not fully God), and the like. For a modern example, Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that Jesus is not fully God and not co-eternal with God the Father (whom they call Jehovah). Origen would repudiate this, noting that the Father can only right so be called in eternity, which entails the Father has always been the Father, and so the Son is co-eternal with the Father.

U.S. Dept of Defense on Twitter

display of the six functions of Marine Aviation conducted during Weapons and Tactics Instructor courses held at Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One, USMC Air Station, Yuma, Ariz.

Zimbabwean preacher arrested for predicting Mugabe's death - Premier

A preacher has been arrested after claiming President Robert Mugabe will die this year.

Why Do Atheists Search For Meaning?

On the Facebook page of a college atheist club, I read a post by one of the atheist leaders. He linked to a news article about a humanist couple who had formed a group to help people find meaning and purpose in life. The atheist leader added “Great to see mainstream media writing about science-based, rational approaches to finding meaning and purpose in life.”

Stop Waiting for Your Church to ‘Feed’ You

- This is a sad statement, partially because these churches and their leadership are the one's that created a market for church shopping culture in the first place. In the midst of a culture that demanded entertainment and the best of the best the church listened and responded in kind. I don't think it was the congregation demanding flashy graphics on the overhead screen, or the most dynamic rock- excuse me- I mean worship team, churches felt this pull of culture to be "relevant" (haha the irony of where I'm reading this article is not lost on me) and it's destroyed community within the body. When I can sit and stare at a large screen of the worship team or pastor and not directly look at them and be within spitting distance (literally haha) there is a level of subconscious separation and disconnection from these people I am experiencing as a congregant.

Is Stewardship the Same as Going Green?

While these criticisms may accurately describe individual Christians who struggle with sin and imperfectly follow God’s commandments, are they really a proper understanding of what Scripture teaches Christians to do in regard to the world in which we live? In some cases, the belief by Christians that in part nature is resilient and self-correcting because the Creator designed the earth’s ecosystems to be adaptable, has been misconstrued by some as indifference or even hostility to the environment. That is a false characterization, and it is not (and should not be) used as an excuse for wanton destruction of natural resources. Scripture has ample examples of principles of good stewardship ( Deuteronomy 25:4; Proverbs 6:6–9, 12:10, 27:23–27; Luke 13:6–9; 1 Timothy 6:6–9; Hebrews 13:5 ). In point of fact, Christians should have a mindset of doing the best we can to use the environment for man’s good and God’s glory, as good stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

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Villagers object to building plans of 'insular' evangelical group - Premier

Locals from a village in Cheshire have written to their council to oppose plans for the building of a new evangelical meeting hall over fears the group are too 'insular'.

These Senate Dems Sent Their Kids to Private Schools

Six of the 10 Senate Democrats on the committee that will consider confirming Betsy DeVos—President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education—attended private or parochial schools, or have children and grandchildren attending, according to information obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

40% of people doubt Jesus existed. Here's how to change their mind

It’s relatively simple to make the case for the historicity of Jesus. Firstly, it’s what the vast majority of scholars of the ancient world believe (i.e. the ones who actually research these things, rather than the opinion of an Oxford biologist). We not only have the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, but his death by crucifixion is one of the most widely attested events in the ancient world, written about by contemporary historians such as Josephus and Tacitus.

Frank Turek on Twitter

C.S. Lewis saw everything as centered around Christ:

New James Cameron TV Show Will Go Into the History of Sci-Fi

Cameron told reporters, "With this series, we are going back to the origins of sci-fi, following the DNA of these ideas back to the source. Without Jules Verne and H.G. Wells there wouldn’t have been Ray Bradbury or Robert A. Heinlein, and without them, there wouldn’t be Lucas, Spielberg, Ridley Scott or me."

Max McLean Talks About Putting Martin Luther on Trial

These are the reasons why Fellowship for Performing Arts (FPA) commissioned a play about Luther's life and legacy (cowritten by Chris Cragin-Day and me). Martin Luther is a character of Shakespearean size and dimension. His hot personality along with the powder keg he lit with his 95 Theses changed the spiritual map of the Western world.

Third of teens isolate themselves because of their body, says YMCA - Premier

Research conducted by the YMCA and Dove has found 30 per cent of secondary school pupils avoid taking part in activities because of anxiety about their bodies.

Darwinism, Dawkins, and Complex Designers

Complexity and design seem to be infused into the very elements if life. Francis Crick, winner of the Nobel prize for his co-discovery of the structure of DNA, famously said "Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved."1 Indeed, the strong map of design in the living creatures of the earth seems at first blush so strong that the scientists themselves have a hard time describing them without using vocabulary that implies design.

7 Ways Jesus' Life Teaches Us How to Make an Impact

Jesus understood that He couldn’t do anything without a team of people around Him. So, He recruited 12 disciples who partnered with Him spreading Christianity. As leaders, we must realize the value of having a team of people around us to challenge us, mold us and partner with us. We were not meant to live alone or work alone. If we ever want to accomplish anything significant, it’s going to take a combination of minds and efforts to bring vision to life. Without a solid team of people we can rely and depend on, our best attempts at building something meaningful will be fruitless.

Contradictions: Could Adam Eat from Any Tree?

But there are other potential solutions that could eliminate this alleged contradiction. The Lord could have been speaking of the fruit on the face of the whole earth beyond the special and unique Garden of Eden. This would make sense considering there were special instructions given to Adam regarding what was edible in the Garden and what was not. In other words, they may have been complementary commands given for two different places.

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Premier Christian on Twitter

Hermit wanted: Church appeals for someone 'at peace with themselves' to live in Cliffside residence …

An FAQ on the Pope's Authority for Baffled Catholics and Softly Snickering Protestants | The Stream

Correct. We vocally reject their novelties and obey God, not man. Jesus Christ warned us about the false shepherds. They existed in His day. We are not obligated to support financially a heretical bishop or a bishop who opposes the teachings of Christ. We are obligated to pray for them, but if they refuse to adhere to the teachings of the Church or openly or covertly (removing kneelers, interfaith ceremonies, omitting dogmas) oppose the True Doctrine of Faith, we are obligated to resist. The poor Catholics who opposed Arianism were kicked out of their churches. The true Catholics held the Mass in the fields. Catholics must always remember, the True Faith has Four Marks – One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic. One – Unity in beliefs (all beliefs – no cafeteria options available), Holy (set apart for God, not mixed with the profane or worldly – think of worldly pics in Church instead of Saint statues, the Crucifix, silence) Catholic (universal – all men no matter what country or origin are called to believe in the one True Faith) Apostolic (traditions that go back to the Apostles).

Alien and Station Eleven Show Limits of Survival, Human Nature

A fiend of impeccable timing, the Devil dangles his enticements before Christ at the tail end of a 40-day fast: “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.” Hungry and fatigued, Christ counters the notion that man is a purely material creature with purely material appetites: “Man shall not live by bread alone.” (The atheist philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach perversely altered this formula to reflect his materialist assumptions: “Du bist was du isst.” Translation: “You are what you eat.”)  Compressed into this lapidary phrase is one of the richest meditations on the nature of human life — namely, that a person will starve without meaning just as surely as she will starve without food.

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