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Here's The Video Proof Trump's a Cynical Phony on 'New York Values'

While Donald Trump cynically maintains that he has no clue what Ted Cruz’s phrase “New York values” means – and while he scurrilously implies that Cruz has some sort of malicious, nasty feeling about New Yorkers over 9/11 – video has now emerged of a nationally televised 1999 interview in which Trump seems completely familiar with the “New York values” to which Cruz referred. Trump appeared on Meet The Press on October 24, 1999, where he had several exchanges with Tim Russert: RUSSERT: Do you think gays should be allowed to be married?

Trump tells voters he’s a “great Christian”

In the wake of sagging poll numbers in Iowa, Donald Trump assures Iowa voters that he is a “great Christian.” At a rally in Sioux City, he declared: Will you get these numbers up? I pro…

Shark Knows with Its Nose Where It Goes in the Dark

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Coming Next Month, Michael Denton and The Biology of the Baroque; See the Trailer Now!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

This Guy Shaved His Beard After 14 Years, and His Family’s Reaction Is Surprisingly Emotional

This is arguably the most emotional razor commercial you will ever see. The Israeli ad for Life M6 razor shows the reactions of a man’s family, who is surprised after he shaves his beard for the first time in 14 years. As he explains, his wife and children have never seen him without it. This will make even the hairiest hipster want to finally give the clean shaven look a shot.

Animal Minds: In Search of the Minimal Self

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Truthbomb Apologetics: The Sanctity of Human Life

Welcome! Truthbomb Apologetics strives to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Sunday Praise: "Your Glory / Nothing But the Blood" by All Sons & Daughters

Sunday Praise: "Your Glory / Nothing But the Blood" by All Sons & Daughters

The Arrogance of "Doctor Knows Best"

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

This Homemade Roman Candle Gun Is Incredible

Ever wanted to see a homemade minigun that fires off 1001 shots from Roman Candles in under a minute? Of course you have.

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Five Pieces of ‘Out-Dated’ Dating Advice

The cross, modern philosophy, and the advent of the Internet have certainly changed things for Christians wanting to be married. But what if there’s more to see in Isaac and Rebekah than meets the eye? Before you skim their story too quickly, remember that it is the same God, it is a man seeking a wife (or at least a man and a woman on a path to marriage), and marriage is the same institution, only now with its deeper, fuller meaning revealed in the coming of Christ.

Any Given Sunday

On any given Sunday, God might be pleased to turn your world upside down, in all the best ways. Like the weary psalmist who came to worship, and finally the fog cleared (Psalm 73:16–17). Or like Martin Luther, who testified, “At home, in my own house, there is no warmth or vigor in me, but in the church when the multitude is gathered together, a fire is kindled in my heart and it breaks its way through.” Or as countless of us have learned, our Father simply loves to bless the family gathering.

The Self-Refuting Nature of Naturalism

I think Moreland is exactly right, and it seems many of the world’s most influential naturalistic atheists agree as well! Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Will Provine, Jerry Coyne, and Alex Rosenberg have all made the same case: that given their naturalistic worldview, free will does not exist! But here is the problem: did they freely and rationally come to that conclusion? Not on their view. In fact, if they are to be consistent naturalists, they should claim that they are forced to think naturalism is true due to the deterministic laws of nature, and not because of their intellect or reasoning skills. Therefore, a naturalist has no grounds to state naturalism is true. In fact, it is an utterly irrational statement (if naturalism is true or not)! If the atheist happens to be correct about naturalism, it seems that it is impossible for free will to exist, and it logically follows that rationality is lost as well.

What’s Going on at Wheaton? A Modest Proposal for the “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God” Debate

I agree with all of that, but I think it’s only one side that isn’t agreeing with you. Both sides believe the things that you list at the bottom, but only one side is admitting it. Those who agree with Hawkins (who think Muslims and Christians at least in some sense worship the same God) affirm all those things and realize the other side does too. But those who have criticized her continue to assert that the other side doesn’t agree with those things, even though it’s plainly false. I keep seeing accusations that this is all about ecumenical pluralism, which Hawkins has publicly denied. She has no support for anything like that, and Lydia McGrew’s piece this morning says such issues are at stake, when no one is arguing for that. So I don’t think Hawkins’ critics recognize that both sides agree on those things.

WORLD | The American holocaust | Phillip Krueger | Jan. 16, 2016

There was a forerunner to Hitler in the Old Testament. Let me tell you a story about the wickedest husband and wife power couple in Israel’s history. Together, they held the highest public office in the nation. He was the wickedest ruler in the history of his nation to that point. His wife was the evil genius behind her husband’s reign. She was proud, defiant, cunning, ruthless, vindictive, and sarcastic. She was not someone you would want to be your mother-in-law! She was murderously protective of her throne, her husband, and her place in history. The record shows that many people who were a threat to them conveniently ended up dead. Her signature legislation was that it was the right of every mother to choose to end the life of her baby. Because of their legislation, countless babies were sacrificed on the altar of selfishness and greed. May I introduce to you the ruler and his wife: King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Their story is found in 1 Kings 16 .

Hillary Clinton on Twitter

A right without the opportunity to exercise it isn't a right. Low-income women deserve health care. The Hyde Amendment should be overturned.

20 Head-Scratching Christian Phrases We’ve All Heard

We asked you to share some of the strangest Christian phrases you've heard, and you came up with some true gems. Here are some of our favorites:

Downton Abbey's Final Season: Episodes 1-2 - A Christian Perspective

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Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie has already won or been nominated for awards centered around script, casting and the soundtrack. In Hateful Eight, he has assembled a stellar cast that delivers sharp dialogue in the midst of yet another homage to a classic genre of film – in this case, the Western. Tarantino has a knack for capturing the bleak depravities of the human heart – and make no mistake, this movie plumbs the depth of evil that resides within.

Wintery Knight on Twitter

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Iran Frees Pastor Saeed Abedini after Three Years in Prison

“We are grateful for the release of Pastor Saeed," stated the ERLC's Russell Moore. "The prayers of the Body of Christ all over the world have been answered. This day of celebration should remind us to pray and work all the more for the multitudes still persecuted for their faith all over the world, including in Iran. We hope and long for the day when Iran, and nations like it, are free from those who wish to enslave the conscience at the point of a sword.”

Sorry, the Bible doesn’t promise to make America great again

But the temptation to apply 2 Chronicles to the nation rather than to the church persists, for the same reasons that some insist on applying Genesis 12:3 (“I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will dishonor”) to foreign policy rather than to where the Bible applies it: to the gospel of Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:7-14). This happens because the first question of culture is one of identity, who are we and where do we fit in the broader culture. We too often see America as some how more “real” than the kingdom, and our country as more important than the church. But 2 Chronicles 7:14 itself starts with the question of identity: “If my people…called by my name…” This, or any other country, is not called by the name of God. The kingdom of God, on the other hand, is (Isa. 62:3-5).

Josh McDowell on Twitter

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WORLD | At least one American remains in Iranian prison | Jan. 16, 2016

The deal did not include freedom for Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman who advocated better ties between Iran and the U.S. He was reportedly arrested in October. U.S. officials also haven’t come any closer to learning the fate of Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran while working for the CIA. The Iranian government continues to claim it has no knowledge of Levinson’s whereabouts. His family received a proof-of-life video in 2011, but U.S. officials say they’re not sure Levinson, a former FBI agent, is still alive.

Why Christians Should Engage 'Non-Christian' Art

As an amateur theater performer and full time worshiper of God, it has been a struggle for me to align artistic inclinations with the teachings of the bible. I agree that everything in His creation (including art) that points us to Him is actually good. However, we should also be reminded that the enemy is so powerful and deceitful that even what we thought as "good" art can actually lead us into something else. Intelligence and artistic taste isn't enough. Thus, we should always ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, even in considering art. This may sound too spiritual but I think it's one of the most fundamental parts of being a Christian - to live by the Spirit (Galatians 5:25).

Grace to You

In view of yesterday’s lesson, you may be asking, “But how can I enjoy contentment and be satisfied with what I have?” You can begin by realizing God’s goodness and believing that He will take care of you since you are one of His children. You can claim again the promise in Romans 8: “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (v. 28).

Christians Need to Lighten Up

The culture of hot takes and instant Facebook statuses isn’t exactly conducive to the idea of being “slow to speak and slow to become angry,” but it does provide an opportunity to show grace, humility and kindness. We can demonstrate that the way of the Gospel is different than the way of the world by not being quick to respond with biting takedowns every time something happens that "offends" us.

Exploding the persistant myth that Christianity impeded the growth of science.

The second myth about the rise of science is that Westerners only picked up the baton from the ancient Greeks, or, as has been more recently alleged, the Islamic caliphate. The undefended corollary of the idea that the Church has held back scientific progress is that we must look outside Christendom to discover the origin of modern science. In reality, modern science is qualitatively different from the natural philosophy practiced by the likes of Aristotle or Avicenna. Aristotle started from the passive observation of nature and then built up a system based on rational argument. This had two enormous disadvantages: Compared to controlled experiments, passive observation is usually misleading, and not even Aristotle’s powers of reason could prevent blunders in his arguments.


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Trump's New York Values

Channing Tatum & Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum's "Pony" | Lip Sync Battle

Navigating Trials in the New America

The church in America is slowly awakening from the distortion of 350 years of dominance and prosperity. Until recently, being a Christian in America has been viewed as normal, good, patriotic, culturally acceptable, even beneficial. By and large, being a Christian has generally resulted in things going well for you. At least this has been true for what used to be called the WASPs — white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. But also for others in greater or lesser degrees.

Wheaton, Hawkins: Let Us Reason Together, Please

5. Diversity on Christian campuses. White males no longer reflect the racial and ethnic makeup of contemporary Christianity. It’s a diverse movement, and evangelical institutions will be better for reflecting that. A large subtext of this controversy—to many, the main text—is that Hawkins is not only a woman but also African American. Losing her would diminish the school in many ways, as Wheaton administrators surely know.

Debunking 4 Myths About Religious Freedom

Some suggest that religious freedom protections allow people simply to skirt the law, as though one is issued a card exempting him or her from catering gay weddings or providing abortion drugs in insurance plans. That’s hardly the case. We have long respected the right of religiously motivated conscientious objectors to be exempted from combat duty that violates their consciences. No, this doesn’t mean a laissez-faire policy of draft dodging for anyone who claims a religious objection. It just means the government looks into the religious claims and doesn’t force, by penalty of jail, Mennonites or other pacifists to drop bombs or fire rifles. Nor does the accommodation of Native American religions to use eagle feathers in their worship mean open season on endangered species.

The Thing That’s Really Holding You Back

It is NOT helpful to lump together the "character flaw" of fear and the medical condition called "anxiety." We need to stop blaming people suffering from the clinical condition of depression and we shouldn't blame people who suffer from the clinical condition of anxiety. In fact, we should offer them hope. Anxiety can be treated -- sometimes through talk, sometimes with medication, sometimes with a combination of both. Do these things sometimes overlap -- clinical conditions and personal, societal flaws? -- sure they can, and sometimes do. But Christians need to quit living in the dark ages regarding mental health. We're just hugely unhelpful to people when we tell them to "get over" what may be a medical issue and then blame them for it. Talk to someone who is on anti-anxiety medication -- learn what it is they struggle with, how the medication can help, and then let's get our language straight.

When Life Changes in a Moment

I’d spent my whole life flying my kite in the wrong skies. I was looking up when I should have been bowing down. I was striving to get instead of receive; to gain instead of give. I was seeking prosperity when I should have been relying on provision.

The Spirit of the Red Letters and "Progressive Evangelicalism"

But once you decide that even they can be corrected, then what does it actually mean that Jesus is your authority, let alone the Bible which testifies him? Which Jesus is this? How can your admittedly fallible Jesus allow you to correct your fallible Bible? Which bits of Jesus’ teaching and life do you appeal to against the parts you’re suspicious about? I mean, what if it turns out you should be using the exact opposite parts of Jesus’ teachings and work to correct the parts you like, the way someone using the same method on a different continent might?

For the Doctrine of the Trinity by R.C. Sproul | January 16, 2016

In a pluralistic and relativistic age, Christians must stand firm in proclaiming the one living and true God who is revealed in Scripture. The one true God is one in being or essence and three in person: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triune God is holy and sovereign. These biblical truths are often attacked, and Christians must, therefore, be diligent to defend them.

Christianity Promotes Rational (and Evidential) Exploration

Anais Nin, the avant-garde author, and diarist, once said, “When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.” I couldn’t agree more. As a detective and evidentialist, the last thing I want a jury to do is to adopt a position blindly. Many people seem to think that Christians do this very thing, however, when they adopt the view that Christianity is true. This is largely due to the fact that the term, “faith” is largely misunderstood. For some (even for some Christians), faith is best defined as “believing in something that lacks supporting evidence.” But this is not the definition of faith that is presented on the pages of Christian Scripture. Instead, the Biblical notion of faith is more akin to “trusting in the best inference from the evidence.”

David Bowie: The Pulse Returns to the Prodigal

But such a harsh assessment of Bowie seems not in keeping with the actions of a man who, at a key turning point in history, rallied against totalitarianism. In 1987, Bowie returned to West Berlin, where he once lived and recorded some of his best work. With his back to the Berlin Wall, he belted out “Heroes” with his band, crying out for liberty to the crowd in German. Thousands of East Berliners pressed up against the other side of the wall to hear him, and they subsequently began vigorously protesting against the Communist regime.


“The Bible is full of stories not just so we have something to read to our children at night, but to help us understand what it is like to walk with God in a broken world. Jon Boom revives the age-old tradition of using biblically informed fictional additions to creatively retell the Bible’s most familiar stories. He also intersperses pastoral insights as a skilled soul physician. This book will stir and encourage your faith.” Adrian Warnock , author,  Hope Reborn  and Raised with Christ

How 'Hamilton' Made American History Cool Again

Here’s what I knew about Alexander Hamilton before I bought the cast recording: he was among the youngest of the Founding Fathers and the first of them to die; he had a scandalous affair; he was the first Secretary of the Treasury. I had him filed away under “Thanks for your help, but you’re not as significant as Washington or Franklin or Jefferson.” I was actually a little clueless as to why he, of all people, was on the $10 bill. (If any of my professors are reading this, I swear it wasn’t you, it was me).

Revenge as misdirection in The Revenant | Think Christian

Building on your points, I think this film is also a classic Man vs. Nature narrative. For me, what the church came to represent was a construct and structure of man standing against and succumbing to the elements of nature (or God) until only what is necessary is left. If you think about the core elements of faith, there is a lot you can do away with. What that building was left with is a working bell (a call to all people to the church), a picture of Christ (obvious) and on all the remaining few walls and pillars you have pictures of saints and believers(cloud of witnesses). Most striking, you have his Native American son standing in the middle of it all and DiCaprio falling to his knees in humility and reconciliation. I saw that as the turning point to allow the glimpse of grace we do get at the end (when he resists being the arbiter of revenge).

Study: early sexual activity has a negative impact on relationship quality and stability

Rapid sexual involvement may have adverse long-term implications for relationship quality. This study examined the tempo of sexual intimacy and subsequent relationship quality in a sample of married and cohabiting men and women. Data come from the Marital and Relationship Survey, which provides information on nearly 600 low- to moderate-income couples living with minor children. Over one third of respondents became sexually involved within the first month of the relationship. Bivariate results suggested that delaying sexual involvement was associated with higher relationship quality across several dimensions. The multivariate results indicated that the speed of entry into sexual relationships was negatively associated with marital quality, but only among women. The association between relationship tempo and relationship quality was largely driven by cohabitation. Cohabiting may result in poorer quality relationship because rapid sexual involvement early in the romantic relationship is associated with entrance into shared living.

Lauren Chandler on Twitter

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Supreme Court: Florida's Death Penalty System Is Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Florida's death penalty sentencing system is unconstitutional. Florida is one of only three states that do not require a unanimous jury verdict when sentencing someone to the death penalty. The current system requires juries to weigh factors for and against the death penalty, but the judge is not bound by their findings and can ultimately come to a different conclusion. The court ruled that this gives too much power to judges and not enough to juries. Not only will this ruling change future death sentences, but it also may allow over 390 current death row inmates a new cause for appeals. Florida's solicitor general argued that the system was acceptable because a jury has to decide if a defendant is eligible for the death penalty, but Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, "A jury's mere recommendation is not enough. The Sixth Amendment requires a jury, not a judge, to find each fact necessary to impose a sentence of death."

Atheist Michael Shermer tries to rationally ground morality in debate with Frank Turek

So, when Shermer tries to shame Christians for behaviors in other times and places which our society here and now disagrees with, what he really means is “morality, objectively speaking, is nonsense, but I will use your moral sense that comes from your non-atheistic worldview to shame you, so that you won’t have the confidence to judge me for my immoral behavior”. And we need to get used to understanding this about atheists. Morality is nonsense to them, and their real goal is to get you off their back for their hedonism. For atheists, morality is just complying with arbitrary social customs which vary by time and place. There is nothing more to it than aping their neighbors (at least when their neighbors are watching). And they would have aped slave-owners, widow-burners and Nazi prison guards too, if they lived in that time and place. And shouted at Christians for disagreeing with them, just like Shermer did about gay marriage.

6 Reasons ‘The Supremacy of God in Preaching’ Remains Relevant 25 Years Later

My burden is to plead for the supremacy of God in preaching—that the dominant note of preaching be the freedom of God’s sovereign grace, the unifying theme be the zeal that God has shown for his glory, the grand object of preaching be the infinite and inexhaustible being of God, and the pervasive atmosphere of preaching be the holiness of God. . . . Then when preaching takes up the ordinary things of life—family, jobs, leisure, friendships; or the crises of our day—AIDS, divorce, addictions, depression, abuses, poverty, hunger, and, worst of all, unreached peoples of the world, these matters are not only taken up. They are taken all the way up to God.

Albert Mohler on Twitter

Mary & I got to take grandson Benjamin Barnes to the beach with his parents. First time to see the ocean!

J Warner Wallace on Instagram: “Great fun answering questions after today's Big Sky Worldview Forum. #worldview #worldviews #christianworldview #christianity #apologetics…”

Keeping the Gospel Soundtrack on Repeat

Having this daily struggle as a Christian I find it to be my struggle and burden for believers in the Lord’s church where I am privileged and blessed to pastor.  Therefore, I was richly blessed to read again of this dialog between Christian & Prudence in John Bunyan’s classic allegory The Pilgrim’s Progress .  The context is a dinnertime conversation between believers about the primacy and power of Christ’s work.

WORLD | U.S. missionary killed in Burkina Faso attack | Lynde Langdon | Jan. 16, 2016

Mike and Amy Riddering live and work in Yako, a town about 70 miles north of the capital city Ougadougou. Mike Riddering was supposed to be meeting a pastor at Cappucino, the restaurant in Ougadougou where the attack began. Militants attacked the eatery and then went across the street to the Splendid Hotel, where they seized hostages. French special forces joined with soldiers from Burkina Faso to bring an end to the siege. As of midday Saturday local time, Amy Riddering still had not heard from her husband, she said in a Facebook post.

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and New York Values | The Stream

Some commentators have claimed that this was Trump’s best line so far in the entire campaign, as if this virtually sealed the Republican nomination for him. (Already, though, there is a backlash from some New Yorkers against Trump, claiming he has actually done nothing to help the first responders to 9/11.) Cruz and his team hit back beginning the next day, pointing to a 1999 TV interview in which Trump explained his pro-gay, pro-choice values in the context of being from New York, even contrasting his views as a New Yorker with — of all places at this time in the presidential race — people who live in Iowa.

From One Flesh—Or Two?

So when a Christian academic proposes that God allowed an evolutionary process to generate soulless animals, then used two of those animals or supposedly human-like creatures from an existing pool to make them into Adam and Eve—this totally undermines the teaching of “one flesh” in the Old and New Testaments.

Islam vs. Islamic extremism: How should we speak about them?

The speech of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden last Saturday at the memorial for the five unarmed servicemen killed in Chattanooga demonstrates the difficulty, uncertainty, and confusion among politicians in dealing with Islam and Islamism. The speech shows the apparent dissonance among the various voices in the same political party.

UN: 51% of South Sudanese Kids Not in School

According to UNICEF, 51 percent of children in South Sudan are not in school . That's the highest percentage of any country in the world. Though 1.4 million children were already missing school before conflict between the Sudanese government and the rebels, the number has increased because fewer facilities and trained educators are available. More than 800 schools have become collateral damage in the midst of the war, leaving 400,000 kids without classrooms. So only one in 10 South Sudanese children who enter school will finish their primary education. Things aren't looking up for South Sudanese education with a large portion of the government budget going toward defense spending. "There is a very, very low budget from the government to the education sector," said Phuong T. Nguyen, UNICEF's chief of education for South Sudan. "It is not holding steady and we see a decline."

Who is Ted Cruz? | Think Christian

While I agree with much of what Julia has to say about Cruz, I am uneasy with a couple of assertions that seem to be hyperbole in and of themselves.  I do not think that a person who wants secure national borders has anything to do his attitude on global poverty, and his commitment to Israel does not necessarily translate to lack of sympathy to the plight of the Palestinians.  The plight of the Palestinians was going on long before Israel became a state, and is currently exacerbated by adjacent Arab states as much or more than by Israel.

WORLD | Shape of the future | Andrée Seu Peterson | Jan. 23, 2016

If Jesus in careful sequence has fulfilled the first three great Jewish feasts in seam-bursting fulfillment, why would we not expect Him to fulfill the other three? What do the Scriptures say? That Israel, which will never cease to be a nation before God (Jeremiah 31:36), which has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles comes in (Romans 11:25), will be the scene of the Lord’s return with trumpets, according to Matthew 24:31; 1 Corinthians 15:52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 11:15 (Feast of Trumpets). That a spirit of repentance and mourning as for an only son will be poured out on Israel, according to Zechariah 12:10-11 (Day of Atonement). That after the divine defeat of the rage of nations against Israel we shall see the ingathering of their remnant worshipping in Jerusalem from year to year, according to Zechariah 14:16 (Feast of Tabernacles). 

Four for One, One for All

If you’ve ever seen one up close, you’ll understand why the Portuguese man-of-war is the terror of the high seas. It’s actually not a single animal but a colony working together for the good of the whole and the dread of all-comers.

Book Review: "Judges and Ruth: God in Chaos" by Barry Webb

These insights are not limited to the minor judges, however. The sections on Gideon, Ehud, and Samson (one of my favorite Bible personages) are particularly excellent. Each will make readers look with more depth even at stories they think they knew. For example, regarding Eglon, the king Ehud kills, Webb points out that readers of the story should reflect on the interplay between Ehud’s bringing a harvest tribute and the corpulence of Eglon. The fatness of Eglon is, ironically, in part due to his gleaning food from Israel! It is just this kind of deep look at the text that can be found throughout the book, time and again, regarding the judges and Ruth.

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