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The Ghost of Charlie Hebdo and the Purple Beret (David Wood) On January 7, 2015, two Muslim terrorists stormed the Paris headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. After killi...

The Ghost of Charlie Hebdo and the Purple Beret (David Wood) On January 7, 2015, two Muslim terrorists stormed the Paris headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. After killi...

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What exactly is a ‘purpose driven’ church? In this Pointer for Pastors, I’ll tackle that question and explain what...

9Marks at Southern

The gospel tells the story of God, man, Christ, and a requisite response. It heralds the news about creation, fall, redemption, and a glorious consummation. And it is the only thing that will build a church. All that other stuff only builds a crowd.

Reptile Shop Owner Hit Employees With Bearded Dragon: BSO

A South Florida reptile store owner is facing battery and animal cruelty charges after authorities say he struck employees with a bearded dragon lizard and put it in his mouth.

5 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

The Cathedral of Computation

Algorithms aren’t gods. We need not believe that they rule the world in order to admit that they influence it, sometimes profoundly. Let’s bring algorithms down to earth again. Let’s keep the computer around without fetishizing it, without bowing down to it or shrugging away its inevitable power over us, without melting everything down into it as a new name for fate. We don’t want an algorithmic culture, especially if that phrase just euphemizes a corporate, computational theocracy.

How Involved Is God in the Details of Your Life?

Joseph had a unique role to play in redemptive history. But God’s intricate involvement in Joseph’s life is not unique to yours. One of the many reasons God gives us a close-up of Joseph’s life is to show us how active he is, how he never leaves us or forsakes us all along the way, in both the good and the evil things we experience (Hebrews 13:5).


Dhati Lewis serves as the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. Dhati, born and raised in California, moved to Texas for his undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries). While in Texas, Dhati served on staff at Denton Bible Church for 7 years.  He started Plumbline, a very successful college ministry on UNT and TWU campuses. He also served as chaplain to UNT’s football team and coached high school football. Dhati furthered his training in Little Rock, AR at Fellowship Associates in 2008-2009. Dhati and his family moved from AR to Atlanta, GA with dreams to start a church that was both culturally relevant and biblically accurate. Dhati, along with 25 other individuals moving from TX to GA, launched Blueprint Church in 2009. He launched The Rebuild Network in 2011 to answer the call to see more churches planted in the urban context. He currently serves as the president of The Rebuild Initiative. Dhati is married to Angie Lewis, and they have six beautiful children.

BreakPoint on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Innovative Apologetics: God Created the Universe: Non-directed Evolution is More than Implausible

The 1 Secret to Squashing Anxiety this Year

Yeah, so there are piano lessons today and already a little brother’s in a mess of tears because some big brother’s rattled his jangling chain, and oh yeah, we’ve got some sisters arguing loud over who’s turn it is to make the bed (for the love!) and I’ve snapped exasperated, ugly, at a whining middle kid who doesn’t want to stomp through snow and cold just to get a bunch of eggs from the hen house for crying out loud! (literally!)

Darrell Bock Responds to Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek Article on the Bible

Eichenwald’s way in is to cite Bart Ehrman, whom he calls a ground-breaking New Testament scholar. Now Bart himself has said that what he writes is a reflection of current discussion that has been around a long time. He and I have debated over the radiom where he made this statement to me as something I was well aware of, something I also affirmed at the time. The views presented (including the appeal to the telephone game as Erhman’s illustration for how poorly copies were passed on) are but one take on these issues that are argued pro and con in the public scholarly square. This hardly makes him a ground-breaking source. Ehrman is a spokesperson, a very competent one, for one take on all of this. But the article even uses his material extremely selectively. Here is another quotation Ehrman makes on this topic: “Essential Christian beliefs are not affected by textual variants in the manuscript tradition of the New Testament.” What this means is that people on all sides recognize that what we have in the Bible, in terms of the core things it teaches, is a reflection of what made up these books originally.

Morning Roundup 1/15/15

You wake up ten minutes later than you had hoped and anxiety already starts to creep in: what if I’m late? What about traffic? What’s the weather like? You pass by the mirror and worry that your face has more wrinkles than it used to. You rush downstairs and because you are in a hurry you let the kids eat whatever they want, so then you start to worry if sugar really does cause cancer. As you get the kids ready you realize one of your boys didn’t do his homework-again. You worry if he’s ever going to get his head screwed on straight, and as you drop the kids off you worry that they may fall in with the wrong crowd or fall off the monkey bars.

14 What is the Relation between Science and Religion | Reasonable Faith

What has happened, however, in the second half of this century is that historians and philosophers of science have come to realize that this supposed history of warfare is a myth. As Thaxton and Pearcey point out in their recent book The Soul of Science, for over 300 years between the rise of modern science in the 1500’s and the late 1800s the relationship between science and religion can best be described as an alliance. Up until the late 19th century, scientists were typically Christian believers who saw no conflict between their science and their faith—people like Kepler, Boyle, Maxwell, Faraday, Kelvin, and others. The idea of a warfare between science and religion is a relatively recent invention of the late 19th century, carefully nurtured by secular thinkers who had as their aim the undermining of the cultural dominance of Christianity in the West and its replacement by naturalism—the view that nothing outside nature is real and the only way to discover truth is through science. They were remarkably successful in pushing through their agenda. But philosophers of science during the second half of the 20th century have come to realize that the idea of a warfare between science and theology is a gross oversimplification.

Discretion, Free Speech and 'Charlie Hebdo'

Condescend much, Ceri? Might I suggest you do some research of your own on the history of Islam? It is not a nice religion. It is the most violent religion in world history. Violence is how it rolled across Asia and the Middle East, and that's how it will roll over us if we adopt such stupid, pseudo-Christian ideas as forgiving them. Did they even ask for forgiveness? Should the US have forgiven the Japanese after they attacked Pearl Harbor? Should Charles Martel have forgiven the Muslim horde he met in the Battle of Tours in 732? If he had, we'd all be living in the 7th century, and you'd be wearing a burqa. God bless Charles Martel, "the Hammer." From Aussie writer Rita Panahi, a woman without the moral myopia of many in the West: "The time for weasel words and treading on eggshells is over. We owe it to the growing number of victims to open our eyes and acknowledge the unmistakable reality that radical Islam and Western values cannot coexist peacefully." You forgive them, Ceri. The rest of us who haven't been subdued by PC and our feminized culture will continue to condemn them.

16 Boko Haram wipes towns off the map

JOHANNESBURG — Large areas of Nigerian towns attacked by Islamic extremists were razed in a widespread campaign of destruction, according to satellite images released Thursday by Amnesty International.

Of Bugs and Men: Cricket Ranching in America

Last year, Armstrong and I sat in his office talking crickets, the acidic smell of manure and feed permeating the air. In his mid-60s and slightly stooped, Armstrong can talk about the bugs for hours, punctuating stories with a wheezy laugh that crinkles his hazel eyes. His desk was a display of cricketalia: a jar of chocolate-covered crickets sat next to a foot-long bronze cricket paperweight; behind that was a box of cricket-protein bars (every once in a while he eats one). “The way we raise them now is a jillion times different than in granddaddy’s day,” Armstrong said, leaning back in his chair. He then backtracked a little, adding that the basics are more or less the same. “You got your sand, like he had; you put sand in the boxes and adults lay eggs in them and they hatch out and you go from there,” he said. “But now in our complex we’ve got buildings just to hatch eggs in, one to catch them in, and we put them in buildings based on age.”

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus really God? There are many cults and false religions today that deny it. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, believe Jesus was created by the Father billions of years ago as the Archangel Michael and is hence a “lesser god” than the Father. The Mormons say Jesus was born as the first and greatest spirit child of the Heavenly Father and heavenly mother, and was the spirit-brother of Lucifer. New Agers claim Jesus was an enlightened master. Unitarian Universalists say Jesus was just a good moral teacher. What is the truth about Jesus Christ? We turn to the Scriptures for the answer.

Sedentary behavior trumps fat as a killer

For those in the obese category - with BMIs over 30 - the findings were not as reassuring. Other studies have established that obesity alone raises the risk of death due to any cause. In the current study, those who exercised even a little were just 20% less likely to die during the study than were sedentary obese people, and those considered "moderately active" were at 27% less risk of dying. Obese people at the highest physical activity levels - considered "active" - were 21% less likely to die than their sedentary peers. For the obese, the study suggests, moderate exercise may be best.

Anderson, Czarniak Take On Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect joins SportsCenter and Lindsay Czarniak and John Anderson show off their skills.

An Evolutionary Challenge: Explaining Away Compassion, Philanthropy, and Self-Sacrifice

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child as a Team (Part 1 of 2)

Cynthia: And you know, Jack, my husband, he's very non-intuitive. And he tells people, I'm not intuitive and he'll say, "Sometimes you just need to take ahold of either side of my face and look at me and say, 'Jack, this is what I need,' or 'This is what you should do.'" And the way that translates in the parenting process with the strong-willed child, if you're a non-intuitive parent and the sense of humor doesn't come naturally, then the best thing to do and I've talked to thousands of kids and they say this, too. The best thing to do is to say, "Well, you know, I honestly don't know how I'm gonna get through to you in a positive way. I don't know what to do. I need you to tell me what am I supposed to be doing here?" And again, you're not in a weak way saying, "Oh, I really wish I knew and what …" I mean, because then we have to fight out urge to--

Fighting Sexism Like a 'Fair Lady'

My Fair Lady comes out of a rich history, based on Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion , which in turn was based on a Greek play about a sculptor who creates a statue of his ideal woman. Shaw turned this into a modern story (and satire of class prejudices) about a woman-hating English professor, Henry Higgins, who turns a poor Cockney flower-seller named Eliza Doolittle into a polished, articulate lady. Then Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe added some gorgeous songs and brought out the romantic angle. The result became a smash hit Broadway musical, and after that a smash hit movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1964.

Truthbomb Apologetics: R.C. Sproul on the Task of Apologetics

"The task of apologetics is to show that the evidence that the New Testament calls people to commit their lives to is compelling evidence and worthy of our full commitment.  That often involves a lot of work for the apologist.  Sometimes we would rather duck the responsibility of doing our homework, of wrestling with the problems and answering the objections, and simply say to people, 'Oh, you just have to take it all in faith.' That’s the ultimate cop-out.  That 


The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10a.m. All offices will be closed during this time.

Religious liberty, political engagement, and the future 
of ministry

The Moral Majority is no more, and it has left many students wondering whether we should just “duck back down the alley” and leave the politics to the pagans. I think that would be a mistake, and a serious one at that. Students would be well served by developing a theology of politics, and in particular how your future ministry will be shaped by how or if you engage, politically, with the society around you. Christians are not called to pull back into our enclaves. Furthermore, apathy about political engagement is not a Christian virtue — quite the opposite. God is intimately concerned with not only the church’s life and doctrine, but also how his sword is wielded for the good of a society (Romans 13.1-4). Government wields that sword. In other words, God cares not only for his people who have covenanted with him in Christ but also for those who care very little for him yet carry the sword of justice he has provided. This includes how government cares for the least of these, the poor, those who’ve fallen on hard times, and religious liberty.


To many people today, holiness is a foreign concept. For the authors of Scripture, however, holiness is one of God’s most prominent attributes. It denotes both His separation from creation as the infinitely superior One and His absolute moral purity. In this lesson, Dr. Lawson explains what it means to affirm that God is holy, and how an understanding of this truth affects how we approach the living God and live before Him in humble reverence.From the teaching series The Attributes of God by Steven Lawson

Four Views on Divine Providence

William Lane Craig talks with Kevin Harris about the upcoming book Four Views on Divine Providence.

15 Incredibly Cool Facts About Snow

But why white? The reason we see objects as colors is because some wavelengths of light are absorbed while others are reflected (remember, light is a spectrum of colors). The object takes on whatever color light is reflected. For example, the sky is blue because the blue wavelengths are reflected while the other colors are absorbed. Since snow is made up of so many tiny surfaces, the light that hits it is scattered in many directions and will actually bounce around from one surface to the next as it’s reflected. This means no wavelength is absorbed or reflected with any consistency, so the white light bounces back as the color white.

Michael Brown - The New York Times Sanctions Anti-Religious Bigotry

The pattern is now completely predictable: Gay activists and their allies overplay their hand, and the liberal media says, “Well done! We fully support your intolerance.”

Book Review: The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

There is another helpful table demonstrating Theism’s greater explanatory power over naturalism according to a series of observable phenomenon. For example, we believe we make free personal decisions/choices, assuming humans are accountable for their actions. This is easily understood in the context that we are made in the image of a God who is a free being, who can freely choose to act, and who has imparted that to us. It is harder to explain if we have emerged by material, deterministic processes beyond our control; which is why Sam Harris has published a book questioning the ‘myth’ of free will. There was a funny moment during questiontime at a talk Harris gave when someone asked him how his wife feels knowing that Harris did not freely choose to love her!

The Indispensable Value Of Practical Theology | HeadHeartHand Blog

Thank you for that helpful distinction. In the FRC we hear a lot of sermons with doctrine, doctrine, doctrine (biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and exegetical theology) and I know it’s good. But it leaves me wanting. I’m hungry for practical theology! I need help connecting the finer points of doctrine to my life. The sermons I hear that connect the dots are the ones that motivate me to Love God and Love my Neighbour!

Responding to Atheist Propaganda

Atheists go ballistic when I say in many articles that they are trying to impose their religion of naturalism on the culture. But the point is, they are! Just because atheists refuse to acknowledge it does not mean they are not doing it. In fact, due to the atheist propaganda effort, it’s one of the reasons we are losing Christian symbols (crosses, Nativity scenes, and so on) across the nation. Furthermore, in the US and other western countries, the government is imposing a religion on millions of children when they insist that schools only teach evolution in science classes and not biblical creation. Officials insist that evolution is deemed to be “science” and creation is “religion.” Evolutionists have been indoctrinating people with a false view of the words science and religion .


In his twentieth century classic, The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis imagines the demon Screwtape writing to his nephew Wormwood about the need to discover the secret as to why God loves humans. He writes, “The truth is, I slipped by mere carelessness into saying that the Enemy really loves the humans. That, of course, is an impossibility… . All His talk about Love must be a disguise for something else — He must have some real motive for creating them and taking so much trouble about them. The reason one comes to talk as if He really had this impossible Love is our utter failure to find out that real motive. What does He stand to make out of them? That is the insoluble question… . And there lies the great task. We know that He cannot really love: nobody can; it doesn’t make sense. If we could only find out what He is really up to!”

35 Only One Question: What is Marriage? - Christian Research Institute

For search results please CLICK HERE .

Raising Godly Children.

If you want “godly offspring,” it is essential that you make the time to establish a family altar. Build it out of the unmovable rocks of resolution. You will need to be resolute about this because it will be a battle. Your flesh will fight it, and you can be sure there will be a continual spiritual battle within your mind. “Circumstances” will constantly crop up. Your kids will occasionally groan when you announce that it is time for devotions. Loved ones may subtly, subconsciously discourage you. However, your time of family devotions should be a priority for your whole family. Don’t be legalistic about it, but as much as possible, put all other things aside before you postpone or cancel family devotions.

Star Wars: EU Read-Through- "Heir to the Empire" by Timothy Zahn

The plot is interesting as well. We’re a few years out from the destruction of the second Death Star and the Empire is largely on the ropes. But a Grand Admiral who had been out in the boonies has gotten control now and his tactical insight is turning the war around, at least on the outside. Meanwhile, political intrigue among the leadership of the Rebellion (now the “New Republic”) threatens to spill over. All of this is not to mention some interesting stories regarding a woman–Mara Jade–with an intense hatred for Luke Skywalker and dealings with smugglers.

The Indispensable Value Of Practical Theology | HeadHeartHand Blog

Thank you for that helpful distinction. In the FRC we hear a lot of sermons with doctrine, doctrine, doctrine (biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and exegetical theology) and I know it’s good. But it leaves me wanting. I’m hungry for practical theology! I need help connecting the finer points of doctrine to my life. The sermons I hear that connect the dots are the ones that motivate me to Love God and Love my Neighbour!

Dr. Michael L. Brown on Twitter

So, these Pakistani Muslims don't really understand Islam?

The Museum of Idolatry: Wrecking Ball of a "Praise Song"

Could someone explain to us the purpose of having a church's praise band perform Miley Cyrus', Wrecking Ball? Newspring Church, under the "pastoral care" of Perry Noble did exactly that.

Think and Live

The subtitle of this book, Challenging Believers to Think and Thinkers to Believe , sets the tone for this book.   It attempts to be a bridge between believers and unbelievers.   The content of this book comes out of a radio show produced by .   Between the radio and Internet activity, the contributors of this book come from the context of dealing with skeptics and seekers with major questions.