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A Japanese Internment Camp Victim Warns Against a Muslim Registry in This PSA

This new PSA—which is produced by pop singer Katy Perry—tells the true story of 89-year-old Haru Kuromiya, who, along with more than 100,000 more people in America during WWII, was sent to internment camps. During the war, people of Japanese descent—most of whom were American citizens—were forced to live in the government camps. As she explains in the video: We were an American farm family now living in an internment camp and our constitutional rights were taken away from us. It all started with fear and rumors, then it ballooned into the registration of Japanese-Americans. Then, labeling with physical tags, and eventually, internment. At the end of the video (spoiler), it’s revealed that not everything is as it seems, and the ad draws a connection between what happened then, and President-Elect Trump’s proposal to created a registry for Muslims in America by relaunching the controversial National Security Entry-Exit Registration database.

A Royal Pain: Stephen Meyer and Douglas Axe on Five Problems for Evolution

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Was Hitler a Creationist? A Christian? Decoding a Famous Quotation from Mein Kampf

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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For the Name and Word of God

When Jesus said that he who would be great must be the servant of all (Mark 10:43), he did not mean that a great life serves to make much of small things. He meant a great life pays any price to help others make much of the name and the word of God. John Sailhamer’s unrelenting labors to lead others into the riches of the name and the word of God have borne fruit for eternity.

4 Breaking the Materialist Spell

Breaking the materialist spell, Klavan writes, “requires rebelling not against scientific facts but against flawed scientistic logic.” So we will need more people willing to see what’s before their eyes, challenge the secular illogic, and speak the truth—that the materialist emperor truly has no clothes.

Syria Warns Israel of 'Repercussions' After Rockets Hit Air Base Near Capital

According to the Syrian government, this was the third strike by Israel recently, leading the army to release a statement: "Syrian army command and armed forces warn Israel of the repercussions of the flagrant attack and stresses its continued fight against [this] terrorism and amputate the arms of the perpetrators," they said in part.

Here's What You Need to Know Before Taking a Leap of Faith

I used to joke that “worry” was my middle name. I worried about the kids, their teachers, our retirement savings, nuclear war and a whole lot of things that I have absolutely no control over—including pretty much all of the news I heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. What I didn’t understand is that all of that worrying was keeping me from focusing this wisp of time granted here on earth to do on the things that actually mattered. The bible says “Fear not.” 365 times—enough for everyday of the year. It wasn’t until I recognized that fear is the antithesis of faith that I began to know lasting peace.

Should Students Be Exposed to Evidence Against Christianity?

If we want young people to have a vibrant and lasting faith, we must expose them to opposing viewpoints early in their intellectual development. And we must present those views fairly and accurately. This will help us gain credibility in the eyes of our students, and it will also help inoculate them from future, more articulate challenges.

Scorsese: ‘We Shouldn't Toss Away Spirituality’

The film, which is based on a controversial novel, deals with the idea head-on. It tells the story of Christian missionaries who travel to 17th-century Japan to investigate extreme religious persecution. The movie required it stars—including Andrew Garfield—to go through extensive preparation. Garfield even said it caused him to “fall in love with Jesus.” Scorsese revealed that "three or four great actors” turned down the role because of its intensity and religious implications.

Let’s Stay: A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men

Has it been years? You may be on your final lap. For every voice that comes against you, God comes against that voice. “You shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.” No female or father could ever give you that power — they are not evils; they were the wrong place to look to fight those voices to begin with. No fame or romantic acceptance or professional advancement can ever say to you in a way that addresses our existential pain, “I will have compassion on you,” and, “His vindication is on me.”

Silence And Beauty –

“My friend Mako Fujimura is one of the most thoughtful, sensitive and eloquent artists of this generation. Like his otherworldly and luminous paintings, his book Silence and Beauty is at once glorious and profound, an exquisite exploration of truth and beauty, silence and suffering. Give yourself and others the immeasurable gift of this gentle, inspiring treasure.”

How to Miss Jesus in the Bible

One of the pitfalls of close Bible study is that we can get to the point where simple fascination with the hunt for meaning edges out love and delight in God and his truth. We are so close to the truth, but seeing, we do not see (Mark 4:12). Judas, one of Jesus’s twelve disciples, walked with him for three years and, at the end of it, still loved money more than the excellency of Christ.

Sean McDowell on Twitter

Having fun filming the first marketing material for the update of Evidence that Demands A Verdict.

13 Christians in the Crosshairs

The Center for Studies on New Religions just released a report showing Christians are the most persecuted religious minority in the world, for the second year in a row. Estimates vary, but we know many thousands of Christians were killed for their beliefs in 2016, a huge percentage of them by Islamic extremists.

The Briefing 01-13-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

Marriage Isn't the Ultimate Way to Grow Spiritually

Life is all about good and bad experience Life is all about good and bad experience. It was all good and lovely when i met joelly, she was a good business woman until things become rough for her and her business empire started liquidating. I was a very courageous and hardworking man so i decided to sell my inheritance to assist . We both struggle together and built the business world again. This time around the business was growing from strength to strength. I was surprise one Sunday evening when she came home with her secretary and told me that we cannot continue with this pretense called love. I was shocked and heart broken, i was in a friend, house for three weeks frustrated until i met Fernando my old friend at the supermarket, he directed to me to Dr saka. I contacted saka and he told me that Joelly was been manipulated by some spiritual power and he told me to provide some items which he is going to use to destroy the evil spirit. I never believe in voodoo but i had to give him a trial. To my greatest surprise, Joelly called and started apologizing 2 days after i sent Dr. Saka the email.

The world's most astonished atheist

Nearly six months pregnant with her second son, she lived in Ossining, N.Y., with her toddler and her then husband, the troubled novelist William (Bill) Lindsay Gresham. Jewish-born and Bronx-raised, Joy had been an atheist since childhood and became a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in her early 20s.

New 'World Watch List' Ranks the 50 Most Dangerous Places to Be a Christian

According to the report, about 215 million Christians worldwide are facing a high level of persecution, and in 35 of the 50 countries, it is because of Islamic extremists.


A look back on 2016 and the impact we have made as a church. Together we have made a difference locally and globally. Now we look forward to what the Lord would have us do in 2017.

Chapter 27, Sec. 2-Chapter 28, Sec. 7 by John Gerstner | January 14, 2017

The Westminster Confession of Faith has, for hundreds of years, served as the doctrinal foundation of the Reformed churches. In this message, Dr. John Gerstner further examines the sacraments by looking at the Westminster’s teaching regarding baptism.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Infallible Proofs

Christians can have the utmost confidence in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus since God’s Word accurately tells us about these historical events. These central truths of the Christian faith were also witnessed by hundreds of people. Jesus was publicly executed on a Cross, buried in Joseph’s tomb ( Mark 15:42–47 ), and seen alive again by more than 500 people at the same time. The post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are infallible proofs that He conquered death and God’s Word the infallible proof of the event in our world today. Our next article in the series will look at several other pieces of evidence related to the Resurrection, which will be followed by several articles examining many of the alternative views developed by critics and skeptics to explain away the Resurrection.

CrossExamined Radio w/ Dr. Frank Turek

Listen to CrossExamined with Frank Turek on American Family Radio network Saturday, 10-11 am Eastern on AFR network streaming audio and FM radio Tune in to our weekly call-in radio program hosted by Frank Turek on American Family Radio network. Join Frank as he discusses challenging topics, takes calls from listeners, and interviews dynamic Christian apologists. Sponsored by, this apologetics program is both informative and entertaining!  It is also available in podcast at the iTunes link below.

Dabbing Is Officially Dead

You may remember last week when Paul Ryan stopped a congressman's son from dabbing during a group photo. The Speaker of the House apparently thought the boy was sneezing and the internet lit up with headlines like, “Paul Ryan Doesn't Know What Dabbing Is.”

23 Where Is God in the 'Silence'?

“Silence” forces us to think about the quality and even reality of our own faith. Most of us have lived our faith in a world of comfort. Imagine living in a culture where you are forced to watch others suffer unless you deny Christ. How would you respond? Is it really a test of faith to place your foot on a picture of Christ to stop the torture and murder of fellow believers? What if it was your family?

Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution?

I am fairly at a loss to comprehend how anyone, for a moment, can doubt that Christian theology must stand or fall with the historical trustworthiness of the Jewish Scriptures. The very conception of the Messiah, or Christ, is inextricably interwoven with Jewish history; the identification of Jesus of Nazareth with that Messiah rests upon the interpretation of the passages of the Hebrew Scriptures which have no evidential value unless they possess the historical character assigned to them. If the covenant with Abraham was not made; if circumcision and sacrifices were not ordained by Jahveh; if the ‘ten words’ were not written by God’s hand on the stone tables; if Abraham is more or less a mythical hero, such as Theseus; the Story of the Deluge a fiction; that of the Fall a legend; and that of the Creation the dream of a seer; if all these definite and detailed narratives of apparently real events have no more value as history than have the stories of the regal period of Rome—what is to be said about the Messianic doctrine, which is so much less clearly enunciated: And

The German Antidote Against America’s Theological Enemies

Whoever wishes to do these exercises in America should also, if he or she follows Thielicke’s rules, empathize with the enemies of theology. There are reasons for mistrust, the first being the frustration occasioned by its limits. Theology can’t always deliver. It can’t answer where the revelation does not (“What is the ontological origin of evil?” and so on). At other times, false claims made for the intellect alienate pious Christians. Eunomius, bishop of Cyzicus in the fourth century (“I know God as well as he knows himself”), has too often seemed to be the patron saint of theologians. The well-known odium theologicum , the pettiness of little people who care much about big issues, is a proverbial problem. The tendency to abstract oneself from church life and concrete concerns often represents to laypeople and parish ministers of activist bent a tragic misreading of the Christian faith. The fact that theologians change their opinions as they learn more and experience more sometimes causes mistrust, though it should not: Complete truth belongs alone to God.

Episode 402: Design Your Life // Dave Evans

On this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Jason Haynes chats with Silicon Valley Veteran and Stanford Professor, Dave Evans, about the steps we can take towards designing a better life in 2017.

27 President Obama Surprises Vice President Biden With Presidential Medal of Freedom

When President Obama awarded 21 notable names with Presidential Medals of Freedom in November, we all thought that would be the last time he did it.

Cathedral contacts police following Qur'an reading criticism - Premier

A Cathedral that read passages of the Qur'an during a service has contacted the police after receiving online criticism of the decision.

Government defiant on Sunday school regulation despite 18,000 strong consultation - Premier

The government has said it intends to push ahead with plans that will force many Sunday schools and Bible study groups to register with Ofsted.

How Heretics Help Establish the Historicity of Jesus | Cold Case Christianity

Witnesses are called for specific, limited purposes. What someone believes about God, where they stand politically, and what they believe about social issues is of no importance to me. “What did you see or hear?” This is what matters. When it comes to the Early Church Fathers, I really don’t care what they believed about eschatology, sacraments, Church authority, transubstantiation, purgatory or baptism. I simply want to know, what were they told about Jesus’ life, actions, and words by those who came before them? The theological ramifications and interpretations can be studied later. Many of my witnesses hold differing views about a variety of important secondary issues. I may never become close friends with some of them, given these differences. But I don’t have to be best friends with someone to recognize their value in helping me make the case. In a similar way, I don’t have to agree with every theological position of an Early Church Father (especially if he held a heretical position) to recognize his value in helping me make the case for the accurate transmission of the Gospels.

The Synagogues Are Burning Again in Germany | The Stream

Given the efforts that Germany makes to distance itself from the Holocaust — including making it a crime to deny the Holocaust — one would think that if there was any act that would be promptly condemned by the German courts, it would be setting a synagogue on fire. Yet a synagogue that was originally burned by the Nazis in 1938 is torched by Muslims in 2014, and two courts say, “Not a big deal. We understand your frustration.”

Doctrine of Christ Part 3: The Incarnation (3)

For more resources visit: Defenders is Dr William Lane Craig's weekly Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. This video is part 3 of the Doctrine of Christ. Be sure to check out more doctrines as well as the audio of Defenders: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

Brian Bird on Twitter

Filming 1980 debate between Dr. Gary Habermas & atheist scholar over evidence 4 the resurrection yesterday @BiltmoreHotel . @TheCase4Christ

How Our Sex Life Manifests Our Soul Health

It is not at first an ignorance problem. Nobody’s main problem is an ignorance problem. Everybody’s main problem is a preference problem. “I don’t want you in my head. I don’t want you in my heart. I don’t want you to be supremely valuable. I will not have a God in my life who is supremely valuable. I just won’t.” That is the meaning of the first half of verse 28: “Since they did not see fit to acknowledge” — or “did not approve” — I don’t want it. I don’t approve of having God in my knowledge, — “[therefore] God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.”

How Selflessness Points Most Reasonably to the Christian God | Cold Case Christianity

Why do we value selflessness when such behavior typically results in decreased survivability? Because we have been created in the image of God. Not just any God, but the one God who can truly account for selflessness. Selflessness points most reasonably to the Christian God of the Bible.

Don’t Atheists Just Lack a Belief in God?

If My Words Abide In You

Then in verse 7 instead of using the pair, “If you abide in me and I in you,” Jesus says, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you.” I think the point of this change is to let us see practically how we let Jesus abide in us, namely, by letting his words abide in us. “If you abide in me, and I abide in you,” is explained partly by, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you.” We let Jesus abide in us, as we let his words abide in us.

God Is the Best Explanation of the Existence of Objective Moral Values and Duties

For more resources visit: Dr. Craig appears on the long-running John Ankerberg show to share five good reasons to believe God exists. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith on Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith on Facebook:

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When Women Blame Men for Domestic Stress, They Miss the Big Picture

An even greater mercy, though, is that even when we are small minded and stressed out, even when we measure half of humanity against ourselves, God doesn't let us dwell there. In a world strained by work and survival, by male and female misunderstandings, and by unmet expectations, disappointment, and loneliness, there is a way to unburden oneself of anxiety and trouble. But it's not to foist those burdens on another person, to look at the man across the dinner table and blame him for not meeting your needs and desires. It's to look at the man on the cross who came to take your anxiety onto himself. That man understands all men, certainly. But he also understands all women, not as a man understands a woman—which is not very well—but as God understands the person, which is perfectly.

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43 In What Sense Is It Impossible for the Universe to Come from Nothing?

In discussing the debate in an apologetics-forum a professor in systematic theology claimed that the atheist philosopher was wrong in saying that it is logically possible that something can come from nothing since if nothing exists then no possibilities exists, and for something (in this case the universe) to come into being from nothing there must exist a possibility for it to come into being. And because to say that something can come from nothing implies saying that possibilities both exists and don't exist, it is logically impossible.

Four Character Lessons From a Godly Football Coach | Cold Case Christianity

If my sons were young enough to play in a university football program, I would want them to be winners both on and off the field. I would want them to excel athletically, but I would also want them to emerge from the experience as better men . Football can do that for its players (especially at the high school and college level). But it’s going to require men like Coach Fregeau, who are willing to prioritize, set a high standard (regardless of cost), strive without compromise and apply some tough love when needed: four important good character lessons from a Godly football coach.

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Sky Arts pulls Michael Jackson episode of 'Urban Myths' after Paris Jackson tweets ‘It makes me want to vomit’

46 Teach Them: About Hell

Children are not too young to die, and therefore they are not too young to think about what will happen to them when they die. They need to hear about the Father’s house with its many mansions and the place that Jesus is preparing there for all who love Him and put their trust in Him for salvation. But our children also need to hear about the wages of sin, the state of eternal death and eternal separation from the love of God that is called hell. We need to explain to them that God’s perfect justice requires that sin “committed against the most high majesty of God be punished with everlasting punishment of body and soul” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 4, Q. 11).

47 .@Ichthus77 #Apologetics Daily

Daily Christian apologetics and news fresh to your desktop, courtesy by Maryann Spikes

Will the 'Trump Effect' Trickle Down to Christian Conservatives?

For several years now, we conservatives have been told we have lost the culture wars, we should throw in the towel and concede, we should consolidate our losses and move on to non-controversial, spiritual issues and the tide of history is set against us. And those of who refused to go along with this narrative were mocked and ridiculed, told we represented a dying breed that was about to be replaced by an enlightened generation, mocked as unfortunate relics of a bygone age and ridiculed as an endangered species soon to be obsolete.

49 The TC Apologetics Daily

The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian. by TC Apologetics

Precipitation, not air temperature, drives functional responses of trees in semi‐arid ecosystems

Plastic trait responses have often been invoked in studies focusing on the impact of climate change on plant and communities (Maron et al . 2004 ). The role of these responses in resistance to climate change and eventually as a buffer against mortality has not yet been evaluated. However, rapid physiological and morphological changes in response to warming and drought are particularly relevant parameters to climate change models and mechanistic plant physiology models. This work also highlighted the need to study changes in foliar traits in response to climate change in contrasting climates. Milder and cooler environments where light, temperature or nutrients rather than water are the main limiting factors for tree growth might present a differential response to reduced precipitation and atmospheric warming. Long-term experiments where precipitation and atmospheric temperature are manipulated and combined are particularly useful for anticipating the impacts of climate change on vegetation, particularly as the effect of the treatments may not be constant over time. Several systems have been established where drought or heat stress effects are tested on tree functioning, but to our knowledge no other experiments considered the combination of multiple stressors in natural and mature conditions.

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