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How God Uses Evil to Develop Our Character (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

What kind of world would God have to create to develop the kind of character most of us would recognize as virtuous?

Here’s the Intense New Trailer for the Police Shooting Drama ‘Shots Fired’

A new trailer for Fox’s upcoming drama Shots Fired has just been released, and the show looks like it has the potential to cause some serious dialogue. Written and created by acclaimed husband and wife filmmakers Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood, the series looks at the criminal justice system, racism and the media, all while examining a fictionalized police shooting. The show debuts on March 22.

A Japanese Internment Camp Victim Warns Against a Muslim Registry in This PSA

This new PSA—which is produced by pop singer Katy Perry—tells the true story of 89-year-old Haru Kuromiya, who, along with more than 100,000 more people in America during WWII, was sent to internment camps. During the war, people of Japanese descent—most of whom were American citizens—were forced to live in the government camps. As she explains in the video: We were an American farm family now living in an internment camp and our constitutional rights were taken away from us. It all started with fear and rumors, then it ballooned into the registration of Japanese-Americans. Then, labeling with physical tags, and eventually, internment. At the end of the video (spoiler), it’s revealed that not everything is as it seems, and the ad draws a connection between what happened then, and President-Elect Trump’s proposal to created a registry for Muslims in America by relaunching the controversial National Security Entry-Exit Registration database.

Jonathan Wells on Whale Evolution and a

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Reasons To Believe : God among Sages

God among Sages offers a defense of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ by comparing him with the great religious sages and founders of the world’s religions—Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, and Muhammad. Each leader is compared and contrasted with Jesus using eight relevant categories of evaluation—history, nature, character, mission, role, state, life, and future. The book also offers a biblical perspective on how the religions of the world relate to the truth of historic Christianity. In a world of religious pluralism, God among Sages points to the salvation, hope, and everlasting life offered by Jesus Christ alone.


This week, we talk with OK Go about their crazy music videos, how they pull them off and the surprisingly deep reason for shooting them in the first place. We also speak with Sokeel Park of the group Liberty in North Korea about the dire situation in the country and how you can help. The gang also discusses Apple's controversial new iPhone feature, learns about how Chris Pratt came to faith, hears Stephen Colbert’s thoughts on the dangers of political divisiveness and a lot more.

Was Hitler a Creationist? A Christian? Decoding a Famous Quotation from Mein Kampf

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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1 Breaking the Materialist Spell

Breaking the materialist spell, Klavan writes, “requires rebelling not against scientific facts but against flawed scientistic logic.” So we will need more people willing to see what’s before their eyes, challenge the secular illogic, and speak the truth—that the materialist emperor truly has no clothes.

Sean McDowell on Twitter

Having fun filming the first marketing material for the update of Evidence that Demands A Verdict.

3 Christians in the Crosshairs

The Center for Studies on New Religions just released a report showing Christians are the most persecuted religious minority in the world, for the second year in a row. Estimates vary, but we know many thousands of Christians were killed for their beliefs in 2016, a huge percentage of them by Islamic extremists.

The Briefing 01-13-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

Syria Warns Israel of 'Repercussions' After Rockets Hit Air Base Near Capital

According to the Syrian government, this was the third strike by Israel recently, leading the army to release a statement: "Syrian army command and armed forces warn Israel of the repercussions of the flagrant attack and stresses its continued fight against [this] terrorism and amputate the arms of the perpetrators," they said in part.

Here's What You Need to Know Before Taking a Leap of Faith

I used to joke that “worry” was my middle name. I worried about the kids, their teachers, our retirement savings, nuclear war and a whole lot of things that I have absolutely no control over—including pretty much all of the news I heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. What I didn’t understand is that all of that worrying was keeping me from focusing this wisp of time granted here on earth to do on the things that actually mattered. The bible says “Fear not.” 365 times—enough for everyday of the year. It wasn’t until I recognized that fear is the antithesis of faith that I began to know lasting peace.

7 Where Is God in the 'Silence'?

“Silence” forces us to think about the quality and even reality of our own faith. Most of us have lived our faith in a world of comfort. Imagine living in a culture where you are forced to watch others suffer unless you deny Christ. How would you respond? Is it really a test of faith to place your foot on a picture of Christ to stop the torture and murder of fellow believers? What if it was your family?

The German Antidote Against America’s Theological Enemies

Whoever wishes to do these exercises in America should also, if he or she follows Thielicke’s rules, empathize with the enemies of theology. There are reasons for mistrust, the first being the frustration occasioned by its limits. Theology can’t always deliver. It can’t answer where the revelation does not (“What is the ontological origin of evil?” and so on). At other times, false claims made for the intellect alienate pious Christians. Eunomius, bishop of Cyzicus in the fourth century (“I know God as well as he knows himself”), has too often seemed to be the patron saint of theologians. The well-known odium theologicum , the pettiness of little people who care much about big issues, is a proverbial problem. The tendency to abstract oneself from church life and concrete concerns often represents to laypeople and parish ministers of activist bent a tragic misreading of the Christian faith. The fact that theologians change their opinions as they learn more and experience more sometimes causes mistrust, though it should not: Complete truth belongs alone to God.

How to Miss Jesus in the Bible

One of the pitfalls of close Bible study is that we can get to the point where simple fascination with the hunt for meaning edges out love and delight in God and his truth. We are so close to the truth, but seeing, we do not see (Mark 4:12). Judas, one of Jesus’s twelve disciples, walked with him for three years and, at the end of it, still loved money more than the excellency of Christ.

10 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

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Should Students Be Exposed to Evidence Against Christianity?

If we want young people to have a vibrant and lasting faith, we must expose them to opposing viewpoints early in their intellectual development. And we must present those views fairly and accurately. This will help us gain credibility in the eyes of our students, and it will also help inoculate them from future, more articulate challenges.

Episode 402: Design Your Life // Dave Evans

On this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Jason Haynes chats with Silicon Valley Veteran and Stanford Professor, Dave Evans, about the steps we can take towards designing a better life in 2017.

14 President Obama Surprises Vice President Biden With Presidential Medal of Freedom

When President Obama awarded 21 notable names with Presidential Medals of Freedom in November, we all thought that would be the last time he did it.

Cathedral contacts police following Qur'an reading criticism - Premier

A Cathedral that read passages of the Qur'an during a service has contacted the police after receiving online criticism of the decision.

Government defiant on Sunday school regulation despite 18,000 strong consultation - Premier

The government has said it intends to push ahead with plans that will force many Sunday schools and Bible study groups to register with Ofsted.

House cements path to Obamacare repeal

Congress has officially taken the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act after the House voted to approve a budget resolution that directs committees to start crafting legislation to repeal the law. The House voted 227-198 Friday to approve the resolution a day after the Senate voted 51-48 to clear it. Nine conservative House Republicans voted against the measure: Justin Amash of Michigan, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Walter Jones of North Carolina, John Katko of New York, Raul Labrador of Idaho, Tom MacArthur of New Jersey, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Tom McClintock of California. The resolution, which is nonbinding, sets budgetary and spending levels for Obamacare. It will act as a vehicle for Republicans to craft legislation that would gut Obamacare via the reconciliation process. Reconciliation is reserved for bills that address budget and spending levels. Any bill cleared by the Senate parliamentarian to use reconciliation can be approved via a simple 51-vote majority instead of 60 votes needed to break a filibuster in the Senate.

Let’s Stay: A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men

Has it been years? You may be on your final lap. For every voice that comes against you, God comes against that voice. “You shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.” No female or father could ever give you that power — they are not evils; they were the wrong place to look to fight those voices to begin with. No fame or romantic acceptance or professional advancement can ever say to you in a way that addresses our existential pain, “I will have compassion on you,” and, “His vindication is on me.”

How Black and White Christians Do Discipleship Differently

These realities add significance to fellowship found in churches and small groups. While white Christians are more likely to label their spiritual lives as “entirely private,” African Americans see their spiritual lives as intertwined with the social and political situations they face. Almost half of black Christians (46%) believe their spiritual lives impact society at large, compared to 27 percent of white Christians.

Churches Challenge Nigeria Forcing Pastors to Retire

Section 9:3 of the code stipulates that leaders or founders of nonprofit organizations—including churches and ministries—must hand over leadership to a non-family member after 70 years of age or 20 years of being in charge. Adeboye is 74, and has been leading his megachurch since 1981.

The Impact of Relativism, Postmodernism, and Cultural Marxism (Tony Costa) In this lecture, Dr. Tony Costa discusses the impact of moral relativism, postmodernism, and cultural Marxism on Western society.

Get a Basic Overview of the Bible

Reading Genesis is almost like reading a novel. It is mostly narrative history and biography. It tells of important events in the lives of important people such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. Exodus is likewise gripping, as it tells the poignant story of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt and of its liberation under the leadership of Moses. The contest with Pharaoh is exciting. But when we get to Leviticus, everything changes. It’s difficult reading about the ceremonies, the sacrifices, and the cleansing rituals because they are foreign to us today. We lack a road map to help us through these difficult portions of the Bible.

23 Should we avoid praying for Donald Trump by name in public worship?

First, I am skeptical about this reluctance to name someone whom we will be referring to anyway. Let’s grant for the sake of argument that the president-elect is as scary as some people fear. I can’t help but think about the Harry Potter stories in which Harry is the only person willing to say the name “Voldemort.” No one else would utter “Voldemort” because the mere mention of his name made them fearful and anxious. Harry stood out because he knew no such fear. His willingness to say the name contrasted his courage with everyone else’s fear. Likewise, could a reluctance to say Trump’s name be catering to fear? Shouldn’t the gospel be casting out such fear?  Because the Bible commands us to pray for our leaders, we are going to pray for the president one way or the other. That means that we are still going to be referring to Mr. Trump in public worship even if we don’t say the name “Trump.” We are still going to be drawing the same person to people’s minds. If we treat him as “him who shall not be named,” I am concerned that we might communicate fear rather than courage to congregants.

Ligonier Ministries

The Holiness of God is Ligonier Ministries’ most popular and enduring series. Literally thousands of people have testified to a transforming encounter with God through this series. This series of six 30-minute messages examines the meaning of holiness and why … Learn More

Instagram photo by @louiegiglio • Jan 14, 2017 at 12:37am UTC

Four Reasons to Slow Down

God is not slow — though to us as hurried, harried modern disciples, he might seem that way. He is patient (2 Peter 3:9). Apprentices must patiently learn their craft from the master. Lovers linger over what they love. So God is calling us to grow the spiritual fruit of patience and love (Galatians 5:22). And growth takes a long time. God is not in a hurry, so we don’t have to be either.

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Lee Strobel & Mike Licona discuss Jesus's resurrection

Lee Strobel and Mike Licona discuss the historical case for Jesus's resurrection. A higher resolution version may be viewed at .

29 Friday's Featured Sermon: "A Church for the New Millennium"

I don’t know how people can fill up churches with non-believers trying to make nonbelievers as comfortable as possible and call it the church. It’s not the church. The church is redeemed. The church has redemption. The church has been forgiven. The church has received saving grace. The church has received the application of the blood of Jesus Christ. It’s been washed. It’s been cleansed. Now admittedly from time to time, we want to certainly acknowledge that unbelievers are welcome to come and to sit in and participate. But we function as the redeemed. It’s not designed to be a comfortable place, a suitable place. It’s not designed to be an affirming place for the unredeemed, for the unforgiven. And so we are very clear about that. We come together to worship God as the redeemed.

Renewing Your Mind | Limited Atonement | Jan 13, 2017

The most common view of the atonement of Jesus is that Jesus died for everyone—that is, all people from all places in all times, every single human being that ever existed. But in order to take advantage of the benefits of the cross, one must first believe to be saved. Such a view is attractive, until we take a closer look at it. Dr. Sproul will look at this view in light of Scripture in this message entitled "Limited Atonement."

Hath God Said?

Have you ever been troubled by doubts about the Bible? Have you ever had your faith in God’s Word challenged or dismissed? The temptation in the Garden didn’t begin with promises of wealth or power. It began with an attack on God’s Word. Satan continues that challenge today, with devastating results inside and outside the church.

Are Men Superior to Women?

Pastor John, here’s today’s question: “Hello Pastor John, my name is Jennifer and I live on Long Island. I have a question about complementarianism. It is something I have struggled with for a long time, and it is something I need to have worked out before even considering a relationship or marriage in the future. I know the Bible clearly states that men and women are equal in their standing before God as far as salvation. But in other areas of life I still struggle with feelings of inferiority, because of certain comparisons used in the Bible. For example, regarding submission, the Bible says that the servant is not greater than his master, and wives are called to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Christ. However, servants are not equal to their masters, and the church is not equal in worth to Christ. In almost every area of life, those in positions of authority are considered more valuable than those under that authority. Just like the President is more valued than the secret service men, and in businesses, managers are more valued than the workers under them, and throughout history women have always been treated as less valuable than men.

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Scorsese: ‘We Shouldn't Toss Away Spirituality’

The film, which is based on a controversial novel, deals with the idea head-on. It tells the story of Christian missionaries who travel to 17th-century Japan to investigate extreme religious persecution. The movie required it stars—including Andrew Garfield—to go through extensive preparation. Garfield even said it caused him to “fall in love with Jesus.” Scorsese revealed that "three or four great actors” turned down the role because of its intensity and religious implications.

Where to Begin When Starting Into Apologetics

For more information and resources visit: On September 29th, 2012, William Lane Craig participated in the Contending with Christianity's Critics Conference held at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX. The following morning Dr Craig was interviewed by Senior Pastor Todd Wagner and answered questions from the audience via text messages that were sent in to the church during the interview. In this clip, Dr Craig speaks to those who are just getting in to apologetics. What are the next steps for them? To view the complete interview: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith on Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith on Facebook:

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I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community - Orange

A Few Minutes with Dr. William Lane Craig

From March 28th to March 30th, Christian philosopher, theologian, author, and speaker Dr. William Lane Craig presented a series of workshops and discussions on the Purdue University Campus in West Lafayette, In. The series culminated with a debate on the existence of God with atheist philosopher Dr. Austin Dacey. Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Craig graciously took time out of his hectic schedule to converse with me on behalf of Boundless . What follows is a transcript of my interview.

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You can learn a lot from fairy tales. But first you have to know whether you’re living in one. @ericmetaxas ,

The Truth of Scorsese's Faithless Characters

It’s worth noting that some Christians recoil at the name “Martin Scorsese” just the way that the priests are repulsed by Kichijiro. (I know this first hand, I get angry mail from evangelicals whenever I review Scorsese’s work.) In many Christian minds, this former Jesuit seminarian is an infidel, a heathen, both dangerous and misguided. Didn’t he make The Last Temptation of Christ, that controversial, “blasphemous” film about a disoriented Jesus and a sympathetic Judas? Didn’t he stage a pageant of debauchery when he made The Wolf of Wall Street ? Aren’t his gangster movies filled with sex, drugs, and violence?

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Anyone want to reach hundreds of teenagers with the Gospel in this amazing venue in 6 weeks? Come Lord Jesus! #rebootedinburgh

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On #InspirationalBreakfast @CalebMeakins spoke about @My40Days . What could you achieve if you weren't scared of failing? #YourCall #failure

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It's time for John's weekly weigh in! What will the scales say? #weightloss #NewYearsResolution #healthy2017 #InspirationalBreakfast

The Bird Still Sings: Why Christianity Cannot Be Silenced

In America now it is fashionable to mock the bird of evangelicalism and try to silence it. But the song is being sung on other boughs and historic movements are taking place. In China, Korea, and the Middle East, places where once the gospel’s saving message seemed to be extinguished, churches are packed with hungry hearts, the youth listening to the gospel message with rapt attention. In countries where there was once hostility, crowds fill the auditoriums. In Romania, where to believe in God was once to put one’s life at risk, ten thousand filled the auditorium in which I spoke. From senators and other political leaders there we heard of the dark days of the past and of the shining hope of the future. We prayed in chambers once inhabited by a tyrant and were told this was probably the first time a prayer had been publicly uttered. They have witnessed what Christ-less lives can birth, shattering their countries and their hopes. They can now see that the only possible hope for transforming a heart is Jesus Christ.

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. @IAmSteveHarvey : "We are going to team up, and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities."

Airport Gyms May Soon Be a Thing

Airports are interesting places. There are tons of people who are waiting around with nothing to do, and who are also very stressed out. In other words, they are the perfect places for a gym—that is, if you’re the type of person who likes to work out.

The Good Shepherd and the Three Gardens

Man’s rebellion in the garden brought death and suffering into this world that would eventually be conquered by the glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a garden. Sadly, many Christians fail to recognize the importance of the events in the first garden, relegating these events to the realm of myth or allegory. Some have even claimed that Adam never existed, and others have argued that death and suffering have been around for billions of years, meaning that these things are here because God made the world that way and still called it “very good.”

Can the Evidence "for" God Have Other Explanations?

In my last post, I described J. Warner Wallace’s new book, God’s Crime Scene , and how it looks at the case for God’s existence based on cumulative evidence from the origin of the universe, the fine-tuning of the universe, the origin of life, the design of life, our experience of consciousness, free will, and morality.

Can Naturalism Account for the Appearance of Fine-Tuning in the Universe?

Is Fine-Tuning Unrequired? Some physicists have simply denied the importance of fine-tuning by claiming life could have emerged from broader, less fine-tuned parameters. In order to convince others of the irrelevance of the universal constants, however, they typically redefine the nature of “life” to something other than an organism’s ability to ingest food, metabolize energy, adapt to the environment and reproduce (standard attributes most of us would accept as a minimal description of living organisms). The kind of “life” described by those who hold this position is decidedly inferior to “life” as we know it by definition …

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