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How Do We Determine the Truth of a Worldview?

How do we best evaluate different worldviews? What criteria is most helpful in determining which is true? Sean offers three quick, insightful tips.

Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design Offer the Opportunity to Join the World of ID Scholarship

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Rapid Responses to Difficult Questions - Part 1 (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #76) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner responds to the question, “Who created God?” and the claim, “I can’t believe in God because I have too many unanswered questions.”

These Fish Have Nose Turbines

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Do The Intricacies Of This World Point To A Designer? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, author of God's Crime Scene, was interviewed by Bobby Conway (The One Minute Apologist) and discussed the appearance of fine-tuning in the universe. Can this fine-tuning be explained from physical necessity, random chance or any other "natural" explanation, or is a Divine Designer the most reasonable inference? (For more information related to Bobby's great ministry, visit: To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.

Professional Tag Is a Real Thing, and We Want to Play

Tag is one of the most enduring kids’ playground games for a reason: It’s simple, fun and exciting. It only makes since that someone has turned it into a professional sports league for grow-ups with a bunch of random obstacles to showcase your tag ninja skills. This demo video from the World Chase Tag League is insane. Even the description sounds awesome: “This was the final chase of the first semi-final – Storror Blog v Marrero Gang (Sasha Powell v Danny Ilabaca). If Marrero got the Evasion they win and go through to the final.” Sign us up. Somewhere Andy, Michael and Dwight are getting a team together.

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1 Are You a Dangerous Christian?

Lewis called this idea “patronizing nonsense.” Apart from the historic belief that Jesus is God and man, born of a virgin, that He died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day, Lewis could see no future for Christianity. “Mere” or bare-minimum Christian faith, he argued, requires a belief in these miracles. Yet many today still insist that some kind of stripped-down, “bare-essentials” Christian faith is possible, and that the ancient summaries like the Apostles’ Creed are too exclusive.

2 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

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The Church Effect

This adds to a robust body of research correlating church attendance with better long-term outcomes. We can’t yet say that church keeps people alive and married, but we can put to rest the persistent myth—often spoken from pulpits—that Christians and non-Christians get divorced at the same rate. It’s not true if you consider those who actually attend services, instead of merely identifying as Christians.

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The Coen Brothers Are Going to Write And Direct a TV Series

Joel and Ethan Coen rarely ever make the obvious choice when it comes to storytelling, so in a lot of ways it seems right for the two brothers to join fellow Oscar winners like Adrien Brody & Matthew McConaughey on the small screen.

You Need to Stop Complaining About #Adulting

The irony here is that those who are truly in need and who are really struggling with life are those who are not complaining about “adulting.” The single mom working three jobs to provide for her kids or the family in India who splits one sack of rice for their weekly meals are the ones who deserve our sympathy and help more than the recent college grad who can’t decide what color Jetta to buy.

Millennial Christians Are Redefining 'Bible Belt' Values

Over the past 20 years, thousands of churches have popped up in the Bible Belt—especially in the "buckle." Paul explains what comes to his mind when he thinks of the region: “When I think of the Bible Belt, I think of a church on every block. There’s a lot of church history here: a lot of great ministries, big churches and people who are knowledgeable about the Bible. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily Christian, but they’ve heard of Jesus.”

The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between: Gregory Koukl, Nancy Pearcey: 0025986525040: Books

I was wrong. I read the opening words of The Story of Reality and thought, “Here we go again.” Over the past few years we’ve been inundated with books that tell the story of the world, the story of history, through what we might call a biblical-theology lens. You are probably familiar with the standard categories: creation, fall, redemption, consummation, and new creation. Through these headings we can trace and tell the story of what God is accomplishing in this world. It’s helpful, it’s good, and it’s been done a lot recently to the benefit of the church. But this book is not that book. Not quite. Greg Koukl’s The Story of Reality is, indeed, a telling of the story of the world through a five-part wide-angle lens. The subtitle nicely fills it out: “How the World Began, How it Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between.” But what sets his book apart is that instead of serving primarily as a theology text, it serves primarily as an apologetic text. Koukl tells this big story for the benefit of new believers who haven’t yet assembled the various components of the faith into a coherent whole.

The Best Reason for Apologetics

As you might imagine of one hosting a website that deals with apologetic issues, I listened with interest to the debate last  Saturday on Moody’s Up For Debate entitled  “ Do Apologetics Help or Hurt our Christian Witness? ”  As always the host, Julie Roys welcomed well qualified guests for the  discussion: author and professor David Fitch and  author and professor Nancy Pearcey. Dr. Fitch offered the concern that  apologetics train us in a posture of defensiveness;   and that we don’t listen as  well, having  answers ready before we hear the question. His main objection is summarized in this tweet .


Apologetics Press - �Qui�n Endureci� el Coraz�n de Fara�n?

En su b�squeda perpetua por encontrar discrepancias en la Biblia, por socavar la �tica b�blica y por encontrar injusticia en las acciones de Dios, los esc�pticos han acusado a Dios de tratar mal a Fara�n al anular su libre albedr�o y forzarle a rechazar la demanda de Mois�s de permitir que los israelitas salieran de Egipto. Los esc�pticos se enfocan en los vers�culos en cuanto al coraz�n de Fara�n, demandando que el Dios de la Biblia es un ser injusto y cruel. Steve Wells, un escritor esc�ptico bien-conocido, dijo: �Dios comienza el proceso de �endurecer el coraz�n de Fara�n� (vea tambi�n �xodo 7:3,13; 9:12; 10:1, 20,27; 11:10; 14:4,8), por ende hace imposible que las plagas que Dios env�a tengan alg�n efecto beneficioso. Pero seg�n 1 Samuel 6:6, Dios no endureci� el coraz�n de Fara�n; Fara�n mismo lo hizo� (Wells, 2001). En una composici�n titulada �Por Qu� ya No Soy un Cristiano� (�Why I Am No Longer a Christian�), Kendall Hobbs a�adi� la historia de Fara�n a una lista de supuestas atrocidades que Dios cometi� en la Biblia. Hobbs coment�, �Hay muchas atrocidades que Dios comete o que se cometen por su mandato�.

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Take Up and Read: Mere Christianity

Given its dependence on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible, historic Christianity has always been a textual and literary religion. Because of their belief in a verbal, propositional revelation in Scripture (Old and New Testaments), Christians, like Jews before them, have been known as People of the Book. With that bookish past, I think Christians have good reason to be vigorous and dedicated readers.

15 Dylann Roof sentenced to death for Charleston church murders - Premier

Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death for killing nine black church members during Bible study in a racially motivated attack in South Carolina.

Why Do We Give Up on Bible Reading?

Satan aims to devour us by sifting the faith from our souls (Luke 22:31; 1 Peter 5:8). There are two lies that Satan speaks when we read our Bibles. The first is that our time in God’s word was worthless. Our reading plan gave us half-an-hour’s worth of “So-and-so was an evil king. He fought with these people. He died. And his son became king in his place. . . .” Entertaining, maybe, but if that’s all we’re after in Bible reading, we’ll do better turning on Netflix instead.

Should We Expect More Extra-Biblical Sources For Jesus?

For more resources visit: The week following Easter in 2015, Dr Craig flew to Dallas, Texas, where he spoke in a downtown bar for the Bible and Beer Consortium. This ministry holds outreach events in this large, dark Dallas bar on a regular basis. Apparently, the bar is only too happy to do so because of the large crowds the events attract. There were several hundred who came out to hear Dr Craig give a talk on the resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. It was a delightful time defending the heart of the Gospel, and Dr Craig really liked the way the BBC is taking the Gospel to where the people really are. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains full-length clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Antitheist Faith and History - Christian Research Institute

Soon after the “Peace,” when Christians began to support the imperial agenda and thus accepted the idea of justified violence by Christian soldiers, many thinkers—notably Saint Augustine (354–430)—distinguished between just wars and unjust wars. The basic criteria for a just war were: (1) it had to be declared by a legitimate authority; (2) it had to be defensive; (3) it had to be for the purpose of advancing good; (4) it had to be waged by limited means: noncombatants were not to be harmed; and (5) the victors must restore justice by not demanding any more than the restoration of the original situation. In practice, these principles were usually ignored, abused, or perverted, but at least the ideal was there. Those who ridicule the ideal ignore some basic truths: almost all wars occurring in non-Christian lands from the most ancient times to the present have been unlimited and accompanied by massacres, rapes, enslavement, and wholesale destruction. The efforts of modern societies to outlaw slavery were led by Christians, and measures to limit war (e.g., the Geneva Convention) were all based on the Christian principles of “just war.

Apologetics in the Real World

An apologist? What in the world is that? Does that mean that I spend all my time apologizing for the things I do wrong. I make enough mistakes to do that but that is not what apologetics is. Let me explain with an example from my family. Every once in a while my son will do something to one of our daughters. We will tell him to apologize to his sister. He responds by trying to explain why he slapped them or broke their toy or whatever he did. We will insist that we want an apology and not a reason for his behaviour. What I don’t tell him is that he is actually correct in his understanding of an apology. The literal meaning of the word apology is not a demonstration of sorrow but an offering of a reason. However, we still expect our son to be sorry.

Musical Guest – Josh Bales

Josh Bales is a singer-songwriter, ordained minister, and practicing mental health therapist in Orlando, FL. With five diverse albums and over 13 years of touring under his belt, Josh has gained a following of fans from all walks of life. In 2006 he released “Underneath The Armor” (Only The Sinner, A Hymn For All The World, Ten Thousand Places). In 2012 Josh’s fans funded “Count The Stars,” an album recorded with multi-award winning producer, Ed Cash (Dave Barnes, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe). And in 2014 Josh made a home-recorded Christmas album called, “The Holly & The Ivy.” In 2015 Josh’s pop project, “Somehow I Knew” came out. Josh’s latest project is an album of Christian hymns called “The Birds Their Carols Raise,” which he recorded in his own home and counseling office. Throughout the year Josh travels to sing and speak at various venues and conferences- from pubs to local churches, from living rooms to the National Prayer Breakfast.

Get Alone with God

In our fresh push for the essential place of community in the Christian life, it is equally essential to remember that the Christian life is not only communal. “Time alone with God,” as some have called it, is as important as it’s ever been — likely even more so in our age of distraction. As Jonathan Edwards expresses, and Scripture exemplifies, one aspect of a Christ-enamored heart is a gnawing ache to get alone with him.

22 Explaining Away the Force

In the original trilogy, the Jedi Knights train like religious adherents to conform their will to the Force, which guides them and binds the galaxy together. In other words, the Force is spiritual. But in the prequels, writes Barnes, the Force is “irreverently secularized,” explained away as the work of microorganisms that live in our blood.

The Greatest Day in a Fan’s Life

I can’t speak for the players and coaches. But for sports fans and armchair quarterbacks like me, take this, if you would, as my little effort to wave a flag for our being made for more. Here’s to resolving to be a better fan in the future, since now I’ve finally seen there’s emptiness on the inside, too. Not better in supporting the team, but better at taking both victory and defeat in stride, with feet fixed firmly in the victory of Christ, which any worthwhile win only faintly anticipates.

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It's Time to End 'The Bachelor'

The Bachelor is kind of like an assembly line, but with sequins. Each season, the bachelor begins his quest for love with few dozen women to choose from, most of whom all fit into the same aesthetic of beauty, and by the end of the show, he is left with a pair from which to select the lucky woman who could be his lifelong partner. In the early stages, when he has literally no connection to any of the women besides their appearance and a short conversation, the bachelor is forced to eliminate several contestants, likely on the basis of looks and the suggestions of his producers. And as the show progresses, the assembly line continues.

Acts 16:19–31: What to Do When God Is Silent

Silence from family and friends is one thing, silence from God is another. In this lab, Pastor John reminds Christians that whether God shows up or not, we must trust that he is working all things for our good.

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Dads, Your Daughter Needs You

When we persevere, we’ll find with king David that God’s “steadfast love is better than life” (Psalm 63:3). And with the apostle Paul, we will learn to “count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord” (Philippians 3:8). In many ways, maturity as fathers is simply coming to know and experience, more and more, how beautiful and awesome God is.

Apologetics Strategies: How to Talk to the Experts, Part 2

In part one of this series, we imagined a scenario where you find yourself on an airplane conversing with a quantum physicist. You want to dialogue about science-faith questions, but the discussion could go several different ways—or even shut down quickly depending on the level of expertise you bring to the table. I asked you to consider your audience, how you relate to that person, and how that relationship can impact your discussion. Do you have the knowledge to keep up with a conversation about quantum mechanics? Are you better equipped in a different field, like philosophy or theology? Or are you an Average Joe, fueled by a love of the truth and, perhaps, an interest in apologetics?

CrossExamined Radio | The Story of Reality w/ Greg Koukl

This Saturday on CrossExamined Radio, Dr. Frank Turek will be interviewing our good friend and colleague Greg about his brand new book, don't miss this great interview! 📙 Biblical Christianity is more than just another private religious view. It’s more than just a personal relationship with God or a source of moral teaching. Christianity is a picture of reality. It explains why the world is the way it is. When the pieces of this puzzle are properly assembled, we see the big picture clearly. Christianity is a true story of how the world began, why the world is the way it is, what role humans play in the drama, and how all the plotlines of the story are resolved in the end. In The Story of Reality, best-selling author and host of Stand to Reason, Gregory Koukl, explains the five words that form the narrative backbone of the Christian story. Buy this book Now: 📙 Tune into the American Family Association & American Family Radio Network at 10 AM ET. 👉 DON'T MISS IT 👈 Show is rebroadcast Sunday at 5 pm ET It is also archived on iTunes.

Dear Stephen, I Believe in Oscar Wilde’s God

Justin Brierley responds to the viral anti-God video by Stephen Fry. For discussions and resources on God, suffering and faith | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier


In The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb , Goggin and Strobel paint a richly biblical vision of power through weakness. They invite readers to join them on an adventure around the world, seeking out great sages of the faith with uncommon wisdom to offer those traveling the path of Christian life. As readers eavesdrop on the authors’ conversations with people such as J. I. Packer, Dallas Willard, Marva Dawn, John Perkins, Jean Vanier, James Houston, and Eugene Peterson, they begin to piece together the new-old reality of following Jesus today. In the end,  The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb  offers a compelling vision of the way of Jesus that will challenge both individual believers and the church as a whole.

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If You Can Keep It Book Review

Today we wanted to share a terrific book wit you called ' If You Can Keep It " by Eric Metaxas. This is a WONDERFUL book! Definitely a have to read if you live in America. Insightful, easy to read, and peppered liberally with historical quotes. This is a gem! We truly love this book, and believe every high school student and adult alike should read it. I wanted to pour through its pages with a highlighter, - maybe on the next time through! Received this book free for our honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Necessary Existence of God

From S5 modal logic the existence of such a being(God) is either impossible or necessary. The concept of contingent existence of God is a contradictory idea since (i) necessarily, “a being is maximally great only if it has maximal excellence in every world” and (ii) necessarily, “a being has maximal excellence in every world only if it has omniscience, omnipotence, and moral perfection in every world.” (2002: 111)

‘Worst Year Yet’: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Be a Christian

“The Open Doors World Watch List is the most accurate, thorough and intensive research available on the persecution of Christians,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA. “It calculates not only deaths reported in the news, but also persecution at a grassroots level, where family-to-family persecution is tracked. The 25-year research shows where the most unstable areas for Christians have historically been and, in many countries, remain.”

39 Real History, Toilets and All

Since time does not permit me to list ten finds, I will settle for three that we talked about on BreakPoint in 2016. At a minimum, these finds shed new light on the world of the Bible and help us in understanding the words of Scripture. In other cases, they actually confirm portions of the scriptures whose historicity, until recently, was in doubt. But all are a potent reminder that biblical faith is rooted in actual human history, as befits a people who confess that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

George Lucas Is Building a $1 Billion Museum of His ’Star Wars’ Junk

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a press conference: "This is a collection of narrative art in a city that has the best storytellers and storymakers in the world. The best collection of Norman Rockwell paintings on Earth. Works from R. Crumb."

'Not unthinkable' that UK could join Christian persecution list, says Open Doors - Premier

It's no longer completely unthinkable that the UK won't one day be considered among the countries where persecution against Christians is fiercest, Open Doors has said.

Netflix Could Soon Drive Porn Out of Hotels

They found that just 1% of hotel rooms order video-on-demand content that they have to pay for, but, 90% of the profits from the rooms come from porn videos. However, after some hotels replaced paid video-on-demand offerings with in-room Netflix, the percentage of rooms that used streaming services spike to 40%.

14 Stats That Show the Devastating Reality of Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking is a silent industry giant. Across the world, millions of people are trafficked each year by complex systems of criminal organizations, relatives, abusive partners and corrupt migrant smugglers. Modern-day slavery may not look obvious. Some of the most vulnerable victims are lured into slavery through the promise of jobs and fair wages. Unfortunately, the criminals who pose as employers often seize the paperwork of the victims they capture, who are often far from home and their families, not allowing them to return.

Natalie Portman Made a Third of What Ashton Kutcher Did for 'No Strings Attached'

Portman told the mag, "His [quote] was three times higher than mine, so they said he should get three times more. I wasn’t as pissed as I should have been. I mean, we get paid a lot, so it’s hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy."

45 Reasons To Believe : Does Dinosaur Tissue Challenge Evolutionary Timescales? A Response to Kevin Anderson, Part 1

In this technically rigorous piece, Anderson argues that paleontologists now view soft-tissue remnants associated with the fossilized remains of dinosaur (and other organisms) as commonplace. On this point, Anderson and I would agree. However, Anderson complains that the scientific community ignores the troubling implications of the soft-tissue finds. He states: “Despite a large body of evidence for the authenticity of the tissue, there remains a pattern of denial within the evolutionist community—presumably to downplay the ramifications of this discovery. . . . Apparently many find the soft-tissue evidence much easier to dismiss than to understand and explain. Perhaps this should not be too surprising. The tissue is certainly difficult to account for within the popular geologic timescale.” 1

46 Grace to You Radio

Some say God saves people based on their good works and moral lifestyle. But is that really the kind of person God saves? Find out as John MacArthur helps you seek salvation on God’s terms, not yours, in a study that answers the all-important question, Am I the Kind of Person God Saves?

U2, Chance the Rapper, and Gallant Are All Headlining Bonnaroo 2017

With one of the world’s biggest rock bands of all time kicking off the festival, we had a hunch the lineup would also be stacked. Thankfully, we were right. The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, the XX, Lorde, Gallant and Coin will all be taking the stage this summer along with a plethora of other artists we’re really stoked about. Check out the full lineup below .


Would you like to become all that God intended you to be?  You can, but not on your own power.  If you're like most people - every new year - you've tried to make positive changes and then given up or slidden back into old destructive patterns.  Here's the good news, with God's help you can make and maintain positive changes in every area of your life.  Let Pastor Rick show you how unlocking the promises in God's word and following his instructions will  TRANSFORM  your life in seven key areas...from the inside out.

What We Get Wrong About Humility

I think a great place to start is yourself (not pointing my finger at you alone). I prefer practical things and how it changes communities over time, but a great place to start is realizing how shame, pride, and humility affect your life. Maybe the subtitle was used to probe these kinds of conversations on how the image we have of ourselves is very important to develop healthier relationships and communities. A better understanding of our whole self is a great tool to use in helping others who also have a poor self-image. I do understand, Brian. Thanks for adding to this conversation.

Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice | The Stream

Where are the black robes? David Barton, Christian historian, points out that the founders checked much with “the black robes,” the pastors and ministers, who were a vibrant and integral part of the Revolutionary movement. It reminds me of the wall builders in Nehemiah, where they worked with a trowel in one hand and a gun in another, because of the enemies challenging their work. I have the cry inside today: Where are the voices of the Church being raised against this – so many things now, to cry out to a generation who has never really heard the good news, much less the protest against increasing ungodliness? A counter voice needs to be raised! No one has taken Billy Graham’s place, and now much stronger and more direct is needed.

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