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How Do We Determine the Truth of a Worldview?

How do we best evaluate different worldviews? What criteria is most helpful in determining which is true? Sean offers three quick, insightful tips.

Kill Sin with Fear and Trembling

When you kill sin, you are acting a miracle. Your act of obedience is God himself working in you. This should make us fear and tremble.

North Korea tops Christian persecution list for 16th year - Premier

North Korea has topped a new ranking of countries where persecution against Christians is worst for the 16th consecutive year.

6 Things We Learned From the Golden Globes

The highlights from last night's awards.

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1 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

Take Up and Read: Mere Christianity

Given its dependence on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible, historic Christianity has always been a textual and literary religion. Because of their belief in a verbal, propositional revelation in Scripture (Old and New Testaments), Christians, like Jews before them, have been known as People of the Book. With that bookish past, I think Christians have good reason to be vigorous and dedicated readers.

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TGC 2017 National Conference

Canal Walk The Canal Walk is part of the Indiana Central Canal, which was dug in the early 1800s, in an effort to facilitate interstate commerce. Today, the refurbished Canal Walk (stretching north through White River State Park to 11th Street) serves the downtown community as a waterside promenade for walkers, runners, bikers and sightseers (while the canal itself includes a steady stream of pedal boats, which may be rented west of the Indiana State Museum).   Children's Museum Located just minutes from downtown, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis features five floors of fun and interactive learning that have the power to transform the lives of children and families across the arts, world cultures, sciences, and humanities.   Eagle Creek Park & Marina One of the nation's largest city parks, Eagle Creek Park covers over 3,900 acres of land on the northwest side of town. As the park's trails beckon to hikers and birders, its 1,400-acre lake--a frequent host of U.S. Rowing's National Championship--welcomes fishermen and sailors. As well as picnic areas and a swimming beach, the park offers rentals for canoes, kayaks, Hobie Cats, sailboats, pontoon boats, wind-surfing and pedal boats--as well as lessons for the aforementioned.

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Christians Are the Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World

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Cain Worked the Soil and Abel Tended the Flocks

Studies on the genetic diversity of people groups from around the world are provocative in light of the RTB model. This work indicates that modern humans originated at a single location (at or near the presumed site of the Garden of Eden), recently (less than 100,000 years ago), and from a small initial population that traces back to a single man and woman. The archeological and genetic evidence shows that by 50,000 to 60,000 years ago humans had spread from near the Middle East into Asia and Europe with a migration pattern that fits with the biblical text…

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9 Dylann Roof sentenced to death for Charleston church murders - Premier

Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death for killing nine black church members during Bible study in a racially motivated attack in South Carolina.

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What is a Christian Worldview of Aging?

JOSH: The first key is to stay alive! Having regular physical check ups has been critical for me. I would suggest beginning around age forty. Second, live a good life without a lot of guilt, shame and regret. Third, maintain great memories. Once you hit 50, family pictures become much more important for maintaining a healthy perspective on life. Fourth, don’t slow down too much. Exercise, be active, and keep pursuing important things in life. Fifth, work on relationships. Being married to your mom has added years to my life. She has helped me so much in my life, especially coping with the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. And finally, have someone who worries about you. The other day I went jogging and it took longer than normal. My wife, and another of our friends, went looking for me. Later I thought, “Lord Jesus, thank you that there’s someone who will worry about me.” In the end, a lot of aging well is about having the right attitude.

The Infinite Value of Every Life

Today, Reggie says, “We are so proud of Anni. She is flourishing, both as a pianist and as a top student. Her story is an example for all those who struggle against the odds. Through our help and her own hard work, Anni is a witness to the hope of a new beginning and to the beauty, brilliance, and infinite value of Chinese girls.”

Sleepless in the Physics Lab: 7 Cosmic Questions That Induce Insomnia

A virulent strain of insomnia has hit a special group of folks: physicists. According to an article in, there are seven conundrums that can keep these crumple-jacketed oracles "tossing and turning in the wee hours."

Some Slavery Feels Like Freedom

So, we walk away and do our own thing, leaving hard-to-reach corners of our lives untouched by Jesus, unwilling to part with what feels good and comfortable in order to follow him. It often looks like “Christian” freedom, but without Christ. And whenever we choose to live for something more than Christ, or instead of Christ, that thing begins to wrap its steal chains around our heart and cool any warmth in it for Jesus. All while we wear the clean and pressed clothes of Christianity. But each time we come up close to what we wanted, the whole thing comes unplugged. Our idols never reach far enough to give us the safety, intimacy, and happiness we were after.

Get Alone with God

In our fresh push for the essential place of community in the Christian life, it is equally essential to remember that the Christian life is not only communal. “Time alone with God,” as some have called it, is as important as it’s ever been — likely even more so in our age of distraction. As Jonathan Edwards expresses, and Scripture exemplifies, one aspect of a Christ-enamored heart is a gnawing ache to get alone with him.

16 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network is a website founded and edited by Greg West, a passionate defender of Christianity committed to ... by Greg West

17 Explaining Away the Force

In the original trilogy, the Jedi Knights train like religious adherents to conform their will to the Force, which guides them and binds the galaxy together. In other words, the Force is spiritual. But in the prequels, writes Barnes, the Force is “irreverently secularized,” explained away as the work of microorganisms that live in our blood.

The Greatest Day in a Fan’s Life

I can’t speak for the players and coaches. But for sports fans and armchair quarterbacks like me, take this, if you would, as my little effort to wave a flag for our being made for more. Here’s to resolving to be a better fan in the future, since now I’ve finally seen there’s emptiness on the inside, too. Not better in supporting the team, but better at taking both victory and defeat in stride, with feet fixed firmly in the victory of Christ, which any worthwhile win only faintly anticipates.

The Sickening Nature of Anti-Israel Hatred | The Stream

I think he’s just trying to alleviate the accusation that he doing what the other side is doing by tarring all members of the opposing side as bad people. Palestinian Arab society is kind of like white society in the old American South (only worse)… not all white people were bigoted, hateful KKK supporters, but for a white person to openly express sympathy for black people or the view that segregation was bad could get one labeled a “n-gg-r lover” which could literally put his life in jeopardy (I’d read that ~1/4 of the total # of people lynched in the South were white). Reality is that there ARE many Arabs who oppose this terrorist attack, but unfortunately they don’t represent mainstream thinking in Arab society, and like the plight of many good white people in the old American South, openly opposing mainstream thinking can literally put their lives in danger. (As an example, look up Mohammed Zoabi, the cousin of a rabidly anti-Israel Arab member of the Knesset who had to flee his home for expressing pro-Israel views.)

Why the Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Matters - Jonathan Morrow

A s we begin the new year, let’s start out by focusing on Jesus. After all, there is no Christianity without him. Theology–what we believe about God–matters. Why? Because it shapes our life.

What We Get Wrong About Humility

I think a great place to start is yourself (not pointing my finger at you alone). I prefer practical things and how it changes communities over time, but a great place to start is realizing how shame, pride, and humility affect your life. Maybe the subtitle was used to probe these kinds of conversations on how the image we have of ourselves is very important to develop healthier relationships and communities. A better understanding of our whole self is a great tool to use in helping others who also have a poor self-image. I do understand, Brian. Thanks for adding to this conversation.

Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice | The Stream

Where are the black robes? David Barton, Christian historian, points out that the founders checked much with “the black robes,” the pastors and ministers, who were a vibrant and integral part of the Revolutionary movement. It reminds me of the wall builders in Nehemiah, where they worked with a trowel in one hand and a gun in another, because of the enemies challenging their work. I have the cry inside today: Where are the voices of the Church being raised against this – so many things now, to cry out to a generation who has never really heard the good news, much less the protest against increasing ungodliness? A counter voice needs to be raised! No one has taken Billy Graham’s place, and now much stronger and more direct is needed.

Q & A With Dr. Craig: Questions about Animal Death before the Fall of Man

Dr, Craig: Well, I would say in response to James that when you read the Bible, there's nothing in the Bible that suggests that animal death is the result of the fall of man. In the book of Genesis the earth was cursed to bare thorns and thistles, woman was given pain in child-bearing, but there's no suggestion in Genesis that animal death is the result of the Fall, that's simply not there. Similarly, in Romans 5, Paul is talking about how human death is the result of the Fall – because Adam fell death spread to all men, he says, because all sinned – and even there I think it's pretty clear he's talking about spiritual death, not merely organic, biological death. So I find it ironic that so many young-earth creationists should believe that animal death is the result of man's fall into sin when this isn't taught in the Bible at all. This is one of those clear cases where, I think, people are reading things into the text rather than of out of the text; they're reading in-between the lines. And scientifically speaking it would be inevitable that prior to man's fall, during those six days preceding man's fall, even taken literally micro-organisms and insects would be dying.

3 Things Every Healthy Leader Does

As leaders, we need to show the people we’re leading that we are taking responsibility for our lives and our half of relationships, and that we expect the same from them. I’ve been part of many conflict situations as a leader. Some never reached resolution, simply because at least one person involved ultimately didn’t want to the relationship to win. However, I’ve also seen amazing restoration happen—situations where there was so much hurt, miscommunication, and misunderstanding between two people that reconciliation seemed impossible, yet happened in the end because they both bought into the healthy approach to conflict, and received God’s grace to walk through that process.

An Ancient Christian Vision for Modern Medicine

Paul Bregman, one of Colorado’s many marijuana doctors, arrives to lunch wearing Air Jordans, tweed pants, and a black T-shirt, and tries to offer Nussbaum a bag of cannabis-infused Ho-Hos (“I want you to see the amazing”). Connie, a patient who is sure her sister is plotting to harm Peyton Manning, won’t relent until the star quarterback visits her in treatment. A team of health care consultants prints T-shirts with the new hospital motto. They get tossed from floor to floor by underwhelmed doctors and nurses, and eventually worn by wild-eyed patients on the third-floor psych unit who could uniquely identify with the new slogan: “I’M COMMITTED.”

Love of Literature Feeds Karen Swallow Prior's Faith

Karen Swallor Prior was created to teach—that much was clear from her first semester standing at the head of a college English class. What’s surprising, though, is just how many avenues she’s discovered since for exercising her calling. While she primarily works as an English Professor at Liberty University, Prior is also an author , a pro-life activist , and a Research Fellow with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention—all roles that require her to share her faith and passion for learning with the church and the world.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Season 1 “Q-Less” and “Dax”

I’ve completed my re-watch of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Now it’s time to start Deep Space Nine! I am much less familiar with this show, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen about 80-90% of the episodes. It’s been so long that I’m sure it will all feel brand new. My wife has never seen the show. She and I will go through, review every episode, and give commentary and a grade from A-F. There are  SPOILERS  for each episode below. Without further adieu, here’s:

If You Can Keep It Book Review

Today we wanted to share a terrific book wit you called ' If You Can Keep It " by Eric Metaxas. This is a WONDERFUL book! Definitely a have to read if you live in America. Insightful, easy to read, and peppered liberally with historical quotes. This is a gem! We truly love this book, and believe every high school student and adult alike should read it. I wanted to pour through its pages with a highlighter, - maybe on the next time through! Received this book free for our honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Patricia Heaton: My Career Floundered, Then Flourished Because of Faith

[Heaton’s guide was a young man who helps pregnant women learn about pregnancy and find medical care.] He told me, “I always wanted to be a doctor but because of my circumstances, that wasn’t possible, but now I feel I’m doing the next best thing, which is helping people with their health.” This really brought tears to my eyes. Because of his circumstances, he hasn’t become a doctor. But instead of letting that depress him, he’s still doing the best he can. And World Vision is helping him realize some of the vision for his life.

JP Moreland, "Does God Exist?" Thrive Apologetics Conference 2013

Professor JP Moreland answers the question, "Does God Exist?" at the Thrive Apologetics Conference, held at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. JP Moreland is the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, California. He has four earned degrees: a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Missouri, a Th.M. in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, an M. A. in philosophy from the University of California-Riverside, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Southern California. This conference was sponsored by Thriving Churches International (TCI). Ray Johnston, the President of TCI, is also the Senior Pastor of Bayside Church. You can learn more about us by visiting our website at

‘Worst Year Yet’: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Be a Christian

“The Open Doors World Watch List is the most accurate, thorough and intensive research available on the persecution of Christians,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA. “It calculates not only deaths reported in the news, but also persecution at a grassroots level, where family-to-family persecution is tracked. The 25-year research shows where the most unstable areas for Christians have historically been and, in many countries, remain.”

The Infinite Value of Every Life

Today, Reggie says, “We are so proud of Anni. She is flourishing, both as a pianist and as a top student. Her story is an example for all those who struggle against the odds. Through our help and her own hard work, Anni is a witness to the hope of a new beginning and to the beauty, brilliance, and infinite value of Chinese girls.”

The Infinite Value of Every Life

Today, Reggie says, “We are so proud of Anni. She is flourishing, both as a pianist and as a top student. Her story is an example for all those who struggle against the odds. Through our help and her own hard work, Anni is a witness to the hope of a new beginning and to the beauty, brilliance, and infinite value of Chinese girls.”

Robber steals Bishop of Leicester's biscuits - Premier

He added: "Bizarrely the only thing they took were two boxes of biscuits which were sat on my secretary's desk, and even more bizarrely, they moved a large bag of loo rolls from the store cupboard and left them sat on the desk (presumably they were debating whether to take these along with the biscuits)."

35 Real History, Toilets and All

Since time does not permit me to list ten finds, I will settle for three that we talked about on BreakPoint in 2016. At a minimum, these finds shed new light on the world of the Bible and help us in understanding the words of Scripture. In other cases, they actually confirm portions of the scriptures whose historicity, until recently, was in doubt. But all are a potent reminder that biblical faith is rooted in actual human history, as befits a people who confess that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

I’m Exhausted — How Do I Recharge My Body Without Neglecting My Soul?

Today we have a question from someone who is drained. So in our exhaustion, how do we recharge without neglecting our souls? Here’s the question: “Hello Pastor John, I’m 41 years old and have been a pastor for nine years, leading a small but growing church of 120 people in Wales. As I have served as a pastor and leader over this time I have found that due to the spiritually, emotionally, and mentally draining nature of the work, whenever I have spare time (an evening off, a Saturday free) all I want to do is switch off and do trivial stuff like watch sports. I feel like I should be doing more personal reading or devotional, God-pursuing stuff, but I can’t find the energy or desire. Ministry is hard work, so when I have opportunity, I want to escape from things connected to it. How do you handle this tension between ministry as part of your work that you give your time and attention to for much of the day and then the need to have energy to pursue God personally outside of your formal ministry activities? Have you felt this tension and do you have any advice for a young, and already

Should the Big Bang be Disdained?

When my children were young, I would often drive to the home of the person babysitting my kids, usually a young teenage girl, pick her up, then drive her back to my house.  In the car I would ask questions about her interests or her school.  In addition, I would sometimes ask a question that intrigued me since I am a scientist and a Christian, "Do you think the Big Bang is a theistic theory or an atheistic theory?"   Now that question is not on most people’s list of babysitter interview questions, but I was interested to know their answer even though it would not affect their monetary tip.   Every time I asked this question I always got the same answer, that the Big Bang is an atheistic theory.  This is just one example of the fact that many kids growing up in an evangelical church environment have the perception that the Big Bang is an idea which removes God as the creator.  It seems that many Christians may disdain the Big Bang. Subsequent conversations with people of all ages have shown me that many individuals (1) don't really understand what the Big Bang is, (2) don't know the scientific evidence for the Big Bang, and (3) don't comprehend the theistic significance of the Big Bang.

38 Your Teens and 2017

So please come to, click on “The Point,” and I’ll link you to Axis’s list of predictions for 2017. And to keep up with the cultural trends influencing your teens year ‘round, sign up for their weekly “Culture Translator.”

Why the Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Matters - Jonathan Morrow

A s we begin the new year, let’s start out by focusing on Jesus. After all, there is no Christianity without him. Theology–what we believe about God–matters. Why? Because it shapes our life.

Is religion responsible for wars and violence in history?

Cavanaugh shows that this myth is indeed false. The “wars of religion” had any number of motivating factors. The use of this story is not so much to tell a truth as it is a means by which to legitimize the nation-state. He argues towards these conclusions by showing that many “wars of religion” were in fact wars of economy, wars of power structures, and the like. He notes four primary factors for this myth to work: that combatants were motivated by religious difference, that the primary cause of war was religion, that religious causes are analytically separable from political, economic, and social causes at the time of the wars, and that the rise of the modern state was not a cause of the wars (141-142). He then analyzes each of these in turn based upon the historical record and shows that these all fail to account for the actual history of the “wars of religion.” In fact, the opposite is true in each case (142-177).

The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between: Gregory Koukl, Nancy Pearcey: 0025986525040: Books

I was wrong. I read the opening words of The Story of Reality and thought, “Here we go again.” Over the past few years we’ve been inundated with books that tell the story of the world, the story of history, through what we might call a biblical-theology lens. You are probably familiar with the standard categories: creation, fall, redemption, consummation, and new creation. Through these headings we can trace and tell the story of what God is accomplishing in this world. It’s helpful, it’s good, and it’s been done a lot recently to the benefit of the church. But this book is not that book. Not quite. Greg Koukl’s The Story of Reality is, indeed, a telling of the story of the world through a five-part wide-angle lens. The subtitle nicely fills it out: “How the World Began, How it Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between.” But what sets his book apart is that instead of serving primarily as a theology text, it serves primarily as an apologetic text. Koukl tells this big story for the benefit of new believers who haven’t yet assembled the various components of the faith into a coherent whole.

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Don't Let Your Flaws Define Your Life

King David was the Lord's anointed. He was God's golden boy and he's described in the bible as a “man after God's own heart.” King David made a huge set of mistakes, one that would have repercussions throughout his entire lineage as long as his family was alive. David, the young man who had trusted the God of Israel in the field and became the greatest king in Israeli history, gave in to lust, greed and murder and ALMOST got away with it. If you were to read 1 and 2 Samuel, you would read the amazing story of David and how God, even after his fall from grace, fulfills His promise to establish David and his heritage forever.

What Christianity Alone Offers Transgender Persons

Knowing these things should make us compassionate. While much of the thinking around transgender issues today is flawed, the pain experienced by those with gender dysphoria is all too real. We of all people should appreciate why, for we of all people understand the true depth of what’s wrong with this world. Our churches should be the places people feel most safe trying to articulate their own sense of not being right.

45 Grace to You Radio

Some say God saves people based on their good works and moral lifestyle. But is that really the kind of person God saves? Find out as John MacArthur helps you seek salvation on God’s terms, not yours, in a study that answers the all-important question, Am I the Kind of Person God Saves?


Would you like to become all that God intended you to be?  You can, but not on your own power.  If you're like most people - every new year - you've tried to make positive changes and then given up or slidden back into old destructive patterns.  Here's the good news, with God's help you can make and maintain positive changes in every area of your life.  Let Pastor Rick show you how unlocking the promises in God's word and following his instructions will  TRANSFORM  your life in seven key areas...from the inside out.

You Don't Have to Quit Your Job to Get the Job You Want

Maybe you don’t end up at the exact job you want in your next step but is there another job, whether at your company or outside of it, that would add to your skill set and make you more competitive as a candidate? The opportunities to get creative with your next move are out there. If you need more ideas, check out one of my favorite books on the subject by Meg Jay , The Defining Decade. She would agree that quitting your job to bartend on a cruise ship sounds tempting but maybe the gifts you have are supposed to build something much more lasting than a Mai Tai.

48 Self-Worth and Ministry

Most people get their self-worth from their vocations and this no less true for those in Christian ministry. Most Christians in ministry—whether apologetics or other Christian ministry—want to become renowned, or at least more well-known, more respected than they are. We see other renowned ministers and we wish they could have the renown they have and we strive to get it because we base our self-worth on our ministry success. Many of us Christians realize that we will never be Tim Keller, William Lane Craig, or [fill in the blank of your favorite minister or apologist] _____________, but we are trying to get as close to famous as we possibly can.

Donald Glover Basically Trojan-Horsed FX to Get 'Atlanta' Made

True to his hometown roots, Glover created a show that he could stand behind with family and friends who knew him and life in Atlanta best, "I only cared about what people in Atlanta thought. Like you can't name a show Detroit and have Detroit people hate it. I really only cared if my parents, cousins and everyone in Atlanta thought it was cool," he said.

Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Is Collaborating with Christian Singer Cindy Morgan

After Mogan tweeted out the image of the two writing music together, Ally Brooke tweeted that it was a “dream come true,” adding “your music has changed my life.”

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