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In Metaphysical Perspectives , Nicholas Rescher offers a grand vision of how to conceptualize, and in some cases answer, some of the most fundamental issues in metaphysics and value theory. Rescher addresses what he sees as the three prime areas of metaphysical concern: (1) the world as such and the architecture of nature at large, (2) ourselves as nature's denizens and our potential for learning about it, and (3) the transcendent domain of possibility and value. Rescher engages issues across a wide range of metaphysical themes, from different world views and ultimate questions to contingency and necessity, intelligent design and world-improvability, personhood and consciousness, empathy and other minds, moral obligation, and philosophical methodology. Over the course of this book, Rescher discusses, with his characteristic fusion of idealism and pragmatism, an integrated overview of the key philosophical problems grounded in an idealistically value-oriented approach. His discussion seeks to shed new light on philosophically central issues from a unified point of view.

Taste the Goodness of God

God’s people should long to hear God’s voice in his word like newborn babies yearn for their mother’s milk.

Why We Know the Story of Jesus Isn't A Legend (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

How can we be sure that the story of Jesus wasn't changed over time?

Do You Serve God with Gladness?

If we serve the Lord without gladness, we serve him as if he is not the true source of delight and satisfaction.

ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel Tells Viewers, 'I Happen to Be a Christian, Too'

Not only has he been a vocal critic of (now-former) Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore—who just lost the election to Democrat Doug Jones following numerous allegations that he sexually pursued (and even molested) teen girls—Jimmy Kimmel has also been an advocate of healthcare laws he believes best support the families of young children. Earlier this week, Kimmel brought his newborn son to the show after he successfully went through heart surgery, and pleaded with viewers to support legislation that he believes will help more children like his son. But one of the storylines that has gotten a bit lost

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How Jazz Can Shape Apologetics

Jazz is a national treasure, but is no longer a common pastime. First rock and then hip hop eclipsed its popularity long ago. Historian Gerald Early claims that three things uniquely define America: the Constitution, baseball, and jazz. Yet the sale of jazz records accounts for only a small fraction the music market. The last time I checked, it was 4%. Many of my students at Denver Seminary and at other institutions where I teach know very little about it, and are a bit puzzled if not flummoxed by my references to it. Others claim they “do not understand jazz,” perhaps with a twinge of guilt that they should. Last summer, a very intelligent and godly campus minister and long-time friend attended a jazz concert with me. Afterward he said, “The music has a center, but I cannot find it.” I humbly told him that I had found it and that I loved it. I love it for many reasons. One outstanding reason is that it can help inform and reform our apologetics engagements through its distinctive genius. All that is needed is a bit of transposition from the sensibilities of jazz to the skills of apologetics.

2 Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards

“Globalization is a complicated topic. Myers makes dense concepts relatively accessible to his readers and provides theological lenses through which to see the issues at stake. He is most concerned about the intersection of globalization with the poor and with Christian mission. The book explains how globalization is part and parcel of world Christianity, and vice versa. Myers takes a clear-eyed view of globalizing processes, seeing both the good and the evil they bring. One of the most helpful lessons Myers provides is on the role individual humans might play in a globalized society, and how we should not lose sight of an all-powerful God, who is over, above, and in the midst of globalization, even as globalization is part of our fallen creation and is not likely to last forever.” —Stephen Offutt, associate professor of development studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

The Top 10 Cold-Case Christianity Articles from 2017 | Cold Case Christianity

These ten articles, all posted in 2017, became the most read, most popular articles on our website. They were viewed and shared thousands of times. I hope you got a chance to read them as well, but if you didn’t, here is your opportunity. Thanks so much for making Cold-Case Christianity a part of your Christian experience. We hope we’ve helped you to become a better Christian Case Maker.

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"Roy Moore Was ‘a Bridge Too Far’ for Alabama Evangelicals" @albertmohler @CTmagazine …

Christianity Today’s 2018 Book of the Year

“Trevin Wax is on a quest for deep and enduring joy, and he’s not content to go at it alone. This book is a winsome invitation into the Christian faith and witness that has so much more to say than ‘This is right and this is wrong.’ Rather, ‘This is better.’ Wax is no incurable optimist or jaded cynic. He commends the real God who will satisfy our souls, now and forever, and holds out, as he says, ‘the good news that is true, good, and beautiful.’ ” —David Mathis, executive editor,

The best explanation

Atheists and Christians are both looking for the best explanation of things. The question is: does our experience of beauty, morality, truth and love fit best with the atheist-naturalist worldview or with  Christianity?


Only $1.99 Kindle: Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre:

Watch Where You Walk in 2018

Such love will cost us, of course; we’ll have to relinquish handfuls of time and comfort and convenience. But in the end, Jesus knows how to repay everything you lose on the path of love, “Whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord” (Ephesians 6:8). Go low in love, and Christ himself will lift you up. Walk in love this year.

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Greg’s on a timer and answers questions about free will to reject God, the work of the Holy Spirit before the New Covenant, and the age of the earth. …

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Praising God for his faithfulness in 2017 as we welcome in 2018! #HappyNewYear

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#TheSift At least 12 dead in violent protests in Iran … @MickeyMcLean

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Homesick for Heaven: A Story to Share with Non-Christians - Christian Research Institute

Throughout several decades of marriage, my wife and I have been privileged to live in four houses close to natural environments. Our present home was new when we purchased it, and located only a short walk from a beautiful grove of ancient live oaks. Within minutes, we can hike under their massive sheltering branches and then plunge into an “elfin forest” of native chaparral. Still, we wanted nature even closer. So within days after moving in, we began the backbreaking labor of planting groundcover, shrubs, and trees to cover the barren earth. We put out birdfeeders and birdbaths and planted flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. We wanted nature at our doorstep; we wanted to look out our windows and see greenery; we wanted birds and other animals to feed in our yard. The hard work paid off. So far we have identified nearly forty different species of birds just looking out our living room windows. We’ve had raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rabbits, and lizards find nourishment in our yard.


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Looking back at some of the things your parents told you to do “because they said so,” was it the right thing? Yes. Can you see in hindsight now how they were wise? God will say the same thing the rest of your life, not just when you’re a kid. When you’re 80 years old, God is going to be saying, “I want you to do this.” And you’re going to go, “Why? That doesn’t make sense.” And God will say, “Because I said so.”

Paul vs. Muhammad: An Introduction

When Muhammad gets things wrong about Jesus, Muslims typically blame Paul for corrupting Christianity. But what happens when we compare Paul and Muhammad, and we realize that Paul is far more reliable than Muhammad? This video is the introduction to David Wood's "Paul vs. Muhammad" series. PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

Paul vs. Muhammad: Conclusion (PvM)

After comparing Paul and Muhammad in 25 different ways, what can we conclude? Since Paul is more reliable than Muhammad in every way, it's simply absurd for Muslims to blame the Apostle Paul for Muhammad's ignorance and blunders. This video is the conclusion of David Wood's "Paul vs. Muhammad" series. Here's a link to the playlist: PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

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Is Christianity at War with Science?

The claim that Christianity is at war with science is one of the most common claims I hear from young people today. In fact, the belief that Christianity is opposed to modern science is one of the top reasons young people cite for leaving the church. [1] That’s why in the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict , my father and I respond to this charge before advancing the historical evidence for Christianity.

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#Compassion : New Jersey’s ‘housing first’ strategy cuts homelessness … @SouthernFlyer @monarchhousing

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BreakPoint: Getting in Physical and Spiritual Shape—Together

The Trinity Fitness Centers are spreading fast; they’ve made it easy to start new ones. And I know this isn’t a topic we normally address at the Colson Center or here on BreakPoint. But it’s a terrific example of applying Christ’s Lordship over every square inch, including the sweaty ones… and of Christians working locally to bring restoration in a culture that’s too often bowling alone.

Instagram post by @louiegiglio • Jan 1, 2018 at 2:14pm UTC

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? (Answering Islam Part 16)

Peaceful Muslims and violent jihadis both quote the same Qur'an. Is the Qur'an incoherent, or is there a correct interpretation? This is the sixteenth video of our "Answering Islam" series, where David Wood answers the question: "Is Islam a religion of peace?" For the rest of the series, visit the playlist: PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE:

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A New Year, A New Bible Reading Plan

Happy New Year! 2018 is here already, and I cannot believe it. Thanks for joining us for another year — our sixth year on the podcast. Pastor John, I cannot believe we have been doing this now for 230 weeks in row. And another new year is upon us. And that means Christians across the globe will be starting, or re-starting, their read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plans. So, I want to ask: Can you make a case for the discipline? Name the plan you use. Explain why you like it. Explain the pace of reading. And maybe what you’ve learned after doing this for so many years.

The Christian Post

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Only $4.99 Kindle: The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate by John Walton:  #cosmology #origins #genesis

Why Did God Create Angelic Beings? | Cold Case Christianity

Why did God create angelic beings? Given their love for God’s children, angels appear to be yet another expression of God’s love for us. God’s angels give us a glimpse into His heart, for when we observe the loving activity of angels, we are actually witnessing the loving nature of God Himself.

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Only $1.99 Kindle: "A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World" by @BrettKunkle and @JBStonestreet  Learn More: …

Looking Up by Kyle Hooks :: Reasons for the Bible: The Bible is Consistent

God, the creator of all things, is both loving and angry, vengeful and merciful, “the just and the justifier” (Romans 6:23). Humans, his creation, are unequivocally sinful and depraved by their own choices, deserve death, but enjoy God’s grace because at the very least they do not die in the instance of their sin. More than that, they enjoy sun, rain, food, drink, friendship, family and love, which are all given from the hand of God no matter how hard they think they worked for it. Some people are even redeemed, made new and regarded as righteous by putting their faith in God and allowing him to do so, despite their continuation in sin. God made payment for the sin of mankind by offering himself — as Jesus Christ who is fully God and man — to accomplish justice and to offer grace to those who will accept it. Abraham enjoyed this relationship with God the same way Paul did. In short, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).


Great time to join!! For as low as $25, become an annual member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society AND enjoy a subscription to Philosophia Christi as part of your membership!  #analytictheology # #christianphilosophy #christianscholars #Deals


Religious Liberty and the Law: Theistic and Non-Theistic Perspectives, edited by Angus Menuge, President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society:  #religiousliberty #religiousfreedom #politicalphilosophy #legalphilosophy


Only $4.99 Kindle: Renewing the Christian Mind: Essays, Interviews, and Talks by @DallasAWillard

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Does Jeremiah 29:11 Apply to You?

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” These words are the John 3:16 of American cultural Christianity. Watch how often they show up on the Bible verse plaques sold in Bible Belt mall kiosks or posted on Facebook walls, even on tattoos. Whether as home decor or on social media posts, I see this passage claimed fervently by people I know haven’t been in a church service since the first Bush Administration. Naturally, this love for Jeremiah 29:11 has often led more theologically-oriented Christians to lament its out-of-context use. So much so that a young Christian recently asked me, “Does Jeremiah 29:11 apply to me, or not?” My answer: Kind of. Let me take that back. Yes, it does apply to you, but not in the way many “claim” the passage. Not a Prosperity Gospel Preacher Many understand the text to be about God’s favor on one’s life and plans. If I just have confidence and follow my heart , someone might think, God will bless me . That’s not the prophet Jeremiah; that’s Deepak Chopra.

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I was looking through the @ChristianPost article on 7 evangelicals who made an impact in 2017 -- and was surprised to come across my name and the mention of The Case for Christ film! 

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Thanks for the tip, Tony. (I always get them, anyway.) But, I will retweet your post. Thinking of using this book for my men's SS class to benefit them, their wives and kids...and for singles not to marry their smartphone, but use as a tool for God's glory and not become slaves.


Enjoy the forthcoming book from EPS Member, Ross Inman: "Substance and the Fundamentality of the Familiar: A Neo-Aristotelian Mereology":  #metaphysics #ontology #philosophy @Routledge_Phil @Rossinman

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Piper: “No matter what you face this year, God will be doing 10,000 things in your life that you cannot see. Trust him. Love him. And they will all be good for you.” …

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Looking for a new daily devotional to start the new year? We have three to choose from—as well as The MacArthur Daily Bible—available on our website and apps. …

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From all of us at the Colson Center, we wish you a very healthy, #happy #New #Year . Next on BreakPoint, some thoughts as we look ahead to #2018.

Spiritual adviser to Trump claims President 'put prayer back into the White House' - Premier

. @Paula_White : "Trump just hasn't put Christ back in Christmas, but he's also put prayer back into the White House, he's put justice... and religious freedom back into our courts."

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My husband and I finished the movie minutes ago. Read the book years ago. No better way to start the New Year!

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No matter what changes you resolve to make in your life in the new year, your real hope of lasting change is rooted in God’s resolve to meet and restore you by his grace.

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As Iran is back in the news, it’s good to consider this encouraging reality: “Persecution threatened to wipe out Iran’s tiny church. Instead, the church in Iran has become the fastest growing in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ.” 

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